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Year 7444, Month 5, Day 3
The end of the days off. Starting today we're exploring the 6th floor again. Thanks to the information I gained during these days off, the dungeon isn't simply a place for me to gain treasure, but it's become a place where I can obtain the catalyst needed to use a spell in order to negotiate with the one who used this {Report} on me. It will change the amount of fighting spirit I'm putting into it.
Since I was supposed to be in the capital until yesterday, I paid everyone's wages before the break started. There's no way I'd let there be any delays in payment. I was eating a chicken roast, some eggs, and a badly made m.u.f.fin for breakfast while looking around at everyone's faces. Yeah, I can feel that everyone is energetic from their expressions. It seems they were satisfied with their days off.
"Come to think it, that guy supposedly died."
Ralpha is saying to Zenom and Zulu next to her. What is she doing talking about dead people this early in the morning...It's not like she said it to me, so I'll just ignore it.
"Who did?"
Zenom put some egg on his m.u.f.fin while and Zulu put some pepper on his egg while responding.
"Remember, after we came here..Nn~ It was around the time we went to the 2nd floor, so it's those guys that came to Baldukk a short while after Maruso entered our party, right? That Tiger-man n.o.ble who came from outside of the country."
I guess there was still some roast remaining on a rib. Ralpha said while taking the bone out from her mouth.
"Ah, that young guy called Rokis or whatever? He was the son of a Marquis or something right? Did he die?"
Zenom finishes his egg m.u.f.fin while saying.
"No, not Rokis but one of his followers. The male Rabbit-people named Biku. I think it was a short while after Maruso joined us. When Zulu came along with me shopping, didn't it turn into a fight? Don't you remember? Zulu."
"..I don't remember. In the first place there were a lot of people who picked fights with us over Koloil-sama around that time so we got into fights often."
I guess it's that, do you remember every time you've eaten bread? type of thing. It's true I don't remember them all either. Honestly speaking, I don't remember getting into an argument or fight with Rokis and the others either. Other than that one incident in the dungeon the other day. It's not unreasonable that Zulu doesn't remember.
"I see. Well it's fine. And, that Rabbit-people died in the dungeon fighting against an Ork it seems. But, since it was after they started to retreat they weren't able to recover the corpse."
Ralpha is talking while she uses the bone she pulled off the rib as a toothpick. Is this girl really a woman? I feel like I'm about to be stuck with some serious doubts. I'm sure Bel and Toris are stuck together as usual so they haven't noticed but Gwine is frowning as well. I'm sure my expression isn't much different from Gwines as well.
"Isn't it something that happens often? Was there something that seemed strange about it?"
Angela said while putting some roast chicken between her m.u.f.fin. Zenom is focused on eating his completed egg m.u.f.fin.
"It's not particularly unusual. I think that Biku just let his guard down. Ah, Kalstalan-sama can I use the pepper?"
Zulu, isn't that too much pepper? I'm amazed you can calmly eat something like that.
"Well you would think that right. But you know, I don't know if it was the 1st or 2nd floor but since Orks will run away all on their own if you defeat or injure one of them, so depending on how you think about it goblins and gnolls are more dangerous right. I guess he must have been hit in a pretty bad place."
It's true it's just as Ralpha says, Orks and Hobgoblins have a decent amount of combat ability individually but since they specialize in group combat, if they even take a bit of damage it's often they start to retreat. Gnolls sometimes show signs of that as well but when it comes to goblins they just keep charging at you so you could say they're more troublesome. There's times when weak adventurers are eaten. However, putting aside newcomers, it's unusual for an adventurers with enough ability to make it to the 2nd floor to get killed by an Ork. Though it's not that there's few enough of them for it to be unnatural though.
"Al-san, why is Ral like this? I don't think she was like this in the past but I guess people really do change.."
Gwine is putting ham on her m.u.f.fin as she talks to me.
"Really though...I don't know about in the past but she was only putting on a feigned face for the first few days after I met her. After that it was always like this."
