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Also, debated on whether to switch from teleport to warp... I think warp came up in the kana/ruby or whatever once so that might be more correct in this case, still prefer the word teleport but it's true that warp is easier to type as well. Just think of those as interchangeable for now.
Year 7444, Month 2, Day 1
Finally, we're finally aiming for the 6th floor starting this month. The day that we {Slaughterers} will become the top team of the dungeon in Baldukk in the true meaning has come. It's not like I want to bask in the self-satisfaction of being called the top team. We're going to achieve something others have not and along with making a foothold for the future we'll step foot into the virgin land these past few decades and obtain unseen treasures. If it was just about earning safely then even if we continue as we have no in another few years we'd probably have earned enough to live our entire lives, we have enough power that on the 2nd floor there's just about nothing that could put our lives at risk I'm sure.
However, isn't that boring?
In our plans we'll spend the night tonight in the teleport room of the 3rd floor. Tomorrow we'll arrive at the teleport room of the 5th floor and spend one more night there. And the day after tomorrow we'll finally step foot on the 6th floor. Until two days after tomorrow, we plan to spend almost a full two days exploring the 6th floor. Of course we'll be camping in the teleport room of the 5th floor. For the time being there's almost no one who would be camping here and depending on the case if we can make it to the teleport room on the 6th floor I think it might even be good to camp there.
However in the case, we'll end up using the teleport room of the 6th floor as a starting point to explore backwards and we won't gain any information on teleport points from the 5th floor so I don't really want to do that.
In any case, we'll be taking the first steps on the 6th floor. There's only stories told from the founder George Rombert the First but since it seems that the 6th floor is like a maze where teleport keeps happening even though there's no crystal so we'll probably need to depend on Gwine and Ralpha's Unique Abilities even more than until now and it's possible that their remaining MP will become a life line for us.
After we finish up breakfast, we all head towards the entrance plaza which is quite congested.
Zulu bought a pork skewer at a stall and after sticking it into his mouth he threw away the skewer. I gave the two slaves their wages of 20,000 Z (2 silver coins) yesterday. Zulu's increased by 1.4 times and Angela's increased by 1.5 times. Their morale is high today.
The entrance plaza of the dungeon is packed as usual with adventurers entering the dungeon, the parasites, guides, merchants trying to sell incomplete maps of the lower floors, and merchants who deal in preserved food and equipment.
When we arrived there the people moved out from in front of us almost like the ocean was splitting and as the path opened up cheers were raised.
I walk through there without emotion.
I can hear voices filled with envy and admiration from here and there.
It's been less than two years since we came to Baldukk and even though we don't even have a full party we've quickly risen to the top groups, the other day we were attacked by {Bright Blade} in the dungeon for reasons of jealously and impatience (or at least that's how it's rumored to be), and instead turned the tables on them wiping them out so the {Slaughterers} have become an existence that stands out quite a bit.
"Greed-sama! Please put me in the {Slaughterers} as well! I'll show you I can be useful!"
"Firefreed-san, he's so cool right. He's masculine and I can look up to him."
"Greed-sama! If you add me to your party then your scouts will become more complete! How about it!?"
"Ehe...Young lady Akdam, I've been in the care of your father. You should help connect me with Greed-sama."
"No wait, Gulinel-chan, I've seen you riding on the carriage when you were little! Once your beard grows out come be my wife~!"
"Ah, Greed-sama! Don't forget about us Boton brothers! We'll show you we can be far more useful than those riffraff around there!"
"Oh~ Bernadette-cha~~n! I'm cheering for you~! Tolkelis drop dead!"
"What are you saying! Kalstalan-sama~! Look over here~! Kya~ that, he just waved his hand towards me! Rabbit's should quickly die!"
"Greed-san! Introduce me to your older sister! I'm from the Viscount Penlaid families.."
"So that Laios is Zulu huh? After all he has an amazing physique."
"That Dog-people is Greed-sama's combat slave as well right? I'm sure she's eating some good things~ her breasts are big~ after all the women of the same race are good. If they don't have the second set of breasts then it's half the charm!"
"Greed-sama! How about it, this? It's the new model of backpack!"
"Ou~ Ralpha! Let's go drinking together again~!"
