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Chapter 182: All for that pristineness

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Inside of the warehouse, a pure white, very futuristic medical MRI machine was laid out in front of Ye Qing and four other Master Artisans.

The machine, which had a time portal like tunnel, cost 27 million and operated at 30 magnetic resonance.

Its unit of measurement was that of the Tesla. The higher the number, the stronger the resonance it was able to emit.

Ordinary steel had a magnetic strength of around 7 tes, while the steel chips used in generators and transmissions were around 14 tes.

This was also why metallic things weren't allowed when doing a MRI scan. Because these things would cause major movement during the scan.

While magnetic resonance was at work, it would be able to create a magnetic field within the human body. As a result, the hydrogen atoms on the surface of the skin would create static electricity and would all move and order themselves in accordance to the physics laws of the magnetic field.

When the emitter stopped, most of the attracted hydrogen within the human body would at the same time return to their original state in the same group. This was known as relaxing, and many of the major organs within the human body would operate differently between relaxing and regular periods.

MRI could now take advantage of computer sensors to pick up minute signals to use for picture reconstruction, which could then be used for medical research and advances.

And this was the same basic operating theory behind the Industry Waste Purifier.

It could create a much stronger magnetic field, separate out different contaminants by their different magnetic frequencies, and attract them towards itself with ion charges.

If it wasn't because currently the entire Dragon Creek Beach belonged to Ye Qing and because of the obvious contaminated smell during the summer, Ye Qing might actually have left this piece of equipment for later.

Because this equipment's technical content was simply too, too much!

Siemens' MRI machine operated at 30 resonance, but the Industrial Waste Purifier operated at a much much much higher level, at a level that made people tremble.

It is at a wooping 2000 resonance!

Within its operating area, as long as there was any electronic product, then they were guaranteed to be smoking and burned out within the second.

Creating an electromagnetic emitter wasn’t hard. Before, at the exhibition, the Master Artisan had already created one and hid it inside a camera to mess with Kangyuan.

But it was very difficult to create something able to emit on the scale of thousand resonances. Traditional emitters used copper wiring, but with this electromagnetic emitter, it needed something much more conductive than copper.

Apart from superconductors, the best conducting metal was silver.

Just like how the conductivity of different copper alloys was different, the conductivity of silver would also change depending on how it was made.

Advances in the metallurgy field had already been extremely difficult. If it wasn’t because Ye Qing had the Metal Specialists, there was no way he would be able to make any viable wiring for the machine.

As for the 27 million Yuan MRI machine in front of him, Ye Qing actually had zero use for the electromagnetic equipment inside.

The only parts that Ye Qing actually needed were its computer system, and its signal gathering and transformation system.

Electronics had always been Ye Qing’s weak side, which was why Ye Qing bought this MRI machine to bypa.s.s it.

Following Ye Qing’s command, the Master Artisans immediately went to work with their tools to quickly disa.s.semble the outer casing of the MRI machine to reveal the giant ferromagnetic coil inside.

The screws holding the cover together were all non-standard octo screws, which were there to purely increase the difficulty of disa.s.sembling.

For example, if the equipment malfunctions, normally the hospital would always someone locally to fix it. But with these non-standardized screws in place, that someone must first create a non-standardized screw driver, which generally took way too much effort and time, so in the end the hospital could only look to the manufacturer for a.s.sistance.

Every large company liked to do these kinds of things. Basically, everything that was expensive and imported would have these kinds of non-standard parts.

However, to the Master Artisans this was super easy to deal with: just cut the d.a.m.n thing open.

As for those clearly specially designed areas that needed specialized equipment to open, if it could be cut then it was cut open, otherwise there were always the hydraulic claws waiting to pry it open.

In the end, this 27 million MRI machine basically got turned to a pile of sc.r.a.p metal and plastic.

The hands of the Master Artisans were something truly magical. They were clearly brutally cutting and prying the machine, but they were still able to harmlessly extract out all the sensitive electromagnetic sensors and sensor transformation system.

Those palm size metal parts with their golden surface, don’t mention scratching it, even a swift brush of the finger could still destroy it.

But they were still harmlessly extracted and placed into a dust free container.

Ye Qing stared on in a somewhat painful expression. Those sensors and transformation system were all critical key parts of this MRI machine. There was no way that Siemens would individually sell these parts because the moment they do, there would be a countless number of people who would buy it and create a cheaper, ripped off version to sell.

Apart from these, the rest of the things, to Ye Qing, were all garbage. The giant ferromagnetic coil, although it might look formidable and all, actually had no further uses.

"Quickly now, clear away all this trash." Ye Qing hurriedly ordered a couple sidelined peons to come and clean up this mess because the longer he looked at it, the more heart pain he would feel.

Since when was this ever a trashed machine? This was clearly a Bugatti Veyron.

The peons' work efficiency was something of true merit. In under two minutes they had already cleared away the entire mess, and even brought up from the underground base a strange looking light metal case.

This was the outer case of the Industrial Waste Purifier. It was as big as a sedan, but its shape was that of a dome put on top of a square box.

The two Master Artisans, without another word, opened up the dust free containers and began to install in the purifier’s sensors and computer system into the outer casing.

In the underground base, the other newly hired Metal Specialists was standing in front of the electric furnace and orderly throwing in standard hundred gram silver bars.

These silver bars had all been chemically refined to 99.99 pure silver and were then sent again through the Metal Smelting Center for another pa.s.s.

Now the Metal Specialists needed to perform some manual refining.

Pure silver was six Yuan a gram, and to guarantee that he would have enough silver left after the purification process, Ye Qing, under the pretense of for industrial use, ordered two tons of it.

This was also why Ye Qing didn’t really want to create this Industrial Waste Purifier.

Striping a 27 million MRI machine for parts and using another 20 some million just to create the electromagnetic coil.

The emitter outer casing was also hard to create because one it couldn’t be made out of metal, and two it must be perfectly sealed, such that when the entire machine has been a.s.sembled, the interior must go through the process of vacuuming to create an outer s.p.a.ce like working interior.

The higher the purity of the silver, the easier it was for it to oxidize when in contact with oxygen, hence why it must operate under an environment with no trace of any other element.

Not being able to be made out of metal straight up meant it couldn't be made by the Metal Smelting Center.

Which meant the involvement of another smelting technique; powder metallurgy.

To use graphite and porcelain powder to bake out this sealed casing.

This wasn’t the end of it, because for it to be able to emit such a high magnetic resonance, then it must be able to handle a constant flow of high wattage electricity.

Which meant the need to create a specifically prepared, highly efficient transformer, which needed another b.u.t.t load of money.

To compare, the Mechanical Colossus only cost 20ish million to make.

To create this monstrosity, its production costs could cover nearly buy 5 Colossuses. More importantly, at the moment, there was no way to ma.s.s produce this beast.

However, on the up side, after this beast was completed, at maximum output, it would be able to affect every contaminant within a two kilometer radius, and attract them towards it.

Thus, for that pristineness, and to bring life back to Dragon Creek Beach, Ye Qing could only clench his teeth and keep throwing money down this monster's gaping mouth.

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