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Soaring Falcon Kingdom, outside the walls.


Lu Fan still waiting for the enemies to come closer, then out of nowhere, a shout sounded.

"Eternal! I will have your head!"

Lu Fan looked at the person charging, he immediately saw someone familiar, Sphynx leading a group of soldiers behind him.

Lu Fan frowned, Sphynx clearly didn't heed his advice and persistently pushed his own path, the path for the ultimate offense, but this war, Sphynx has a great advantage, a heavy cavalry lancer leading the charge, Lu Fan couldn't imagine what the outcome will be.

"Boss, I got this." Someone spoke and walks out of the crowd.

Lu Fan looked at him and a smile forms on his lips, DontDie walks out of the line and moves to the front.

"Ballista Stance!"

After speaking, DontDie's the two miniature crossbows on his arms transforms into a huge one.

"Triple Strife!"

"Swos.h.!.+ Swos.h.!.+ Swos.h.!.+ Swos.h.!.+" Four extremely loud and piercing sound echoes as DontDie's skill is unleashed, four 2 meter long arrows were released as the first three are wrapped in a dark red aura as the fourth arrow are just a normal one.

Three is from the skill and one is for the normal strike.

Seeing this, all of the players were astounded.

On the other side of the war.

Sphynx and the other players saw the incoming projectile, he snorted and thought: 'How much can three arrows deal damage?'

Nasus as his left-hand man immediate moved to his front and is planning to block those arrows.

'They seemed to be normal, but just to be cautious, I`ll try to parry it to the side.' Nasus is the number one tanker in the whole game, he's taking pride in it, wielding his s.h.i.+eld that has been newly repaired, but after standing in the front, a voice sounded.

"Nasus! Get behind me! you are good for nothing!"

Nasus looked behind him and saw Sphynx's face smiling in full bloom. After Sphynx spoke, three silhouettes appeared, one of them spoke to Nasus.

"Let me show you how a professional tanker does the job!"

The three of them summoned their s.h.i.+elds, about a meter and a half high and a meter wide with the thickness that seemed to be 6 inches.

Nasus frowned, but as an order from Sphynx, he'll need to obey, Nasus then thought: 'Just two more months and I`ll rid of the contract for good!'

Nasus has followed Sphynx for more than five years, his yearly contract is estimated to reach $3 million, but after the long run, he's had enough of his behavior.

The three men in front of Sphynx are still charging as they are preparing to block the arrows with their tower s.h.i.+elds.

Sphynx smirks and spoke to Nasus: "I`ve hired them with the same price as you, but I guess, your next contract would be a little lesser than before." Sphynx chuckles as he continued.

"Watch how a tank should be!"

But after Sphynx had spoken, he was shocked.

-122,192 HP!

-101,240 HP!

-242,918 HP!!

-62,810 HP!

Sphynx exploded into thousands of green lights together with the newly hired tankers, also, there are mini explosions after DontDie's arrow pierced through the Knights and Sphynx, the ones that were following their path died immediately as all of them returned to the camping site of the attacking army.

"D*mn it!" Sphynx clenched his fist as he cursed, he just slapped himself directly to the face, and the one that he called couldn't tank actually survive by moving to the side.

Nasus seeing the exploding green light chuckles and spoke: "I watched it clearly, but I`ll never be an idiot like that, hahaha."

DontDie's ballista actually killed a hundred or so players.

"Woah! Did you see that!?"

"Woah! who is that?! Is that part of the great Talon of Justice's elite members?!"

"That's DontDie! He's a strong player too! one of the Talon of Justice's elite players!"

"Woah! That's extremely great! if he keeps that up, we'll definitely win!"

Lu Fan smiled as he looked at DontDie and spoke: "Keep it up DontDie, we'll definitely win together with your power."

Hearing their praise, DontDie couldn't help but be proud, then remembering something, he blushes and cough.

"Ahem, Eternal, I`ll be going to the back again."

"Why?" Lu Fan asked as he looked at DontDie in bewilderment.

"Well, every shot takes one minute to reload, and that Triple Strife actually has a 30 minutes cooldown, my only skill other than triple also has a 5 minutes cooldown, so I wouldn't be able to help much in the front."

After speaking, DontDie immediately rushed to the back, not daring to look at the once expectant faces of the crowd.

=Ballista Stance.

The farther the enemy is, the greater the damage will be, maximum distance, 300 meters, for level one.

-deals 100% ~ 20,000% of player's physical attack damage depending on the range, deals 20% of total damage to the surrounding of the area that was. .h.i.t.

-Reloading time: one minute.

=Skill: Triple Strife

-Deals 200% ~ 40,000% of player's physical attack damage depending on the range.

-Cooldown: 30 minutes.

=Skill: Energy Bolt

-Deals 300% ~ 5,000% of player's physical attack damage depending on the range.

-Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Seeing DontDie's figure moving further to the back, all of the players almost fell to the ground.

Lu Fan chuckles as he looked at the groups of players rus.h.i.+ng towards their location.

"Ten more meters! Ready!"

Hearing Lu Fan's voice, they immediately started to gather their skill again, seeing the display of DontDie, all of their preparations were removed by his awestriking move, but now, enemies are approaching again, they need to do something too.

When Lu Fan saw the enemies are at the 100-meter mark, he immediately shouted: "Fire at will!"

As soon as they heard Lu Fan's order, all h.e.l.l was let loose, different kinds of skills were let loose to the sky.

Seeing this, everyone on the walls was astounded.

Although half of the first wave of a.s.sault didn't hit the target, still, a lot of players were killed, about more than a thousand players died on the first wave.

After the first wave, continuous a.s.sault of skills followed, although it is just 10,000 or more players doing it, they are chipping away the HP of the vanguards.

But Lu Fan didn't stop there, he looked at the players on the walls: "All of you on the walls, on my mark, all of you will fire! prepare! 50 meters as the enemies approach, all of you will fire!"


Hearing Lu Fan, they woke up from their daze, they forgot that they are involved in the siege war watching a fantastic sight, but now, they felt extremely inspired.

When the enemies are about 50 meters away, Lu Fan ordered again: "FIRE AT WILL!"


This time, the firepower is more than ten folds, there are about 200,000 players on the walls that are long ranged, which is enough to kill a lot of players at the first wave.

Although their damages were from 100 to 300, who could tank a thousand damage as such.

Vanguards of the armies kept falling and falling, one by one as they approach.

When the long-range from the enemies are about 30 meters away, they started to fight back, countering the pressure that the Soaring Falcon Kingdom's a.s.sault made.

Ten meters before the clash starts, Lu Fan and the rest wielded their weapons.

Each armies glaring at each other, ready to cut the throat of one another.

The Long awaited clash.

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