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"What the f*ck!"

The crowd gasped in shock as they watched w.a.n.g Yu climb to the top of the wall.

"How the f*ck did he do that???"

"How's is this even possible? This game really isn't very logical!"

The members of the Sanguine Alliance grew increasingly frustrated as they watched w.a.n.g Yu climb to the top of the wall; this was especially true for Sanguine Warflag. He had originally thought that w.a.n.g Yu would definitely die by the hands of the Sanguine alliance, but who would have thought that he had escaped once again.

When w.a.n.g Yu immediately jumped off the wall when he saw that the Archers from the Sanguine Alliance were already aiming their bows at him.

"Hey Pugilists, what are you waiting for? Chase him!" Sanguine Warflag impatiently shouted.

Sanguine Warflag was so infuriated that he couldn't think straight, he even thought that climbing up a vertical wall was a skill that all Pugilists had, shouting at the Pugilists in his guild to give chase.

The Pugilists of the Sanguine Alliance had no choice but to obey orders. Bracing themselves as they dashed towards the wall, giving it their all to scale it, but the results could be imagined.

w.a.n.g Yu sent a message to Crotch Lord after he had jumped down the wall, asking: "Where is the resp.a.w.n point for Warriors?"

"You actually managed to escape?" Crotch Lord asked.


"Then you should go to the Dojo before you log off, why do you even want to go to the resp.a.w.n point for Warriors?" Crotch Lord inquired.

"I'm going to beat them until they're satisfied!" w.a.n.g Yu righteously declared.


While Crotch Lord did not know whether or not the Sanguine Alliance was satisfied or not with their battle with w.a.n.g Yu, he knew for sure that to be able to take on one of the top ten guilds > without dying once was already an impressive feat. Yet w.a.n.g Yu had no intentions of stopping there, he was fully prepared to take on all the members of the Sanguine Alliance until they were beaten to submission. To Crotch Lord this was simply a madman's dream.

"It's by the weapon shop on the right of the Dojo!" Crotch Lord replied as he sent the coordinates to w.a.n.g Yu. He had even sent a detailed map with directions, afraid that w.a.n.g Yu might get lost along the way.

"I've received it!"

After glancing at the map, w.a.n.g Yu realised that the resp.a.w.n point was less than a hundred metres from his current location!

"There he is! Don't let him get away!"

Just as w.a.n.g Yu had turned around, a voice sounded out from behind him. As he turned in the direction of the voice, w.a.n.g Yu saw Heaven's Bird leading a group of eight Warriors, walking towards him.

The Warriors immediately drew their weapons when they saw w.a.n.g Yu and took up a fighting stance. These Warriors had just logged on when they received the order from Sanguine Warflag and rushed over to protect Heaven's Bird in an attempt to impress Sanguine Warflag.

Other than Heaven's Bird, the other Warriors were all underestimating w.a.n.g Yu. None of them had been involved in the previous skirmishes and naturally didn't know of w.a.n.g Yu's ability to kill them with a single blow. They had all a.s.sumed that w.a.n.g Yu was just a random Pugilist.

The Warriors lowered their head, using [Charge] in their a.s.sault formation to close the distance between w.a.n.g Yu and themselves. They had arranged themselves in an extended line as they charged over, sealing off all possible routes of escape.

w.a.n.g Yu softly sighed as he leapt over the warriors charging at him, and dashed towards Heaven's Bird.

Heaven's Bird was just a Warrior who focused on his offensive capabilities, how could he possibly escape from a fast and nimble Pugilist like w.a.n.g Yu? Within a blink of an eye, w.a.n.g Yu had arrived beside him, grabbed him by the forehead and violently smashed his face into the cold hard ground before cruelly stomping on the back of his head, instantly turning Heaven's Bird into a ray of white light.

Before he died, Heaven's Bird had his hand stretched out as he looked towards the Warriors that had come to protect him, with boundless disappointment in his eyes.

As they watched Heaven's Bird get killed before their very eyes, the eight Warriors burned with rage, a measly Pugilist had dared to kill their guild leader's brother? As they furiously swung their blades at w.a.n.g Yu, a crowd of excited bystanders and members of the Sanguine Alliance once again formed in the vicinity.

w.a.n.g Yu easily dispatched the eight Warriors as if they were made of paper before disappearing amongst the crowd of onlookers.

This was the fourth time that Heaven's Bird had been killed in front of them...

"What the f*ck! How did you die again!" Sanguine Warflag roared when he received the news that Heaven's Bird had once again died by w.a.n.g Yu's hands.

"We met the Pugilist when we were walking around just now and he charged over and killed Brother Heavens' Bird..." One of the Warriors following Heaven's Bird meekly replied.


"The rest of you are fine right..." Sanguine Warflag asked.

After being killed by w.a.n.g Yu, the Warriors had a much better understanding of his fighting capabilities. To be killed by a Pugilist was one thing, but to be killed with a single blow was something that they were too ashamed to admit.

"We're fine, he immediately ran off when we surrounded him! Maybe he was just scared of us!" One of the Warriors laughed.

"Hmm..." Just as this Warrior was feeling satisfied with his answer, Sanguine Warflag interjected: "No I don't think he was afraid of you, but that he didn't want to kill you..."

"..." Silence filled the guild chat. To think that in a guild with hundreds of skilled players, not a single one of them dared to stand up against this one Pugilist.

"About that, why didn't he want to kill you guys?" Sanguine Darkness asked.

When he heard what Sanguine Darkness had said, the Warrior felt extremely displeased: "Hey hey hey, what the h.e.l.l are you trying to say? Don't tell me that you think it's unfair that we didn't get killed by that b*stard?"

"What the f*ck, how many people has this guy killed?"

"At least 50..."

