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one piece invincible ch 19 Chapter 19 Killed

How fast is the speed of light punch?

This has always been a problem that Raj is studying. It is certainly impossible to reach the real speed of light, but the supersonic speed should be no problem.

He also thought, is there anyone who can react faster than his own speed of light?

The answer is yes.

But those who can really react to it must be at least a Pirate with a bounty of more than 100 million yuan, or a character like the lieutenant general.

As for the blood knife Pahis?

forget it.

When the speed of light is punched out, it will be in vain to control what you “swell and swell” into, how big the body will be, and whether the strength will be strengthened ten times or a hundred times!

Have you heard a word?

The world’s martial arts says that…… if you have lots of strength but no speed then you will be sitting duck for others to kill you!

Therefore, very sad reminder, blood knife Paxis became ten times stronger than the original, still been the same for Raj and the snoring pen, continue to drive the speed of light to him!

“Congratulations, get a ‘Berrier Fruit’ piece!”

“Congratulations, get a ‘Berrier Fruit’ piece!”

“Congratulations, get a ‘Berrier Fruit’ piece!”

“…” The

tone continues to pop up The fragmentation frequency is much slower than before, but the object that wins in Raj is strong in resistance!

In this way, among the horrified eyes of the, the blood knife Paxis insisted for about four or five seconds, and after bearing the horror blow of four or five thousand fists, the sound that Raj had waiting for finally rang.

“Congratulations, have you successfully a.s.sembled the ‘Berrier Fruit’ fragments, are you synthesizing?”

Raj immediately chose Yes.

Soon, among the huge furnaces, the colorful progress bar ran fast, and with the bang, a blue demon fruit was freshly baked!

“Haha, the barrier fruit is fixed!” The

barrier fruit was fixed, and the sounds in the head of Raj had all become tips for the acquisition of physical Dan.

Raj stopped, take a step back.

“Oh… there is no physical strength? The power of the Logia fruit is indeed strong, but without physical strength, you can no longer exert strength!”

Bloodsword Paxis showed a bloodthirsty smile, “Now, its my turn! I will tear you completely into pieces!”

“Physical strength?”

Raj didn’t care about his ears. “I don’t have manything, but lack physical strength is not one of them.”

He is now suspended in his mind. Ten physical strength Dan, although these days have used a lot, but the sea kings in the sea can help him to add!

On physical strength, Raj is really not afraid!

“The reason why I stopped, because you are too weak, I feel a waste of time in getting physical strength in you, so I think it is better to kill you with a blow.”

Zizi –

Raj said, the body surface has been Thunderstorms emerged and the whole person was instantly bathed in the current.

His changes made some people squat at the place.

Even the blood knife Paxis also stunned.

“Three million volts, discharge!”

Raj held a finger at the blood knife Pahis.

In the next second, a thick thunder of the arm rushed out.

“Ah ah ah !!!”

Pahis body is huge, but it is still flesh and blood, how can he withstand such a terrible thunder and lightning?

In addition, he was seriously injured before, this lightning, completely became the last straw to bend the camel.


After the electric light, it rang.

The huge body of the blood knife Pahis turned into, and all the white eyes of the mouth and nose were suddenly reduced, and the body was restored to its original appearance.

He couldn’t hold it anymore and fell directly to the ground.


Raj got up and did not hesitate to step on the head of the blood knife Pahis.

This b.l.o.o.d.y scene made all the big squares fall into a dead silence.

coax! ! ! ! ! !

After about three seconds, the civilians of Mosca Island raised their arms and gave a deafening cheer and shout.

“The blood knife Pahis lost!”

“G.o.d, this guy actually killed the blood knife Pahis!”

“The biggest wicked person was killed!”

“G.o.d has eyes, blood knife Pahis also has today!

” …”

The civilians of Mosca Island shouted and shouted in the sky, venting their hearts and suppressing the boring for many years.

And the other side.

See the scene of Dresser directly turned and ran!

He has already scared to wet his pents.

“What kind of monster is this guy! Actually… even … even the blood knife Pahis is not his opponent! Brother, only the brother can deal with him, I must tell the brother!”

Dreiser fears almost to be almost Out.

He quickly took out the phone bug and communicated with the brother.

That brother is a bad character, as long as he is willing to take it, he will be able to save himself!

Dresser has just come up with phone worm, suddenly –

“? Yo, this is the phone worm, right now I do not see the real thing, but also is said to mimic the tone of the speaker’s demeanor, very strange ah!”

Ye Buddha figure Appeared in front of Dresser, and also grabbed the phone bug in the hands of Dresser, looking up curiously.

The phone bug has been connected at this time, and there is a strange voice on the other side: “Dreiser, what are you looking for?”

“Brother! Save me! Brother! Save me!” Dresser screamed.

“What happened?” Brother brows and asks.

“Oh, you are the brother of Dresser, right?”

Raj spoke directly. “Unfortunately, your brother, Dresser, will be killed by me because he is evil. What do you want to say to him?” I can help you to pa.s.s it on to him, and it is to give him the last gift.”

Dresser heard this, scared the fart ~ shares sitting on the ground.

“Brother, save me! He wants to kill me! Come and save me!”

Dresser cried and cried.

“Who are you? Dare to take the shots of my people in the Buin family, are you impatient?”

The eyes of the elder brother became sharp and the tone was somewhat sultry.

“Buin family? What garbage family? How have I never heard of it?” Raj was careless.

“In Buin family is the strongest family in East blue and you have not heard, you are ignorant, but now you know,

I will give you a tip, put my brother down, otherwise the consequences you will not be able to take ……”

At this point, Raj’s mouth revealed a smile.

Raise his finger and aim at Dresser, the laser is ready.


In the original explosion, Dresser was killed on the spot.

“I am sorry, your brother said that someone in h.e.l.l is waiting for him. He can’t wait to go to h.e.l.l to meet people.”Raj said.

“You…you…you are looking for death!”

Brother growled and roared.

“Looking for death? Don’t worry, you will be able to see me soon. As for whether I am looking for death, I will see you at that time. Now… Bye!”

After that, Raj hangs up the phone bug and stays. The other side, brother of the other head madly smashed everything in the room.

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