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But now, it did not seem to be far from the truth. They had found a launch site, so was the hypothesis really that hard to accept?

The question remained, what were they doing in s.p.a.ce‽

"Let's move, I need to get to the observatory to see what is happening up there," Xinghe said suddenly.

Mubai supported this crazy idea of hers. "Okay, let us go now."

Ee Chen was shocked. "Do you two really think there are people up there?"

"There has to be," Xinghe said confidently. The plot was going down that path and no one was going to stop it, but…

"Are these energy crystals really enough to send people into s.p.a.ce?" Ee Chen asked with open disbelief.

"We will know after we go and find out." Xinghe opened the door and strode out. She did not like to waste time talking; she was a woman of action. Mubai helped her contact Chui Qian. He briefed him on their idea, and although Chui Qian was shocked, he chose to support them. Perhaps, they might be able to find something.

Furthermore, Chui Qian thought of something. He told Xinghe, a few decades ago, the He Lan family gave birth to a genius; it was he who helped with the satellite design and allowed Country R to send its first satellite into s.p.a.ce. That individual had been doing research at the launch base ever since, but after a while, he disappeared without warning. Rumors said that he died.

Chui Qian was certain that this person had plenty to do with the He Lan family's conspiracy. Therefore, perhaps, they had really done something in s.p.a.ce.

After Xinghe heard Chui Qian, she had a sinking feeling in her stomach. She rushed to the observatory. The people at the observatory had been notified of their arrival and immediately led them to s.p.a.ce observatory when they arrived.

"We have been observing the s.p.a.ce for so many years but there has been nothing out of place. The curiosities we have recorded are all natural. Therefore, if there were any issues, we would have discovered it," the manager at the observatory told Xinghe's group. Xinghe looked at the beautiful night sky on screen and did not reply.

Mubai asked the manager, "Have there been no weird occurrences over the past few decades?"

"There should be none, at least there have been none in the ten years that I have worked here."

"Then how many satellites has Country R launched over the years?" Mubai asked.

"There should be almost a hundred already."

"Did you keep track of each of them during launch?"

"Yes, but we stopped tracking them after they entered orbit. As you know, there are too many satellites in the sky, it would be hard for us to keep track of all of them."

"What about the He Lan family's own satellites? Do you keep an occasional eye on them too?"

"Yes, and there has been nothing weird about them…"

Mubai continued the series of questions but he found nothing. Xinghe and Ee Chen studied the night sky diligently and found nothing as well. Did this mean there was nothing suspicious about the launch site as well?

Impossible because the He Lan family was definitely up to something. Therefore, their satellites must be problematic as well, only they could not figure out what. Just as they were at a loss, Xinghe suddenly realized there were changes with the satellites in s.p.a.ce!

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