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Chapter 949 – Towards the Divine Realm

Lin  Ming took out the jade slip Fairy Feng left him and crushed it. For a while, countless dazzling lights formed in the sky, like a sea of fireflies had appeared. s.p.a.ce rippled and a red dressed woman seemingly appeared from nowhere. This woman was elegant and tied up her hair with a long hairpin. She looked at Lin Ming and smiled with appreciation.

“You have taken the initiative to crush the jade slip. Does this mean you have completed all matters before ascending to the Divine Realm?”

This wisp of Fairy Feng’s incarnation was no different from her true self. As she spoke her eyes fell on Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan behind Lin Ming. She only needed to glance at them to guess the relations.h.i.+p between them and Lin Ming. If Lin Ming was ascending to the Divine Realm, these two women would naturally be Lin Ming’s worries.

“Yes, everything has been completed.” Lin Ming said.

“Good. For these past years in the Sky Spill Continent you’ve resolved your karmic ties without using the power that I left with you. You’ve reached the limit of your destiny and delved into the depths of your intention. Now, you may enter the Divine Realm without worry. In the future, you may return here and it can also be your true self that returns. When Empyrean Primordius left this barrier on the world, the truth is that it only affects those from the outside; it won’t block martial artists that originate from the Sky Spill Continent or Holy Demon Continent. Even if your future cultivation far the Divine Sea, you’ll still be able to come back to this planet.”

As Fairy Feng spoke Lin Ming was first startled, and then immediately overjoyed.

So that’s how it was. It seemed that the reason Empyrean Primordius left this seal behind was to prevent his enemies from the Divine Realm from entering the Sky Spill Continent and Holy Demon Continent. They might covet the Road of the Emperor, destroy the G.o.ddess’ true body, or steal the inheritances that he had left behind.

However, local martial artists that originated from the Sky Spill Continent and Holy Demon Continent didn’t have this restriction.

It seemed that tens of thousands of years ago the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness also returned with his true body instead of his incarnation. If it was truly just his incarnation then it would have been difficult to leave behind those incomparably complex and exquisite 72 Sorcerer PaG.o.das.

Fairy Feng said to Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, “You two have followed Lin Ming but now you must see your husband ascend, not knowing when he will return. That is a bit pitiful for you. I’ll bestow upon you two a lucky chance as compensation.”

Fairy Feng flicked her finger and two red b.a.l.l.s of light sunk into Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu’s body. Their bodies trembled for a brief moment and they felt as if they were lit on fire with endless energy rus.h.i.+ng into them.

“These are flame seeds formed by three years of my cultivation and Ancient Phoenix blood; it also contains a fragment of Fire Laws. You can meditate on this and perceive it, melting it into your bodies as your train. This will a.s.sist you in breaking through to the eighth stage of Life Destruction and the late Divine Sea, giving you 10,000 years of life. That will bring you enough youthful vitality to wait for your husband’s return. At that time, Lin Ming will also help you cultivate and perhaps you may even reach the Divine Transformation realm, obtaining 30,000 years of life and everlasting youth.”

Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan were ecstatic upon hearing Fairy Feng’s words. They rejoiced and hastily thanked her for her kindness. Which woman didn’t wish to be beautiful, which woman didn’t wish to have everlasting youth? With Fairy Feng’s boundary, just how precious was a flame seed formed by three years of her cultivation as well as her refined Ancient Phoenix blood? Moreover, the two of them also practiced fire-attribute cultivation methods, so melting this flame seed would be much easier for them.

If they could reach the Divine Transformation realm and obtain 30,000 years of youth, just what sort of concept was that? The change of a royal dynasty happened every few hundred years. 30,000 years was enough to see a dynasty change a hundred times. Countless emperors, princes, n.o.bles, leaders, all of them would pa.s.s by like clouds. Even Divine Kingdoms would fall during this time.

But they would retain their youthful appearance and vigor. To a mortal, that was nearly immortality.

