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Chapter 267: Diamond Can’t Break!

Golden Blood was the safest treasure to break through bloodline limitations.

Apart from that intense sensation, Marvin didn’t feel anything wrong.

With the help of the Golden Blood, his Shapes.h.i.+ft Sorcerer cla.s.s reached level 6. Apart from that, his body also had some improvements due to his bloodline awakening.

His Const.i.tution raised by a point, which was a pleasant surprise.

And he also obtained an increase of 145 HP!

This was fairly significant growth.

Marvin looked in the mirror and found that he was visibly stronger than he was in the past.

Naturally, this was physical change.

But the true change happened to the Shapes.h.i.+ft Sorcerer cla.s.s.

2nd rank Shapes.h.i.+ft Sorcerers had a lot more spells, unlike the 1st rank, which only had [Charming Looks] (Temporarily increase Charisma by 2 points) and [Transforming Magic Cube] (Control type spell).

But these spells weren’t mastered when Marvin advanced.

Five or six new spells appeared in the Shapes.h.i.+ft Sorcerer spell list but they were greyed out. This meant that he needed some time before he could use these powerful and effective spells!

Sorcerer was a peculiar cla.s.s. Even if they spent their days just playing around, they would still automatically learn some spells.

This made all the other hard working, especially fighting, look at them with envy.

These spells might not be usable right now, but Marvin knew that they would soon come in handy.

The most important thing was still the Shapes.h.i.+ft Sorcerer’s specialty [Boundless Shapes.h.i.+fting]!

Before, Boundless Shapes.h.i.+fting gave Marvin two shapes: Beast-shape and Shadow-shape.

After this advancement, it gained a third one!

[Boundless Shapes.h.i.+fting – Diamond-shape]

[Description: Diamond-shape can only be activated for 8 seconds. No conflicts will occur with the Human-shape’s skills.]

[Effect: Unbreakable Diamond]

[Negative Effect: After Diamond-shape ends, you’ll have the weakness status for 24 hours.]

Marvin looked at the two words [Unbreakable Diamond] and almost went mad from joy!

This was a Monk’s Half-Legend skill!

He hadn’t expected Shapes.h.i.+ft Sorcerer to be able to get this effect.

[Unbreakable Diamond]: Immunity to all non-divine attacks, immunity to all fatal injuries, extreme resistance to all physical damage, extreme resistance to all magical damage!

The reason Monks were called "Real Men" in the game was this powerful undying skill!

Unless a G.o.d made a move, few could harm users of Unbreakable Diamond!

But the Unbreakable Diamond skill wasn’t as heaven defying as Marvin’s effect!

They had "High resistance to damage" while Marvin had "Extreme resistance to damage."

These were two totally different concepts.

But from another point of view, Monks’ Unbreakable Diamond could last half a minute while Marvin’s Diamond-shape could last only 8 seconds.

‘This is the legendary false real man.’ Marvin laughed at himself, but was still happy.

The Cridland’s ancestor was really impressive to be able to take so many powerful abilities from the Archdevil Head.

Apart from Marvin gaining Diamond-shape, the other two shapes were also strengthened.

The Asuran Bear turned into a Fierce Asuran Bear!

This was a strengthened version of the Asuran Bear reaching a height of about 5 meters! It could be referred to as the Hegemon of the forest!

Common 4th rank powerhouses might not be a match for the Fierce Asuran Bear.

And his Shadow-shape also gained a few more spells.

But Marvin didn’t have time to check it out before knocking sounds came from the door. "Sir Robin, everyone is here."

Everyone had arrived. It was time to start the operation.

In the lounge, the person in charge of explaining the mission was already there.

And Fiend Sorcerer Daisy and Ace A

ssa.s.sin Xiu were ready.

It was now 8 in the evening and the operation would start in an hour.

"Daisy has long distance teleportation abilities. She is crucial for getting past the enemy lines and returning back to Hope City."

"She will be tasked with sending both of you into the Dark Races’ armies while Young Lady Lorie will be in charge of throwing off any possible skills that could notice you. You won’t be found in the teleportation process."

"After arriving, it will be Sir Xiu and Sir Robin’s turns to act."

"Tess has the strength of an Apostle, and she definitely has a lot of items and Divine Spells on her to protect her from! I hope the two of you can work together…"

After telling them most of the content of the mission, the person in charge of the briefing let the three discuss on their own.

The outcome of the communication wasn’t good at all.

Xiu was very arrogant, and in the whole process, he only spoke one line. "I kill my targets, so don’t block my path," he told Marvin.

Even though Daisy was usually good at mediating, she didn’t know what to say when faced with this kind of situation.

Marvin actually didn’t care.

What kind of people hadn’t he seen in the past?

There were plenty of players more arrogant than Xiu. Was killing an Apostle that easy? If that guy wanted to give it a go and give Marvin the chance to study Tess, why would Marvin be against it?

He simply didn’t bother to say anything.

The group of three ended up staying silent until the mission started.

Under the cover of the night, Lorie was still standing on the city wall, looking far into the distance.

She was checking the movements of the Dark Races.

This young girl had already stood there for more than ten hours. But she couldn’t rest.

She was the hope of the city, and when looking at her back, they felt at ease.

"Young Lady Lorie, this matter feels a bit wrong."

Head Knight Terry reported, "Sir Xiu… and Sir Robin… Apparently they aren’t willing to work with each other?"

"Hmm?" Lorie didn’t look very surprised. "Xiu is quite proud, him not wanting to work with others is quite normal."

"But this kind of mission might be negatively affected…" Terry hesitated.

He was a bit doubtful whether they could work together after seeing Xiu and Robin’s att.i.tudes when Daisy started the Teleportation Gate.

"It doesn’t matter, I believe in him."

"He is a Great Hero," Lorie said cheerfully.

Terry was stunned. He couldn’t understand what this Young Lady was saying.

Lion Town. The streets were in a mess.

Human corpses were everywhere.

There were still some Kobolds gnawing on some blood-dripping bones.

The entire Lion Town’s inhabitants had already turned into the rations of the Dark Races!

In the shadows, a sort of boundary appeared.

Three people appeared one after the other.

"Remember, you only have one hour."

"After an hour, or if something too big happens, I’ll leave."

Daisy warned, "Take care of everything quickly."

Marvin nodded.

Xiu didn’t say anything and disappeared without a trace.

Marvin shrugged and also used Stealth before moving through the shadows toward the west side of Lion Town.

From what Lorie knew, the Dark Races were stationed in that direction.

Marvin firmly gripped his daggers, drew a deep breath and quickly entered his own rhythm.

‘ a Dark Elf Matriarch who is also an Apostle of the Black Dragon G.o.d… It truly makes one’s blood race…’

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