Ralpha was watching as I responded to Gwine like that but she didn't say anything. After all it's the truth. I bite off a bit of the roast chicken leg while making a face that said "I haven't spoken any lies" but it seems Ralpha decided to ignore us and she's still continuing to talk to Zenom and the others.
From the other side of Ralpha and the others,
"Really, stop eating just meat and eat some eggs as well."
"Eh~ I don't like eggs. I just took them for your sake."
"Eh..Is that so? Thanks. I love you."
"Of course I do too. That's why if you're not going to eat that chicken I'll take it."
"That is no~good~."
And I hear a strange conversation that I'm not sure if I'm envious of or not. The couple of Toris and Bel are as annoying as usual this morning. I've just decided that you two are standing at the front until the teleport room on the 3rd floor for today.
Year 7444, Month 5, Day 8
After returning from the dungeon last night I slept a full night and today I was able to relax and take a break. Right now I'm having dinner with everyone. This "Murowa" is a good bar to relax where their selling point is the skewers they offer while you have a drink. Since it wears away at your nerves quite a bit exploring the dungeon for 5 days straight, the day after getting back we don't feel like doing anything. I'm lenient towards them spending their time sluggishly and self-indulgent. Even then one of my slaves and myself never miss out on running for about two hours though. Recently I've been seeing the faces of Toris and Gwine when I go for my running in the mornings as well. Since the course and pace differs by person it's not like we're running together.
This time we weren't able to get our hands on anything big while exploring the dungeon. It was just the magic stones from monsters. Since normally this is only obvious, it's not something to get depressed over but since I got quite enthusiastic about exploring the dungeon I was a bit disappointed. Ah, really, I wonder if a raw gem crystal won't come out already?
"Today you know, when I was eating together with Gwine at "Rasurun", I heard about it again."
Ralpha is talking about some sort of information she heard about again. No, it's not something as refined as information. It's like the rumors you hear at the well-side gatherings. Are you a housewife?
"About what?"
Bel tried asking Ralpha. Just ignore her there. Toris and I exchange glances and Toris started pouring some lukewarm beer from the pitcher into my mug. I asked the Laios waitress for two more pork skewers and poured some beer back into Toris's mug.
After the waitress went and gave the order to the kitchen with her swinging beautiful long scarlet hair and then she sat down "next" to Zulu who was sitting alone at the next table over and started talking about something. Why didn't she sit across from him?
Angela, Gwine, and Zenom are getting excited about the topic of the beard Gwine has started growing recently. It's a beard which you can barely tell has started growing if you look closely at the bottom of her jaw and below her nose. It sounds like a conversation to comfort Gwine who is worried about it. Zenom is giving his opinion of "A woman with no beard has no charm" but it seems she doesn't approve.
Toris is skillfully eating some dried ibodi with his {My} chopsticks. I'm eating keiswago in fish and vegetables also with {My} chopsticks while (I get a good impression that Toris is also properly using chopsticks~) drinking some bear as well.
"And you know, this time it seems it was Joni. You remember right? I think it was last winter, ah, since it was last year before we met Toris and Gwine so it should have been after the new year. It's the Tiger-man who tried to pick a fight with us to hit on Bel at "Danfulu"."
It's the voice of a rumor loving housewife.
"Eh~ I can't remember. There's too many."
The voice of a rabbit who is putting on airs.
"Is that sarcasm?"
"No, it's not sarcasm I really can't remember."
"Yes I know, you're popular after all."
"N~ That's not the case~"
"And, it seems it was the other day but that Joni supposedly died. It seems it was a trap. That crossbow one. So there really were people who get caught in that~ I need to be careful as well.."
He~ so that guy died? The one that tried to pick a fight with me. Getting caught up in a trap and dying, he really was an idiot. Before I noticed the dried ibodi that Toris had in front of him had turned into a bone as if it was eaten by fairies, and Toris was looking at that with a difficult face.
"What is it?"
What is he making such a difficult face for?
