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Currently, two cars of s.h.i.+ Ying Squad had completely rushed to the woods!

The other teams didn't dare to approach at all. Not only they should pay attention to those zombies with steel plates, but also they should kill the extraordinary zombies holding rebars. Moreover, Long Yue Squad had already lost a car getting near to the woods. However, Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s team was different. They were not afraid at all, and the zombies throwing rebars Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s target; he'd kill all of them one by one.

At that moment, dozens of zombies with steel plates were rus.h.i.+ng through the woods. However, the size of Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s minibus was large, and as result, there were many blind spots that zombies could take advantage of and hide. What's more, although the military's suppressive fire was helpful, once the soldiers reloaded, many zombies would gather immediately in front of s.h.i.+ Ying Squad.

More zombies holding steel plates frantically rushed out from the woods. They weren't affected at all seeing their 'fellow' zombies dying one after the other. When they saw the two cars getting closer, all the zombies sped up. They hid behind the steel plates, only their red eyes could be seen, issuing terrible sounds, so Ran Xiyu felt scared. As the zombies were getting closer, s.h.i.+ Ying Squad's speed got slower, as if they were in a quagmire…

Ran Xiyu looked at the roof taking a deep breath. She tried her best to calm down and turned a blind eye to the zombies in front of the winds.h.i.+eld, and then she continued searching for the special spot in the group of zombies.

"They seem to be in trouble." That fat man looked at this scene and said. In fact, he did not intend to help s.h.i.+ Ying Squad. As a result, the fat man was glad when he saw s.h.i.+ Ying Squad was in a predicament.

However, his Captain, Bo Zhengchong stared at him angrily and said, "Shut your trap!" Bo Zhengchong had an ominous feeling listening to the fat man's words. He felt regret that he allowed him to get in his car… Bo Zhengchong naturally noticed that s.h.i.+ Ying Squad was in a perilous situation, but actually, he didn't want them to fall so easily. In his mind, he hoped s.h.i.+ Ying Squad and that terrible mutant zombie could end up in ruin together. In that way, they could make a profit… In fact, the IQ of these zombies was indeed better than ordinary zombies. They even understood how to distribute their strength.

Getting even closer to s.h.i.+ Ying Squad, the zombies burst forward with explosive speed! It was a rare scene because all of them were holding steel plates. Such fierce power and the weight they carried, made their sprint sound as the hundreds of war-horses galloping together. They wanted to pulverize the minibus!

"Dodge!" Among the army, someone roared anxiously.

"Dodge? How can they dodge them?" Bo Zhengchong sneered.

Unexpectedly, the minibus' engine issued a deafening roar!


Simultaneously, a perfect electric web covered the minibus and spread further. As a result, the electric currents slowed down the zombies, and even some of them fell on the ground because of the electricity's stunning effect. In the stampede of so many zombies, the ones falling to the ground were stomped to death.

During the past days, Jiang Zhuying had been improving her control over her ability, and her discharge's effective area had expanded. Moreover, because of the steel plates, the conductive effect had also been strengthened.

Suddenly, the collision ram emerged in front of the minibus, reflecting the sun's light and giving it a cold l.u.s.ter. Seeing what was happening, Bo Zhengchong was surprised.

"What a strange thing!"

Everyone else was also surprised for a moment. At first, a weird high-tech bunker had appeared, but now a collision…

Although the collision ram was not uncommon, it was the first time seeing one that wasn't already welded on a car…

The buzzing engine sounded once more, the minibus didn't intend to escape, on the contrary, it suddenly accelerated, rus.h.i.+ng to the zombies before it!

A terrifying colliding scene was engraved on everyone minds, along with blood and flesh splas.h.i.+ng in every direction!

The fat man was utterly speechless while his incompetent brain was trying to process it. The minibus was horribly strong!

Who said that s.h.i.+ Ying Squad was in a perilous situation?

Finally, Zhang Jing believed what Shen Tao had said. That minibus was indeed amazing. Seeing the battle's progress, was shocked and started admiring…

At that time, Ran Xiyu suddenly blinked, "There is another light…"

"That's our target." Jiang Lius.h.i.+ said. In fact, Jiang Lius.h.i.+ would like to pay all of his attention to the place that light was. Jiang Lius.h.i.+ guessed it was the mutant zombie.

"It's coming! Fast!" Ran Xiyu's eyes suddenly widened.

"Jiang brother, it is different from the others!" Ran Xiyu screamed, which shocked Jiang Lius.h.i.+.


[Level-1 mutant zombie has been detected.] Sta.r.s.eed transmitted in Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s mind.

Not far from the minibus, behind the zombies, a dark shadow suddenly jumped in the air!

That shadow had jumped two meters high, parallel to Jiang Lius.h.i.+!

In one hand it held a steel plate, covering its whole body, and in its other hand it held a rebar, which was even larger than the previous rebars; both of its ends were stained with scarlet rust like blood. Above the steel plate, there were many holes with bloodstains.

Jiang Lius.h.i.+ suddenly pulled the trigger!


At such a close distance, the steel plate was directly pierced! However, through the bullet hole on the steel plate, Jiang Lius.h.i.+ suddenly saw an indifferent eye.

This was… the zombie's eye?

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