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Chapter 81: Who is the Number One Beauty?

"Fellow, you dare to insult me?"

Mao Zhang’s face became dark and a flash of coldness crossed his eyes.

He was the CEO of a company and made 1 million yuan a year. The fact that this pauper ahead of him dared to insult him made him very angry.

"Yes, I am insulting you. So what if you are wearing a Rolex? Why are you so arrogant? F**k off."

Qingfeng smiled coldly with disdain.

He hated these arrogant people who flaunted their wealth. How dare Mao Zhang act arrogantly in front of him? He deserved a beating.

"Fellow I am a millionaire. Are you jealous? I look down on poor people like you who have no money and can’t support a woman. Why are you eating at Valentine Restaurant? Are you trying to find a sugar mummy?"


I’m jealous of you?

Qingfeng rolled his eyes. Why would I be jealous of a millionaire?

The only way to deal with arrogant people that liked to show off is to be even more of a show-off than them.


Qingfeng threw his bank card onto the table and coldly said, "Open your eyes and see how much is in there?"

The surrounding server who had heard the commotion quickly came over. Under the request of Mao Zhang, he entered the card number into the laptop.

"Wow, 10 million."

Mao Zhang’s mouth was agape in shock when he saw the amount on the account.

Mao Zhang suddenly thought of the phrase, "A tiger who pretends to be a cat." The surrounding people casted strange looks at him and he felt extremely embarra.s.sed.

Bro, you are so rich. There’s 10 million yuan in your bank account but why are you wearing a 20 yuan camouflage uniform? Are you playing me... Mao Zhang wanted to cry.

"Mao Zhang, who did you say was poor?"

Qingfeng lifted a brow and coldly asked.

"Me, me, me...I’m the poor guy."

Mao Zhang’s face was red and he stuttered. He only had 1 million but the other had 10 million. Clearly, he was the poor guy.

This was the most embarra.s.sing day of his life. He initially wanted to flaunt his wealth in front of Qingfeng but he did not expect to be put down.

"If you’re poorer than me, why are you showing off? Get lost."

Qingfeng insulted Mao Zhang leaving no room for his dignity at all.

If anyone were to show off, it should be me. How could it be you?

Mao Zhang looked down in embarra.s.sment and hurriedly left. His entire net worth was 1 million yuan. It would be an insult to compare him with Qingfeng. He was so embarra.s.sed.

"Gan-brother, your insulting skills are top notch."

Ruyan Liu seductively smiled and praised.

She already knew back at Green hotel that Qingfeng was highly skilled in insulting others when he bashed the three Young Masters. But she was still shocked after witnessing his impressive insulting skills today.

"I’m not that great....Just maybe number one the world."

Qingfeng nodded and said narcissistically.

Qingfeng was a good kid when he was young. He never insulted anyone. But when his parents disappeared and the members of the Li Family started to insult him, he learned to talk back to avoid being insulted.

When he was brought by his teacher to the Wolf Continent, he originally thought that he would no longer be insulted. However, the foreigners still insulted him and called him a Yellow Pig and China Dog. Qingfeng was deeply angered and started to learn how to insult others.

He learned from the number 1 insulter for a year and after that, the people who insulted him were no match for him.

When he was in the Wolf Continent, he had once insulted 3 men to death. It became a legend of the Underworld.

"You are so narcissistic. Number one in the world huh."

Ruyan Liu pursed her lips and was rendered speechless by Qingfeng’s narcissism.

"Gan-sister, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Gan-brother, no I don’t. Why are you asking? Are you interested?"

"Gan-sister, you said I was narcis

sistic. You aren’t much better."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and said.

"You’re so loquacious. Who is the most beautiful woman in Eastern Sea City?" Ruyan Liu sipped some red wine. Her face was filled with seduction.

"Of course it’s Xue Lin. She is the number one beauty." Qingfeng replied without hesitation. Xue Lin was his wife so of course, she was the most beautiful.

"Gan-brother, I’ll give you another chance. Who is the most beautiful in Eastern Sea City?"

Ruyan Liu smiled coldly with murderous intent in her eyes.

She did not expect Qingfeng to say that Xue Lin was the most beautiful, and initially thought that Qingfeng would say that she was the most beautiful.

All women were vain. Furthermore, Ruyan Liu had a compet.i.tive relations.h.i.+p with Xue Lin and secretly compared herself to her. Thus, she was displeased when Qingfeng said that Xue Lin was the most beautiful.

Qingfeng was shocked when he saw the murderous intent in Ruyan Liu’s eyes. He realized that he had made a mistake. He should not have said another woman was most beautiful in front of another woman. No woman would accept that.

"Gan-sister, you are of course the most beautiful woman in Eastern Sea City." To fix his mistake, Qingfeng quickly praised that Ruyan Liu was the most beautiful.

"...let’s go. I’ll drive you back to the office." Ruyan Liu finished the last drop of red wine. Her face was seductive and clearly, she was pleased by Qingfeng’s words.

Women all liked to be beautiful. They were all pleasured with sweet talk. It was true for all women, no matter how smart they were.

"Thank you Gan-sister." Qingfeng thanked her when he heard that Ruyan Liu was going to drive him back to the office.


Ruyan Liu sat in the driver’s seat, turned on the car and accelerated towards the Ice Snow Corporation.

Ice Snow Corporation, CEO office

"President Lin, I suggest that we fire Qingfeng. Our company does not need employees like him." A forty year old middle aged man frowned and said.

The middle aged man wore a Seven-Wolf suit. He was slightly bald and had a pot belly. He looked quite similar to Qiang Hu.

His name was Jianjun Hu, the vice president of the company and the father of Security Head Qiang Hu.

He was very angry that his son had been beaten up by Qingfeng. His son had filed a complaint against Qingfeng but the CEO actually did not fire Qingfeng. This made Jian-Jun Hu even more angry. Thus, he personally came to the CEO’s office to request that the CEO fire Qingfeng.

"Uncle Hu, you are a senior employee of the company. Why would you fuss over an ordinary employee? It was just one fight, there’s no need to fire him." Xue Lin frowned and a flicker of displeasure appeared on her face.

Jian-Jun Hu was a founding member of the company and was appointed as the Vice President of the company.

Xue Lin deeply respected the founding members of the company so she would refer to those who are older as ‘Uncle’. But Uncle Hu had deeply disappointed her…he wanted to fire her husband.

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