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Very late at night, a man dressed in black softly picked open the window of the Guilai tavern, and as light as a breeze he jumped inside, when he reached the room inside he stood outside the curtain at the bedside, standing still without speaking.

“You have arrived?”

“Your Majesty, what instructions do you have?” The person who had arrived was not an outsider, he was the imperial guard’s commander An Wen Yao.

“That Xianjun’s background, have you discovered it?”

An Wen Yao lowered his head, even though he knew he couldn’t see inside, he was afraid the emperor would get angry, he said, “This subject is incompetent, I could only find out that person is the adopted son of the former Xianjun, called Zhuang Qing, however his outstanding talents have only been revealed over these few months, for this reason, many people within the sect were not convinced, and they were quelled by the former Xianjun.”

“A group of snakes, what about Zhao Chang Chun?”

“He took on the burden of all the crimes…” An Wen Yao’s eyes unconsciously drifted towards the inside of the curtains, ever since he had been sent by the emperor to guard Zhao Jin Yu, he had known, her adoptive father Zhao Chang Chun was in prison.

“He truly is very dedicated, apparently he really didn’t want to live.” The emperor couldn’t help think, here Zhao Jin Yu was taking a lot of trouble and effort for Zhao Chang Chun…, yet that person himself was not willing to live, if he was truly determined, recalling the matter of the Tiangui sect, he again said, “Dispatch someone, by all means that Xianjun must be fully investigated, the Tiangui sect has been savage since the founder of the dynasty, reckless with human lives, men steal women prostitute themselves, pushing around deceived common people, what more they have no respect for the imperial family, eventually one day, we need to quickly eradicate these scums of society, get rid of evil for the people.”

“Your Majesty is wise.” An Wen Yao respectfully said.

The emperor paused, before saying, “Pass on our decree, make Su Qing Chen punish himself with twenty hits.” The emperor thought of Su Qing Chen’s amiable manner towards Zhao Jin Yu, an extremely doting expression, filled with anger, he said.

An Wen Yao thought about before he came here, the emperor had made him go hit Su Qing Chen with a plank fifty times, making Su Qing Chen lay in bed fully for two days…, at that moment he understood, maybe the emperor did not regard this Lady Zhao as usual, and Su Qing Chen’s little bit of good feeling towards that lady, even he could see it, how could the emperor not be angry? Not having killed him on the spot was at least consideration of their friendship.

“At your Imperial majesty's command.” An Wen Yao finished speaking, again somewhat hesitant he opened his mouth, “Your Majesty, when will you return to the palace?”

When it comes to it the people the emperor trusted the most were these imperial guards, that’s why even if he had sent Su Qing Chen back then to get close to Zhao Jin Yu, afterwards he still sent An Wen Yao over.

“After a bit more time.” The emperor said, “We have been shut inside the palace for too long.”

Hearing this An Wen Yao immediately said, “Your Majesty has dedicated too much for the country and state.”

The emperor finally laughed, saying, “You, ought to learn from Qin Hong how to flatter people, you’re too honest…, fine, you can go.”

An Wen Yao was somewhat embarrassed, but he still did what he was told and nodded, saying, “This subject will leave.”

Su Qing Chen usually slept very lightly, he woke up almost at the same time when An Wen Yao came in, he couldn’t help mock, “Lord An, when did you become a cat burglar?”

An Wen Yao has always worked following a prescribed pattern to the letter, he never spoke more than necessary, so he only pretended not to have heard Su Qing Chen’s words, saying, “Passing on the emperor’s decree.”

As soon as Su Qing Chen heard he hurried to get up, kneeling.

When An Wen Yao saw Su Qing Chen looking like this did he then continue speaking, “Request Lord Su to punish himself with twenty hits.”

Su Qing Chen was stunned…, last time he was punished because he lost the person, even though it wasn’t considered losing, he even knew the name of the tavern Zhao Jin Yu was staying in at that time, he had felt Zhao Jin Yu avoiding him so directly in such a way, going up to her again was not a good idea, but after all he had not done his job well, so he admitted it, but what was the reason this time?

“This subject has always been loyal and devoted to His Majesty, I’m even willing to die ten thousand deaths for His Majesty, but there must be a reason behind such a beating right?” Su Qing Chen asked in grievance.

