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On an absolutely normal day, in the afternoon.

An overnight bus headed for Tokyo from some countryside suddenly disappeared, along with all 40 people onboard.

Normally, this would cause an outcry about ma.s.s disappearance and all that, but the j.a.panese people who have started gotten used to a certain thing came to a certain realization.

——Isn't this another otherworld summoning?

"How troubling."

"How about you just thwart the summonings themselves?"

"No. Though it straddles worlds, this matter is fundamentally one between humans alone. Just doing aftercare would have to suffice."

This matter is also taken up by the National Diet, evoking a debate about what to do about this.

"This definitely calls for the immediate implementation of a countermeasure, but how is progress on that front, Prime Minister?"

"At the moment, there is none. I have requested the aid of Elte-san, who was summoned last time, but apparently she is merely a summoner apprentice, and as of yet has no significant results to raise."

Incidentally, an experimental summoning was performed to test whether summonings can be facilitated from this world, and for some unknown reason a male lion came out.

It threw everyone into an uproar, but luckily, Graios-san (the emperor) just happened to be pa.s.sing by, and he successfully subdued the lion.

Afterwards, Gradios-san begged for permission to keep the lion as a pet, but thankfully everyone saw reason and so the lion has been safely entrusted with a zoo.

"Umm, though I'm also worried about the summoned j.a.panese……"

"What do you mean by 'though'. Is there something else more important right now——"

"…… Does 40 people being summoned mean that 40 people will be reverse-summoned?"


The young Diet member's words causes the entire Diet to sink into silence.

Considering the huge commotion every time a single otherworlder comes, if there are 40 people……

It's already beyond the level of poking a hornet's nest and charged into the realm of opening a can of Varsan.

(T/N: Varsan is a brand of insecticide. You open a can in a sealed room (and step out for 3~4 hours) and the smoke would kill all the insects.)

"N-, no way, even if it's Amaterasu-sama, she'd give us advance warning if it's 40 people."

One of the Diet members voices a hope-filled observation, but the situation is too dire.

Amaterasu-sama, who had taken one step forward and two steps back as of last time.

It's hard to imagine that this time she would take two whole steps forward.

"Just in case, let's increase the number of securi——"

That moment.

Along with a weak sound like bofu~n appears a pathetic amount of smoke on the level of a silent fart.

"Wh-, what is this place?!"

"Where has the castle gone?!"

"We were supposed to have been fighting against the duke who had risen up in rebellion for the sake of justice, but only reluctantly so due to our family members having been taken hostage!!"

Present company is joined by several tens of fully armored men who seem like knights.

Apparently the job of explaining was indeed completely neglected, judging by the various shouts reverberating around the hall.

That last guy, thanks for the exposition.

"Isn't this too much?!"

"Amaterasu-sama, PLEASE DO YOUR JOB!!"

"I'm abandoning s.h.i.+ntoism as of today, Adachi—!!"

On the other hand, the arrival of an armed group has also thrown the Diet members into great disarray.

A fraction has even lost their faith, but that can't be helped.

"D-, don't come close! Don't you care what happens to this guy?!"

"Ahh! The Chairman has been taken hostage!!"

"Oh dear, this is quite a troubling position indeed."

"The Chairman is entirely calm?!"

"Retreat! For starters, let's retreat!"

"Call the police!!"

"Shouldn't it be the JSDF in this case?!"

(T/N: j.a.pan Self-Defense Forces. Basically, their military.)

Every Diet member is scrambling to escape from the tumultuous Diet hall.

As for how the hostaged Chairman is able to remain so calm, let's just say, as expected of someone born in the pre-war days.

Thus started the unprecedented hostage crisis perpetrated by otherworlders. But before the police or JSDF could move, Gradios-san happened along and resolved the situation by wiping the floor with all of them.

Incidentally, up until Gradios' arrival, the Prime Minister had somehow managed to seize a sword and had already knocked out several of the knights.

As expected of the Commander-in-Chief of the JSDF.

"That is NOT what being Commander-in-Chief of the JSDF means!!"

"Sure, yea."

The young Diet member's tsukkomi based on common sense is casually swept aside.

…… Today, too, j.a.pan is at peace.

"Ufufu. So, Amaterasu. If you have an excuse, then let's hear it."

On the other hand, Takamagahara.

Yaksha have descended upon this place that is usually so peaceful.

(T/N: Yaksha are Buddhist guardian deities sometimes depicted as demonic warriors.)

"M-, M-, M-, Mom. That was, um, the situation on the other side was very, very acute, so I guess you can say that I had no choice……"

The one that j.a.pan's chief G.o.d Amaterasu-sama is so desperately making excuses to is none other than Izanami-no-Mikoto, she who has given birth to numerous G.o.ds and is the the one currently managing Yomi.

Even though she is smiling gently, there is an ink-colored aura erupting from her back.

She is not j.a.pan's eldest yandere for nothing.

"Don't give me your excuses!"


This unreasonableness is as expected of j.a.pan's eldest mom.

The three pillar G.o.ds were born by Izanagi-sama after the divorce was confirmed, so technically speaking the three pillars are not Izanami-sama's children. But this is a country where new G.o.ds were born just from a nose poke, so let's definitely not mind the details. 1

"To think that I have a child like you, always going off and doing things without thinking about the consequences……"

Thus begins Mom's lecture.

Amaterasu-sama also looks somewhat despondent in her seiza posture.

At this rate, Amaterasu-sama is going to become amaterasusama. (too late)

(T/N: Sorry, I couldn't decipher this joke.)

"Come, come, if you get so angry, you'll get more wrinkles, Ma."


Susanoo-sama's words that interrupted the torrent of words causes the air that was previously creaking to begin cracking out right.

For the Izanami-sama who had her husband run away from her due to her appearance after her death, any and all words related to beauty are absolutely taboo.

A thousand people died as collateral damage, so this is no joke.

"Ufufufufufufufufufu. You sure say funny things, Susanoo. Come here for a second."

"Nah, don't wanna. Cus you stink, Ma."

For the Izanami-sama who (abridged) any and all words related to smell are (abridged)

Izanami-sama's anger is causing the creaking air to begin smoldering.

At this rate, Takamagahara is in danger of complete destruction.

"Ufufufufufufufu…… AHAHAHAHAHAHA! You sure have guts, Susanoo! Perhaps you have gotten a bit full of yourself after playing hero in the mortal world? It seems that you need to be disciplined once again!"

"A~ha~ha. Put more strength into it, Ma. It doesn't even hurt or anything."

The madly cackling yandere G.o.d, and the macho G.o.d being kicked around who looks happy about it.

It is a heartwarming scene of mother-son skins.h.i.+p.

"Wh-, whew I'm saved……"

"He's totally a rebellious teenager thirsting for his mother's attention, that Susanoo."

At the side is Amaterasu-sama sighing in relief at having the brunt of her mother's anger directed at Susanoo, as well as Tsukuyomi-sama coolly watching his mother and younger brother.

Today, too, Takamagahara is at peace.

1 In that story from Chapter 1 about 1,000 deaths and 1,500 babies, we previously mentioned how Izanagi ran away from Izanami after seeing what she had become, and then sealed the entrance to Yomi. So after that, he cleansed himself, upon which he beget Amaterasu while cleansing his left eye, Tsukuyomi while cleansing his right eye, and Susanoo while cleansing his nose.

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