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Chapter 1819 - Fighting an Empyrean

"Human, do you think you are undefeatable in this world just because you defeated several Great World Kings?"

From the skies, a dark cackling voice spread out. The one speaking clearly felt that there was a considerable number of Great World King corpses scattered on the ground.

"The disparity between an Empyrean and a World King is not what you could hope to imagine! Do you think a Great World King is just a single level away from an Empyrean?"

Although there was still a half-step Empyrean level between a Great World King and an Empyrean, this half-step Empyrean was not considered a full boundary but half a boundary. In other words, half a step.

If one had to truly state it, there was indeed just a single level separating a Great World King from an Empyrean.

But, this single level was a monumental difference!

This was because an Empyrean often had to cross heavenly tribulation and would be reborn in the process. The Laws of an Empyrean were on a completely different rank from those of a Great World King, and the power of these Laws stood on equal ground with the Heavenly Dao. They could even be brought into the Akas.h.i.+c Dream Battlefield!

This difference was the same as the heavens and earth.


Empyrean Myriad Ghost's aura erupted, filled with a matchless arrogance, one that looked down upon everyone in this world. As he spoke, a ma.s.sive pressure came pressing down, shocking many of the martial artists present and making them nearly fall to the ground!

And this was a situation where Empyrean Myriad Ghost's cultivation had been suppressed. If Empyrean Myriad Ghost was in his peak state, it was hard to imagine just how oppressive this pressure would be.

This was how terrifying an Empyrean was!

For a time, everyone had to shoulder the burden of this Empyrean pressure. Everyone retreated together, but their eyes remained vivid with fear. Most of those present had never seen an Empyrean fight before and as they saw Empyrean Myriad Ghost's momentum at this time, they couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver with fear.

With everyone at the Divine Lord level, just who could block such an attack!?

Everyone's eyes fell on Lin Ming.

Lin Ming's actions within the Akas.h.i.+c Dream Battlefield had indeed been far too rampant. Originally, with his strength, if he were to remain a little more low profile then he could have continuously hunted down World Kings and Great World Kings in secret. At the end, it wouldn't have been hard for him to obtain first place in merit points. Moreover, he even had the kirin fruit. He could return home with riches and glory!

But it seemed he wasn't satisfied with this. He actually took out the kirin fruit to taunt those around him, finally causing an Empyrean to move!

Once Lin Ming was killed by an Empyrean, he would lose the kirin fruit as well as his merit points. This would be a tremendous loss!

"Even if he defeated nine Great World Kings he still can't defeat an Empyrean. Even the weakest of Empyreans can easily kill nine Great World Kings without allowing them any chance to escape."

"That's right, and this Empyrean Myriad Ghost isn't too bad, he seems to be an intermediate Empyrean."

Empyrean Myriad Ghost's Yellow Springs Temple was located in a great world within the Soul World - the Yellow Springs World. Empyrean Myriad Ghost was a renowned and infamous individual, and Yellow Springs Temple was an Empyrean influence he had established by himself. For many years, countless individuals had dreamed of entering Yellow Springs Temple, and the name of Empyrean Myriad Ghost reverberated like a thunderclap through the Yellow Springs World.

Then at this time, Empyrean Myriad Ghost suddenly attacked.

He stood still himself, but above his head, snow white bone claws came cras.h.i.+ng down from the dark clouds, lit by endless motes of grave lights. The grave lights crackled around the white claws as they pierced through the void.

Roar - !

A terrifying dragon's roar shook the earth. From those billowing black clouds, there was actually a giant bone dragon hidden within!

Even for an Empyrean it was difficult to subdue a G.o.d Beast. But, finding the complete skeleton of a G.o.d Beast was relatively much easier. Now, this giant bone dragon hiding in the clouds was a murder weapon that Empyrean Myriad Ghost had refined himself, and the material used to make it was the complete skeleton of a True Dragon!

This bone dragon's claws carried with them an overwhelming potential as they came rumbling down at Lin Ming.