An Wen Yao’s expression did not change, he said, “His Majesty told you to protect Lady Zhao, but what happened again today? If His Majesty saw…, it certainly wouldn’t just be twenty hits”

Of course it was because he did not protect Zhao Jin Yu and he was being punished, Su Qing Chen suddenly thought, this assignment was too hard to fulfil, QAQ


Because Zhao Jin Yu had bathed yesterday night, and drank ginger soup, moreover Su Qing Chen uneased had ordered a physician to concoct a smooth and steady decoction, she had unconsciously slept until dawn, her skin was white, eyes bright with spirit, seeming to be bursting with life, but her ears were still somewhat droopy from pent-up frustrations, making the emperor frown instinctively, saying, “I already said I’ll help you investigate, how are you still not happy?”

“I miss my older brother!” Zhao Jin Yu rolled about no her bed like a child, recalling that when she was young every time she dawdled in bed it was her older brother who gently lifted her up she felt very unwell, previously she felt angry and sad because she had been suddenly abandoned, therefore she deliberately forgot about it, but after seeing him in real life, her resentment from before were no longer important…, she wanted to be with her older brother.

The emperor scoffed, “You don’t look like you’re missing your older brother, you appear to be thinking of your paramour.” His tone was inevitably somewhat sour.

Hearing this Zhao Jin Yu couldn’t help laugh, picking up the stone and kissing it, coaxingly saying, “Little thing, you’re still young you don’t understand, relatives are in the world…, the people closest to you, what’s more older brother treated me excellently.”

Relatives? The so called relatives in the palace were those who stabbed you in the back…, the emperor couldn’t help hit Zhao Jin Yu on the head, saying, “No matter how well they treat you normally, but at the pivotal moment they will not care about you, isn’t this considered to be good?”

Zhao Jin Yu felt the stone sometimes spoke truthfully…, a sentence stabbed through her heart, the pain made her chest feel numb, sighing, she dejectedly said, “You’re right, but I still feel my older brother is in some trouble…, I’m very foolish right.” In every case Zhao Jin Yu felt older brother and adoptive mother had changed too quickly, like over a night they had become cold and heartless, could their relationship over ten years been fake? If it was really fake, then she truly felt there was nothing worth believing in this world.

“Little thing, you won’t leave me in the future right?” When Zhao Jin Yu met the stone she was at her most helplessness and at a loss, speaking from some kind of level, the stone had helped Zhao Jin Yu pass her most distressful time.

The emperor haughtily said, “That will depend on your behaviour.”

Hearing this Zhao Jin Yu hurriedly promised, “I will definitely treat you well, you have to behave.”

The emperor thought to himself, how can you not be good to us? Punish you for an impudent crime, but he only hmphed, “First give us a sugar-coated fruit stick.”

“Fine, do you want a meat wedged steamed bun as well? With a creamy millet congee, sticky when you drink it.” Zhao Jin Yu was very spirited, feeling she could drink two bowls of congee.

The emperor swallowed saliva, saying, “We want to eat two meat wedged steamed buns, add less scallions…”

One person and one stone very quickly began to discuss what to eat, = . =

After eating, Chen Rong came over, her complexion was somewhat unsightly, she didn’t know how to say to Zhao Jin Yu, over these last few days she had felt the person following them was becoming more and more unbridled, originally it was only a little tail, she had the confidence he would be able to control it, but she clearly saw that person charge into the tavern, her martial arts was mainly on confrontation, her qinggong was not as good as Su Qing Chen’s, like yesterday night she needed to use the support of a willow tree by the side to pull Zhao Jin Yu up, Su Qing Chen however could effortlessly stand on a piece of floating wood to pull Zhao Jin Yu onto the boat.

She was very worried if this continued, something will happen, besides when Zhao Jin Yu saw the Xianjun yesterday, she immediately looked like she had lost her soul, not caring for her life she swam towards the Xianjun, truly…, how could she face the person who entrusted the task to her? It was better to hurry on their way without delay, thinking up to here, she very quickly recovered her ease, saying, “Lady Zhao, right now we’re merely five or six days travel from Hangzhou, but that Tiangui’s sacred lotus festival will last six days and six nights, I think waiting like this is not a good method, we should rent a carriage to travel over.”

