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Du Jue was originally already in a tough spot, unable to retreat or advance. Now he was like a man riding atop a tiger, unable to dismount. He had already increased his energy output far beyond the range of his control. Of course, it was still possible for him to retract the aura. He was also planning to pull out the moment he felt anything was going to happen. At most, if he forcefully pulled his aura back, he would only suffer some injuries to his essence Qi!

However, this stubborn brat was actually still gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth and holding on, refusing to admit defeat! In that moment, he even began to feel appreciative of the latter's talent. A youngster like that actually possessed such a firm and unyielding will; since ancient times till now, Jun Mo Xie was probably the only one!

If he increased his strength any further, he would truly lose all control of it. It was easy to let loose his strength, but it would be extremely difficult to retract it! The youngster before him would probably never be able to recover from the serious injuries he would sustain from it! Furthermore, he would leave behind a dangerous, heart demon which would stop him from advancing further in the future!

That would be no different from sowing a huge enmity with that mysterious expert!

If he had such an outstanding disciple himself, and some idiot forced the disciple so hard that he turned into a cripple, he would also disregard everything to seek revenge!

At this point, Du Jue had already decided to stop and pull back his aura. Since the expert had refused to show himself, he would just forcefully bring Wen Cang Yu away! That expert would know that I'd been merciful to his disciple with a single look when he returns, so there shouldn't be any major problems…

But at this critical juncture, Jun Mo Xie's ear-jarring words actually sounded out yet again! The brat was simply seeking death to an extreme level! This old man has been merciful to you from the beginning, but to think that you were still so adamant; a dead duck actually still wants to remain so hard beaked, opening its mouth to spite him?!

Du Jue was instantly enraged; without even thinking, he instantly raised his energy output to the maximum level!

Everyone instantly felt their sights darken and their bodies swayed!

Even the tall platform shook slightly!

If the ripples from the pressure was already like that, one could easily imagine the force on the person whom the attack was focused on!

A boundless pressure crashed down in an instant and was instantly swallowed away by the Hongjun PaG.o.da like a whale drinking water. The pressure surged like the waves of the ocean, cras.h.i.+ng down unceasing as a mighty river. Each wave was stronger than the last! The Hongjun PaG.o.da naturally did not s.h.i.+rk from the attacks, cleanly absorbing all the incoming Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi, not even leaving a shred!

In that moment, Jun Mo Xie only felt like his veins were so bloated that they were going to explode…

This was really enjoyable ah, too f*cking enjoyable!

This state persisted for a period of time, but all of a sudden, the pressure abruptly disappeared. Du Jue had suddenly cut off the supply source!

Du Jue had been driven mad by Jun Mo Xie, but the instant he erupted with anger, he regretted it immediately. Finished! This brat was definitely finished! Since he was directing more power of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi than he could control, he needed to channel all of it out completely before he could stop. Because, even his body would not be able to endure the backlash of this wave of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi…

After what seemed like eternity, the first wave finally pa.s.sed. Acting swiftly, Du Jue hurriedly stopped the attack as his heart beat wildly.

To his surprise, Jun Mo Xie actually moved, and he even lifted his head slowly… traces of blood could be seen on his jade white teeth, and his eyes moved wildly. His face was visibly pale with a hint of a grit. Quite obviously, he looked like a man who had just went through h.e.l.l and back.

However… however! He… was actually completely fine! Completely fine!

How could this be possible?

Du Jue's eyes widened with shock as he looked at the little monster before him. His mouth gaped emptily, unable to utter a single word!

Whether Jun Mo Xie was hovering on the brink of collapse or not was something that Du Jue was unable to determine. But one thing was clear: Du Jue himself was on the verge of breaking down himself!

A 17, 18 years old youth was actually able to withstand the full force Spirit Energy attack of a mid-stage Venerable realm expert! If this matter was said out, no one would believe it ah! Something like this was truly unheard of! This little fellow… was he a human or a demon?!

