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Marvin abruptly turned back after hearing Hera’s scream.

An Azmyth was taking lil’ Guy from Hera’s hands!

It was proudly howling with laughter as it rose up in the air while Hera let out cries filled with despair.

It was quite fast, quickly disappearing from Marvin line of sight.

Azmyths were very nasty creatures!

Often, they would catch prey just to play around with it, which seemed to be the case for lil’ Guy. They would rise very high in the sky and then release their prey, letting it fall down and turn into mincemeat!

"Sir Robin!" Hera shouted with all she had.

Marvin obviously knew what she meant.

He immediately clenched his fists and opened the back door of the windmill before sending Raven in.

"Look after her for me!"

"Lock the door, and by at all means, don’t let the Azmyths come in."

"Rest a.s.sured, I’ll return lil’ Guy!"

Then, Marvin pushed Hera in and slammed the door shut.

Then he prepared to jump high in the air, his sight focused on that Azmyth’s body!

Lil’ Guy’s was very light, so it was flying pretty fast.

‘I really need to get my hands on a set of flying items.’

‘It’s really disadvantageous to fight in the sky.’

Marvin a.s.sessed the height and distance of the Azmyth before unhesitantly using Burst!

Night Jump!

Second Jump!

Marvin’s body flew up high in the sky, but he was still some distance away from the Azmyth!

But fortunately, the power of Shroud the Sun also gave Marvin access to all his Night Walker abilities.

Marvin’s body kept distorting through the sky!

An Azmyth aggressively flew over, trying to grab Marvin.

But it ended up pouncing at empty s.p.a.ce!

Night Boundary!

Marvin’s body craftily roamed about in the sky.

The next second, his body appeared a few meters above the Azmyth that abducted Guy!

This was the highest place Marvin could reach after using all his skills.

His body plummeted, pouncing fiercely toward this Azmyth.

But the Azmyth also had a very sharp reaction.

It let out a sound and stiffly brushed past Marvin!


It howled with laughter as it watched Marvin fall.

Even if it didn’t know how Marvin jumped so high, he would surely be half-dead from the fall!

But its celebration was cut short by a heavy weight suddenly pus.h.i.+ng against its back.

It waved its wings to resist this heavy weight!

The Azmyth was shocked to find out that the silhouette that had been falling earlier now appeared on its own back out of nowhere!

Marvin sneered. After using Shadow Escape and the Wishful Rope, he firmly held the Azmyth’s neck.

It started sharply falling.

Even the Azmyth wouldn’t be able to escape death if it fell freely from this height!

Thus, it had no other choice but to struggle to slow down its fall.

Other Azmyths tried to catch up and provide a.s.sistance, but Marvin firmly controlled the path of their fall and s.n.a.t.c.hed the little kid.

The small child looked very scared, but he didn’t cry.

‘Truly a strange boy,’ Marvin thought.

Marvin forced the Azmyth to about roof height. He then held lil’ Guy and jumped down from the Azmyth, still holding the Wishful Rope!


After Marvin nimbly landed on the ground, Marvin pulled forcefully on the rope, making the Azmyth lose its balance and crash into the ground.

Marvin stepped forward and mercilessly ended its life!

He then carried the little boy and quickly rushed back to the windmill.

Azmyths weren’t good at sustained flight, so as long as they hid there for a while, everything would work out.

Without open s.p.a.ce to fly around and hara.s.s targets, these guys would be relatively less annoying!

When he opened the windmill, his expression immediately changed!

The room was completely empty!

Hera and Raven had both disappeared.

‘Have they been grabbed by Azmyths?’ Marvin was a bit perplexed.

Besides Azmyths, the other creatures from the Underdark shouldn’t be that fast.

But he felt something something wrong.

There was a discarded cart in one corner of the room, and the shadow behind the cart appeared a bit unnatural.

Marvin sneered, drawing a dagger with his left hand while leading the kid with his right, and slowly walked over.

Before he got close, the shadow took the initiative to stand up.

"I was still found by you." Her voice was very weak.

But Marvin’s expression was grim.

Raven had regained consciousness.

It seemed he had underestimated the Dark Elf’s resistance to the potion!

It hadn’t been long since he had given her the anaesthetic, but she was still able to recover so fast?

And more importantly, she had a hostage.