I feel like the ones calling to Ralpha were a bit of a different direction, isn't that just drinking buddies? Don't get into fights. I bow to Church-san who is making a bit of a dry smile and after paying the 80,000 Z taxes for all 8 of us we headed towards the teleport crystal rod at the entrance.
Year 7444, Month 2, Day 3
We've spent two nights inside of the dungeon for the first time. There's no recent remains of a camp in the teleport room on the 5th floor. I'm sure there's not much need to worry about someone coming here for the time being. Since we intend to spend the night camping here as well, I'm sure we'll be in the care of this room for a short while from here on out.
We started setting up a special set of camping tools in the corner of the room that we hadn't used until now. We brought along several buckets this time. Several large cloths as well. It's in order to take a shower in a different corner from where we sleep. On our way here from the 1st floor we've gathered the wood spears from monsters for this sake as well, we'll use those as materials to create a stand, and then we'll put the bucket we intend to put hot water in above those. If we just put a couple of small holes in the bottom of the bucket then while it's crude we can bathe in a shower.
After all the other adventurers in the teleport room of the 4th floor stink quite a bit. Since the 4th and 5th floor themselves have quite a bit of rotting smell floating around normally it doesn't stand out much but once you go out to the surface you can easily tell. And from the information we already had, we know there's wild boars on the 6th floor. Pigs should be able to smell on the same level as dogs. Thinking that it would be best to drop as much body odor as possible is another big reason we decided to setup the shower.
When I talked about this "plan to turn the teleport room of the 5th floor into a base" with everyone there was about half for and half against it. Incidentally, Zenom, Toris, Zulu, and Angela were against it and Bel, Ralpha, Gwine, and myself were for it. It seems that Zenom and Toris couldn't understand the meaning in making a shower itself.
I'm sure that the primary reason Zulu and Angela were against it was because they knew they would end up having to be the ones to carry the tools for it. It was a considerably negative and reserved disagreement after all. When I explained my thinking to them and before it was still an intention just a plan they where negative to it and timidly said "it will just end up pointless". They're most likely worrying about the shower equipment being destroyed by some different adventurers. It's true that every time we enter the dungeon bringing along not just the one bucket for washing our feet, but even more materials for a shower which doesn't have any relation to our lives wouldn't be amusing at all.
I wonder if it's because everyone who agreed with it other than me is a woman. Since we've only ever spent one night the dungeon until now I'm sure they were able to endure without a shower but since we have a long-awaited safe area I think it's only natural to agree with the desire to want to spend time resting there clean. After hearing that Zenom who still hadn't accepted it until I told my reason for agreeing with it said, "I had completely forgotten about the information on the boars from the 6th floor. No, I hadn't forgotten about it, I just didn't think that far." and agreed with it as well.
In regards to the concerns about it being destroyed by other adventurers but I said we'd put a note explaining how to use it and the reason for it because of the boars on the 6th floor and try to make it acknowledged as a shared asset by the other top teams and they agreed with it as well. It's just what I think but there's no idiots among the top teams. Even that {Bright Blade} I don't think were idiots. If you're going to aim for the 6th floor or beyond you'll definitely need a shower facility and I think that without a doubt rather than putting priority on obstructing other adventurers from trying to carry in something they can use themselves, they'd just put priority on the convenience of not having to carry it, and after explaining that Zulu and Angela agreed as well.
In any case there's no need to worry about it being destroyed and a shower itself is an appreciated thing, it's definite that taking a cold shower first thing in the morning feels good after all.
After cleaning ourselves up we finally are proceeding to the 6th floor. I grab the teleport crystal rod and chant the incantation.
Just the same as usual our surroundings completely changed. The ceiling is considerably high up. I think it's over 50m. I don't know if it's because it's so high that the light doesn't reach but overall it feels like the amount of light inside of the dungeon has decreased. There's no difference iin the pedestal the teleport crystal is on. We investigated the symbol on it and Bel wrote "1" with a random stone in the direction it pointed. Incidentally, the walls are the same as the 5th floor made up of a mix of stone and dirt almost like a cave but since the ceiling is strangely high, it feels more like being at the bottom of a dark valley. The floor is the usual rugged ground.