Although Du Jue's face was still as calm as a candle, his heart was rife with tall waves and disbelief!

Indeed, a famed master will produce a great disciple! But a genius of this kind… is a little too dangerous!

Jun Mo Xie raised his head slowly, and a smile actually appeared on his exhausted face. "Venerable Du, why… you're not going to continue letting me enjoy? This little one still hasn't had enough fun! En, Venerable Du does have some strength, but it's a pity… you can't last very long ah. It's hard to properly enjoy ah! What's with giving up halfway?" His tone was filled with disappointment and dissatisfaction. It was like a gossipy woman who was at the excitedly complaining about her life in the market when someone came along and poured a bucket of water over her head!

It was an extremely bitter feeling…

Heavens and Earth bear witness!

The Young Master Jun had meant every single word from his heart this time! He really was hoping to continue enjoying for a bit longer; it could be said that this kind of opportunity would be hard to encounter even in a hundred, or a thousand years!

But in Du Jue's ears, these words had turned into the most toxic kind of insult. How was he supposed to get off the stage like this?!

Du Jue's snake-like eyes swiveled and stared unblinkingly at the Young Master Jun for a moment before he snorted coldly and without even looking back, he turned around and strided heavily toward the platform!

A sharp keen burst through the air, and in the next instant, Wen Cang Yu, who was atop the platform was suddenly sent flying through the air, stake and all, as though he'd been hit squarely in the chest by a ten thousand jin heavy hammer. His body fell apart in midair, bursting into pieces like popcorn and sending countless pieces of body parts all over the stage. Bits and pieces of hiis body littered the stage and stained ground…

No one would ever be able to recognize that those bits of flesh and blood actually belonged to the graceful Wen Cang Yu!

There was 30 zhang between Du Jue and Wen Cang Yu when he sent out that palm strike!! Even regular archers would find it difficult to hit a target so far away with such accuracy! But with a wave of his hand, Du Jue's strike had pa.s.sed through the air, directly smacking a living person into pieces!

The Heartless Venerable was truly extraordinary ah!

Du Jue turned around, no longer looking at Jun Mo Xie. He closed his eyes slowly, and everyone before him could clearly sense that a crazed killing intent had suddenly appeared behind his closed eyelids!

Only, he was trying his best to endure it. That powerful palm strike a moment ago had more or less vented out some of his killing intent.

"Tell this to your master; Du Jue was here to pay a visit! It is regretful that we did not get to meet; if I'm free in the future, I will come back again to seek his guidance! As for the people of the Supreme Golden City, we shall handle them on our own terms! Jun Mo Xie, this old man shall give you a word of advice; it's best if a youngster like you behaves more reservedly!"

Finished with his words, Du Jue did not even turn his head as he strode out. Xiao Wei Cheng followed closely behind him; from the start to the end, he had not said a single word. Wherever they went, the crowd would part to grant them pa.s.sage.

With a flash of their bodies, they disappeared completely from sight!

Du Jue did not turn around at all throughout. Because, he was afraid. He was afraid that if he turned around, he would not be able to stop himself from crippling Jun Mo Xie on the spot or directly take his life!

Du Jue was certain that if Jun Mo Xie continued growing at his current speed, the t.i.tle of number one under the heavens, which had never appeared since the start of time, would eventually belong to him! Leaving an enemy with such unlimited potential alive was simply too dangerous!

But if they wanted to kill… the consequences of that would be something that even the Supreme Golden City would not be able to bear! Even if Jun Mo Xie did not have that mysterious master behind him, just Tian Fa Forest alone was not a force that the Supreme Golden City could offend.

Encircling Venerable Mei was something that they did, and indeed dared to do. But that was on on condition: she was not inside Tian Fa Forest!

If Venerable Mei stayed inside Tian Fa Forest, who would dare to go in and court their deaths? Not to mention 10 Superior Supreme experts; even if they brought 100 times more experts, what difference would it make? No matter how many people they had, as long as they entered the Tian Fa Forest, even a peak level expert like Du Jue would not dare to guarantee that he could come out alive!

