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When Boss Zhong had made the plans to modify the factory, he had added two escape routes. Thus, he thought that the zombies would eat everyone else and he'd escape.

"This place…" Jiang Lius.h.i.+ frowned when they reached upstairs. The floor was covered with a layer of iron, but the original color could no longer be discerned. Moreover, there were dirty beds everywhere.

Jiang Lius.h.i.+ guessed that this place was where the survivors resided. Boss Zhong's room was on the first floor, decorated with delicate furniture. As for the survivors, since he treated them with contempt, they could only live in the crude second floor or another building.

"What an intense odor." Ling smelled something unpleasant, and she immediately covered her nose. "Over there!" Ling could transform into a leopard cat, so her sense of smell, hearing, and sight were much stronger than the average person's.

 Ling quickly ran to the source of that smell, and soon she found an external control room, with an innumerable number of rotten incomplete limbs stirred by machines. And the terrible smell was sprayed outside. For those zombies, such a strong smell was considered a delicacy.

Moreover, Boss Zhong seemed to have some methods which could enhance that smell and release it at a faster rate. It was impossible for them to find so many incomplete limbs in such a short time. Logically speaking, it was his backup plan in case something went wrong.

"Oh, so terrible!" Ling thought about it carefully. She didn't expect that Boss Zhong would be so cruel. Even though Ling was used to b.l.o.o.d.y scenes from the arena, she still felt nauseated after seeing that.

"Captain Jiang, you do not have to look," Ling said. However, while she was talking, Jiang Zhuying got in. When she saw the disgusting spectacle, her countenance also changed.

Jiang Zhuying frowned, clenching on her longsword, and she said, "I'll put an end to this. Not only he exposed those bodies like that, but he also used them in such a wretched way! Burning this room will make things better."

She raised her other hand and slightly opened her five fingers. Suddenly, a white current flashed through around her body and inside her eyes. The current gradually gathered in Jiang Zheying's palm, and then it suddenly turned into a bolt of lightning before landing on those appalling chunks of meat.


The sound of the current shocked Boss Zhong.

"Powerful energy fluctuations!" Boss Zhong thought. He knew that he was not her match, but when he thought that everyone would die because of his scheme, he smiled in delight.

At that moment, his subordinates were opening the door.

"Why haven't you opened the door!?" Boss Zhong cursed.

They were about to get mad because they were too nervous. Finally, they opened the door, and Boss Zhong pushed them away at once. He climbed out from the door, which led to a welded ladder outside. The ladder extended to the factory's backyard, which was out of the zombies' field of view.

As long as he could hide for a period of time, and then create a series of sounds to lead the zombies away, everything would go as he planned.

"Hurry!" Boss Zhong boss shouted to his subordinates.

He needed those people to open the door and help him carry the stuff after the slaughter.

The moment he saw someone getting out-

'Bang! Bang!'

Boss Zhong shot immediately in the air.

"Boss! Let me get outside! It's me!" A younger subordinate, who had yet to pa.s.s through the door, heard the gunshots and trembled in fear.

Boss Zhong looked at him, but he suddenly closed the door. He didn't want to delay at all! What's more, how could he give time to his pursuers and risk his life? In his eyes, they were like bugs.

He then used padlocks, which he had prepared in advance, to lock the door, thus making it difficult for anyone to open the iron door. It could at least delay his pursuers for a while. By the time they got out, he would have already escaped!

"Ah ah! Boss! Do not…!" The younger subordinate screamed desperately, beating hard behind the door, but he was too late.

Boss Zhong quickly locked the door and shouted, "Let's go!"

The subordinates, who were lucky enough to get out and saw that scene, felt fear and sighed in relief because they were not in their friend's shoes. They were not the one who'd die.

Thinking about the supplies and weapons that could fall into their hands, those men felt excited.

"Boss! Boss!" That guy cried desperately, but when he suddenly turned around, he found that Jiang Lius.h.i.+ and the others were looking at him.

"They've run, it does not matter to me..." The young man quickly begged.

Ling said, "I'll handle him."

