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Chapter 100: Critical Materials
Back at their camp, the survivors they had left behind, were anxiously waiting, all day long, Jiang Zhuying's return or just news.
Although they were not parasitic freeloaders, it would be extremely difficult to survive just relying on themselves, as they were ordinary people.
All they knew was that they had gone out to collect some metals that their boss’s brother needed.
Things such as metal, neither could be eaten nor could be used for exchanging. On the contrary, for that mission, they would need to consume a lot of materials and weapons.
"What can we do? Our boss dots on her brother, so there’s no way she would have refused him. No matter what her brother wants, she will unconditionally support him," a woman said to the people that were gathered. Among those ordinary people, she had some influence and was Yang Qingqing’s close friend, so her naturally her words carried some weight.
"We cannot blame Zhuying. After all, they are siblings," a survivor said.
"Zhuying has always been very reliable, so she must have her own reasons," another survivor hesitantly said. If they hadn’t met Jiang Zhuying, they would have no way to keep their lives until now, so they were grateful to her.
"I didn’t blame her!" The woman quickly said, "I just think that her brother should be more considerate for her sake. He shouldn’t be so selfish. Yang Qingqing also tried to oppose the special treatment he was receiving, but unfortunately, Zhuying refused to listen. Alas."
At the same time, she thought about what Yang Qingqing had told her. Before going to collect metals, Yang Qingqing complained but also implicitly mentioned that she would like to force Jiang Lius.h.i.+ contribute his car for the team’s benefits. If Jiang Lius.h.i.+ didn’t agree, she would make him disappear…
That woman believed that Yang Qingqing would be successful. She said those words to suppress Jiang Zhuying's prestige, so Yang Qingqing could get more support. After Yang Qingqing returned, she would give her some benefits. For example, Yang might let her drive the minibus, then her survival rate would greatly improve.
Seeing the survivors not speaking, that woman suddenly felt embarra.s.sed.
"They are back! Finally, they returned!" A survivor standing on the roof, seeing the team appearing near the area, immediately ran downstairs and shouted.
More than a dozen survivors quickly gathered to the gate, and that woman stood behind the crowd with a peaceful face, as if she had said nothing.
"They brought back one more truck?"
"It must be loaded with metals..."
The survivors were eagerly looking at the door, but unlike any other time, they were not looking forward to see the materials they had brought back, but they were worried about consumables that had been wasted.

Although they believed in Jiang Zhuying, the woman's words had penetrated their defenses and doubt rooted in their hearts.
Soon, the three cars had arrived before the villa’s door.
Seeing Zhang Hai and Sun Kun getting off, some survivors immediately consciously moved around, they were ready to help them.
Usually, at that time, everyone would be excited, but this time they were not.
"Haha, brace yourselves. You have to work hard today," Zhang Hai said with a smile.
The survivors forced some smiles, one exclaimed, "They look very heavy, you collected a lot, right?" What he really wanted to say was, "Collected a bunch of useless metals!"
"Yeah, a lot, but not collected, we robbed a group of bast*rds!" Sun Kun said and jumped to the truck, opening its compartment.
[Robbed? Who? Why?]
The survivors felt perplexed. They had just heard from that woman that Yang Qingqing and the others were very reluctant to go. How come Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were so happy now? Were they pretending being happy?
At that moment the compartment’s door opened...
Most of the mutant meat had

been packed in bags and were hanging on the door. When the door opened, several bags fell on the ground as they were not fixed, and some of the hit some scared survivors.
"Be careful! This is metal..." A survivor was about to say but swallowed his words back to his throat.
No matter what the metal was, the sound of hitting on any surface would be was great and special. But those bags didn’t sound like there were metals finside.
One of the survivors, gently breathed in through his nose.
"Uh…This smell... Is it meat?" The survivor looked up and asked.
"Haaa--, please stop guessing. It is indeed meat!"
Zhang Hai said loudly, "Not only there is meat but the things on this truck are all the various materials! There are guns, bullets, meat, dried vegetables, and dry food!" Hearing those words, the people were all shocked.
A survivor was uncertain as to what to believe, so he untied a bag. When the bag was opened, a large piece of fresh mutant meat was in front of everyone.
During that time, another survivor had climbed into the compartment. He rummaged inside, and soon issued a cry of excitement cries, "Food! Food! A lot of it!"
It was their first time bringing back so many things with just one trip!

Some survivors jumped on the truck, while several others helped pa.s.sing the materials down.
"Why don’t we see any metals?" A survivor asked.
At that time, Zhang Hai had opened the SUV’s trunk, "Two people are needed here!"
Some survivors walked over and guessed that it was loaded with metal. But those heavy boxes were all filled with bullets, all bullets!
"There are guns inside. Be careful!" Zhang Hai said.
"You went and collected resources!" That woman had rushed over too and happily said, "It was Yang Qingqing’s idea, wasn’t it? Fortunately, Zhuying must have changed her mind and listened to her."
She thought that Jiang Lius.h.i.+ might have been killed…
That woman happily went on saying, "Yang Qingqing is truly reliable, excellent..."

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