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"What happened?" Xia Yongfeng asked. In Star City, many things took place on a daily basis, but most of them were bad.

"We just received a report that Fallen City is in ruins…" the soldier replied. The military had also created an underground network of information in Fallen City, but they could not send the intel fast enough.

"What's going on? Elaborate!" Xia Yongfeng quickly asked.

"Fallen City's founder, Hong Yue has been killed. It's said that she used her position to gather people and feed them to mutant zombies, which she controlled! When they found her half-eaten corpse, they also found that her zombies were all dead…"

Xia Yongfeng and the others were totally shocked by this news. A human, raising zombies? It was beyond belief!

"In Fallen City's Arena, a riot broke out, and the prisoners killed a lot of the guards. A lot of others were detained in cages, while many others escaped. The aftermath was terrible. Even some paranormal died in the end."

"Good!" Xia Yongfeng slapped his thigh heavily.

Fallen City was a cancerous city, but Star City Base's military was divided, and they were helpless to deal with it. It was a thorn in Xia Yongfeng's heart. He just recovered his vitality, and such an excellent opportunity presented itself to him. How could he not be delighted?

Zhang Hongyue heard their conversation from outside, and he could not help but walk in and loudly say, "Commander, I am willing to lead troops there and investigate what happened! If the scouting results are favorable, we can directly occupy Fallen City!"

Jiang Zhuying, watching that man, felt it was hilarious. "Did we say that you could come in? Moreover, it's useless to go and investigate what happened. If you ask politely, I'd be more than willing to give you all the details you want," Jiang Zhuying said.

Zhang Hongyue became angry because he was disturbed by Jiang Zhuying. "I know that you've just returned from Fallen City, but how could you have what we want? The intel you can provide must be something you've heard here and there. Military intelligence is quite important. What you said is a joke. Little girl, you should be careful with your words!" Zhang retorted.

"Chief, things should not be delayed, we... " Zhang Hongyue really did not want to talk with Jiang Lius.h.i.+. For him, time was of the essence! He believed that the local warlords had also received the news, and maybe some people were already in action!

"Wait a minute." Xia Yongfeng looked at Jiang Zhuying and Jiang Lius.h.i.+ and then asked, "It seems that Mr. Jiang knows a lot about the situation? Can you please tell me what you know? Has Mr. Jiang witnessed the whole process?

"Haha, not only witnessed! Actually, we were the ones who killed Hong Yue and her boyfriend," Jiang Zhuying answered directly.

"This...!" Xia Yongfeng didn't know what to say next.

Zhang Hongyue wore a stupefied expression. Even if his imagination was rich, he couldn't imagine that happening. How could Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s team destroy Fallen City in no less than one day and one night? Was it possible!?

Zhang Hongyue initially thought that this incident was mostly caused by internal strife. "Stop with your nonsense!" Zhang Hongyue indeed could not believe it.

Xia Yongfeng was silent, and then asked his soldier, "Do you have any other information? What about the a.s.sailants?"

The soldier responded, "According to the intelligence we got, they did not see who the a.s.sailants were..."

Zhang Hongyue immediately sneered. However, at that moment, the soldier continued, "But, according to many witnesses, a minibus was seen wrecking a lot of damage as it was rus.h.i.+ng out of the villa area!"

Minibus! Zhang Hongyue couldn't believe his own ears, but then, he suddenly looked at Jiang Lius.h.i.+ and his team. They had a minibus! It seemed that Jiang Zhuying's words were true.

"However, it may not be the same minibus…" Zhang Hongyue was still unwilling to believe it was them.

"Oh! Mr. Jiang's minibus's winds.h.i.+eld was filled with spider-like bullet patterns!" The scar-face officer exclaimed.

Bullet-proof gla.s.s? Zhang Hongyue felt his face getting hot. He realized that he shot himself in the foot.

Xia Xun was totally shocked. She immediately felt that Jiang Lius.h.i.+ was indeed powerful.

Xia Yongfeng slowly stood upright, looking at Jiang Lius.h.i.+ and his team, and he solemnly said, "Mr. Jiang, thank you. I admire you from the bottom of my heart. You're a man of great merit!"

"On behalf of Star City Base, I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to all of you." The old General said, slowly raising his arm, and then, he made a standard military salute!

Seeing the General's gesture of utmost respect, everyone was moved.

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