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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Mosstree

Talent For Acting

"Who are you?" Asked Zhan Bei Tian in an icy cold tone of voice.

Although the other person's face was fully covered, however, judging by his figure from the pants and shoes, as well as the wound on the right arm he could able to figure out, the other person was the one who suddenly appeared in his extra memory, and accidentally took a bullet for him.

"Me?" Mu Yifan's mind quickly refocused, he said: "My surname is Mu, Mu the same character as in Shumu, my full name is Mu Mu."

At first, he wanted to change his surname, however, if the next-door neighbor should see him and call out Mr. Mu, wouldn't he be exposed? It's better to take a h.o.m.onymous surname, as for a.s.suming the name of Mu Mu, it's because this was his childhood name, all of his friends and family called him that.
(T/N: 慕 (mù) ←- his real surname and 木 (mù) ←–fake surname have the same sound)

"Thank you very much for stopping that family for me, otherwise, I might well have been beaten up and injured by them, I am also extremely grateful that when I was mysteriously shot, you carried me down the mountain. Later on, you suddenly fainted, at first, I wanted to send you to the hospital, but……"

Mu Yifan touched his swollen thigh, then said in an apologetic tone: "I don't like going to the hospital, I had no choice but to take you home, and let my personal doctor examine your body, that's right, I don't know what is your name?"

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