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I ended up falling asleep. Next chapter in 3-6 hours this time and after that I need to look over the Miduchi chapters for important ones and decide if I feel like doing them all.
The t.i.tle this time was easier to translate as ideal but it basically meant "easy to deal with".
Year 7444, Month 8, Day 25
After I returned to where everyone else was I thought to take a shower and feel refreshed but it was right after Gwine had jumped into the shower room. For her to take one before me, what a shameless girl, is what I was thinking but after giving it more thought Gwine was especially careful on the way back not to reveal her Unique Ability to Ginger. Yeah, for today Gwine has earned the right to first shower I guess...Next is, Bel. And after that next would be Toris. I guess I'm fine later. I'm not all that tired either way.
"Bel-san, hot water~"
It seems that after taking off her leather armor and clothes Gwine entered the shower room. Bel says yes-yes~ while putting some hot water into the bucket above the back of the shower room. Zenom still has his armor on as he relaxes a bit sticking his feet in the foot bath. Ralpha and Angela are helping out Toris to remove his banded-mail. They hang the armor that's been taken off on the armor stand against the wall and after that each one of them checks their weapons for damage. Giberuti seems to have lit up the stove magic tool. The vegetables and meat he cut up is sizzling as it echoes through the room.
I feel a bit sorry for {Sun Ray} but it's the peaceful daily life of the {Slaughterers}.
After I went to Giberuti's side and,
"This time we'll return tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, so don't worry about the remaining amount of ingredients and make some for them as well."
said that before pointing at the five members of {Sun Ray} who were whispering about something with my chin.
Giberuti smiled and,
"I understand, master."
said that before adding more vegetables and meat to the frying pan. The large pot on the stove next to it was lit as well.
"About how long will it take before it's ready to eat?"
and I asked that,
"About 15 minutes."
the reply came back. I guess about the time Bel finishes her shower. I take off my rubber protectors and after returning to my under armor I said to Bel, "Next, Bel you take yours. Also, thanks for today. Since it was a good chance. I'll make good use of it." before starting to check my bayonet. As a matter of fact I didn't even use it once today but checking it is still necessary. After confirming there's no problem really quick and I started towards {Sun Ray} on the other side of the room. It was just as they were digging through bags in order to prepare their meals. It was good timing.
Judging from the guy who pulled it out first it seems their meal is something like rock hard soba with some dried meat and a single cuc.u.mber. I guess it's still better than those s.h.i.+tty disgusting cookie-like preserved foods.
"Zemyunel-san, if it's alright with you, would you all like to join us for a meal? We have something warm. And after your meal, feel free to take a shower as well. You'll feel refreshed."
I said that and smiled. Zemyunel,
"No, I'm grateful for the offer but, however, to go that far.."
and started trying to show some reservation but,
"Please don't hold back. And, the food that we went out of the way to prepare will go to waste."
and I replied like that while smiling at their other members including Ginger. The members of {Sun Ray} exchanged glances before waiting for Zemyunel's decision.
"I understand. Please allow us to rely on your kindness. I would definitely like to eat together with you."
After confirming that Zemyunel replied like that I turned around and went back.
Zenom and Ralpha, Toris and Bel, Gwine and Angela, Zulu and Giberuti, each of them share their tableware in groups of two, if we take out the one remaining set then that should be good for the five of them to share. Me? Of course I use mine alone. The meal was a stir fry of meat, vegetables with onions, cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, bacon, and then a warm soup made from dried meat as well.
"It's nothing but please warm yourselves up."
I said that and started eating. The members of {Sun Ray} started off showing quite a bit of restraint but after all it seems they were hungry and it was their first proper meal in a few days, so they quickly started devouring it.
The food disappeared in no time at all but I think we were able to provide plenty in amount.
"No, Greed-san. You not only took care of one of our members but even a meal..It was delicious. Thank you for very much. It's been about four days since we had a warm meal so we were all happy."