"Eh? No, this sea bream, I mean ibodi was pretty good so I was thinking of ordering another, or maybe getting some boiled with vegetables like Al-san."
He sure is worrying over something weird.
"Hn, then, I'll give you half. Order an ibodi and then give me half."
After I said that and,
"Is that fine? Then let's do that. Excuse me~"
Toris happily responded and called out to the waitress but she's sitting on Zulu's lap at the table next to ours. Work.
Even then the waitress reluctantly was running a finger along Zulu's chest as she went to take Toris's order to the kitchen. After noticing Toris and my glances Zulu looked the other direction and brought his mug to his mouth. You, the contents of that are either tea or water right?
"Though, if Ralpha's story is true then wouldn't that mean Rokis-sans party is in need of people. If two people were killed then they have 8 people right now right? If they were doing it with 10 people then in terms of combat ability things might be pretty harsh for them right now. Well it's not something for us to worry about but I wonder if they'll buy some slaves or something."
"I wonder about that~ If I remember correctly, weren't there only 6 of them when they came to Baldukk? A short while after that they teamed up with a group of four and become a full party. Though they might have just bought 4 combat slaves. Won't they just scout some random guys or purchase someone?"
"He~ I guess their leader is doing a pretty proper job? Well I'm sure it's fine as long as they're earning."
"I don't know about that far~ But if they're still at the 1st and 2nd floor I'm sure they aren't making much. Isn't it impossible to properly earn anything until the 3rd floor?"
"Then I guess for now they're just good talkers? I'm amazed they keep up at it even though they don't have any achievements."
"No, since they were able to make it to the 2nd floor in a year and a half they're still pretty quick. I'm sure they're reasonably skilled."
Year 7444, Month 5, Day 18
It's the final day of our three day break. After we finished up our cooperation training and were about to take a slightly early dinner. We met up at the restaurant "Rasurun". In order to leave my equipment and get lighter before going to eat the five of us other than the slaves were walking on our way to Boil Manor.
"You're Greed-san right, from the {Slaughterers}?"
There was a young Laios woman who called out to me in front of the inn. Just when I was thinking I had seen her face somewhere before, I remembered. She's the one from Rokis's party. Candice.Hash, level 8 huh? The eldest daughter of the Viscount Hash. I wonder what her business is?
"Yes, I am but do you have some business with me?"
I faced the woman Candy and replied. Everyone from the {Slaughterers} and is watching over.
"There's something I want to talk about for a bit, so I would like to borrow some of your time but.."
She's saying it with some reservations but she's properly looking me in the eyes.
"It's fine. What is it?"
After I replied and Candy made a slightly relieved expression before continuing her words.
"Umm, could you please act as an agent for us with Ronslail?"
"As a matter of fact..There have been quite a few deaths in our party recently...Another one of our combat slaves died in a boss room on the 2nd floor today...That's why it's came to discussing about purchasing a new combat slave.."
Ah, I see now. Since recently the "Slave Store, Ronslail" that I purchased Angela and Zulu from has made quite the name for itself. After all it was the store that provided two front-line slaves for the {Slaughterers} so it's gotten quite famous for that, any adventurer who has a decent amount of money would prefer to buy their combat slaves not from the exclusive shop "Tani Company" but it's been the recent trend to purchase combat slaves from "Slave Store, Ronslail". Supposedly it even requires making reservations there now. It's great that her business is flouris.h.i.+ng.
Even now that elf madam occasionally calls out to me that she's gotten her hands on some good slaves. Come to think of it since we started spending 5 days in the dungeon our bags have increased quite a bit. It might be good to buy a slave for carrying baggage and keeping lookout of our bags.
After thinking for a bit I,
"Wait just a moment."
I said to Candy and turned around to everyone and,
"Come to think of it, I've heard it's convenient to have someone to carry bags right?"
I tried asking everyone that.
"That's true.."
"Yeah, it's always tiring on the way."
"Always forcing Maruso to prepare the meals as well you know.."
"Someone who is better than Zulu at ma.s.sages would be good."