If not for Marvin tightly holding lil’ Guy to stop him from moving, the little guy might have run over already.

Hera was sweating, as Raven was holding her straight dagger against her neck.

But she apparently wasn’t paying much attention to her own safety, she saw lil’ Guy safe and sound and let out a sigh of relief.

"I heard you were called Robin? Seems like we have something to discuss."

Raven was sweating a bit. It looked like the anesthetic still had some effect on her.

Subduing a noncombatant like Hera wasn’t an issue, but the pressure she felt when facing an expert like Marvin was huge. When Marvin sent Hera in, it was mostly to protect her from the Azmyths, so he had overlooked Raven’s state.

However, if Marvin ignored Hera’s life and death, she wouldn’t be able to block him.

"What do you want?" Marvin asked in a heavy voice.

"Freedom, safety," Raven calmly said. "Our army is already carrying out the attack. Soon, this place will become our land."

"You made me lose the best chance to obtain contributions, and held me captive. But I don’t care about that."

"I only want to safely leave and join my people now."

Marvin took a deep breath. "Release Hera and I’ll let you walk."

"I don’t trust you." The Dark Elf shook her head. "Mister Robin, you should think of a more convincing way of cooperating."

"Otherwise, how would I know if you wouldn’t deal with me after I set Hera free? I’m am not your match."

Marvin frowned.

He instinctively felt something wrong.

Raven was too cunning, far more cunning than an ordinary Dark Elf.

She definitely planned something… Wait…!

Something occurred to Marvin.

At that time, Hera suddenly yelled, "I saw her send a signal!"

"There might be more Underdark creatures coming over."

Raven’s expression turned cold. "Shut up!"

"Talk less if you want to keep living."

Marvin clenched his teeth and was about to respond, but he suddenly heard some subtle footsteps!

Raven’s Listen was a lot higher than Marvin’s, and she clearly also heard them.

She smiled complacently. "Sir Robin, you lose."

"My people have arrived. In an instant, they will finish surrounding this place. You are dreaming if you think you can still go to Hope City."

"Our people will flood over, and you’ll be screwed."

Hera’s expression changed. She foolishly looked at the child and said, "Sir Robin, don’t worry about me, please, escort lil’ Guy to Hope City!"

"The things you want are in his hands. He will give it to you in Hope City!"

"Ignore me! Please save him. I know you have the strength."

Raven covered Hera’s mouth, apparently thinking of silencing her.

But Hera had already made a decision!

She forcefully turned her head, and the dagger pierced her neck.

A wound appeared, and blood madly coursed out.

Hera’s body couldn’t help but twitch a few times.

Her eyes were locked on lil’ Guy.

Raven was shocked by Hera’s move and inadvertently released her.


Hera’s voice was very faint. "Lil’ Guy, don’t cry…"

Her body slowly went limp, before finally collapsing at Raven’s feet.

Marvin rushed over like lightning, kicking Raven in the abdomen!

The Dark Elf was sent flying by the kick, crumpling in a corner.

The little child was standing there in a daze, his expression full of pain.



He threw himself over and grabbed Hera’s hand.

But she already showed no signs of life.

Marvin’s heart was filled with anger.

The squadron outside the windmill could already clearly be heard.

It was most likely a Dark Elven scouting team!

"I originally didn’t want to do this."

Marvin coldly looked at Raven.

The next second, he took out the Book of Nalu and quickly chanted an incantation!

He hurried to Raven’s side and held her, before using a knife to engrave a strange rune on her forehead!

That was the G.o.d of Deception’s private rune!

A strange and vague sound could be heard from the Book of Nalu as a faint black light enveloped the two.

"Using my name, I grant you Rebirth."

Marvin’s voice was extremely grim.

Raven’s body began to shake crazily, and she looked as if she was seeing something extremely frightening!

Then, a burst of pain also surged through Marvin’s mind!

Soul Strip!

A taboo ability of the Book of Nalu.

Using this ability, both Marvin and Raven would have to pay the price.

Willpower tests kept flas.h.i.+ng through the logs!

Fortunately, Marvin had Vanessa’s Gift and a very tenacious will, helping him firmly resist each ripple.

After ten seconds.

Raven stopped struggling.

Her body went through a strange transformation.

She slowly lifted her head resolutely.

"Servant Raven awaits your orders."

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