The young man knew he would die, so he yelled and lifted a gun. Anyway, since he'd die, why not drag someone with him to h.e.l.l!? 

"You're a stunning beauty!" He smiled madly.

Suddenly, Ling accelerated. She shoved her finger behind the trigger, while she used her free hand and scratched the young man's neck.

She didn't use any knives. Instead, she used her sharp nails, which shocked the young man. He didn't even have the time to cry before a lot of blood gushed out of his throat.

At that moment, Ling said lightly, "Vain hope!"

"Brother, I'll open the door," Jiang Zhuying said.

"No, they must have used the back door to escape," Jiang Lius.h.i.+ said, and then he turned to go downstairs.

The soldiers and the survivors were fighting against those crazy zombies. The military vehicles were blocking the door like a city wall, and the zombies were attacking at the door.

"Once a zombie rushes to the car's front, the zombies will have the opportunity to cross the vehicle, and when that happens, everything will be over. Do not let the zombies get close!" Shao Feng roared.

The survivors also moved the tables and used them to reinforce the wall. In the beginning, except for a few people who dared to stand in front, the rest hid behind in fear. Although they had also fought with zombies, they had never met such a big group! However, when the zombies rushed forward, under the tremendous fear of death, the survivors temporarily forgot their fear of zombies.

"Ah!" They shouted one by one, as long as zombies approached, they'd fight with them at once.

The zombies were getting closer, and some were less than a meter away from them. Their eyes widened and stretched their deformed hands. Their fierce attacks were extremely terrible!

Surprisingly, the survivors could deal with them. What's more, the layer created by the dead zombies on the ground acted as a barrier.

"The zombies can die too! We can survive through our strength! Kill! Do not be afraid! If you're scared, then you'll surely die!" A survivor shouted hysterically

A steady stream of zombies was approaching. Once a zombie collapsed, several others would immediately rush in its stead.

At that moment, Shao Feng, who had a lot of combat experience found a flaw. The dead zombies' bodies kept piling up, so the zombies in the back zombies could climb directly and rush over from above.

"Hold on for a little longer! Wait until Captain Jiang comes down! His sister electrical ability can be of great help, as well as the minibus…" Shao Feng didn't know how to call the UFO-shaped room, but with that, the minibus was like a moving fort…

Just then, he heard the minibus! Shao Feng suddenly turned around and exclaimed, "Captain Jiang!"

Shao Feng noticed Jiang Lius.h.i.+ coming down from upstairs and then entering the minibus. As a result, he suddenly felt hopeful. However, after that, the minibus turned around directly.

"Captain Shao, order the soldiers to remove that vehicle," Jiang Lius.h.i.+ opened the window and said calmly.

Shao Feng even believed there was something wrong with his ears. "Captain Jiang, what are you doing?" Shao Feng asked.

"I'd like to go out," Jiang Lius.h.i.+ said.

There were hundreds or even thousands of zombies outside, and a large number of zombie bodies piled up at the door. Go out?! It was impossible! It was different from crossing a large number of zombies of a street. Surrounded by so many zombies, a car would be torn to pieces almost in a flash. The zombies terrifying arm power, including the sharpness of their nails, were a nightmare.

Shao Feng knew the ability of Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s minibus. But even if the gla.s.s could not crack, or the wagon could not receive serious damage, the zombies' sheer number could overturn the minibus.

Noticing Shao Feng's expression, Jiang Lius.h.i.+ said again, "Clear the door!"

Thinking about it carefully, Shao Feng decided to obey Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s order. As a strong survivor, Jiang Lius.h.i.+ should know what he was doing, and he could be held responsible for his actions. The most important thing was that soldiers should obey orders! Before he left, General Xia had personally ordered that he should obey Jiang Lius.h.i.+'s orders!

"Help Captain Jiang!" Shao Feng said to his members, "Move the car!"

Two soldiers immediately entered the military vehicle and drove the car back to the side. The rest of the soldiers quickly increased the firepower output, blocking the zombie group a few meters away from the place.

"Drive," Jiang Lius.h.i.+ looked at the door and said to Ying.


Ying jerked down the throttle.

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