"It would help if we had one."
They're saying things like that.
"Then, after we change lets go and try buying one. Go ahead to "Rasurun" and wait for me."
I said that and since Gwine and Toris haven't seen a slave trader before they're coming along but "If Toris is going then I think I'll go too" is what Bel said so I just said "If you want to come then feel free.", but for some reason they all seemed a bit excited. Purchasing a slave doesn't feel all that much different from hiring an employee with extremely few human rights. Since Ralpha and Zenom didn't seem interested at all they decided to go and wait at the restaurant.
"Excuse me, sorry for making you wait. Since it was just right we've decided to purchase 1 slave as well. Shall we go together? I'll introduce you."
And Candy was happy after I said that to her. Well normally not many people would do this after all. It's something like sending salt to someone that could become your rival after all. But, honestly speaking the strength of our party isn't really related to the work of the slaves so selling a favor to a reasonably skilled party isn't too bad. Putting it bluntly, there's no way they could become a "serious" rival for us after all."
"Umm, I'll call for the leader right away. We'll be waiting in front of the store, so we'll see you there soon as you please."
"Yeah, we'll head over after we finish changing as well."
I said that and split ways with her.
After quickly changing, putting on some neat clothes, and putting just my sword in the belt on my waist it was just as I saw Ralpha and Zenom head towards the restaurant.
"That part, so they've lost close to four people in these past two weeks right?"
"If they recklessly try to challenge an opponent then those things happen. It's not unusual."
"Well, in our case since we have Al after all."
"That's true. His decisions in the dungeon are correct. Since he's trying to make sure we don't overdo it all the time. Even then we're still earning that much."
They were saying things like that. It's because if we were to overdo things the only one remaining alive in the end would be just me.
Together with Toris and the others, we started on our way towards "Slave Store, Ronslail".
I talk about the time I bought Zulu and Angela with Toris and the others as we head towards "Ronslail" and in front of the store Mittorig.Rokis and Candy from just now were waiting. After we got close Rokis approached and greeted us.

"Greed-san, I'm sorry about this. Since it seems you're going to introduce us to Ronslail..we're really saved. Really thank you very much."
"No, please don't mind it. I was jsut thinking about buying one myself."
I said that and entered the store.
The madam of the store is standing listlessly at the reception desk smoking as usual until we entered the room and she trots over to us.
"This is, Greed-sama. Welcome to our store. Please come sit over here."
And she suggested the sofa to us. I urged Rokis on and the two of us sat down on the sofa. Candy, Toris and the others are standing behind us.
"Yo~ How is business going? It seems you've gotten quite big or something.."
I started from recent news.
"Yes, we have quite a bit. Thanks to you we've gotten quite a few reservations so right now we're stocking up even more than before. Recently the number of combat slaves we deal in has exceeded the total number of labor, s.e.x, and general slaves. We have quite the reputation going for ourselves right now. Up until now we've only dealt in a total of about 30 people per year but thanks to you it exceeded 40 people last year. The increased amount was all combat slaves. Hoho Ho~"
That's quite amazing~ an increase of more than 33%. Well given the location I'm sure it was 10 combat slaves until now and the remaining was a total of 20 mixed slaves or so.
"That's quite amazing. However..I guess that was my mistake then..So there's something like reservations.."
I already knew but I said it as if I was troubled.
"Oh? You were here to purchase for the first time in a while? That is certainly a problem. Unfortunately we don't have any stock of combat slaves right now.."
The madam said with an expression like she was really troubled.
"Ah, today I didn't come intending to buy a combat slave. Well, there's no problem with it being a durable slave either way but this time I want slave that exclusively carries bags a {Porter}. Please show me your stock. You should be fine on general use slaves right? Also, this is the son of Marquis Rokis who is an adventurer in Baldukk as well. The one who wishes to purchase a combat slave is him but..I guess that's a problem. I'm sorry about speaking so selfishly but I wonder if you can't speed up arrangements for him?"
