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Capella and the other three Elders glanced at each other and made their decision!

The Divine Spell Prison was really too small. If the terrifying h.e.l.lhound charged over, even they were protected by Divine Power, there was only one end left for them.

Taking advantage of the h.e.l.lhound being focused on Marvin, they left first.

It wouldn't be too late to deal with the h.e.l.lhound when they were in an open s.p.a.ce.

Not to mention, Capella was smart.

From Marvin's act of closing the gate, she could see that this plane traveller didn't want to destroy this world.

If the Gate of h.e.l.l had stayed open, the infernal lifeforms would had kept pouring in. Not only the Shrine, but even the entire Royal City would have been destroyed tonight!

Arborea would then be embroiled in a very long Planar War.

And resisting against the infernal lifeforms would be a very long and painful matter.

In history, h.e.l.l and the Abyss had invaded several times and almost led to the destruction of the entire Arborea Plane!

If not for the supreme shadows descending just in time, this world would have already turned into h.e.l.l's scorched earth.

"Go to the prayer hall!" Capella decisively ordered.

Outside the Shrine, an order had already been sent out by the High Priestess through a Divine Spell.

The entire Eastern Snow Mountain shuddered faintly as a beast's roar echoed. Fifty Zealot Warriors were waiting in formation!

They were each holding a strange and heavy scythe-like weapon, and their bodies began to swell up crazily.

Their muscles were clearly visible.

A mysterious fire was burning in their eyes.

These were the fanatical followers chosen from all of Arborea who were then successfully trained as Zealot Warriors!

They had more faith than any other followers and would sacrifice their lives and souls for their G.o.d at any time.

It was also because of this that they could go through many trials and survive.

When Capella began to train these warriors, the number of fanatical believers exceeded six hundred!

Now, only fifty remained. The cruelty of the training could clearly be seen.

Even if they weren't 4th rank experts, their bodies and strength wouldn't lose to any peak powerhouse of the plane.

The most frightening thing was their burst power.

People with beliefs were fearless, they were unafraid of death.

Capella and the other three Elders retreated to the prayer hall.

That place was definitely large enough for them to fight a life or death battle against the h.e.l.lhound.

Moreover, this place had the Supreme Shadow's G.o.d Statue!

'I'll definitely catch that heathen with my own hands and offer his soul to G.o.d!'

Capella gazed feverishly at the G.o.d Statue. "Father G.o.d, please give us the power to banish Devils!"

G.o.d Realm. The Shadow G.o.d Palace's situation was naturally noticed by the Shadow Prince.

His expression went from being confident to doubtful.

How was that mortal always able to have the upper hand?

How could he deceive his own eyes?

Even a Legend Shadow Thief wouldn't be able to sneak in his shrine!

The Shadow Prince simply couldn't understand.

He couldn't do anything about it, as he ascended relatively late. He had yet to be born when the G.o.d of Etiquette fell… so he didn't know about Eriksson's Brooch.

But regardless, the Shadow Prince couldn't sit still as his own Shrine was being humiliated.

He looked at Marvin and that frightening h.e.l.lhound and knew that this battle might end up badly.

"Gwaine!" He called out a name.

The next second, a pure white light appeared in front of him.

"I need you to descend to Arborea. Give the High Priestess a helping hand."

Pure hatred flashed through his eyes. "Mortal, I'll remember you."

"Your soul is mine. I want you to know the consequences for provoking a G.o.d!"

6th layer. He could almost feel the breath of the h.e.l.lhound.

Marvin was fearless.

A smile was plastered on his face.

The h.e.l.lhound didn't attack him after he closed the door. This was a good sign!

His bracelets kept emitting the aura of the Archdevil.

This made the h.e.l.lhound feel a sense of familiarity and doubt.

It wasn't smart, and was unable to distinguish whether or not he was a true Archdevil. How could this puny human before it possess such a strong aura?


The deformed head in the middle barked.

It was trying to use the Infernal Language to communicate with Marvin.

But Marvin didn't know Infernal, so all he could do was stay still.

He knew that he couldn't control that h.e.l.lhound, but he could at least avoid antagonizing it.

Infernal lifeforms were Lawful Evil. The h.e.l.lhound was a good example. If it was a Demon, it wouldn't care about the aura on Marvin's body and directly attack before talking.

Demons only had one rule of survival: the weak were prey for the strong. Devils were different; they were stricter about status.

h.e.l.lhounds usually were Archdevils' pets. They were extremely well-behaved and wouldn't harm an Archdevil.

Although Marvin looked human, he had the aura of an Archdevil on him. This made the h.e.l.lhound consider him as "one of them"!

Perhaps this Archdevil was hiding his strength and had disguised as a human? This should be why he seemed so weak.

The foolish h.e.l.lhound thought so.

