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BTW just in case you missed it. The summaries of the reverse chapters can be found at the link below, it doesn't cover everything from Reverse 79-87(142-150) but it's got most of it in there. One thing is that sword has Dyuro (AKA dark elf name) mixed into it's name, no idea what that second part might be it looks something like it has "Of Stealer" in it as well  for the energy drain but no idea still. Also the plate was bent during the attack mentioned briefly in the summary, she won 1v7 but barely after taking an arrow to the chest (which hit the plate).
Year 7444, Month 8, Day 28
After Miduchi carried out the peiramu meuniere and everyone's chopsticks that were reaching for my sas.h.i.+mi stopped. Of course, mine did as well. Everyone was done in by the smell coming from the peiram meuniere on the 20 cm or so plate everyone had. The waiters who brought it out couldn't help but stare at it as well.
To be honest, I thought it just a moment ago as well but I feel like I've smelled this scent somewhere before.
I tried to pull out my memories of the distant past and I think it was the dinner menu for my wedding reception in my past life. Foie gras with truffles. It's the scent of that made even stronger and deeper. Ah, it's the scent of truffles. So white sarenruji is a white truffle.
"Everyone, please eat it while it's still hot."
If you're going to say that then it's "everyone, eat before it cools down.." but no one was paying attention to the wording Miduchi used.
It seems that Bel and Gwine knew about it. Their eyes are wide as they brought their faces to the plate.
Angela and Giberuti are twitching their noses at the scent. It seems like they're about to drool any moment.
"This is a good scent."
"This is.."
Zenom is smelling the scent with an ecstatic expression, and Toris and Zulu are bringing their noses close as well.
Only Ralpha raised her eyebrows.
I thought it was similar to a scent I know that's made much deeper after waiting over two weeks. However, it's not at all, it's a scent that increases your appet.i.te considerably. I wonder how happy I would be putting this in my mouth? and it's a scent that amazing.
I took off just a bit full from the end of the meuniere and put it into my mouth after sticking it into the sauce on the center.
I guess this is what they mean when they say you can't even say a word. After all if I were to open my mouth to let out a voice I feel like the scent would escape. I respected the head chef a bit for being able to raise his voice. There's no way I could do that. The refined taste of the flounder spreads through my mouth. There's no complaints about the taste of the sauce either. The stock of the flounder was done well as well and the vague scent from the wine and vodka adds to the complexity of the meunier itself. The sauce added on top of that made from the white truffle causes the center of the body to tremble from the rich scent.
Sorry, honestly speaking, I underestimated it, fish meuniere.
Only after chewing a few times and I swallowed it down in no time at all but I want to feel the scent and flavor in my mouth for an eternity.
I let out a sigh.
"Somehow this scent is indecent. But, it's delicious.."
Everyone excluding Miduchi glared at Ralpha who said something destroying the mood. Toris is licking his chopsticks with his forked tongue. Somehow those movements are indecent, that.
Stop it already.
"Hamu..Yeah, this is delicious. Wafu..What is it this. What indeed?"
While were still basking in the aftertaste of the first bite, Ralpha is devouring the meuniere down.
"I'm glad it matched your tastes."
Miduchi said while smiling. However, no one is listening. We're all focused on slowly eating the meuniere with a bit of sauce at once. Ah, everyone other than the reincarnated people are grabbing with their hands. While watching Ralpha aim for Gwine's plate after she finished eating right away we just remained quiet and continued eating.
While dodging Ralpha's chopsticks coming from the side, after Gwine finished eating her voice matched Bel and said to the waiter.
""Bring some bread. The soft and white kind.""
Oh~ so they intend to soak up the remaining sauce on the plate with the bread. Certainly that seems delicious as well. But, everyone other than those two are already wiping it with their fingers and sucking it off. Of course, I am as well. After hearing their words I couldn't help but look disappointingly at my own finger. Miduchi's was partially eaten but she slid the portion remaining on her plate in front of me.
After everyone finished eating the sauce with some bread and endured the torture of watching Gwine, Bel, and I finish eating, we all spoke at once.
""It was delicious!""