Gwine uses her Unique Ability, and looks around the passages in both directions with a sharp gaze. Ralpha points in the direction that's North. According to that the passage is just stretching out South and North it seems.
After inspecting our equipment and making sure there's no problems and,
"Let's start going from this direction I guess?"
I said that and pointed North. Now then, let's start advancing the same as usual.
I'll create some air with wind magic and reveal the hidden pit falls..since the ceiling is too high it's absurdly inefficient. Up until now I've been able to discover pitfalls and hidden switches units of 100m but even if I use the same amount of mana it only blows the dirt away about 10-15m ahead here. If it was the same sort of stone walls as the 3rd floor then I could make do with water magic but it seems like the structure of the pitfalls themselves are different, so I don't think that will work either.
Uhe~ after making it here we end up having to proceed slowly like the first time we entered the dungeon~? Everyone is making dispirited expressions. It seems like the 6th floor is really going to drag out.
However, it can't be helped making complaints, shall we go...
For the time being we'll proceed using Gwine's spear as a pole. Returning to the 5th floor once passed through my head but as expected there's no poles that are over 3m. It was when we spent about an hour to proceed 500-600m or so. Angela started moving her nose.
"Something is a considerable distance ahead of us."
Bel responded with a twitch.
Her ears stand on end and she closes her eyes concentrating. Everyone is tense while watching her every movement so as to not miss what happens.
"Four legs..multiple..I think? Since there's some distance I can't really tell for sure but it's definite there's something there."
Four legs huh? I wonder if it's a wild boar? Right when I opened my mouth to have us correct our battle formation,
"It's coming! One of them!"
Bel opened her mouth and warned us.
"Zulu, Angela, fortify the front with me! Zenom and Ralpha be careful of the rear! Bel if you see it then shoot! Gwine back us up with your spear between the gaps! Toris take care of guarding Bel!"
The {Slaughterers} quickly fixed our positions after hearing my instructions. The energetic movements sound good but it's our first combat on the 6th floor. I can also tell everyone is tense. Even I'm tense. After all it's a monster I'm fighting for the first time, there's no way I'd know its characteristics or attack methods.
Just like that 10 seconds or so passed by. Bel said in a confused voice,

"Huh? Huh? The sound has, I can't hear the sound anymore..Huh?"
saying that. What does that mean?
Everyone is looking at her with a confused face.
Bel lowers her bow and started concentrating on her ears again with her eyes closed.
It was in that moment!
"Behind you!"
I heard Ralpha and Zenom's yell. It's behind Zulu, Angela, Gwine, who were all turned around facing Bel(in other words, in front of us) at a location about 20m a wild board suddenly appeared and started charging at us!
It seems it body slammed Zulu in the back and Zulu's large build was send flying. It's huge! It's length is over 2m and it's height is over 1m as well, a wild boar like that passes by my side and following Zulu, Bel was run over as well. Bel let out a voice of "Ngu!!" as she was sent flying, after gaining momentum the wild boar aimed to body slam Ralpha who was even further in the rear but since Ralpha already saw it in advance she was able to dodge it.
Shit, where did this thing suddenly appear from!?
I only thought that for an instant before shooting {Flame Javelin Missile} into it's ass, and just as it tried to change directions while in pain I let it eat a {Stone Javelin}, when it was recoiling from that Zenom and Ralpha attacked it and smashed their axes into it's head as it died.
I quickly ran over to Bel and identified her but it seems the tusk stabbed in through her flank and she's losing a lot of blood. Close to 70% of her HP was lost. Toris is trying to take off her leather armor in order to use the spell {Cure} he just learned so I pushed him out of the way and used a knife to cut open her leather armor before using the spell {Cure All} directly on her. The wound immediately closed and her HP recovered. After seeing that there was relief in Toris's face.
Zulu was wounded even worse than Bel but it seems he was somehow saved from damage to his spine. Just the same I used the spell {Cure All} to heal him and the crisis was concluded. It seems there's a considerable amount of pain remaining for Bel and Zulu and they can't stand up.
"Ralpha, how did this thing appear?"
I remain cautious of the front while asking Ralpha who's behind me.
"I don't know. It suddenly appeared."