Not getting an answer from Marvin for a long time, the h.e.l.lhound decided to follow the direction of Marvin's finger, charging away!

What h.e.l.l's lifeforms hated the most were Demons.

But G.o.ds were just as bad!

In this prison covered with Divine Power, it felt very uncomfortable.

It wanted to destroy everything!


The frightening b.e.s.t.i.a.l roar spread throughout the Royal City. "Cras.h.!.+" The entire Shadow G.o.d Palace was on the verge of collapse!

As the h.e.l.lhound left, Marvin wiped his sweat.

His plan had been effective.

He casually used the bracelets to temporarily seal the Gate of h.e.l.l, to stop another monster from coming out.

He only wanted to destroy the Shadow Prince after all, and not the entire Arborea Plane. One h.e.l.lhound was enough.

'Even if this h.e.l.lhound isn't at its peak, having only two complete heads is perfect to not get rejected by the plane.'

'Level wise, he should be about 17-18… But h.e.l.l's lifeforms are stronger than ordinary lifeforms… Hehe.'

'Your Highness the High Priestess, even if you send the Zealot Warriors Corps, it might not change the outcome.'

Marvin sneered as he escaped through the shadows.

Everything that happened earlier was a distraction. From Princess Nana's ball to Aragon's breakout, the purpose was to attract everyone's attention.

The fact that a h.e.l.lhound was on guard on the other side of the sealed Gate of h.e.l.l was a secret. Besides the Shrine's higher ups, n.o.body, not even the Nottingheim Royal Family, knew that a bomb like that was hidden under the Shrine!

Unfortunately, Marvin had already used the trick of letting the dog out in the past!

At that time he was a young rogue, and had entered Arborea due to a quest, the Ruler of the Night's advancement. He strolled around this plane, perfunctorily took the diamond, and then roamed around some more. An accidental change made him discover the Shrine's secret.

At that time, he also let out the h.e.l.lhound, but with a more exhausting plan. The only issue was that the h.e.l.lhound didn't say anything and immediately spouted fire at Marvin when he opened the gate.

This was one of his most unjust deaths. In fact, it was impossible to confuse that h.e.l.lhound without h.e.l.l's aura.

It was different this time. He originally was a Numan's descendant, so he had a Devil's bloodline, while also wearing Ancestor's Mystery on his wrists. Although he couldn't control the h.e.l.lhound, he was at least able to avoid being attacked.

He would hide in the dark and reap the profits.

He walked through the shadows and soon arrived at the chaotic prayer hall.

There, a huge battle was about to break out.

The h.e.l.lhound's claws suddenly came from below, directly piercing through the large hall's floor. A few Paladins shrieked miserably as they fell down.

"Everyone retreat!" Capella floated in the air as she loudly shouted.

'It's about time to get ready.'

Marvin was in the darkness, watching as the h.e.l.lhound and the Zealot Warriors were about to start their battle. He temporarily s.h.i.+fted his attention to his own body.

In fact, his experience gained from slaughtering a Dragon was enough to level up again, but he chose to not do so. Because if he reached level 18, he would reach the upper limit of the plane.

Someone proficient in the plane's laws would easily notice Marvin's existence then.

Previously, the High Priestess had used a doubtful tone to inquire about Marvin's baffling strength.

If he wasn't a peak, how could he sneak in the Shrine?

But if he was a level 18, she should have already noticed him!

This plane's peak powerhouses could be counted on her fingers, and the High Priestess had Truesight bestowed by G.o.d, so she could easily see through anything with one glance.

Thus, she was puzzled.

Marvin didn't level up more and was still level 17 when he entered Arborea.

This one level difference was to conceal his aura. If he reached level 18, the Shadow Prince would have been able to find traces of him anytime, anywhere.

It was his Secondary Plane after all.

This was a secret that the High Priestess and her people didn't know.

However, Marvin knew.

But this wasn't important anymore.

Aragon and Nana were influenced by him and the Nottingheim family's fate was already tied to his actions.

They had no way out. And the northern rebels even more so.

The Royal City's n.o.bles were already contained by Nana, and the Shrine didn't have much reinforcement.

Marvin wouldn't be able to single-handedly topple the Shadow G.o.d Palace.

But with the h.e.l.lhound as a partner, if he couldn't kill the High Priestess, he wouldn't be worthy of being a Ruler of the Night!

"It's time to start the war!"

The next second, he spent all his battle experience and a part of his general experience on the Night Walker cla.s.s!

Afterwards, he distributed his skill points.

Level 6 Night Walker!

Level 18!

A peak powerhouse of the plane!


Following the h.e.l.lhound's roar, Marvin's silhouette disappeared from where he stood.

In his G.o.d Realm, the Shadow Prince suddenly opened his eyes.

He shouted crazily in his heart:


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