"Oh, is that how it was? If it's an introduction from Greed-sama then I can't just ignore it. However, right now we don't have any stock of combat slaves so..We intend to get some stock around the end of this month but..I'm very sorry."
The madam said and politely lowered her head to Rokis. Hey now, you can't increase your stock of combat slaves until the end of the month, doesn't that mean they're already sold from reservations the moment you get them?
"Eeh!!? Is that so..can we make reservations for them?"
Rokis tried asking the madam.
"Yeah, of course you can. Is it alright if inquire with you at your inn? Depending on our stock we'll send a messenger out. Since this time it's an introduction from Greed-sama, we'll let you check them before other customers."
Oh~ It seems she's being considerate for me. Sorry about that~
Rokis showed the madam his status and gave the name of the inn he's staying at before leaving the store. This time he put in a reservation for three combat slaves. If it comes to the son of a Marquis I'm sure he has some money. Is what I was thinking but it seems he's resolved to throw down all of his a.s.sets. Candy gave a detailed listing of their budget down the last bit of it.
Well something like the state of other peoples wallets doesn't matter at all.
Rather than that, it's finally time for her to show me their stock of slaves.
"Ah, Ronslail-san. Since it's an exclusive {Porter} slave I want one that isn't too old or young. A male in his mid-20s to mid-30s would be best. I have no intention of letting them fight so they don't need to know how to use a weapon. But, it would be best if they have quite a bit of strength and stamina. Also, if it's someone who can cook and do ma.s.sages that would be good as well."
After hearing my extravagant requests the madam put her hand to her jaw while thinking.
"Al-san, is it fine if they're not a combat slave? If they were attacked while watching the bags then.."
Toris called out a bit worried.
"No, it's not necessary. It's not like monsters come out after all and either way if another party attacked them alone there's no helping it. It would be pointless even having them resist. Regardless of whether they're a combat slave or general slave they won't survive a situation like that. And there's no need to let them partic.i.p.ate in the combat while we're on the move as well. I have no intention of bringing them along to the 6th floor which seems dangerous either."
It seems the madam was waiting for me to finish replying before she said.
"Please come over here. I'll prepare them now but unfortunately I can only prepare two people who meet those conditions right now."
We all followed after the madam and were let into a room in the back. After waiting for a short while the madam brought back two men.
Lorence.Giberuti, Level 4, 26 years old, Dog-people race.
Mathew.Ba.s.s.h.i.+su, Level 5, 32 years old, Human race.
Both of their conditions are good and they seem pretty healthy. But, I don't even need to go to the point of using Identify. Giberuti is the better choice because he has Super Sense of Smell. Though Ba.s.s.h.i.+su isn't a bad choice either and his strength is a bit higher than Giberuti, but since Giberuti is young I'm sure he'll surpa.s.s that soon.
"What's the price of these two?"
"They're both 3,500,000 Z. They weren't born as serfs but rather they were servants of a carpenter in Rombertia. Since they didn't have much talent with carpentry and this time it's the request of none other than Greed-sama, this time you also introduced a customer to me, it's a good deal on them."
3,500,000 Z huh? I guess you could say it's the average price for a general slave who doesn't have an occupation and wasn't a serf.
"Is it fine to talk to them?"
Bel asked the madam.
"Yeah, please do."
The madam smiled while responding.
"You two, what are your names?"
"I'm Lorence.Giberuti."
"I'm Mathew.Ba.s.s.h.i.+su."
The two of them honestly responded. That's only obvious huh?
"Have you entered the dungeon before?"
"I have not."
That's only obvious as well.
"Can you use the sword or spear?"
Gwine started asking as well. However, that's too unreasonable.
"I've never held them before."
"I can't use them."
Well, it's not like there's a big difference between them, so it doesn't matter either way. I almost want to just say you all decide. However these guys, I can't help but feel they're just asking out of interest.
"Do you smoke?"
There's no way a slave would smoke something like a luxury good~
"Can you cook?"
"Yes, it's a specialty of mine."
