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Humanoid Telephone

Where were they going? Jiang Liushi was very much in the dark himself!

"Oh, have you ever met other classmates in the first district of Shenhai Island?" Jiang Liushi suddenly thought something so he asked. Originally, he would like to let Shen Tao help him inquire about Li Yuxin. However, it would be more convenient if his classmate knew.

"Of course! Jiangbei isn't far from Shenhai Island. We even have a fellow-students association." Li Qinghui said.

"Oh? Really? Have you seen Li Yuxin?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Li Yuxin? Of course!" Li Qinghui said.

Jiang Liushi nodded excitedly, it was really good news! After doomsday, both the mutation probability and mortality rate were too high. Jiang Liushi was gratified at the results.

"What's wrong? Would you like to see her?" Li Qinghui looked him up and down and suddenly thumped Jiang Liushi's chest, "Oh, I got it! You had fallen in love with her secretly. It was true!"

"What? ..."Jiang Liushi didn't understand his words.

"When we were still in high school, all students talked about this matter in private. But I didn't believe… How could you have the courage to love the school belle…?" Li Qinghui said.

"Nonsense! That's just gossip. I want to see Li Yuxin because she helped me before doomsday." Jiang Liushi explained.

"It doesn't matter. She is beautiful and almost everybody liked her. I also appreciated her, but I didn't dare to have any wishful thoughts. Although I'm a toad, I didn't want to eat swan meat." Li Qinghui said.

Jiang Liushi was speechless and shook his head.

"Originally, I wanted to take you to a place which you can work at, but I changed my mind. I will take you to see Li Yuxin first." Li Qinghui also shook his head because he couldn't understand Jiang Liushi at all.

"Just wait me for a moment. I have her communication code, so I will call her." Li Qinghui said again.

[What? Call her?] Jiang Liushi felt very confused as he thought that telephones were useless after doomsday.

Jiang Liushi also carried a cell phone, but his cell phone was used to check the map and listen to songs. Was it a satellite phone? They continued walking for some time, reaching a small shop, "We are here." Jiang Liushi looked up and was surprised again, "Huaxia Telecom!"

"Does this shop still provide communications service??" Jiang Liushi asked incredulously.

Although before coming to the city, Jiang Liushi had already known that the facilities there were completed, he couldn't accept the truth.

"Haha, yes. It is one of humans' basic needs," Li Qinghui said happily, "Don't worry! The boss is one of my friends." Jiang Liushi didn't get the real meaning of his words and then he followed into the room.

There were two counters in it, and a map was hanging on the wall, beside the map was a long price list.

[What about the phone?] Jiang Liushi did not see a phone at all. At that moment, a bald man behind the counter said, "Old Huang, what are you doing? We have guests!"

"F*ck. You scared me," The bald man put the magazine away and asked, "Childe Li, welcome. How may we help?"

"I would like to make a call, the communication code is 7981."Li Qinghui said.

"Wait a moment!" The bald man took a thick booklet immediately, and his thick fingers started searching up and down page after page. Soon he stopped on one of the pages, "I found it. What do you want to include in the message?"

Li Qinghui took a pen and wrote some words on a notebook and said," This is what needs to be discussed."

The bald man glanced at it saying, "The price for Shenhai Island is high. Since you are a regular, I'd like to give you a discount. Three!"


"It is a price for friends! Take it easy!"

Li Qinghui could only take out his cigarette box, which he really cherished, with six cigarettes, but…

"Quickly!" Said Li Qinghui and gave three cigarettes to that bald man.

"No problem! You can sit here and wait." Said the bald man and called a young guy giving him the note; he departed at once.

"The so-called Huaxia Telecom is finding someone to pass on a message?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Yes, you are right. It is also known as 'Humanoid telephone'. They had the complete list of addresses for the corresponding communication code. As long as you offer the communication code, they can help you deliver the message," said Li Qinghui.

"..." Jiang Liushi shook his head, but in reality, he couldn't think of others ways for ordinary people to communicate with each other. That method indeed helped people, however, the price was high. Naturally, most of the ordinary people couldn't afford that service.

"Actually, ordinary people are not allowed to enter Shenhai Island. Workers on the communication business are an exception, so they're allowed to enter. So…"Li Qinghui explained and then noticed that Jiang Liushi was staring at him with a strange expression. "We will get the information soon. How do you feel? Are you excited? I really appreciate affectionate people like you."

Li Qinghui was just an ordinary person, so he led a common life in the first district of Shenhai Island. After meeting Jiang Liushi and thinking he was in a worse situation than himself, Li Qinghui felt pity for his friend, "To be frank, I got Li Yuxin's communication code at a meeting. She lives in Shenhai Island…We live in a totally different environment and we are different people of different stratum." Li Yuxin said while staring at Jiang Liushi.

Though he helped Jiang Liushi, he did not want him get get his hopes up, otherwise, Jiang Liushi would be devastated.

Those living in villas on the mountain were rich or noble. As for those, who could live in these high-rise apartments, were people with the most extraordinary abilities or some elites engaged in scientific research and other work. Among one of the high-rise apartments, behind a large glass window, a girl was sitting on a sofa by the window and silently reading a book. She looked about nineteen or twenty, wearing a rather casual white nightdress and a silk bathrobe over her shoulders.

The girl was reading a book, but another girl suddenly came to her with a cup of tea, "Yuxin, I'm so bored!"

Li Yuxin looked up putting her hair above the ears and said," You could read some books." She was Li Yuxin, Jiang Liushi childhood friend, the other girl was her best friend, named Wang Shiqi; their parents were colleagues.

"But your family's books have to do with professional stuff, after opening one, I felt dizzy. Alas, we can't even watch TV after the catastrophe. Yuxin, you can stop reading for a change and accompany me tonight for dinner, how about that? My husband has several friends, who would love to meet you." Wang Shiqi said excitedly.

"I'll do it," Li Yuxin shook her head and said, "Shiqi, you focus on playing more than before. What about honing your skills? We are not cannon fodders, we should learn more about why this is happening."

"Yu Xin sister..." Wang Shiqi was having a headache with Li Uxin's reprimanding, so she rushed and hugged Li Yuxin's arm. She felt so happy when they were together, Your body is so white and smooth! No, I'm jealous! Yuxin sister, you're going to die."

"Do not bother me..." Li Yuxin quickly dodged. Suddenly came a knocking sound came from the door, so Li Yuxin took this opportunity to stand up.

"Help me open the door, and I will go take a shower." She said, in that slap-up apartment, they didn't need to worry about dangerous individuals because ordinary people were not allowed to enter.

Wang Shiqi pouted and opened the door, "What's wrong?"

Seeing Wang Shiqi, the guy who was responsible to pass message was shocked by her beauty. "Hello, I work in Huaxia Telecom, and I'd like to find Li Yuxin." He said quickly.

"You can tell me, I'm her best friend."

"A classmate of her came to the first district of Shenhai Island, his name is Jiang Liushi." The guy said.

"Jiang Liushi?" At this moment, Li Yuxin came over. Hearing the name, Li Yuxin ran to the door.

When that telecom boy saw Li Yuxin, his eyes sparked; the two girls were as pretty as fairies.

Wang Shiqi noticed Li Yuxin's expression, so she asked curiously, "Who is he? Why did you run?"

"A classmate… he is still alive. Unexpectedly, he reached the city. "Li Yuxin was really delighted. She suddenly felt very pleasantly surprised. After doomsday, that kind of feeling was difficult to portray in words.

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