Zemyunel said while handing the tableware to Giberuti. Matching up with him the members of {Sun Ray} all said their thanks as well.
"No, please don't take mind of it...By the way, it's a slightly rude question but what are you planning to do about the members that still haven't returned?"
though I said that, it's nothing more than a social courtesy. There's no method of searching for them so there's no other method than for them to return to their teleport crystal or make it to the teleport room on the 6th floor on their own abilities. Even if we blindly try to search the 6th floor the chances of discovering them are pretty minuscule. Zemyunel made a difficult face after hearing my words.
"..It can't be helped but searching is probably impossible. I intend to camp here for a few days while waiting but we only carry around one day worth preserved food on each of us. Even if they drag out eating it three days is the limit I'm sure.."
Well, that's probably true. I,
"Let's just pray that the three of them didn't end up in different locations. Two people rather than one person, three people rather than two people, the chances of them safely remaining alive will increase."
and I said with a serious face encouraging them.
"That's right.."
and Zemyunel said that facing downwards. It's only obvious but he's probably feeling responsible. That's right, it's almost 100% your responsibility. If you just listen to and investigate even bit of the rumors you can learn that on the 6th floor teleporting occurs even though there's no crystals. Or Rather, it's stranger that an adventurer of this town doesn't know about it. It's unbelievable that just they didn't know about it. Obviously they were probably careful.
While it can be said there's no helping the fact that another monster suddenly intruded during combat, the fact hat you couldn't take charge of the members enough to keep them from running away to avoid it in that situation is your problem. I don't know how {Sun Ray} chooses their leaders but if this is the first leader they send to the 6th floor then there's probably no good talents among them. After all they're just adventurers.
"Well, please don't get too depressed. How about taking a shower and feeling refreshed? Koloil-kun prepare some hot water."
It's fine to reflect on mistakes but it can't be helped worrying about it forever. Rather than that, what you need to think about it is the best way to camp here as long as possible waiting for your allies. If I was you, I'd have all of my allies give me their food and the rest of them return to the surface ahead of time to hold out even just a bit longer. Otherwise if you have the leeway, start negotiations for us to sell you some food.
Obviously we already have preparations made in the case that one of our members gets caught and separated from a teleport trap. Including the slaves everyone is already holding a copy of the portions of the map we've already made and if possible they're supposed to leave signs on the ground while heading towards the center, if they end up feeling in danger then they should focus on protecting themselves and move to a place they think is safe, and then they should remain there without moving waiting for help as long as possible. Particularly before we had finished more than 50% of the map we paid extra care that we definitely wouldn't end up splitting up. That's the biggest reason our exploration speed was slow. Though I think that Gwine could return all on her own.
If the one who gets separated is me then I told them to not worry and just wait either on this 5th floor or leave Giberuti and wait on the surface or if it's someone other me, then we'll leave just me and Giberuti and the rest will all return to the surface once and try to hire a porter to carry as much food as possible and somehow make it back to here. It's more efficient for me to search alone and even in the chance that they manage to return here while I'm searching since Giberuti is here I can relax and focus on it.
That's why, when we returned bringing along Ginger I found it so strange there were four people there. I don't think that Dog-people race only have as much intelligence as a dog but is this guy an idiot? is what I thought. If I hadn't called out to them first, they were all about to eat together just now.
After I mentioned it, after all they must have wanted to change the mood so Zemyunel deiced to take a shower. Since she was instructed by me Bel stood up and headed towards the shower. I offer tea to the remaining members as we try to talk about cheerful things.
"He's a good leader right. It seems he's truly worried about the members who were separated."
I said that while in the top of my mind Miduchi's words, "it seems that people who can casually tell lies are paranoia" floated up. I guess paranoia is an exaggeration. A psychopath huh? Either way is fine. I don't really get it and going off my feeling they're both the same madmen so there's not much difference.
"Yeah, even though Ben is young he's quite the leader. His command in combat is accurate as well. Well he's a rising member and a trump card of us Sun Ray."
