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With the Nine Furnace Great Array shattered, the Nine Furnace Divine Palace was completely exposed to the barrage of over 50 Divine Sea masters.

The ma.s.sive divine palace extended over several hundred miles. There were glorious jade palaces and beautiful lake paG.o.das, both looking like heaven on earth. But now, everything would have to bear a devastating disaster.

“Everyone, please show mercy! The Nine Furnace Divine Palace houses a great number of my Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s disciples and clansmen. They’re all innocent! Yang Yun is currently residing in the deepest minor dimension within the Nine Furnace Divine Palace; it’ll be good as long as we can break into that area.”

As Fairy Snow Gale and Yang Chenglin saw everyone’s attacks about to fall onto the Nine Furnace Divine Palace, they quickly called out to stop them. They were part of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom and certainly didn’t hope to see the innocent disciples slaughtered.

“You two are right!” Lin Ming raised his hand, calling a stop to the attacks. He swept out with his divine sense, locking onto the position of the minor dimension in the blink of an eye. There it was, a red paG.o.da with a blood red light that soared into the skies. Without a doubt, that was where Yang Yun was hiding. There was nowhere else he could be.

“If you don’t want to come out, then I’ll make you!”

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