Shit..What does that mean?
"There shouldn't have been anything there but it abruptly came out in the middle of the passage. It was abrupt."
Zenom said while agitated as well. I couldn't help but turn around.
"Al-san, could it be.."
Toris is holding Bel up while looking up at me and opens his mouth.
"Ouch..Al-san, the footsteps I had heard suddenly disappeared. Nn...a short while after that the wild boar suddenly appeared close to us. Pro..Probably isn't it that rumored teleportation on the 6th floor?"
Bel continued after Toris's words while in pain. I see, so that's how it was. What a troublesome floor. I focus my attention ahead again while,
" that's how it was...It can't be helped, Toris, sorry but help me lend a shoulder to Zulu. Ralpha to Angela you help Bel. We're retreating for now. Zenom be cautious of the rear, Gwine sorry but watch the front."
"Eh? What about the magic stone..."
Ralpha and Gwine said at the same time.
"It's fine this time. First we need to secure out safety. In the first place, if something were to charge in while we were leisurely gathering the magic stone, there's nothing we could do about it."
In a short one hour after we stepped foot on the 6th floor, a distance of only about 500-600m we're curling our tail up and running back, huh? It can't be helped, this is our current ability. However, as expected of a floor that's blocked the top teams until now. I'm sure that the top teams right now have challenged the 6th floor several times. But, they probably gave up on clearing through it. I'm different, just watch!
In any case we already know for sure there's no traps so we should be able to return to the teleport crystal in about 10 minutes. Depending on the recovery of Bel and Zulu, we'll try challenging it once more.
We were able to return to the teleport room on the 5th floor without anything in particular happening. I created some dirt in a random spot put some blankets down to make a simple bed and then we placed Bel and Zulu there then I quickly opened my mouth.
"Shit~ It was like the "computer game" I played in the past. I guess that means monsters suddenly {Warp} near you.."
"That seems to be the case. I guess this is what they meant by "even though there's no crystal, teleportation is repeated".."
and Toris said that. That's exactly the case.
"The painful part is that there's either no way to deal with it or even if there is some sort of rules or pattern to the teleporting then there's no other choice than to try and determine that."
After hearing my words Toris opened his mouth once again.
"That's true. I wonder exactly how much time it will take to see through the patterns of the teleportation assuming it even has one.."
"Toris, don't say anything that sounds too much like a complaint. Let's start out from trying to find out the rules. We'll go to the 6th floor countless times and putting aside the monsters if we try teleporting as well..Ah."
Ralpha warned Toris but it seems she realized it.
"That's right. I just thought of it as well. The monster that just charged into us was only one. Bel, if I remember correctly you said you heard multiple footsteps at first right?"
I tried asking Bel and she replied while still laying on her side.
"Yeah, it's true I got the feeling that there were several of them at first. But, it was only one that came running over here. There's no mistake on that. Those footsteps disappeared along the way and..after a short while I was charged into."
"Then that's, during the time the footsteps disappeared it was on the way of teleporting I guess?"
Gwine threw out her doubts but there's no way no one would know the right answer.
"Nn~ it might be okay to think that way but it might be different. The only answer right now is that we don't yet."
Toris replied. Well it's true there's no other reply than that.
"..What Bel just said, the boar that suddenly appeared, and the information we had heard about the 6th floor before hand, we were able to confirm all of these things. Let's talk about just the things that we've been able to confirm. It's fine to guess the things we can't confirm but since it could end up giving us preconceived notions let's not guess about things that we're already guessing."
I said that and looked around at everyone, and then opened my mouth to continue.
"What's definite is that, the 6th floor is different from up until now, and that the monsters suddenly appear. For the time being it's only appeared on our side but it might even be possible for it to appear from behind us or while we're in the middle of combat. It's necessary to be pay even more attention to all directions than we have up until now. Also, we have no information on the traps of this floor. Since we have no idea what kind of traps could be laying in wait for us, this is something that needs caution as well. I'm sure only Zenom, Ralpha, and Zulu would know but it's a situation like the first time we entered Baldukk. Since we already have people with experience with it, let's relax. Is up to here fine?"
After confirming everyone has nodded I continue again. In any case it's important to offer them some material to help them relax and wipe away the anxiety.