Fairy Feng thought for a moment, then tossed out several bottles filled with pills into Mu Qianyu’s hands. “These are spirit pills from the Divine Realm. They have mild effects. Among them are some fire-attribute pills that can help you break through boundaries, medicines that can help you wash your marrow and transform your body, and even some heavenly materials that can prolong a mortal’s life to a thousand years. Take them and do with them as you see fit.”

“Thank you fairy maiden.” Mu Qianyu bowed once more. These pills gifted by Fairy Feng were likely far more precious than the entirety of what Lin Ming left them.

“Good. Lin Ming, if you have anything else to say then speak up. If you do not, then come with me to the Divine Realm.”

“No. In place of my parents and family, this junior thanks Senior Fairy Feng.” Lin Ming said.

“Very well. Then, let’s go.”

Fairy Feng waved her sleeve and a bright crimson flame wrapped around Lin Ming. Lin Ming only felt slightly dizzy as countless streams of multicolored light rapidly pa.s.sed by him. Lin Ming pa.s.sed through s.p.a.ce channels several times – this was clearly a s.p.a.ce channel.

He was extremely shocked. Fairy Feng didn’t even use any array formations. She used her t.i.tanic supernatural powers to directly tear open the void and form this s.p.a.ce channel!

“Senior Fairy Feng, you can actually shuttle through s.p.a.ce by only relying on a late Divine Sea cultivation?” Lin Ming was floored. He defeated late Divine Sea level powerhouses and didn’t feel much awed by them. But now with a similar late Divine Sea cultivation presented in Fairy Feng, she was actually able to cross the void.

And during the time crossing the void, they were travelling to other worlds. This was shuttling through billions of miles; it was simply unimaginable!

Fairy Feng said, “This is the great void s.h.i.+ft. It’s normally impossible to activate with a late Divine Sea cultivation, but I can make up for this difference with violet sun stones. The great void s.h.i.+ft mainly relies on a martial artist’s comprehensions into the s.p.a.ce Laws; you need to reach at least the sixth level of s.p.a.ce Laws and comprehend s.p.a.ce Storm before being able to do this.”

Lin Ming had learned from Old Man Good Fortune that there were ten different levels in the Concept of s.p.a.ce.

They were: s.p.a.ce Distortion, Heaven’s Divide, Dimensional Slash, s.p.a.ce Disruption, Spatial Genesis, s.p.a.ce Storm, Black Hole Vortex, Tenth s.p.a.ce Dimension, World Destruction, and World Creation.

Old Man Good Fortune had given a detailed explanation of the first five levels.

Heaven’s Divide was to form a self-contained s.p.a.ce, creating a defensive s.p.a.ce all attacks would fail to reach.

s.p.a.ce Disruption was to use one’s will to disintegrate s.p.a.ce, then use the scattered power of s.p.a.ce offensively.

Spatial Genesis was to form an independent minor dimension. This minor dimension would have the five main elements. It would have air and it would have the ability to contain life. Upon reaching this step, one could forge magic tools like the Extreme Violet Ring.

As for the sixth level s.p.a.ce Storm, that was to seize control of s.p.a.ce storms. s.p.a.ce storms were formed from the power of s.p.a.ce. Taking control of a s.p.a.ce storm was to master the power of s.p.a.ce.

Upon reaching this level, a martial artist could casually tear open the void and enter a s.p.a.ce crack. With just a thought, they could take complete control of the originally all-annihilating power of s.p.a.ce within that s.p.a.ce crack. A martial artist could wrap themselves in this s.p.a.ce crack to travel forwards like a fish swimming in the water. This was the great void s.h.i.+ft!

At this boundary, a martial artist could travel back and forth through the boundless universe with just a thought. They could travel 10 billion miles in just the blink of an eye!

Lin Ming never imagined that not only Fairy Feng’s comprehension into the Concept of Fire was extremely deep, but her comprehension into the s.p.a.ce Laws also reached at least the sixth level!

