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Chapter 1580 – 




“If you will, Imperial Concubine Moon!” Eunuch Sun sinisterly said. However, Imperial Concubine Moon coldly sneered, not immediately stepping forwards. Instead, she turned towards the side, looking in the distance. After several breaths of time, there was the sound of rustling cloth as an eagle-eyed yellow-robed old man stepped forwards on the wind. Although he didn’t seem too fast, he arrived beside Imperial Concubine Moon in the blink of an eye.


This eagle-eyed old man was one of Lord Snow’s trusted subordinates as well as Blood Moon’s good friend – Eunuch Liang!

The entire Marvel Blue Imperial Palace had a total of five chief court eunuchs. Of these five, the only true grand chief eunuch was Eunuch Wei; the other four were vice chiefs. Eunuch Liang was one of them and he supported Lord Snow, standing opposite to the Empress’s ally, Eunuch Sun.

These two people had similar cultivations, both of them at the peak Holy Lord realm!

Moreover, because they were eunuchs that cultivated the Sunflower Melody and locked in their own essence energy, their strength and endurance far surpa.s.sed that of an ordinary person. If they were to fight then they could last much longer than a martial artist on the same level.

“Imperial Concubine Moon, this old servant has come late. I am sorry for frightening you.”

Eunuch Liang was originally loyal to Lord Snow and Blood Moon was also someone he had recommended to Lord Snow. With these relations between them, he naturally wouldn’t idly stand by as the Empress decided to harm her.

And as an accompanying eunuch that was part of Imperial Concubine Moon’s retinue, he naturally had a valid reason to join Imperial Concubine Moon to enter Arid Peace Palace.

“Eunuch Liang, it must have been hard for you.”

Imperial Concubine Moon smirked. With Eunuch Liang here she had even more chips to play with. Even if the Empress wanted to move against her, it wouldn’t be so easy.

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Martial World Mw Chapter 1580 (Teaser) summary

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