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Those zombies were indeed intelligent and could distinguish who humans' Commander was.

At that moment, Zhang Jing shouted and then jumped. His tough muscles bulged ripping his uniform, and his arms became as thick as an adult's thigh. He opened his eyes, clapping toward that rebar fiercely with his hands.

Bo Zhengchong was shocked to death seeing that scene. Zhang Jing's actions attracted almost everyone's attention. Suddenly, a loud noise sounded-


A gunshot overshadowed Zhang Jing's performance defending against the rebar. He changed the rebar's trajection, it was really strenuous to his hands, but it still scratched the armored car's rear, leaving behind intense sparks because of the friction. 

Finally, that rebar crashed against the highway guardrail. It was a terrible scene! Everyone wondered how many rebars the zombies had. If such attacks continued, their end would be tragic. Zhang Jing's hands were hurt, and that caused him to be even more anxious. But at that time, he heard somebody shouting in surprise, "Good job!" Zhang Jing was angered with the guy who made catcalls. However, Zhang Jing noticed that guy was the officer next to him, and what the officer said wasn't about him.

The officer's name was Hawkeye because his ability was related to scouting. He had an excellent eyesight and a hundred and eighty degrees broadening the field of vision. Although his combat ability was average, he was an indispensable talent.

Hawkeye was not looking at Zhang Jing's direction at all, and then he shouted, "Captain Zhang, the zombie that attacked you was. .h.i.t!"

Zhang Jing was astonished, and he immediately turned his head. However, there were too many zombies obstructing his field of vision. Let alone one's eyesight was limited, it was impossible for him to see something even using binoculars. After all, the binoculars' field of vision was too narrow. However, he believed Hawkeye since he wouldn't be so happy and excited if it was not true.

Those zombies' vitality was extraordinary, so they wouldn't be seriously injured unless their hearts or heads were destroyed. Zhang Jing believed it was killed by a random gun fire! Although they were holding steel plates, bullets could pa.s.s through gaps.  

"Continue the suppressive fire!!" Zhang Jing shouted, "Even if a single bullet doesn't kill those zombies, a rain of bullets can still damage them. As long as we kill that mutant zombie, the zombie group will scatter!"

"No, a headshot killed that zombie! Its head was blasted apart!" Hawkeye interrupted Zhang Jing's words.

"What?" Zhang Jing was stunned for a moment. [How can it be possible? That zombie should be hiding amongst the zombies' group, so how could a headshot kill it?]

Hawkeye licked his lips and said while looking toward that minibus, "Captain Zhang, I am a bit skeptical... I think s.h.i.+ Ying Squad pulled off that shot." Just then, on the minibus' roof the AMR-2' s flames were visible… Most of them couldn't notice it because the battlefield was too messy. 

"What did you say?" Zhang Jing glared at him, "Are you sure you did not make a mistake?" Zhang Jing could not believe it, even Hawkeye was not sure.

Hawkeye answered, "I couldn't see the bullet's trajectory nor determine who shot…" Zhang Jing saw that barrel, but he believed it was impossible for s.h.i.+ Ying Squad to shoot so accurately. His many years of experience told him that this possibility was simply smaller than the probability of being struck by lightning.

Although the military's suppressive fire was strong enough, there were still many zombies approaching that minibus. Some of them suddenly raised the steel plates in their hands throwing them to that minibus!

Simultaneously, a blue and white electric light instantly enveloped those zombies. They were holding steel plates, so the conductive effect enhanced the electricity damage! Even so, they threw the steel plates heavily hitting the minibus.

"Bang!" Another gunshot...

Jiang Lius.h.i.+ was in the bunker holding the sniper rifle and aiming.

"Left, 7 o'clock direction." Ran Xiyu said.

Jiang Lius.h.i.+ immediately aimed where she told him to. Suddenly, all those zombies' extremely fast actions slowed down to his eyes, due to his brain domain. In the midst of the densely-packed zombies, he spotted the one throwing rebars.

Jiang Lius.h.i.+ pulled the trigger at the moment he saw it. The AMR-2 spat out flames once again. At the same time, another rebar was thrown from the trees. However, its strength was weak. It couldn't reach them and dropped after a few meters.

What's the matter? Generally speaking, once a zombie decided to act, it would be fierce and precise unless they were killed.

Hawkeye shouted again, "Another headshot! The zombie's head burst like a watermelon! It's amazing!"

"It is definitely a headshot!" Hawkeye clearly saw what happened. The first may be a lucky shot, but the second one couldn't be coincidental. It was unbelievable!

Hawkeye was now 100% sure, "s.h.i.+ Ying Squad killed them!" Looking at the bunker at the top of the minibus, Hawkeye's eyes couldn't move away. Although he had an excellent ability, he found it was impossible to find that zombie, so he wondered how could Jiang Lius.h.i.+ have accomplished it!?

Zhang Jing was speechless. Wasn't that guy an amateur? How could he handle a sniper rifle like it was a toy gun?

Was it possible? If he was asked before, Zhang Jing would most likely scold the one that asked, " Keep dreaming!"

But now, Zhang Jing was not sure. Everyone could not help but hold their breaths with the sudden turn of events.

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