"I can most things."
Well, it was one of my conditions after all.
"What about ma.s.sages?"
"I was educated on it by my previous master."
"Is it really fine!?"
Hey, why are you looking at Bel? I reflexively looked at Toris's face. He's glaring displeased. That's only obvious. This human is no good.
It should already be fine right.
"Then..Yes, 3,500,000 Z. We'll take the Dog-people man."
"Yes, I've certainly received it. We'll have the proof of sales prepared by tomorrow morning. Will you visit the temple tomorrow? Or on another day?"
"Yeah, I'll come to receive him tomorrow morning, so we'll do it after that. Hey, let's go."
Year 7444, Month 5, Day 19
Before heading to the dungeon we went to "Slave Store, Ronslail" and picked up Lorence.Giberuti and then just like headed towards the temple to get the naming ceremony done. We purchased a huge a shoulder basket and had him carry everyone's clothes, food, and luggage. Everyone is still holding a small bag of their own stuff but it's the one we had prepared with three days worth of preserved food (1kg of dried meat or so) and some other small things so we're much more agile than before.
We entered the dungeon before noon and not quite as late as midnight but just before 10 at night we were able to arrive at the teleport room of the 3rd floor.
Year 7444, Month 5, Day 20
We've made it to the teleport room of the 5th floor. Up until now it took us around 12 hours to clear through the 4th floor but we were able to shorten it by close to 1 hour. That's a splendid thing. Giberuti is a pretty cheerful guy and everyone is already calling him Larry. At the very least by purchasing him the amount of time we spend gathering magic stones on the way should be shortened a bit as well. And above all else it's nice that we don't have to carry so much bulky things as well. Four days worth of underwear and things ends up coming out to quite a bit to carry and the food is quite heavy as well. Including him that's 5 days and 4 nights worth of preparations, including extras a total of 140 meals and if you include the pots, stoves, and buckets it weighs around 50kg. Of course if we just had one person holding all that then it would slow us down from the start so we split up to about 2-3kg per person.
With this everyone only has to carry a bag that weighs about 5kg each but even from the first day everyone's belongings got quite a bit lighter. Also since everyone had to throw their bags down during combat until now we couldn't bring along things like eggs but this time we can eat eggs even in the dungeon and our bread or vegetables won't get smashed throwing them either so I'm sure our meals will improve as well.
Our second night in the dungeon last night was already a few times more comfortable than it has been. Giberuti's skill at cooking was quite something. Maybe I'll buy a slightly better stove. Though he wasn't as skilled as Zulu when it came to ma.s.sages he was still pretty good. Hmn, I'm glad I bought him. I wonder how much I should make Giberuti's wages? Since he's not a combat slave, I guess 20,000 Z (2 silver coins) should be plenty as a monthly salary.
Year 7444, Month 5, Day 21
"Please put your seal here."
I check over the estimate that was handed to make and make sure there's no problems. Yeah, it's fine. The price is good as well.
I pushed the X-stamp seal on it and sealed it with the mark of the company.
"Thank you very much."
Inoue took the estimate doc.u.ment from me and headed towards the scanner. I'm sure he's going to turn it into a PDF and mail that to the other party. I returned to my process of producing materials for a sales meeting next week. I've been producing materials all day since before lunch without eating. The Wednesday's before a meeting are always like this. I need to finish making it by today and make sure it gets the {OK} from the department head by the end of the week.
I can have my subordinates produce the detailed graphs and tables but the composition of the materials themselves can't be done by anyone but myself. The trends of orders from last month and the remaining stock, the predictions for this month, the reasons why we arrived at those numbers. It's troublesome but it can't be helped. The one who reads this out at the meeting is the department head who is an executive but if a question comes up it's the duty of my the a.s.sistant head to offer an explanation.
..I guess I'll take a break.
I take a cigarette out of the suit I had on my chair, grabbed my lighter and started towards the smoking area.
I light my cigarette and take a puff, I look out the window at the scenery with the cigarette in my right hand. It's been raining since this morning. It feels like my feelings will start to sink.