Of course, this bone dragon's strength was also suppressed by the Akas.h.i.+c Dream Battlefield's Laws.

Lin Ming fiercely looked up, an electric light racing through his eyes. From beneath his feet, waves of wind spread out in a circle.

Within his body, three Dao Palace opened wide their gates. Lin Ming's body began to release the sound of deafening thunderclaps.

Waves of blood essence and blood vitality were wildly stimulated.

Lin Ming stood tall and straight like a spear. Then, an overbearingly tyrannical aura gushed out from him, followed by a dreadful blood energy.

Without evading or dodging, he shot up into the skies with his spear, violently colliding with those mountain-sized bone claws!

Lin Ming's spear light was incomparably small when compared to the mountain-sized bone claws, but as the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were opened within his body, his profound bodily potential erupted, giving him an incalculable level of strength.

In the outside world, Lin Ming's strength was calculated with the power of dragons. This was a true dragon-subduing level of strength!

Like a meteor, Lin Ming's spear light crashed into the bone claws.

Ka ka ka!

With an explosion that seemed to tear apart the heavens and earth, the bone dragon wailed in misery. Atop the seemingly unstoppable bone claws, countless runes s.h.i.+mmered. These runes were inscribed onto the junctions of the dragon bones and were the work of Empyrean Myriad Ghost. But under Lin Ming's tremendous impact force, these runes began to radiate a blinding light as they started to visibly disintegrate.

Then, even the parts of the dragon bones connected to these runes began to crack!

A ma.s.sive dragon bone claw was thus broken by Lin Ming. The joints shattered and bones came flying off!

Although Lin Ming hadn't truly shattered the dragon bone and had only caused it to break apart, to the many people watching from below, it appeared that Lin Ming had crushed the giant bone dragon with a single strike!

Even though there was such a disproportionate difference in their bodies, this sort of mind-boggling scene had occurred. Everyone was left utterly shocked!

Was this the strength that a Divine Lord realm martial artist was supposed to possess?


The bone dragon howled out in agony. Lin Ming's eyes flashed like lightning. He stepped forwards with the s.p.a.ce Laws and hurtled forwards. First he needed to deal with this bone dragon!

Empyrean Myriad Ghost's mind quaked. He thought that even if the bone dragon alone couldn't defeat Lin Ming, it was still enough to suppress him. But, he never imagined that the bone dragon would be defeated in front of Lin Ming!

The cracks rapidly expanded and more and more bones came flying off. Lin Ming was fast and unstoppable!

His entire body was covered with purple Asura Law runes. The bone dragon's runes were constantly destroyed and the dark clouds around him dispersed.

Finally, Empyrean Myriad Ghost moved.

He naturally wouldn't watch helplessly as the bone puppet he refined with difficulty was reduced to a pile of broken bones by Lin Ming.

His bent body was covered with a dense and mystical black gas. Every inch of his skin that was exposed to the black gas had numerous malicious ghosts crawling and roaring out loud.


Empyrean Myriad Ghost's speed was like ghosts and G.o.ds. He shot towards Lin Ming.

And in this moment, Lin Ming looked down. Blazing fire stars seemed to burn in his eyes. His sword-sharp divine sense immediately locked onto Empyrean Myriad Ghost!

At the same time, his aura became even more terrifying. All of the strength within his inner world erupted out together!

From the start, his goal had never been the bone dragon but Empyrean Myriad Ghost!


With a wave of his hand, the Phoenix Blood Spear was placed into his inner world. Then a black spear appeared in its place - the Black Dragon Spear.

As this spear appeared, s.p.a.ce and time seemed to be cut apart by it, making everything come to a pause.

And what was also cut apart was Empyrean Myriad Ghost's fierce and arrogant expression.

This spear!!

As Empyrean Myriad Ghost looked at this spear, he didn't know why but an inexplicable sense of fear and alarm surged in his heart. His intuition told him that this spear carried with it an extremely terrifying aura! Perhaps in ancient times, this spear had cut down True Divinities!

This brat, just how could he have such an unrivalled weapon!?

