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Jiang Liushi had become accustomed to those extraordinary zombies' eyes, but the one in front of him, its eyes were totally different from others. It was obvious that this zombie not only had gained intelligence, but it also knew clearly how to use its intelligence. It regarded the humans in the minibus as its target instead of the minibus. It seemed that the zombie's intelligence was better than its strength.

At that time, Zhang Jing's expression also suddenly changed. It was the zombie that almost killed the whole convoy. He didn't expect that it hid in the zombie group until Jiang Liushi threatened its safety, and then it suddenly appeared to take action.

If Jiang Liushi didn't obliterate that group of zombies, that terrible mutant zombie would probably land a critical strike after the minibus was successfully surrounded by its minions. That calculating behavior gave the chills to Zhang Jing. It was a miraculous thing that two members could escape successfully. Perhaps the mutant zombie simply did not treat them as prey earlier.

"Om-!" Ying suddenly reversed. She was connected with Jiang Liushi's mind, so she could instantly follow Jiang Liushi's orders to the letter.

However, that mutant zombie threw another rebar to them.

"Duang!" Although his minibus moved back through quickly, the rebar still hit the gunner room.

Gunner room was built up by some special materials, a special alloy, so its protective effect was stronger than the minibus' shell. However, it was still damaged by that fast flying rebar. Jiang Liushi thought it was a very dangerous attack. Fortunately, they had a swift response. Otherwise, they were fraught with grim possibilities.

That mutant zombie's arm strength surpassed any ordinary zombie's! Although it was just a level-1 mutant zombie, it gave off a stronger threatening feeling to Jiang Liushi than that level-2 mutant boa.

When rebar and special alloy collided with each other, they issued a thunderous sound. Almost everyone believed that Jiang Liushi was doomed to die, however, Jiang Liushi shot the mutant zombie with the AMR-2 sniper rifle. Seeing flames spraying out, everyone was shocked because that bullet penetrated the steel plate again but still did not hit the mutant zombie.

That zombie's speed was extremely fast and when it moved, it seemed like meteorites dropped on the ground because of its weight. Then it looked up, and in the middle of those zombies, Jiang Liushi was staring at it. Its appearance wasn't any different than the other zombies except for its eyes. When it looked at Jiang Liushi, it seemed that it was looking a piece of raw meat. In other words, it was sternly cool and unmoved. After all, it was just a zombie.

Jiang Liushi was on high alert as he knew how dangerous it was. At the same time, the mutant zombie had the same reaction. It wanted to quickly disappear in amongst its minions. However, it was too late. Jiang Liushi didn't give it any chance to hide anymore.

"Ran Xiyu, its location!" Jiang Liushi asked urgently. Ran Xiyu immediately ran to the cab, while tracking through the mental outlook, and pointed out its location.

Ying stepped on the gas, driving the minibus into the woods with the collision ram flashing cold in front of it. Under the impact of countless bullets and zombies, many trees had fallen. But what scared them were not those trees but the dark environment further ahead because no one knew how many zombies were still hiding inside.

Not to mention that the mutant zombie hid inside, so who'd dare to go?

Jiang Liushi dared!

It was a rare opportunity and he was determined to kill the terrible mutant zombie. Although it was intelligent, it was just a zombie. When they arrived in the scope of the woods, Jiang Liushi ordered, "Prepare the Air Cannon at once!" After all, the 'Air Cannon' was unique, so he wouldn't let others notice it.

"Speed up!"

They finally caught up with that mutant zombie.

That mutant zombie originally wanted to hide and then look for other opportunities to attack Jiang Liushi. However, it didn't expect that there would be so many zombies, so it had to slow down to avoid them and speed up again. But the minibus was in hot pursuit. As a result, the mutant zombie turned around suddenly and rushed toward Jiang Liushi's minibus. It hid behind a steel plate and held a rebar in its hand, running so fast like a flying bullet letting out furious roars. Its roar was similar to the tiger's roar with the infrasound attack. In fact, its roar would subdue the bravest soldier's fighting spirit.

"Is that really a zombie!?" Many people were skeptical.

Hawkeye was the only one who could see the situation in the woods. However, with the extremely fast speed of the minibus and that mutant zombie, Hawkeye could only see the two entities moving, but was unable to see the specific situation, not to mention a large number of trees were knocked down. Hawkeye admired Jiang Liushi's minibus, but that mutant zombie…

"F*ck! It can actually run as fast as a car!" Hawkeye shouted. At such a high-speed, colliding directly with the minibus... Remembering that SUV penetrated by a rebar, Hawkeye believed that even if the minibus was reinforced, the terrible mutant zombie could still destroy it. Hawkeye didn't know what would happen next but he was quite worried.

"Running as fast as a car…" Zhang Jing lifted his binoculars again, and this time he could see something. Seeing this scene, he only felt his palms sweating.

It would be an understatement saying that they had underestimated it…

If the mutant zombies sneak attacked them, they would suffer heavy losses! At the same time, he was also worried about the minibus!

Jiang Liushi aimed at that rapidly rushing mutant zombie, and then-


He shot it again. Although it was still running, Jiang Liushi noticed blood splashing on the ground; he had finally injured the mutant zombie. However, it was still running very fast because that injury was not enough to hinder its dash.

Jiang Liushi didn't know whether that zombie's evolution was similar to the evolution of blood, which had a strong resilience because he saw all the wounded zombies were immediately eaten.

Only 20 meters were separating them! And at such a high speed, 20 meters was equivalent to no distance.

[Air Cannon! Launch!] Jiang Liushi shouted in his mind. Next, the mutant zombie and Jiang Liushi's minibus were severely hit!

A huge sound came, and all the trees around were swept by shock waves, suddenly covering Hawkeye and binoculars' sight. Even Hawkeye subconsciously moved back. It was terrible! He could not tell what caused that sound.

Everyone hearing that terrible sound and seeing the woods in such a messy state, they were all shocked to death.

Even the ground was trembling! Were they really fighting against a zombie?

Bo Zhengchong stared at the woods firmly. He hoped for Jiang Liushi and that zombie perishing together. If that terrible mutant zombie was still alive, he could run immediately.

Bang! A rebar hit on the windshield but it was bounced back immediately. And in front of Jiang Liushi's minibus, was that terrible mutant zombie.

The steel plate in its hand had disappeared. As a result, its body was exposed. Compared with the wild boar, it was an ordinary male body, dressed in tattered suits and barefoot, but its bare body was full of strong iron muscles; its muscles were twitching.

Just then, Jiang Liushi shot its right chest, which had already caved in with blood flowing out. If a human had such a wound, the guy was doomed to die. Unexpectedly, its wound had stopped bleeding, and its eyes were looking at the minibus coldly.

Behind the windshield, Ying, Ran Xiyu, and Jiang Zhuying were all staring at it! Jiang Zhuying was ready to use her discharge attack.

Just then, blood was coming out from the mutant zombie's eyes and ears; the Air Cannon's attack had shattered its internal organs! The coalesced wound opened again releasing lots of blood. However, the mutant zombie could still move! Holding a rebar, it moved toward them.


Sniper rifle spit out long flames, and the mutant zombie's head burst immediately.

Actually, that scene was seen by Hawkeye, Zhang Jing, and several other people holding binoculars. That mutant zombie stepped forward, and then suddenly stopped. It became a headless zombie quietly standing. And the tip of that sniper rifle was still exuding grey smoke.

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