"Ohhh...well the system is probably going to hunt him down and kill him then..." Someone mumbled.

In >, a player's name would turn red if they had killed more than five people. Someone like w.a.n.g Yu who had killed over fifty other players was simply asking for the system to strike him down.

No matter how stubborn and strong a person was, fighting against the system and the NPC's was simply asking to be killed.

Even though this news might have been good new, but the members of the Sanguine Alliance became even more dejected... This simply meant that fifty guild members had been slain by w.a.n.g Yu and lost an inestimable amount of experience points in the process.

"But it doesn't seem like the city guards have made a move against him..." As the head of the intelligence branch, Sanguine Darkness' observation ability and his information networks were leagues above the rest of the guild members.

"Maybe he has not entered their field of vision yet." Sanguine Warflag answered.

Since the game had not been around for long, there had been no precedence of any player with a red name entering a city. However, it was known that once a player with a red name entered a city, he would be hunted down and killed by the city guards before being thrown into prison and having his level reduced.

"Then what should we do now?" Heaven's Bird asked.

"If we have too many people that b*stard will run, but if we approach with too little men we aren't his match. The only thing we can do now is to try to lure him to the vicinity of the city guards and try to get them to kill him on our behalf."

"What the f*ck, do you know how vicious that f*cker is? So who's going to be the bait?"

"Hey bro, since you're the one that he's targeting, you have to be involved in this no matter what..." Sanguine Warflag calmly stated.

"You can't be serious, I've already died four times..." Heaven's Bird whined.

"Don't worry, we'll be around to protect you." Sanguine Warflag a.s.sured him.

"Are you guys sure?"

Sanguine Warflag replied: "You're my own brother, how could I even think about doing anything that will harm you? Even if you can't trust us, at least you can trust the system"

Heaven's Bird smiled when he heard the words of a.s.surance from Sanguine Warflag. What he said was true, even if the system was unfair at times, it wouldn't be so unfair as to let w.a.n.g Yu go unpunished.

"Fine, I'll go!" Heaven's Bird decisively said.

w.a.n.g Yu had chosen to hide amongst the crowd not because he was afraid of the Sanguine Alliance, but because he was waiting for Heaven's Bird to resp.a.w.n before he could kill him again.

w.a.n.g Yu had been hiding nearby, staring at the resp.a.w.n point and waiting...

At this moment Heaven's Bird had appeared once again, sticking his head out of the resp.a.w.n point as he looked around the street before he hesitantly took a step out.

The crowd had gathered around the resp.a.w.n point. They knew that if they followed Heaven's Bird, they would definitely be able to watch him get killed by an expert.

Heaven's Bird had not travelled far before he heard a loud shout from behind him. "Where are you running off to sc.u.m!" Heaven's Bird turned around only to see w.a.n.g Yu running along the wall, leaping towards him.

"Help! Someone save me!!!" Heaven's Bird squealed as he used [Charge], speeding towards the city guards.

The crowd shook their heads as they looked at Heaven's Bird's cowardly behaviour, feeling ashamed for him.

Even though you could die in >, every player had unlimited lives. Death only meant that they would lose 10% of their current experience points. To be running for his life and shouting for someone to save him, this scoundrel was indeed spineless! Cowardly beyond redemption!

In the blink of an eye, w.a.n.g Yu had already caught up to Heaven's Bird who was right beside the city guards. Heaven's Bird tugged at the city guards as he pleaded: "Brother city guard, he's a villain!"

Even though the city guards had immeasurable strength, the AI that governed their thoughts was simplistic beyond belief.

The city guards completely ignored the pleas of Heaven's Bird, not even looking at him, let alone helping him.

Looking at the emotionless city guards, Heaven's Bird was overcome with grief.

The city guards continued standing by looking into the distance, even as w.a.n.g Yu killed Heaven's Bird right beside them, turning him into a ray of white light. Only then did they react, asking: "Brave Warrior, you're killing someone, is there anything that we can help you with?"

The crowd was flabbergasted as they looked at the scene before them.

Was this player designed by the system or something? Not stopping him from murdering someone in the streets is one thing, but to even offer to help him? This was simply inconceivable.

Heaven's Bird, who had once again been beaten to death by w.a.n.g Yu, had already revived in the resp.a.w.n point. He was absolutely livid, jumping up and down shouting: "F*ck your mother! This gentleman is going to stay here, I f*cking dare you to kill me again!"

w.a.n.g Yu stared at him with a dark expression as he asked the city guards: "Can you guys drag him out for me?"

"Yes sir!" The city guards bowed.

The city guards charged into the resp.a.w.n point, violently dragging Heaven's Bird out.

"Oh my G.o.d!!!"

Heaven's Bird was dragged out of the resp.a.w.n point before he could even react. w.a.n.g Yu walked towards Heaven's Bird, grabbing him by the throat as he lifted him up, and gave him several slaps before reducing him into a ray of white light.

This was the sixth time that Heaven's Bird had revived at the resp.a.w.n point on the same day. He nervously looked around, and realised that there was no point resisting w.a.n.g Yu, the only thing waiting for him was death.

Just as w.a.n.g Yu gave the orders to the city guards to have Heaven's Bird dragged out once more, he took the initiative and logged off from the game first.


The crowd shouted as they watched Heaven's Bird log off. Such an interesting show had been cut short.

w.a.n.g Yu walked into the resp.a.w.n point after Heaven's Bird had logged off, walking towards the Warriors that had previously followed Heaven's Bird, telling them: "Go tell your guild leader, if he's unhappy, come again if you're not satisfied, we'll fight until you're satisfied!"

"Mm..." The Warriors vigorously nodded their heads.

"Ding!" w.a.n.g Yu turned into a ray of white light, logging off from the game.

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