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This is why I will never translate a series with excessive cooking... even just an odd chapter here and there is too much for me. I am not a master sus.h.i.+ chef, I do not understand all that sus.h.i.+ cutting terminology!11 Miduchi's bad accent at the {Common Language} is hard to translate as well.
Year 7444, Month 8, Day 28
We've returned to one of the small rooms on the side of the teleport room at the surface.
"Ah~ I want to take a shower. I can't get the smell of the blood out from my hair."
Ralpha said like she was already sick of it. After finis.h.i.+ng our exploration of the 6th floor when we returned to the 5th floor Giberuti had already finished packing our stuff so we decided to put priority on returning right away and taking a shower at the inn.
"Me too~ Al-san, we returned one day early this time but are we still doing a four day holiday?"
Gwine continued to say as well. Why do you always tilt your head a bit when you say things like that? It's quite sly.
"Yeah, there's four days off starting tomorrow. The next time is starting from September 3."
"Where are we going tonight?"
Toris asked.
"I want to eat meat~"
Bel is speaking on a whim. Even though she's a rabbit she eats meat. Though it doesn't particularly matter, I want to eat fish.
I guess it's fine if I carry one in?
"If it's meat then ""Murowa" is good. The pork skewers there are delicious."
Zentom said while licking his lips. Yeah, "Murowa" huh? They have ibodi and keiswago there as well so it's okay. However, today my stomach is saying it wants flounder. I've learned it recently but even without soy sauce if it's white meat fish then sas.h.i.+mi is pretty good with just salt. In my past life I made fun of it as a "fancy" way of eating it and was adamant about having soy sauce and condiments but when I drink alcohol I can't help but want to eat sas.h.i.+mi. As a matter of fact this method of eating was something Mary taught me but it's surprisingly good.
Incidentally those born on Orth like Zenom and Zulu find eating raw fish to be creepy. Even in Binsil's restaurant of Keel it seems that Mary and Kuro would eat ekiswago, wokoze, mivaru, and those sorts of white meat fish with just salt or citrus juice on them but no one would order any of it. Hmph, everyone who can't understand the deliciousness of this just has a pitiful tongue. Even if I'm scorned as a barbarian who eats raw fish I have no intention of stopping.
"Ah, then, let's make it "Dorureon". I'll stop by the fish dealer and buy a peiramu. Since you can't bring your own ingredients in to "Murowa". If it's the meat dishes at "Dorureon" then you don't have any complaints either right Zenom? Ralpha you and the others can go ahead first and take a shower."
As we walked up the stairs to the surface Zenom nodded while smiling and,
"Ah, peiram is it? That sounds good. Please let me judge them."
and Toris replied. Recently, it seems Toris has awakened to the deliciousness of fish as well and whenever I go to buy some fish he comes along. One day I want to go fis.h.i.+ng together with him.
"Oh, I see. Just the lively looking peiram is no good. They're the best about two days after being caught when they've had time to mature. Make sure you properly see through them?"
I said that and went to the surface.
After leaving the dungeon and I felt Miduchi nearby. One week ago, just before we entered the dungeon I couldn't tell anything but that she was quite a distance away but the moment we left into the entrance plaza I could feel her. Her distance is roughly 1 Km. The direction Southwest. It seems to be "Boil Manor". I wonder if she's already in the inn? A smile naturally appears on my face. I wonder if I made her wait? But it was really perfect timing.
"Then, shall we go. Ah, Giberuti, go ahead first to "Dorureon" and reserve some seats for us."
Since we go to "Dorureon" once a month even my slave Giberuti can reserve seats for us with no problem. Well we are the {Slaughterers} who saved the second son of the owner after all. We split into three groups. Angela and Zulu were given the luggage Giberuti was carrying, Giberuti who is going ahead to the restaurant. And then us six.
Along the way when we were about to arrive at the fish dealer, Ralpha and Gwine wanted to take a shower so Zenom their guardian went along with them ahead of us. Toris and I started looking for a good peiram from the fish lined up in the store front. Since Bel obviously won't separate from Toris while we're on the surface she's here as well. There were only two peiram at the fish dealer. There's no room picking. Since I normally only buy one of them regardless of what I just said without picking I ended up buying both it seems that Toris and Bel found it strange.
