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Chapter 1878 - New

The G.o.d decrees had existed for so many billions of years and yet no one had been able to completely understand them, much less improve or copy them.

But now, reality was laid out before them. Lin Ming had actually referenced the three upper True Divinity G.o.d decrees to transform an ordinary True Divinity G.o.d decree. This was simply incredible!

Let alone To Bagui, even the G.o.d race's old G.o.d Sovereign was utterly shocked.

The old G.o.d Sovereign had lived for innumerable years and his judgment had reached a nearly omniscient level. He intuitively felt that Lin Ming was extraordinary.

But no matter what his intuition told him, he never would have imagined that Lin Ming could repair G.o.d decrees.

The light bloomed increasingly strongly, completely covering Lin Ming within it. The mysterious Asura Law runes danced in the air. Lin Ming's hands raced through the skies, the speed of his movements becoming faster and faster!

Beneath the gaze of all present, the energy fluctuations within Lin Ming's G.o.d decree also became increasingly strong!

In terms of energy, it would soon reach the three G.o.d decrees brought by To Bagui!

At this time the celestial powerhouses could no longer sit still.

For the ancient remnant races, these G.o.d decrees were incomparably precious. Using one meant one less in existence. Yet, they could be transformed by a Holy Lord junior?

The upper True Divinity G.o.d decrees brought by the celestials, ones that they were almost unwilling to give up, were now almost similar in energy fluctuations to an ordinary True Divinity G.o.d decree that had been fiddled around with by Lin Ming. Didn't this mean that their previous protection and wors.h.i.+p of these upper True Divinity G.o.d decrees was nothing but a joke?

If a junior could create and improve these G.o.d decrees, weren't they just not valuable at all!?

"Your Majesty Battle Sovereign, if that human boy is able to complete the transformation and remake the ordinary G.o.d decree with the same level of strength as a peak G.o.d decree, then the primal G.o.d race won't need us to open the forbidden land at all."

A celestial Elder suddenly said.

As To Bagui heard this, his expression became far more interesting.

The reason that the primal G.o.d race would request the help of the celestials and ally with them was because they only had the strongest G.o.d decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master as well as those left behind by ordinary True Divinities; they were lacking G.o.d decrees left behind by upper and middle True Divinities.

This was because there were far too few upper True Divinities. The primal G.o.d race had also inherited G.o.d decrees left by upper True Divinities, but for various reasons they had used them up.

But with Lin Ming, this problem no longer existed.

The peak Empyreans of the primal G.o.d race would absolutely be able to repair the Chain of Calamity by themselves!

"How could this be, I just cannot understand…"

To Bagui felt his thoughts fall into utter chaos. He didn't know how Lin Ming accomplished what he did, but this was the indisputable truth.

He originally wanted to blackmail the G.o.d race into giving up even another spot, but now, the G.o.d race didn't need them at all. They might not even receive a single spot!

Everything had been lost!

To Bagui fell into depression. He madly desired this lucky chance, and Smokeless also needed this opportunity!

Smokeless was the hope that would stabilize their celestial race in the future.

"This boy must have some secret!"

To Bagui said with a voice dripping with hate as he gripped his fists. Even if someone killed him he would never have believed that Lin Ming's perception was so powerful that he could unravel the G.o.d decrees that not even True Divinities could understand, and do so in a short two hours. In other words, the peerless G.o.d Sovereigns of the ancient remnant races were nothing but a joke before him!

But so what if he had a secret? Seeing how the old G.o.d Sovereign was supporting Lin Ming, Lin Ming would likely become a treasure of the primal G.o.d race.

To transform an ordinary G.o.d decree into a top G.o.d decree, he more than deserved such treatment!

Perhaps even the entire primal G.o.d race would prostrate themselves to this boy.

At this time, no matter what anyone else was thinking, Lin Ming paid no attention to any of them. His focus was tense and his forehead was dripping wet.

He had underestimated just how terrifying a True Divinity level divine runic symbol was.

Even if he thoroughly understood the Laws, he still lacked strength. Wanting to completely restore these divine runic symbols that had been eroded over 10 billion years was excruciatingly difficult.

Moreover, his physical condition was in a poor state!

His body shook. Because he was exhausting himself of his strength, Lin Ming's fingers trembled and the runes nearly exploded around him.

If the runes collapsed, then even though the G.o.d decree would be fine, most of the work Lin Ming put into repairing it would be destroyed!

Lin Ming frightened himself for a moment. And, this scene was noticed by the old G.o.d Sovereign. The old G.o.d Sovereign was able to clearly feel that Lin Ming, wrapped in the blazing light, had a much weaker aura than before.

