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Tongnan City's population was about 6.7 million. According to the proportion of mutation given by Sta.r.s.eed, at least 4.5 million people had mutated into zombies. Moreover, that figure was a conservative estimate. Of course, those survivors who escaped from Tongnan City successfully were less than 2.2 million. Most of the others had been eaten by other zombies at the first stage of doomsday.

Zhang Jing knew that those zombies would kill each other. But the remaining zombies were at least more than 3 million. How many from that 3 million could have come here? Zhang Jing did not know, but he noticed that only in a short minute, the entire street had been occupied by zombies! Those zombies ran wild just like the drums of death knocked on their hearts.

Facing so many zombies, the armed soldiers were as pale as ashes, and sweat dripping from their foreheads. In front of such a large group of zombies, shooting at them was like hitting an elephant with a toothpick!

"Drive immediately! Run away, quickly!" Zhang Jing roared. And others recovered suddenly.

"Speed up! Shoot them!" All the cars turned around and escaped quickly while the guns flared furiously. Soldiers shot desperately, but when a zombie fell down, more and more zombies would appear. On the long, wide road, in front of those zombies, they were just like ants, which could be stepped on at any time. Once they were overwhelmed, even the bones would not be left! Zhang Jing felt it was fortunate that they had cleaned one road. Otherwise, they would be completely wiped out.

Presently, that road became their escape route.

"Do not be panic, keep moving in formations!" Zhang Jing's roars continued to come, and then he lowered his head and said to the driver, "Let the truck pa.s.s first!"

Chu Songming suddenly stared at him, and he couldn't control his emotions anymore, "Let the truck pa.s.s first? Why?"

"We have machine guns, so we should help the whole team!" Zhang Jing roared, "Moreover, we are Commanders…"

"What? I didn't agree with you." Chu Songming's eyes reddened. He was crazy. In fact, usually, he would release his emotion to the girls of that bar. However, he had controlled himself for a long time during that mission. Only when he shot that soldier, he felt some pleasure. 

In addition to the emotional outbreak, he was in a panicked state! So many zombies, but he had never seen one while they were scouting! Even when they initially withdrew from the city, he never saw so many zombies suddenly gus.h.i.+ng out. He did not want to die!

"As a Commander…Do you think you are a qualified Commander? If you did not say you wanted to observe situation, we could have successfully escaped. Your orders brought us to this, so I will take over in your stead." Zhang Jing looked at Chu Songming in shock. In fact, there was no difference between the current Chu Songming and zombies. 

"Speed up!" Chu Songming growled at the soldier who was driving.

"Chu Songming!" Zhang Jing shouted.

Just then, Chu Songming suddenly pulled out his gun, putting the muzzle on Zhang Jing's abdomen, and then he whispered coldly, "If you want to take the 'lead', I can happily help you achieve it."

Zhang Jing was annoyed, and his lips twitched.

"It does not matter if you want to sue me after we return." Chu Songming looked at the furious Zhang Jing, showing a smile. Zhang Jing clenched his fist. Actually, Chu Songming's father was a high-level officer, who wasn't a kind guy. Although he scolded and hit Chu Songming, he was indulgent to Chu Songming. As a result, Chu Songming feared nothing with his father at his back.

Seeing Zhang Jing annoyed to the extreme, even his body was trembling, and unable to do anything, Chu Songming felt happy from the bottom his heart. Zhang Jing always put on the facade of a Commander during the past few days, which mad Chu Songming unhappy.

The armored infantry vehicle soon rushed to the front of those trucks, but Chu Songming still did not give up. After all, the number of zombies was terrifying!

"Continue! Accelerate!" Chu Songming said.

That driver was covered with sweat and answered, "The throttle can't go any further." Chu Songming noticed that Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s minibus was faster than his car. And even that freezer car was faster than his. Those survivors even quicker than him!

Although Chu Songming was only an a.s.sistant Commander, he looked down upon those survivors. What did they do before doomsday? Bottom eaters? Poor students? Office workers? They lived was in an entirely different world. But how about the current situation?

"Speed up!" Chu Songming shouted. However, at this moment, a roar came suddenly. And then a group of mutant beasts suddenly rushed over from the roadside.

Those mutant beasts rushed directly toward them, and their actions were extremely agile. Chu Songming was shocked to death!

They were about 20 mutant mice, and each one was one meter long. Their sharp incisors were like giant chisels.

"Slow down!" Under such circ.u.mstances, Chu Songming didn't dare to advance anymore. He felt fortunate that they were in the middle. s.h.i.+ Ying Squad could help them deal with those mutant mice, and the trucks could prevent zombies from hitting them.

At that moment two mutant mice rushed toward that minibus. Ying suddenly turned the steering wheel, so the minibus's rear suddenly changed direction. At the same time, Jiang Zhuying released an electric current, and the mutant mice's bodies suddenly stiffened. Simultaneously, Jiang Lius.h.i.+ shot them in their heads. However, Jiang Lius.h.i.+ noticed that one of the mice could still move! What a tenacious vitality…

The dead mutant mouse was instantly surrounded by other mutant mice, and in the blink of an eye, only a skeleton remained, and its head was almost gnawed clean. Everyone's scalps tingled seeing that scene. If they surrounded a living person like that…

Chu Songming was anxiously watching the battle in front while stealing glances at the back. Such a delay, the zombies would be get closer!

Suddenly, a mutant mouse jumped and hung on the freezer car. The mutant mouse's incisor was too sharp, nailing directly into the tin, and its limbs kept scratching the car's alloy, making a harsh sound.

Woo! Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s minibus suddenly aligned with the freezer car and with an exceptional maneuver, it hit the mouse and threw it off. Its front teeth were severely hurt filled with blood, but then it rushed over again.

"Bang!" Jiang Lius.h.i.+ shot it. The bullet hit in its mouth; however, it was still struggling.

"Are you alright?" Jiang Zhuying asked Zhang Hai.

"Why did they drive back?" Chu Songming was speechless. He was extremely anxious. It was just a waste of time! However, he didn't dare to drive in the front of survivors' team.

"No brains." Chu Songming cursed in his mind.

If they gave up that freezer car, they could rush over immediately.

At that time, Long Yue Squad's SUV fought with two mutant mice, but suddenly turned toward to the armored infantry vehicle and shouted, "Cover us! Help us!"

The armored infantry vehicle was armed with machine guns, so it was natural they would ask them for help.

"F*ck! Those guys brought mutant mice to us." Chu Songming cursed.

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