"N, today is special. When we arrive at the restaurant I'll have them cut right away. If it's "engawa" then Bel you'll eat it too right?"
Since it's this sort of occasion. I paid the master of the fish market 10,000 Z (1 silver coin) for the two fish and then held on to a string that went through their gills. Even on Orth Peiram is an ultra high-cla.s.s fish. I'm sure there's many among the commoners that will never taste them. They're normally eaten as a meuniere. Even if you look at all of Orth probably the only ones eating them in sas.h.i.+mi would be reincarnated people I guess?
"I'll hold them for you."
I handed the peiram to Toris and followed after Zenom and the others about 100m ahead.
I spent a short while talking with Toris and Bel while walking and when we reached the T curve towards "Boil Manor" I noticed Zenom and the others stopped at the entrance. It seems they're talking about something with the brat. I wonder if Miduchi left a message? She should be nearby there.
Since the building is in the way we can't see from where we are but I could hear Ralpha's noisy laughing voice echo.
On the left side of the entrance Miduchi was standing with her horse in a short robe that went down to her hips. Did she go to the trouble of waiting in front of the entrance? Putting that aside, if Ralpha and the others aren't talking with Miduchi then hurry up and go take a shower. Toris and Bel are already gone.
"Hey Ralpha, since you guys said you were going to take a shower..first. That was faster than I thought."
I call out while raising my left hand and,
Miduchi let go of the reins of her horse and started running towards me.
Ralpha, Gwine, the brat of "Boil Manor"..and then my voice echoes out. What's that, Dear...It's true that Miduchi mentioned something like that when we were in the dungeon the other day but..Hey now, are you already acting as my wife? That's~ not just at the level of moving things too fast?
While she was in the middle of running over Miduchi magnificently tripped over a pile of horse dung in the middle of the road. You could say she had good luck that she slipped with good momentum so she didn't fall straight down into it. Though there's horse dung on the bottom of her boots.
No one could say a word after seeing her appearance of tripping with such momentum and hitting her head against the ground then rolling around while holding it. I can hear the hustle and bustle of Baldukk from the distance. Since I would feel bad just leaving her when she's making that face like she's going to cry so I approached and stretched my hand out to her to help her stand up.
After letting out just a single word Miduchi diligently took the sword off her waist including the scabbard and started checking it. It's a simple scabbard but the guard and handle are high-quality.
"Thank goodness..It's not dirty and there's no scratches."
After she whispered quietly she once again carefully returned the scabbard to the sword band and looked at me.
""Starting from there again!""
While the brats eyes were wide and he was dumbfounded I told him to prepare a spot in the stable for Miduchi's horse. I don't really know why but for some reason I watched as Miduchi triumphantly brought her horse back to the stables and a nervous and reserved voice called out to me.
"Umm..Al-san. That woman is..."
I guess she couldn't put up with the mood of everyone remaining silent, Bel tried asking.
"It's the Dyurou that Al mentioned before, his subordinate from the past right?"
Zenom replied in my place.
"Yeah, that's right. I'll introduce everyone later."
"Were you married?"
"No way. I'm still a bachelor."
""Then why!""
Ralpha and Gwine raised their voices at the same time. As a matter of fact I've been thinking it since just but, aren't you guys just twins who don't resemble each other?
"Nn..Well, one day, maybe. We might."
Somehow I feel a bit embarra.s.sed.
Yeah, I see now. I certainly understand the feelings of you two~ Particularly Ralpha, you even had this strange sense of relief because we're both humans right? I consider you a good friend but your hobbies are no good~ Putting aside the jokes,
"What is it?"
Do you have some sort of complaint?
"Fu...In any case, so that means our allies will increase by one again right? Then why don't we welcome her."
Zenom made an amazed face after looking at Ralpha and Gwine while spinning his {tomahawk} around once.

"Ral, Gwine. Now go and take a shower."