"And, one thing that's definitively different from that time is Gwine's ability to produce maps. Matching that together with Ralpha's ability to confirm the direction and we're the best in the world at making an accurate map. That's why as long as we can solve the mysteries surrounding the teleportation of the 6th floor then we'll definitely be able to clear it."
It seems to be necessary to change our goal in words for clearing the dungeon from "earning money" to "clearing" in order guide their feelings. If it remains "earning money" then when it comes to comparing to the amount of risk there might be someone who gets cold feet as well. Mostly Gwine though. And I casually raise Gwine up as a central existence to us. If we don't have her, Gwine, then it's harsh, but as long as we have her, Gwine, we'll definitely have the power to do this.
"And that's how it is. That's why Gwine, we're all relying on you. I'm depending on you."
"Yeah, please leave the map to me! Let's combine our power and clear through!"
Gwine clenched both of her fists together and replied. I really like honest kids.
"Now then, the continuation. In regards to the teleportation but there's no other choice than to try that already. If it was just the monsters that are teleporting then I don't think the story would be passed on as, "even though there's no crystal, teleportation is repeated". Most likely the ones doing the teleportation includes us. I can think of several problems that come up there. First off, the starting point of the teleportation. Is it a specific location, is the place it teleports to fixed, or maybe every time you enter the starting point of the teleportation it teleports you to a completely different place. Next is..and this is important but"
"Whether or not the place everyone teleports to is the same, right?"
Bel said that.
"That's right. Normally in order for us to be cautious of the surroundings and make it easier to move when we're attacked we maintain a certain amount of distance between us right? That's why, combat..though this is the same even if the starting point of the teleport is fixed or ahead of us but it would mean we teleport from the front. If the teleport destination is fixed then we can group up immediately and we should be able to somehow do it without thinking too deeply about it. However, if I think about the case where we end up teleported to different locations and it's going to become difficult. There's a number of conditions we'll have to think about like the time when we're teleporting or if making contact with each other let's us teleport together."
"That's true. And, for example if the teleport destination changes every five minutes, quite literally anything seems possible."
Toris said that.
"Yeah, that's right, and one more thing."
"The starting point for the teleport? was it, things will be completely different if we can see that or can't see it at all."
Ralpha said that. Yeah, she's not an idiot right. For some reason I have the imagine of a brainless fool though. She thinks considerably quick.
"That's the case. This is my prediction and guess, and in addition my wish, but I don't think the information "even though there's no crystal, teleportation is repeated" is from the notes of Rombert the First. It's said to be something that comes from what the person himself said, but at the very least Rombert the First had multiple allies and they made it to the 8th floor and returned as well. It's true that it never says whether they all made it back unharmed or without missing anyone. If I think about that then I think most likely that everyone teleports together. If everyone teleported to different places then they might end up having to take on a group of monsters alone after all. It would feel unnatural if everyone one of his allies had that much combat power on their own. I'm sure there were slaves to carrying the bags as well. Putting aside water, if the food ran out things would get hard."
I look around at everyone again before continuing my words.
"And, I think that you can see the origin point for the teleporting. I feel like it would be more natural to think of this as a type of trap on the 6th floor. Even if it can't be seen there would be a method to recognize it. For example, throwing a stone as we walk."
"I see. In other words if the stone we throw disappears in mid-air then that would be the starting point for the teleport. There's plenty of worth in testing it out. If it comes to that then it won't be that much different as up until now as long as we remain careful of the monsters that suddenly teleport nearby."
Zenom said that and gravely nodded.
Obviously it's not just that. The starting point could be moving around as well and if it's a fast speed then even if we throw a rock it would be pointless. However, if it's something magical then in the worst case I could stand at the front and use {Anti-Magic Field}. Even if I can't offset it with {Anti-Magic Field} if the light from my hand disappears we'll know something is there. Just the same if we prepare something like an extremely long pole and maintain a {Light} at the end of that then I feel like we'll be able to notice something as well.
Well no matter~ Rombert the First was able to do it. I'm sure that we can do it too..Come to think of it Karl said that Rombert the First had over 20 Unique Abilities. This might be no good...

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