Zhao Jin Yu was unable to let her older brother go, but also knew what Chen Rong said was right, that letter was still sewn into her undergarment pocket and had not been moved one bit, it was a task entrusted by her adoptive father…, soon it will be delivered, again how could she delay it? Besides, although she wasn’t willing to admit it, but she had spent all her mental and physical strength to approach her older brother, in the end however she was treated indifferently by the other person, not recognising her at all, that made her very defeated, and did not know how to make her older brother change his mind…, thinking she was stilly truly powerless, so powerless she felt very useless.

“I’ll listen to Auntie Chen.” Zhao Jin Yu decided with difficulty, yet truly not resigned she said, “Is there not a sacrificial ceremony being held by the shore today? At that time the Xianjun will also be there, can I take a glance from afar before we leave, Auntie Chen, I’m really certain he is my older brother, we grew up together…, even if he turned to dust I would recognise him.”

Chen Rong sighed, thinking about it, even if they weren’t related, they had grown up together after all, their relationship was really good, again thinking of her current embarrassing situation, she nodded saying, “Just in time I need to rent a carriage, you can go in the early afternoon for a while, but in the late afternoon we must be on our way.”

A brilliant starlight burst from Zhao Jin Yu’s eyes, she said, “Auntie Chen, thank you.”

Chen Rong shook her head, smiling, she said, “Lady Zhao you’re too polite.” When they reached their destination they will have to separate…, she really hated to part with this girl, she turned her head, through the window she saw the bustling street, she couldn’t help think.

As Zhao Jin Yu had taken medication yesterday, and she had slept well, at this moment she was in a very good spirit, wearing lotus seed clothes inlayed with white fox fur, also wearing a hat she left the tavern, outside tides of people surged, all facing and heading to the shore, Su Qing Chen wore a sky blue peacock pattern cloak, bright and splendid, setting off his warm and refined smiling face in contrast, making him look as if he had gems at his side, “Jin girl, I’ve waited for you for so long.”

Zhao Jin Yu felt Su Qing Chen’s appearance was slightly like, girl, quickly, let us go on a date, this sort of feeling…, even though Chen Rong had mentioned it before to her, because she was not comfortable with her going by herself, Su Qing Chen had also volunteered to take her himself, and had said, in front of so many people, Su Qing Chen would only spare no effort to protect her, even though some thoughts were hidden in her mind, telling her to endure it for a bit, but this appearance of Su Qing Chen was simply just…, from head to toe he gave off I’m very handsome, quickly throw yourself at me kind of manner, = . =

Zhao Jin Yu was also a normal woman, seeing a handsome man her heart would also run wild, but it was merely out of appreciation for his appearance nothing more, stunned for a moment she then walked over with a red face, saying, “Sorry to bother Lord Su.”

Su Qing Chen felt even though being called Lord was a little distant, but it was a lot better than being called uncle, it felt in every case like there was a confusion in their seniority.

An Wen Yao was truly vicious and merciless, without a speck of sentiment, hitting his bottom that it was still red and swollen, if he hadn’t been practicing martial art from childhood, his body different from normal people, perhaps he would be lying in bed today unable to get up, waiting until An Wen Yao had left he decided he must treat Zhao Jin Yu twice as well, make her inseparable from him! That way he could watch her at all times.

Zhao Jin Yu had just gotten onto the carriage, all of a sudden she saw the people madly rush towards the shore, amongst them there were individuals who excitedly yelled, “Today Xianjun will offer a sacred woman to the gods.”

“What does offering mean?” Zhao Jin Yu complexion turned a little pale, watching Su Qing Chen, “It can’t be…”

Su Qing Chen expression was profound, saying, “I’m afraid that sacred woman can only live to today.”

Zhao Jin Yu almost sat paralysed onto the ground, saying, “Then my older brother will…” Wouldn’t he have to personally kill someone? Now she understood why the stone said this Tiangui sect was an evil sect, they actually want to sacrifice a living person! “Let us quickly go see!”

  Martial arts technique for making the body extremely light in weight, by altering the distribution and flow of qi.

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