Bel pushed them on while holding Toris's right hand in the middle of her cleavage while saying with a voice filled with composure. However, no matter when I see them they're quite magnificent. By the way you, what happened to the timidness from just now?
"Isn't she a pretty person, Al-san?"
Toris smiled while carrying the peiramu.
"What does this mean?"
"She hasn't taken a room.."
"Even though she came out of nowhere.."
"How dirty.."
"That sort of face wound.."
"She must not have had enough mana to fix it right?"
"Then isn't that no good."
"I won."
"You, don't you have no chest? It's your loss."
"Even Ral is at best a B right?"
"Even then I have more than you."
"If it's color then even I.."
It seems that Ralpha and Gwines grumblings entered Bel's ears.
"I'm in the same room as Toris as well!"
and she said that and then looked at me before smiling. No, I intend to have Miduchi take a different room? Though since there's no open rooms on the same floor she'll be on a different floor.
Zenom hit me on the b.u.t.t lightly once before following after Gwine and Ralpha into "Boil Manor".
Miduchi finished taking off the harness and returned. It might just be my imagination but the brat who came along her side carrying her saddle bag seems uneasy. In comparison to that Miduchi is making an arrogant expression while carrying a number of bags on her left shoulder. I faced Toris and Bel before saying.
"I'll introduce you. This is Midu~ritto.Chizumagurol. My subordinate from in the past that I mentioned I met the other day deep in the dungeon. Right now she's my wo"Wife. Please call me Miduchi. Thank you for always taking care of this person."
Miduchi used polite words to interrupt my speaking. What's that, did you practice your speaking quite a bit? A lot of the weird feeling from your tone of speech has disappeared.
I dropped my fist on Miduchi's head and said.
"Since I haven't married I have no wife. And you don't need to force yourself to use polite speech. Your accent is strange. This b.u.mpkin."
"Eh? Is that so? Even though I practiced quite a bit.."
"It's fine. Just talk in a way that's easy. It's fine if you fix it a bit at a time."
"It's nice to meet you, Miduchi-san. I'm Tolkelis.Kalstalan. Please call me Toris."
Toris said that and stretched out his hand to Miduchi. When Toris smiles one of his teeth s.h.i.+nes in the setting sun.
"Yes, I'm looking forward to working with you from here on out."
"It's nice to meet you I'm Bernadette.Koloil. But in several years I will be Berndaette.Kalstalan. Please call me Bel."
"Oh that so. That is..It's a pleasure to meet you as well."
She's lowering her head but Miduchi's eyes were stolen by Bel's chest. Feel free to fall backwards.
"Yeah, just as you've heard, she was born far in the countryside. Just give up that her way of speaking is strange. If it's "j.a.panese" then there's no problem so if it's a pain then using that is fine."
We walked towards the front in order to take a room for Miduchi.
Everyone other than Miduchi, Toris, Bel, and I were already at "Dorureon". When we entered the store late and Zulu, Angela, and Giberuti came rus.h.i.+ng over.
""Congratulations. Master.""
I dropped my fist on Miduchi's head again when she's grinning and bowing her head and,
"I still haven't gotten married yet."
said that and took my seat.
Out of the six person table and the four person table, I sat at the six person one.
Ralpha and Gwine are lined up on the far side of the four person one and looking at me with a strange expression.
Well I'll forgive that rude att.i.tude for at least today.
Angela and Giberuti sat down across from Ralpha and Gwine.
Zulu, Toris, and Bel sat down in front of me and then on my left Miduchi and Zenom sat down.
"Then, once again I'll introduce her. This is Midu~ritto.Chizumagurol. Her position is..probably the same as me reinforcements. For the time being, since we originally were supposed to be in the dungeon until tomorrow, I intend to do some training tomorrow morning but it probably won't be any different. Also, her way of speaking is strange but forgive her on that. She's from the countryside."
I said that and introduced Miduchi and this time Miduchi stood up and greeted everyone.
"All peoples, I'm Midu~ritto.Chizumagurol. Please call this one Miduchi."
and said that before lowering her head.
"Pu..Did you hear that? She said, all peoples."