The 30 year old human male replied. However, even though you're already at 30 and you're still at that level huh?
If I remember correctly he uses a round s.h.i.+eld and battle mace. I don't remember his name but I think his level 16...Ah, Harukein.Fumiz, level 17 huh? If this guy had been the one who had gotten separated instead of Ginger then I would have gladly made him fall to slavery since he can use the s.h.i.+eld.
"But, Greed-san you're quite the person as well. Even though you're this young, you saved me for an amount that is almost free."
Ginger said while showing some reservations towards Bel. Bel is making hot water and putting it into the bucket with an unconcerned face like nothing happened. Furthermore, all of the members of the {Slaughterers} had bitter smiles on their faces. The only ones who were nodded as if deeply impressed were Angela and Zulu. Rather~ youth has nothing to do with it right.
"No, it's unpleasant to abandon someone who came seeking help after all...And it wasn't anything that required much effort."
I said as if I was embarra.s.sed. Each of the members of {Sun Ray} started thanking me.
"No~ it's not something that can be done so easily. We couldn't have said anything even if you abandoned Ginger. Really thank you."
"Just as rumored you seem to be quite the good person. As expected of one of the tops of Baldukk."
"Honestly speaking, I thought Ginger would end up becoming a slave. But it's quite good that prediction was wrong."
Is there nothing but idiots in {Sun Ray}? If it was {Verdure Brotherhood}, {Black Topaz}, or {Gehenna Flare} then these idiots wouldn't even be qualified to join them. Things like thanks and flattery you can say as much as you want when we return to the surface.
I make sure not to show how amazed I am on my face while continuing my words. It's fine just to make good use of idiots. Well since even these people are "a corner of the top teams" so they're not just idiots. I'm sure they can fight reasonably well and they should have gained experienced in the dungeon as well.
"By the way, I think it would be good if all you take a shower after Zemyunel-san as well. If you shower in warm water I think your feelings will calm down. Particularly Ginger since you experienced something quite frightening."
I said that and smiled again.
"That's right. Please let me do that. I certainly felt refreshed after the shower before noon."

Ginger said. I heard from Giberuti when we got back but it seems that two of the three who haven't returned yet used water magic. Even though it's summer I 'm sure that just a cold water shower in the dungeon is harsh. Something like the mana from fire magic will recover right away so isn't it fine to head out after taking a break?
"Please feel free to use that as you wish from here on out. It's true that it's refres.h.i.+ng but even more than that the wild boars on the 6th floor are sensitive to smells after all."
"So that's what it was! s.h.i.+t!"
The one who suddenly raised his voice in comprehension was..Jerutodo.Ramires. 24 years old. Level 13 huh?
"It's Bogu. Didn't he not take a shower because he said it was cold. Because of that wild boars came consecutively.."
"Come to think of it.."
At first I was a bit surprised but it made sense. So there was one guy who didn't take a shower? Honestly speaking I don't know if it's really all that related but since there's no way other than asking the wild boars, this is quite convenient. All of the members of {Slaughterers} are doing it and nodding. You're all quite the actors~
"There's that sort of reason for properly taking a shower and getting rid of the smell before going to the 6th floor."
Toris came out explaining it.
"Just as our Greed said just now, the wild boars have a sense of smell on the same level as dogs. That means it's on the same level as the Dog-people's Super Sense of Smell..Most likely you all took several days to make it up to here in the dungeon right? Of course, there's probably members who got some blood on them as well. It's important to wash away all of that."
and Toris courteously said. The four members of {Sun Ray} are nodding in admiration.
"That's why we spent quite a bit of work to create this sort of facility you can take a shower in here."
and Zenom continued off of Toris's words.
"I see now.."
"Wun..I see.."
"It does seem necessary."
"We need to do something about this as well."
Hmhmn, I'm happy that you think that way.
"That's why it's a facility that you can't lack for exploring the 6th floor. Please don't break it when we're not around."
Gwine tilted her head a bit while smiling as she said. If there was no beard then it would be a bit better but..Well it's fine.