That's right… Lin Ming was injured before, and he had yet to fully recover.

Many people recalled that when Lin Ming first entered the grand hall, his blood vitality had been unstable and his meridians and organs had been broken in various places!

His injuries were due to Empyrean Primordius.

These were deep wounds caused by a peak Empyrean. Even if Lin Ming had prepared himself earlier and had blocked over 95% of the damage, the remaining amount was still no laughing matter.

"This boy, he can still repair the G.o.d decree after being injured? This is…"

Heaven's Son Morin was speechless. Lin Ming's actions had left him lacking even a little bit of confidence. The difference was too great!

At this time, the old G.o.d Sovereign flung wide his sleeves and a great sun seemed to explode from within his body. Billowing strength rolled towards the old G.o.d Sovereign before transforming into a gentle divine light that shot into Lin Ming's body.

This gentle divine light slowly sank into Lin Ming.

Normally speaking, the power of an Empyrean powerhouse was formidable and unruly. If it entered the body of a junior, they simply wouldn't possess the ability to control it. But, the power shot out by the old G.o.d Sovereign was gentle to the extreme, allowing Lin Ming to freely use it as he wished.

For a time, Lin Ming felt like his body was a dry field that was suddenly experiencing a revitalizing rain. His strength immediately returned.

With the Laws guiding the way and with the support of the old G.o.d Sovereign's power, the repair process of the G.o.d decree became extremely smooth.

Another two hours pa.s.sed. Lin Ming's repair process was nearing its finale.

In that moment within the void, endless Asura runes gathered together, forming a giant purple vortex, all of it being slowly sucked into the G.o.d decree.

For a time, divine light shot into the heavens. The runes of the G.o.d decree sparkled, each one resonating with each other.

The feeling this scene gave off was as if the G.o.d decree had been resurrected!

It formed a sharp contrast with the three withered yellow G.o.d decrees lying down beside it. Those three G.o.d decrees appeared dark and gloomy, as if they would turn to dust at any moment.

"Lin Ming… he revived the old G.o.d Sovereign's G.o.d decree!"

Someone was able to see the essential difference. The G.o.d decree that Lin Ming repaired seemed entirely brand new.

Compared to the celestial race's three G.o.d decrees, Lin Ming's repaired G.o.d decree had even greater levels of energy!

"How could… this be…"

A celestial powerhouse cried out.

With any reasoning, Lin Ming being able to repair the G.o.d decrees should have been a major accomplishment worthy of all the ancient remnant races celebrating. But in this situation, the celestials weren't able to summon any joy at all.

"Great!" Lin Ming had overdrawn his strength and propped himself up on the black stone table. He pa.s.sed the G.o.d decree to the old G.o.d Sovereign.

As the old G.o.d Sovereign took the G.o.d decree in his hands, his face was full of smiles. As he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes were filled with praise, appreciation, and love.

He could feel that the G.o.d decree he pa.s.sed Lin Ming had undergone a ma.s.sive change.

"Good! Very good!"

The old G.o.d Sovereign loudly acclaimed.

At this time, the other G.o.d race martial artists also sent out their divine senses together, probing the G.o.d decree that Lin Ming had repaired. They were all left dumbfounded.

Even the Great Elder that had criticized Lin Ming before had completely shut up.

In the world of martial artists, strength was all!

With strength, one naturally obtained respect.

"This is incredible. My G.o.d race has many ordinary True Divinity level G.o.d decrees left. If they could be repaired by Lin Ming, just what scene would that be!"

A G.o.d decree drawn up by a True Divinity, if brand new, for example the one that Lin Ming had just repaired, if that were activated by a peak Empyrean then that was the same as the all-out attack of a True Divinity level powerhouse.

It could instantly kill a peak Empyrean of the same level. At the very least, their opponent would be severely wounded and lose all combat strength. Then, they could even be captured!

The significance of this was far too great!

It had to be known that the most threatening enemy to the ancient remnant races was not True Divinities like the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, but peak Empyreans!

The truth was that in this war, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had never fought at all.

This was because the primal G.o.d race still had the Asura G.o.d decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master! If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign were to personally come, then the primal G.o.d race would be willing to take out all their Asura G.o.d decrees and bombard the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign with them. If they could kill the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign using such a method, then the world would be purified.

But if a peak Empyrean came, using an Asura G.o.d decree on them was a waste, and using other G.o.d decrees was useless. This was a worrying situation!

However, with the G.o.d decrees that Lin Ming repaired, restoring them to a brand new state, none of this was a problem anymore.

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