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Hey guys, starting from today we will be realeasing one chapter per post, instead of the usual two, since the final chapters have become much longer. And i have been told we need to prepare our hearts for Volume 1’s ending.   (◞ ‸ ◟ㆀ)

CHAPTER 447 Don’t Cry, Don’t Cry

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

T/N : ( 恨铁不成钢 ) hentiebuchengang- (lit) to hate iron for not becoming steel / (idiom) to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement

“What happened?” An Chuxia doesn't know why she is being yelled at. She grabs an apple from the bedside table and takes a bite. “Why can’t I laugh?”

Meng Xiaonan resents failing and seeing no improvement. Arms akimbo, she states, "Do you know that your family left for the United States to seek treatment?"

An Chuxia chews and swallows the apple as she nods. "I do. Isn't Han Qilu out of danger? I'm going to recover from my injury first before seeing that bas*ard. I'm so worried!"

An Chuxia tempers her anger since she's worried about him.Then again, she doesn't even worry about her own disposition. Well, looking at him won't wake him up… .

"You're such an idiot." Meng Xiaonan heavily bangs her hand against her computer. "Are you even injured? It's obvious you're alive and kicking. Sign off from talking to me so you can go to the United States. How can you be so clueless? Do you know that bit*h, Mankuai, went to the United States with him? You should worry that when he opens his eyes, he'll think the person who saved him is the other fiancee."

An Chuxia is conscious of the fact that Mankuai exists, but she and Han Qilu have overcome this issue. Even if she accompanied Han Qilu, she trusts that his love for her is firm, and she doesn't have to worry.

"You think Han Qilu is the prince, and Mankuai is a princess. Does that make me the little mermaid?" An Chuxia continues munching on the apple. Vaguely, she says, "Han Qilu isn't unreliable."

"Hey!" Meng Xiaonan's tone eases. "Are you a.s.sured of your position in the family? Let me remind you that there isn't a cat who doesn't steal. When it happens, don't blame me. I'm just reminding you."

An Chuxia nods. "How can I blame you, you always have my best interests!"

"You better think that!" Meng Xiaonan states before changing the topic. "I told you, that minx drove my dad away (from my mother). Haha, I'm in the mood for looking like the cool one between us."

"What happened now? Your stepmother seems good to you. Are you embarra.s.sed… ."

"Hey! Stop!" Meng Xiaonan quickly says. "This isn't about me. That fox seduced my father and took him away. But my father was willing to be plucked away from my mother."

"You shouldn't worry about this kind of matters. Relations.h.i.+ps shouldn't be rushed," An Chuxia says. "This is grown-up business and we're not supposed to intervene."

"I know this. I'll sign off first. I have to wash my face and brush my teeth before going to sleep."

Meng Xiaonan logs off and her avatar disappears. An Chuxia shrugs her shoulders and then closes the dialog box. As the window closes, she realizes everything around her is quiet and peaceful…

But Meng Xiaonan's words echo in her mind. After all, Han Qilu deeply loved Xiang Mankuai once.

She resolves her will to be in front of Han Qilu and tell him, An Chuxia is the only one allowed to be in his heart!

So she won't be preoccupied with such thoughts, she decides to open her novel and relish while she reads comments. There's but a hundred comments posted, but the comments rot her brain…

[mind reader]: Really, is this heroine an idiot? Why didn't she call the police and try and find someone? It's so stupid that the handsome hero loves this girl.

"You're brain-dead! Do you think that if I could call the police, I wouldn't have? Didn't I state there isn't a mobile phone to call or text?" An Chuxia says but doesn't type out the response.

[oh yeah I control the novel]: Why is the male protagonist so weak? He's beaten half to death by a gun.

An Chuxia yells at the empty room. "What, you can't be half-dead by being shot? You try being fu*king shot and not die!"

[I cheated by eating stool]: Fu*k… this novel is so sad, I can't stand it anymore. Author, if the abuse continues, I'd kill you. Let the characters get married and have children. I can't stand the abuse. (Haha, I lie, author. I don't think it's abuse. I just like yanking people's chains!)

"Do these people lack IQ?" An Chuxia closes the webpage. The silly comments are making her blood boil.

She powers down the device and puts the notebook down. It doesn't take her long to fall asleep. In her dream, she actually sees Han Qilu holding hands with Mankuai and looking at each other deeply.

Their faces are getting closer and closer, and they are about to… 

"Ah!!!" An Chuxia wakes up in cold sweat.

She looks at the clock and sees it's four o'clock. Since sleep eludes her, she dons a pair of shoes and a jacket Jiang Yuan got specifically for her. Her blistered feet have recovered quickly anyway. She has to leave. Otherwise, she'll die.

No matter what, she has to convince Jiang Yuan to allow her to be discharged.

She has unconsciously walked out of the hospital gates. The hospital entrance is a mere ten meters away from the bus stop. She sits on the bench and looks at the vehicles pa.s.sing by. She doesn't want to lose anymore time.

She hopes that Han Qilu would suddenly drive by and stop his sports car in front of her and open the door; that he would suddenly yell at her and call her his wife.

But uneasiness spreads through her heart.

"An Chuxia."

An Chuxia reflexively turns her head and sees Nangong Zifei exit from his silver Mercedes. He sports a heart-shaped diamond stud earring on his right ear. Cars pa.s.sing by make his ear sparkle and dazzle.

"Why are you just sitting here, at the roadside, with nothing else but a jacket and your hospital gown? You'll be cold." Nangong Zifei walks towards her. Concern fills his eyes. "I'll walk you back to your room."

Once he heard An Chuxia was in the hospital, he wanted to visit. However, the physicians stopped him from entering. At one point, Han Liuhai, president of the Han Group, restricted everyone from visiting. He and Jiao Daihu were turned away. Every time they came to visit, they were told to leave.

Today, he just pressed his luck by pa.s.sing by. He didn't expect to see her sitting here. How can he not get out of his car immediately?

"Nangong… ." It's like seeing a loved one. She feels wronged, and she leans forward, wrapping her arms around Nangong Zifei's neck. Tears fall like a strand of broken pearl.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Are you uncomfortable? I'll send you back to your ward immediately. Don't cry, don't cry." Nangong Zifei isn't always cold, but now, all he can do is pity her.

They both sit on the silver Mercedes, their contrasting feelings couldn't have been anymore different.

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