Empyrean Myriad Ghost had no time to think about these thoughts, because at this time, Lin Ming attacked him!

Lin Ming wielded the Black Dragon Spear. The dreadful spear light carried with it star-like runes as it shot forth like a river of stars.

Empyrean Myriad Ghost's complexion turned cold. Although he was surprised, he wasn't panicked. Seeing this spear light continuing to expand in front of him, he pushed out his left hand and began to grind s.p.a.ce within it.

His entire palm changed as it was covered with black lights.

Every black light had skeletons floating within it. His palm was like a grinding pan that contained 10,000 ghosts, completely crus.h.i.+ng the overwhelming spear light.


Empyrean Myriad Ghost shouted out loud. Not just that, but he also raised his right palm, bringing it together with his left palm.

As two palms gathered together, even s.p.a.ce shattered as endless black fog spread out.

In the midst of this black fog, there were the sounds of rumbling thunderclouds as well as endless ghost towns looming in the fog.

The Yellow Springs River appeared, bleached bones rising high in its tide.

In this river, deep ghost temples floated up and down. 10,000 ghosts cried out from within, as if the Yellow Springs themselves had been brought here.

All strength in the surrounding area was completely swallowed up by this darkness.

Green as well as the surrounding towering trees were tainted by traces of this black gas and rapidly dried up before decaying.

"Yellow Springs Ghost World!?"

A surrounding martial artist cried out in panic. This martial artist flew back several thousand feet further away, lest he be contaminated with even a tiny bit of the black gas.

This Yellow Springs Ghost World was the one of the peak comprehensions of Empyrean Myriad Ghost's Ghost Laws. It could manifest a small world to suppress an enemy. Even though Empyrean Myriad Ghost's cultivation had been suppressed, he could still use this Yellow Springs Ghost World technique!

The fiercest aspect of this Yellow Springs Ghost World was not in its ability to suppress enemies. Rather, its fiercest aspect was the fact that it could refine the suppressed enemies and make them a part of the Yellow Springs Ghost World.

Like this, the Empyrean Myriad Ghost's Yellow Springs Ghost World would become increasingly perfect, increasingly powerful.

Lin Ming rushed towards Empyrean Myriad Ghost. Facing this Yellow Springs Ghost World that covered such an incredible range, it was impossible to try dodging it. Rather, he grasped the Black Dragon Spear and raced directly into the Yellow Springs Ghost World like an arrow.


The darkness was blown apart. Lin Ming's figure was completely swallowed up by the Yellow Springs Ghost World.

"He raced into the Yellow Springs Ghost World!"

Many people cried out in shock. To enter Empyrean Myriad Ghost's domain was the same as seeking death. In particular, Lin Ming's original cultivation boundary had been far weaker than Empyrean Myriad Ghost's.

Seeing Lin Ming's figure swallowed up, Empyrean Myriad Ghost's face didn't show any signs of relaxing. He slowly closed his hands, wanting to draw back in these Yellow Springs Ghost Laws and completely roll over Lin Ming.

But at this time, his entire body shook and his complexion changed.

He could feel a strength that made his mind shake erupting from the Yellow Springs Ghost World.


In the middle of the Yellow Springs Ghost World, the countless ghosts that had been climbing over Lin Ming and gnawing him, wanting to eat him up, had all disappeared without a trace.

Then, that black spear shot forwards, carrying with it an unknown and unstoppable power of Laws that seemed to annihilate all of existence.

And, this black spear was wrapped with numerous arcs of lightning. The arcs of lightning also spun around Lin Ming, exterminating any ghosts that came near him.

Every trace of lightning carried with it a vast and profound aura. This was the power of the top grade Thunder Source that Lin Ming had obtained from Empyrean Thunder Punishment.

Empyrean Thunder Punishment had been a superior Empyrean. Now that his power of thunder had been completely absorbed by Lin Ming, Lin Ming was able to display the potential of this power to its peak!

And the power of thunder was the ultimate nemesis of ghosts and spirits!

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