"Yeah, and she's calling herself "this one"."
Ralpha and Gwine are whispering to each other but we can completely hear it. Look, Miduchi's turned red. Bel who was sitting in front of me,
"Stop it."
said that and scolded them. But, well, it can't be helped if she's laughed at a bit.
I sigh once and took the peiram from Toris,
"I'll go get this prepared. Sas.h.i.+mi is fine right?"
and said that before standing up.
"Ah? Is that "flounder"? If that's the case then it's just right. Would it be alright to make one of them "Meuniere"?"
and Miduchi said. Does she not know the {Common Language} for "flounder" and "Meuniere"?
"Eh? Well it's fine. But why?"
"If it's a "flounder meuniere" then I can prepare the sauce."
Hmph. Well, I guess it's fine. Since it's something like a welcoming party for Miduchi after all.
After going to the kitchen since it's the same as usual, I borrowed a knife from the head chef and started cutting the two peiram into sas.h.i.+mi pieces. While Miduchi was quietly watching she said, "Is it okay if I take the head and middle bone?" so I gave it to her. It seems she's started to moisten it with steam right away and making stock from it. I cut out eight "engawa" worth from the two fish and cut them into bite sizes, and make them 1/4th the size while carefully adding some garnish for looks.
"I'm going to take the guts from one of them as well."
and before I could say anything she quickly took the guts of one them and started steaming and straining those as well. Aa~ even though gut sas.h.i.+mi of flounder is delicious...However, so she's making a meuniere using a sauce made from using the guts as a stock huh? Isn't that normal?
Miduchi quickly cut one fishes portion into an adequate four pieces and started adding salt, seasonings, and a bit of wheat flour. She lined some oil along the frying pan and started frying the meuniere. After it started sizzling and she finished frying one she placed it on a place and then split the oil from the flounder into a separate frying pan. There she added the stock she got from the first bit of guts and added a bit of wine and vodka. It seems she's going to boil down the sauce in the small frying pan.
At this point the head chef and I who was half way done making sas.h.i.+mi were watching Miduchi with interest. While she was boiling down the sauce in the small frying pan, she poured down a bit more of the light oil from the large frying pan returned the meuniere from the plate before frying it again. It should be fine if I don't watch over for a bit. She took a small 15 cm higher and 10 cm diameter bottle out of her waist pouch and I can tell something like a small stone is inside of them. She took the cork off of it and then took one white-ish looking rock out and the head chef raised his voice in surprise. You know what that is, old man?
With a familiar method she sliced the rock into fine pieces. It seems it's not a rock. A potato?
"O..One whole. An entire single white sarenruji!?"
The eyes of the head chef are spinning as he whispers. I don't know what this white sarenruji is but it seems it's valuable. Miduchi completely finished finely cutting up the white sarenruji and started adding it to the small frying pan with the sauce, she then added something like a paste and then started focusing on the large frying pan. An extremely enticing smell started to float through the kitchen.
Ha..This isn't the time to be charmed. I need to make sure to make mine as well. I cut the flounder into sas.h.i.+mi and put it on a large plate, in the center there's a small hill of engawa pile on top of each other. After this if I just add a bit of rock salt to a small plate to go with it and it's done.
Miduchi is serving the meuniere on a plate and putting the sauce from the small frying pan on top of it. It seems she's done as well.
"U..Umm, would it be alright for me to have the remaining sauce in that frying pan?"
The head chef called out to Miduchi. Hey now, your name as the top restaurant in Baldukk "Dorureon" will cry. Let's stop with the poor people antics. In the first place, it's the cooking of an amateur. While my face is turning into a frown Miduchi smiled and, "if you're fine with something like this then, please do." Really, I can't keep up with this~
I carry along the plates of food with me. It seems everyone is waiting and hungry.
"Ei~ sorry for the wait. The meuniere is coming soon as well. It seems pretty tasty looking."
When I put the large plate on the table and turned around it was just as Miduchi came out with a plate on each hand and behind her the boy was coming along out of the kitchen as well.
I heard the yell of the head chef.

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