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Chapter 234: Total Collapse

In rebirth, even if a player couldn't do damage to his enemy, he could at least apply some additional effects on it with his skills.

For example, if Wang Yu used [Flying Knee] on an enemy, he would deal damage and stun the enemy. Even if the enemy had high defenses, he could at least stun it.

But because

Angela was completely immune to all damage and effects that did not come from a sharp weapon. Which meant that not only could Wang Yu no deal damage to her, he could support the fight in anyway.

But what made everyone even more vexed was the fact that the shields of the Guardians were considered blunt force weapons as

as well...

If the Guardians couldn't fight Angela either, this meant that their entire front line was useless...

Everyone present was violently scratching their heads to come up with a solution. With the exception of Wang Yu.

A gaming noob like Wang Yu did not understand the special status that Angela had.

"I say, what do you think all these stone pillars in

pillars in this palace are for?" Wang Yu asked as he started knocking the pillar beside him.

"F*ck! Don't just touch it!!!" Fearless hurriedly pulled Wang Yu away.

During the beta testing period, Fearless had actually completed the Hurricane Cavern dungeon before. He knew that these pillars were actually seals that were embedded on Angela's body. They would immediately enter her attack enter her attack range if they were to touch it.

As he had expected, Angela got up from her throne, angrily glaring at the players.

"You dogs of the church! Were you the ones that killed my kinsmen?" Even though Angela's voice wasn't very loud, it was heard clearly by everyone present, adding a negative status effect on all of them.

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