If Venerable Mei decided to rouse the Xuan Beasts horde to attack, Du Jue was certain that no matter which Family it was in the three Holy Lands, they would all be trampled into the ground!

The terror of Tian Fa Forest was something that Du Jue knew well. A group of wild wolves, if led ably, could rout a thousand man army, not to mention Tian Fa Forest's hundreds of millions of Xuan Beasts.

Only a King had the ability to move all of Tian Fa's strength!

Jun Mo Xie looked helplessly at the two men leaving. He could hardly hold himself back from running forward and stopping Du Jue. My goodness, you're leaving just like that? Isn't it too irresponsible? I… haven't achieved my breakthrough yet! The moment Du Jue stopped his pressure, the Hongjun PaG.o.da immediately stopped revolving and sank back down contentedly.

Du Jue's "forced feeding" this time had given him great benefits! The full strength suppression of a Venerable level expert! And the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi was not in a small amount! It was even difficult for Jun Mo Xie to absorb Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi when he revolved his cultivation… This alone showed that the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi in a 10 li radius had been completely exhausted…

How much energy was that?

It was too terrifying!

Especially the full strength suppression at the last moment; the amounts of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi flooding towards him was akin to an earth-shaking tsunami, forcefully stuffing all the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi in the area into the Hongjun PaG.o.da; this kind of gift was simply too extravagant!

If Du Jue borrowed this power for himself to cultivate with, he might not even be able to use one thousandth of it! It was one thing to move the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi, but another to turn it into one's own strength! This was the same logic as someone using a knife to kill others, but not being able to make the knife a part of them!

But, when it came to this freak Jun Mo Xie, that was a completely different matter! Not to mention that Du Jue had only moved the Spiritual Qi in a 10 li radius; even if he moved all the Spiritual Qi in the entire world over, the Hongjun PaG.o.da would not reject even a single bit of it! It would still absorb everything completely and not waste even a single drop!

This forced feeding had instead filled Jun Mo Xie's veins to the point where it was on the verge of exploding! The Young Master Jun, who'd only broken through to the fourth level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune not long ago, felt as if he'd taken a rocket, or that a heavenly celestial was hefting him up from his b.u.t.tocks, pus.h.i.+ng him upward. With a xiu sound, he'd directly reached the peak of the fourth level!

This was a cla.s.sic case of heavenly mana falling from the sky!

But such a good matter instead caused Jun Mo Xie to feel very very angry!

There was no way he would not feel angry! Because… Jun Mo Xie could feel that the saturation of Spiritual Qi in his body had already reached a maximum level, which is to say that the next step would be to break through to the fifth layer!

But at such a critical point, Du Jue actually stopped!

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, isn't this just toying with the emotions of others?! Jun Mo Xie cursed vehemently in his heart. No matter what, you should have waited for me to achieve that breakthrough before leaving ah… instead, you've worked up my appet.i.te, and allowed me to reach the point just before I climax before suddenly pulling out!

A good man should go all the way! If you're sending the Buddha off, you should accompany him all the way to the West ah! What's this nonsense about quitting halfway? This fellow had completely failed to consider that the other party had gifted him with a large amount of Spiritual Qi and directly handed him a great benefit! Yet, he still didn't know to be contented… one has to know, that Du Jue was an enemy…

Jun Mo Xie felt extremely aggrieved. In his current state, he completely did not have the mind to notice that Wen Cang Yu had actually been smacked into minced meat with a single palm strike from Du Jue. The only thought he had in his heart was how he could somehow trick that old fellow back and make him repeat the session one more time… This kind of treatment was simply too enjoyable for this Young Master ah…

Of course, Jun Mo Xie was understandably disappointed. The feeling of a breakthrough being disrupted was naturally not good. But, if Du Jue knew about his current feelings, this Heartless Venerable would instantly seek to end his own life; no words would cause the old man to want to continue living…

Such a reality was simply too depressing!

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