Hn? I turn around and s.h.i.+na was there.
"Thank you for your work, here, please take this. I bought it on accident."
Oh~ this is the brand of coffee that I like. The vending machine at our place was changed with a different one last week so there's been a number of cases of pressing the wrong b.u.t.ton and purchasing the wrong thing.
"That's kind of you. Thanks."
Year 7444, Month 5, Day 24
After returning from the dungeon the other night I was tired so after having dinner with everyone, we left Gwine and Ralpha the heavy drinkers and including me all returned to the inn to sleep. Judging from their appearances they probably didn't return until late at night. The next morning when we were having breakfast the woman of leisure, well-side housewife Ralpha was talking.
"Just listen! This time it was Tim who was done in it seems. It seems he stepped on a trap on the 1st floor while they were fighting against a Giant Spider in a room. He just make reservations for three slaves the other day right?"
"Ral, it's hard to tell from just that. It seems that another person from Rokis-san's party died. It's probably because they were impatient and went to the 1st floor with just 6 of them.."
Gwine supplemented it.
"He~ that's quite foolish. Even though it wouldn't have been too late if he had just waited for the slaves...However, even reasonably skilled guys will die from traps huh? That sure is dangerous, we need to make sure we're careful as well."
Toris said while sighing after hearing that. I agree completely.
"And you know, it seems that Tiger-man who is the son of the Marquis finally had some thoughts on it so he decided to just properly do cooperation training until the slaves come without entering the dungeon."
For some reason Ralpha was saying amused by it. If you just think about it a bit that's true.
"Ral, who did you hear about that from?"
Bel said that.
"Hn? The guy I drank with yesterday. I forgot his name but I think he was a pretty good guy."
"Ralpha, since you're not a child anymore I won't say it too strictly but that it a proper guy?"
Zenom said that uncomfortably. What is this old man saying?
"Ah, you don't need to worry. We had Gwine there who's strong with alcohol, so we just drank together."
"Then that's fine but.."
Hey now, don't be getting talked away~
"Zenom-san, Ral might seem like this but she's pretty level-headed, you don't need to worry."
Angela offered a helping hand to Ralpha.
"Maruso, you might say that but..Larry what do you think?"
Zenom threw the conversation to Giberuti with his slightly grim voice.
"I still don't know much about Ralpha-san so..But, I can say this much. I doubt there are many people who could be an opponent for Ralpha-san. After all, master and the others are the top adventurers in Baldukk the {Slaughterers} right? I heard about it from Zulu-sama."
Giberuti responded with a light tone, but I see, so Zulu said that. You, haven't you gotten quite boastful? Come to think of it Zulu is quietly eating at the edge. However, his expression looks pretty dangerous. Those are the eyes of a lion aiming for it's prey. Of a male that doesn't hunt though. Zulu's view is aimed towards the Laios woman with green hair working in the kitchen. Was the waitress of "Murowa" just playing around? This guy...No wait. It seems he was looking at the lamb leg that was hanging down in the kitchen. Sorry about that, Zulu.
However, I feel like something is off.
What is it?
I'm quietly bringing my thick cut bacon to my mouth alone.
The fragrance spreads out in my mouth and nose. It's delicious.
Was there something in the conversation that felt off to me?
It's not strange that Zulu doesn't use pepper. He only puts a ton of pepper on eggs. It's the usual that Ralpha is talking about pointless rumors as well. It's also the usual that Zenom is worrying about Ralpha. There wasn't off about what the newcomer Giberuti said either.
Then, what is it?
Isn't it just a common story about how Rokis's party is breaking a bit at a time like the teeth of a comb? Is it the way they died? It's a common story to die while fighting monsters or getting caught in traps. There's always at least one person like that per month. There's even stories about groups being completely wiped out so it's not all that unusual that they would be concentrated in a party like Rokis, I'm sure that with less members their synthesized combat ability was reduced and they were less cautious of the surroundings after all...

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