Fairy Feng realized Lin Ming’s thoughts and faintly smiled. “The power of Laws each have their own uses. Of course it’s great the deeper into Laws you’re able to comprehend, but sometimes it’s also good to not be greedy. If you focus on perceiving Laws too much, it’ll become an obstacle in your cultivation. There are some martial artists that have reached a very high boundary in cultivation but still haven’t managed to comprehend the sixth level of s.p.a.ce Laws. However, they can rely on some array formation magic tools to use great void s.h.i.+ft.”

“Yes, this junior understands.” Lin Ming humbly said.

After an incense stick of time, the rainbow colored light around them disappeared. Lin Ming saw a sudden bright light and in the next moment he arrived within a grand hall. Rich fire origin energy was all around him; this was clearly no longer the world where the Sky Spill Continent was located.

It was impossible for Fairy Feng to break through the s.p.a.ce barrier set up by Empyrean Primordius that divided the Sky Spill Continent’s planet and the Divine Realm. They could only go to other worlds before entering the Divine Realm.

In this grand hall, a red dressed woman was standing. This was Fairy Feng’s true form. The incarnation that led Lin Ming here turned into pure energy and flew into Fairy Feng’s body. This incarnation was originally formed by adding a hundred years of her cultivation to a single hair; she could naturally take it back whenever she wished.

“Let’s go. With your fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation, you will be hindered by the laws of the universe during your ascension to the Divine Realm. You’ll need me to personally bring you there. The s.p.a.ce channel between the lower realm and the Divine Realm is filled with the power of heavenly retribution; it’s likely you’ll be scorched to ashes.”

“Yes. I must trouble Senior.”

Fairy Feng brought Lin Ming onto an altar. This red altar was completely carved with red flame jade. From the lower realm to the Divine Realm, the s.p.a.ce was locked up by the laws of the universe. Even if a martial artist comprehended s.p.a.ce Storms and was able to freely use great void s.h.i.+ft, they would still need to borrow the power of an array formation to ascend. It was impossible to tear apart that void.

Therefore, whether it was flying to the Divine Realm from the lower realms, or returning to the lower realms from the Divine Realm, neither option was easy. One had to pay a large price every trip. Normally, after a martial artist reached the Divine Realm they wouldn’t have the ability to return to the lower realms unless they cultivated to a high enough boundary and were able to afford the price.

The array formation activated and the dizzying feeling of transferring through s.p.a.ce came over Lin Ming once again. Except this time was much more intense than the previous times. In front of Lin Ming countless beams of light formed together, forming a rainbow colored cloud. This was a retribution cloud and contained the power of heavenly retribution!”

For a Divine Sea martial artist to ascend to the Divine Realm was the rules of the Heavenly Dao. If one’s cultivation was lower than the Divine Sea, they would receive the impediment of the Heavenly Dao. The lower one’s cultivation was, the great this hindrance would be. If Lin Ming had decided to bring Qin Xingxuan with him, then even if Qin Xingxuan was hidden in the Extreme Violet Ring, she would still have to face the power of heavenly retribution and it would be even more powerful than what Lin Ming would have to face. Even Fairy Feng might not be able to block it.


Heavenly thunder turned into a surging purple dragon that shot towards Lin Ming. Since ancient times, thunder symbolized the power of heavenly retribution, and heavenly retribution normally expressed itself through the power of thunder.

Fairy Feng said, “Lin Ming, revolve your complete strength to resist this. Although I can scatter the thunder for you, there’s still a great deal of escaping energy that I cannot eliminate. Moreover, you must personally resist a part of this thunder tribulation, otherwise the heavenly retribution will only become increasingly formidable. I have some pills here. If you take them, they’ll increase your strength for some time and a.s.sist you in resisting the thunder tribulation.”

Fairy Feng flicked her finger and a red light fell into Lin Ming’s hand. At that same time, Fairy Feng struck her palm against that thunder dragon. Flames soared into the heavens, and behind Fairy Feng, a ma.s.sive Ancient Phoenix phantom formed, wildly colliding with that purple thunder dragon.

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