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Chapter 1588 – 

To the young eunuchs and maids of Full Moon Hall, whether it was the ruler of six palaces – the Empress, or the manager of internal affairs – Great Chief Eunuch Wei, both were existences that they feared to the point of death. With just a single word from either one of them, any of the young eunuchs and maids would be exterminated. But today, the Empress had lost so many eunuchs and maids and even had her Arid Peace Palace destroyed, yet she was only able to swallow this insult. And when Eunuch Wei came, not only did he not charge Lin Ming with the crime of destroying Arid Peace Palace, but he instead remained respectful towards Lin Ming, even welcoming him as an honored guest to the Marvel Blue Nation.


For these two characters to have such a response, the young eunuchs and maids felt this was unbelievable and at the same time proud and ecstatic!

Although the Empress and Eunuch Wei were in fact only giving in to Lin Ming and Lin Ming had no connection to these young eunuchs and maids, he was still staying at Full Moon Hall. When the Empress admitted defeat this time, it was her admitting defeat to the entirety of Full Moon Hall. This made them feel like a warm sunlight was shining on their faces, making them euphoric and carefree!

As for Lin Ming’s image, he became an immeasurably deep figure in the hearts of the young eunuchs and maids. And as for the young maid who had brought Lin Ming his daily washing water, she constantly glanced at him within the palanquin, filled with curiosity.

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Martial World Mw Chapter 1588 (Teaser) summary

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