""Is this sauce made from "white truffles"!?""
Bel and Gwine questioned Miduchi. After all that was the case. However, you two what kind of lifestyle did you have in your past lives to know about white truffles. We're you high-cla.s.s daughters?
"Yes. It's called white sarenruji. It's a type of mushroom grown in our country."
It was then that the pork steaks that Zenom, Ralpha, Zulu and the slaves ordered was carried out.
"Ah, pork huh? Well then, please spring a bit of this on top."
Miduchi took another bottle out of the pouch on her waist and filled a spoon of something black and finely chopped up over the pork steak of Zenom next to her.
Could this maybe be...
"This is black sarenruji made into fine powder. Please use it for the scent."
Zenom carried an end which it was on into his mouth.
Zenom's eyes went wide and he started breathing with his nose, in the next moment the remaining steak on his plate was in the hands of me, Toris, Bel, Ralpha, and Gwine. It seems Ralpha and Gwine moved from the other table. Zulu and the other three are sprinkling some of the black powder on their own plates. If I think carefully about it there's a plate in front of Ralpha as well but no one noticed. She quickly returned to her own seat and then Ralpha poured a pile out of the bottle after Giberuti finished using it while chowing down.
This is delicious as well. Even though it's just a pork steak putting a bit of truffle power on top makes it feel this delicious? The power of scents is amazing~ Ralpha and the three slaves finished off their steaks in no time at all. This is why people with no cla.s.s are a problem. I can't believe Zulu wouldn't even give me a single bite though it's simply unjustified resentment. Rather than that Zenom was pitiable.
"I'm glad you're all pleased with it. In reality the way you're supposed to eat it is slicing it up and adding a few pieces on a meat dish like in "France" or "Italy" though"
Ah, come to think of it I've seen something like a fillet beef steak with pasta and thinly sliced truffles on it before. At a place in Ginza they had something like a single slice of black truffles for 1,000 yen. The chef himself actually comes all the way out to ask "How many slices?" Putting on airs and saying "5..5 slices" with a trembling voice is nostalgic. Of course it's my first time trying white truffles.
"Roze, let's go and hunt some Roze!"
Bel turned her voice inside out while saying. Go and hunt you, they're monsters. Well if it's us right now then we'd probably be fine though.
""That sounds good.""
Zulu and Angela are looking up slightly while responding as if it's only obvious. Everyone who's eaten that before is nodding.
The remaining five peoples Seizuku poware came out. It was certainly delicious but after eating that...
I feel like the sas.h.i.+mi I made was a bit lonely. Of course I still ate it all though.
Particularly Giberuti was intent on asking how to create the sauce. He was considerably insistent on it.
After that, the party continued peacefully and I think they were somewhat able to accept Miduchi.
Since Bel and Toris said they were going to go drinking a bit more at a different place they invited everyone, Zenom and the others jumped on that, but Miduchi and I returned to the inn with just the two of us. Sorry about that. I think I've already talked about most of the plans previously but since I thought a review was necessary and above all I wanted a quiet place to calm down and talk.
We started by returning to our rooms and after taking our showers, Miduchi came to my room. Hmph, as usual she has nothing but worn-out clothes. Even if she changes it's this. Ah, of course it's not like her clothes are just It's simply that her clothes are pretty worn-out. The dye has fallen, the color is getting lighter, while looking at her clothes across the table I made two cups of ice water. The water is something from the well. As expected it's hot after all.
"Was your older brother fine?
"Yes, thanks to you it seems he'll somehow make it. Thank you very much. Also, I'll return the things I borrowed. First, your knife."
Since she handed over my old favored knife with the chipped blade I took it. When I tried taking it out and looking at it the chipped portions had increase. Well, it should be fine if I sharpen it.
"Next up, is this plate. My life was saved thanks to this copper plate.  Though because of that it was damaged a bit.."
He~ I see. It's fine even if it's got a little bit of damage. I'm sure there's stuff like that as well. I wonder if she showed in that Lail Kingdom or whatever? No, I can't imagine that the influence of Marquis Webdos works in a foreign country so she must have showed it along the way. It's fine as long as she didn't use it for something weird..whaiit~!?