"Ah, of course. Honestly, I didn't think it was that important.."
"It's unthinkable to break it if we can use it as well."
"We need to make sure to tell everyone else when we return."
"We might need to leave someone to lookout like everyone from {Slaughterers} as well."
Yeah-yeah. Please do that. We'll eventually be heading towards the 7th floor and eventually aim for the 8th floor like Rombert the First. I want to make sure to maintain this base on the 5th floor for that time.
"I'm glad that everyone from {Sun Ray} are good people. With this I can rest easy."
Ralpha spoke while trying to use her most formal words. I nodded to Ralpha and then lowered my head while looking at the members of {Sun Ray}.
"We're really saved that everyone has recognized it. I would like to continue with a good relations.h.i.+p from here on out as well."
Seeing me with my head lowered the members of {Sun Ray} said in a hurry.
"No saved one of our members, and even the shower.."
"Please raise your head. The ones who should be lowering their heads is us."
"That's right, we're the ones in the position who should be requesting to let us use the shower."
"It might be good for everyone to put forth some money and buy a slave to keep lookout like the {Slaughterers}."
Yeah, please definitely do that. Since we can then keep moving forward without worrying about it.
While we were all having a conversation like that Zemyunel finished taking his shower and returned.
"What is it? What were talking about?"
After hearing that the members of {Sun Ray} started explaining to him how important the shower is to exploring on the 6th floor and that they need to keep a look out on it as well. If it was {Verdure Brotherhood} or {Black Topaz} I'm sure things wouldn't have gone this well. However, with this you could say we've created a bit of an established fact that {Sun Ray} and the {Slaughterers} are cooperating on the front in some ways. Two of the only five top teams are teaming up.
Even if it's the {Verdure Brotherhood} or {Black Topaz} with their true ability I doubt they would be willing to go as far as breaking the shower or putting their hands on the lookout Giberuti. About the only way to properly take us on would be for the remaining three top teams to team up together. And as far as I can tell that's most likely impossible. After all, they all have considerably strong characteristics, particularly the {Verdure Brotherhood} who have confidence in their own abilities.
They have the basis and confidence that they were the top on the earnings front up until now. If we see each other's face in a bar then we'll have a drink together and make jokes but that old man Virhaima is probably the type that doesn't trust anyone. It's just my intuition but he probably doesn't even trust his own party members from the bottom of his heart. If it comes to that then I'm sure the remaining Black Topaz and {Gehenna Flare} would find it difficult to team up as well. Even if it's that sis Anderson she can calmly make decisions based on loss and gains. Rather than carelessly trying to compete with us she'll probably try to sway over here.
Since the members of {Gehenna Flare} are all dwarves just the same as usual, I'm sure they wouldn't want to make Gwine into an enemy as well. Even in worst case they'd remain neutral and in a good case while I'm sure they have no intention of getting familiar it's probably fine to think they wouldn't treat us badly.
Since {Sun Ray} were one of the more unique adventurer groups in Baldukk I thought that if something were to happen from here on out these guys would be the key but after all that was the case. No, it's not like a conclusion has come out yet though. It was just according to rumors these guys are donating almost all of their income and they almost never go drinking or to brothels like other normal adventurers. Though it's probably not that they "don't" but rather that they don't have any money and "cant".
That's why they don't have much of a contact point with other adventurers. I've been able to get along decently with the members of the other four top teams. That's why, I can roughly understand, what kind of people they are, what they're interested in, and what their values are and I'm sure they do the same for me. However, when it comes to {Sun Ray} they don't come along on almost any socializing and just follow their own path. Putting aside the facts even if it's just from appearances, I think it would be big to show as if we're working together with them here.
"Ho~ I see now. Certainly it's a plausible story."
After hearing the story from his allies Zemyunel is nodding to himself. Now then, I wonder what kind of conclusion the leader Zemyunel will come to.
