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Chapter 312: A Special Zombie

Soon, the other zombies rushed toward them. In the past, Hong Yue was controlling them, but now they were devouring her.

Shi Ying Squad's members felt their scalps tingle.

"The zombie called, Little White, was her boyfriend. As for the other zombies, they'd be his food in case she couldn't feed him," Ran Xiyu explained.

While Ran Xiyu and Hong Yue were fighting, the former one could sense the deep feelings for her boyfriend. Actually, Ran Xiyu could feel Hong Yue's love for her boyfriend, and even though they were fighting, she was moved. If her family hadn't turned into zombies, then the bad guys wouldn't have sold her like living stock.

Hearing those words, Li Yuxin was also touched.

"How about those zombies…!" That spy suddenly asked.

In the darkness, several red eyes were staring at them. They had finished eating Hong Yue, and then they were looking at all of them. As for Little White, although his eyes couldn't be seen, its figure could be seen clearly.

Jiang Liushi felt it was thinking something. It was evident that it had a strong ability to process things. Moreover, after eating Hong Yue, it evolved, making it a special zombie.

Its eyes betrayed that it was conscious of its actions, including eating Hong Yue.

As zombies evolved, their combat effectiveness also improved. If their intelligence also improved, how could humans…?

"We can run out and trap the zombies here. Then we can set them on fire…" The spy whispered. In his eyes, Jiang Liushi acted like that because he wanted to control Fallen City, but he also thought it was

was impossible. After all, Sister Hong's faction was powerful…

Of course, it was none of his business. He just wanted to take charge of some secure places. Hong Yue was dead, so he didn't need to run away anymore, but he didn't want to stay with those terrible zombies.

Hearing the spy's words, Jiang Liushi felt it was ridiculous. He believed that once Little White escaped, it'd sink Fallen City in endless carnage and destruction.

Little White was no longer under someone's control, so its bloodthirsty instincts were liberated. Luckily, it was still confused and ignorant.

Little White was Jiang Liushi's target, and there was no way he'd let this opportunity slip from his hands.

"Get ready to fight!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

The zombie understood his meaning, so it roared. The zombies came under its command and ran toward them at high speed, while Little White hid in the darkness.

Terrifying power manifested from their speed; even the ground was trembling!

At that moment, everything became quiet! Life or death would be decided in a few seconds.

The spy's body froze in terror! That feeling was like animals encountering natural enemies! At that moment, he saw a shadow charging out! It was Ying, with two pistols in her hands aiming at the zombies. Ying didn't know what fear meant. She was an emotionless existence that would only abide by Jiang Liushi's commands!

Jiang Zhuying didn't linger behind and reacted timely. She activated her power, and electrical currents started dancing around her body. Then, she created an electrical net and sent it to the zombies. After the electrical net, Jiang Liushi raised his gun and aimed at Little White.

Little White was ten meters away from them; such distance meant nothing to any zombie. In the blink of an eye, the special zombie could cross that distance and land an attack on them.

Meeting such a cruel zombie head-on would pulverize a human's fragile body in a matter of seconds. In that distance, there was no dark corner!

Little White rushed toward Jiang Liushi like a fierce tiger. Jiang Liushi had already activated his brain domain, so all of the zombie's actions became extremely slow..

In the past, Jiang Liushi's brain domain couldn't last that long!

When the special zombie's figure came into his field of vision, Jiang Liushi shouted in his mind, "Here's my chance!"

He didn't hesitate in the slightest, and he pulled the trigger!

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