Incidentally, if I was him I'd avoid coming to an immediate decision here and earn some time by negotiating with the other members. Of course while making sure to appear friendly to our side at the same time. After that, if possible negotiate with our side and request some funds to convince my allies with. It would be fine to say you yourself need it as well but it would be even more effective if over half of the members of {Sun Ray} were against it or someone in a higher position was against it and the money is needed to convince them or something. Of course the aim itself isn't the money.
By doing that they could even if just a little limit the options of the {Slaughterers} and while it's a weird way of putting it, appeal that {Sun Ray} isn't just one big rock as well, if they're lucky they could cause some negligence for the {Slaughterers} side. Even in worse case it would act as a check that they're not idiots.
"Greed-san. It's an offer I'm extremely grateful for and I myself would like to accept it right away but I need to confirm the wills of the other members first. However, right now I need to wait for the members we've separated from so I can't get in contact with them. I'll formally give you a response at a later date. I'm really sorry but I feel quite apologetic that I can't give you an immediate response. But, I think I'll definitely be able to give you a good reply."
Zemyunel apologetically lowered his head while saying that. Hm~n.
"No not at all, please don't mind it, it's fine for you to decide after discussing it with everyone. However, I don't think there's almost any demerits for you all as well."
I smile while responding. It seems that Ginger is taking a shower after Zemyunel.
Year 7444, Month 8, Day 26
The next day, we woke up early in the morning at the same time as usual, ate breakfast, took a shower, and after putting on our equipment, we were about to start exploring the 6th floor again. When I noticed it Zemyunel had woken up and come to greet us.
"Be careful.."
"If, we happen across someone again we'll bring them back here."
"I'm very sorry. The five of us have no confidence on the 6th floor.."
"No, please don't mind it, well then."
We all grabbed on to the crystal rod and I chanted the incantation.
According to Gwine it seems that this is an area we haven't been to before. After confirming that there's no monsters in the surroundings we followed her words of "it seems like this direction would be best" and started advancing forward.
"Hey, Al. Do you intend to team up with {Sun Ray}?"
Ralpha said.
"Since they don't seem like bad people, they're fine as a partner to team up with though."
Toris said. Somehow there's something strange about that way of putting it.
"Right. However, I'm amazed they can manage things with a leader like that."
Zenom said. I agree but if they're independent of others then it's not all that much of a problem after all.
"But, don't they give off a better feel than the other parties?"
Bel said. Ho~ in regards to what?
"If it's me, then I would prefer {Gehenna Flare}~"
Gwine said. You just aren't thinking anything at all right. Don't say it from your interests. For the time being let's stop here.
I intentionally didn't respond and waited for everyone to say their thoughts but as a result it seems to have settled that they're the best ones to team up with. Yeah, if everyone has accepted that then there's no problem. It would be fine if I decide to come out harshly on it but if possible I'd like for them to  think about it, discuss it, and come to a conclusion on their own. Particularly these guys.
"Yeah, my opinion is almost the same as everyone else. They're probably the easiest ones to cooperate with. Making them ideal is the fact that they have even more in numbers and on top of that we've already sold a favor to them. It should be a bit difficult for them to a.s.sert their opinion towards us. And, even if I say cooperating with them, it's not like we're going to get along and explore together. In the first place I'm sure they'd refuse that as well. It's just the problem of managing the teleport crystal room. In that case I think they're still better than the selfish guys who you never know what they'll end up saying."
I said that and looked around at everyone,
"There shouldn't be almost anything that's bad for them either. If they'll even buy a slave them that might just cost a bit, at that level. Since they're exploring the 5th and 6th floors they should have at least that much money to use. It's just a matter of whether the story is worth that much of an expense. At the very least if I was one of the members of {Sun Ray} I'd think about cooperating. After that is just the problem of cooperating in what way. Everyone, just in case remain careful of the members of {Sun Ray}. You never know where they might come to try and split us up at after all. Though I probably don't think they'll try to do something like that."
and said that, then started walking again as if saying that was the end of the conversation.

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