"Wha, what in the world is this! It's bent...A..ah..Thi..This much damage.."

There was a large cut in the center of the Marquis's plate and it was a bit bent. It seems like it was bent even more but it was fixed afterwards. However this, even though it's something valuable I was given by sister-in-law was really something valuable. I never properly used it but, it's not that sort of problem. There's supposedly only a really small number issued..
There was a dark elf curling up a bit looking apologetic on the other side of the table after seeing my state.
"..It's fine. If this saved your life, then that's fine."
I guess it's fine if I just think of it as sister-in-law saving Miduchi.
"I'm sorry.."
I looked at the top of Miduchi's head as she lowers it,
"Ah, it's fine. And, that is.."
I get caught up a bit on the words I was going to say.
"Yeah, it's about the madam right?"
"Just as she said at that time, she was already nowhere in this world it seems. However, the madam, no, I was able to talk somewhat with the spell "her majesty" left behind."
Since Miki said that pretty soon she would "die" so I knew about that and it wasn't anything to be surprised about. However, I think I heard her say she talked to the spell that Miki left behind. What is this fellow saying?
She must have noticed my confused expression, Miduchi explained it for me.
"The madam left behind a special spell in the end. It seems it was close to thought body and it was capable of talking with a considerable amount of freedom. Thanks to that I was saved quite a bit."
"I see.."
After that we spent some time as she told me what kinds of things happened in her home town. Though the methods to become an {immortal} or {G.o.d} still remain unknown. However, it seems that Miki was looking out for me.
Yeah, even if we used to love each other, for me it was even 16 years, and when it comes to hers it was a partner of several hundred or even a thousand years. Much less one side of them has become a {Demi-G.o.d}. I can't imagine it happening but no matter what I wanted to avoid becoming her enemy.
"..After that is..I guess I'll talk about it now while no one else is around. Tomorrow morning I'll have you show your power to everyone. After that you need to go around and buy you some clothes and necessities. It would probably be best to have Ralpha and Bel accompany you on that. We'll head to the capital before evening. It's necessary to have you made a pair of boots over there. That's why tomorrow we'll spend the night in the capital but we'll return after eating lunch. However, we'll tell everyone that we're going to remain in the capital until the day after tomorrow? that we'll be staying there until a later date. That's why even if we return we won't come here. We'll leave our horses at a different inn and on the night of the day after tomorrow we'll enter the dungeon. I'll talk about the details of it tomorrow on our way to the capital."
After hearing our schedule for tomorrow on Miduchi seemed to have some questions but it seems she shelved them for now. Things like this are just like her personality in the past.
"By the way, I have something I want you to look at."
"Hn? Sure, that's fine though you know."
I stood up from the chair.
Miduchi looked up at me.
"Before that"
I took Miduchi's hand from across the table and stood her up.
She's making a face like, where are we going to go?
"We have something to do right?"
I lift her chin up.
"Eh, ah."
Katan, I heard the sound of Miduchi's new sword hit the chair.
I put my arms around her body.
I'm sure there's already no need for anymore words.
Punishment for the plate!
I grinned while grabbing the obi of her kimono that's faded in color over time and pulled it.
Even though it's punishment why does she seem like she's having fun?
Year 7444, Month 8, Day 29
【Blade Shadow Scimitar: Raidyuroufusutira】
【Orihalicon Steel】
【State: Good】
【Manufacture Date: 1/1/6672;21/3/6791;13/6/6862】
【Value: 1】
【Endurance: 625942】
【Ability: 210-260】
【Effect: Energy Drain】
【Effect: Raise.Hiding.In.Shadow.Rate】
【Effect: Raise.Magic.Recovery.Rate】
【Effect: Auto-Mending】
I guess this is what they mean when they say you can't close your open mouth. I thought it was strange since before but I wonder who in the world is writing the details of Identify and Status Open. I can already guess it for the most part though.
In any case, there's no mistake it's a sword with some terrifying abilities. It makes sense that my wife, a {Demi-G.o.d} had used it. The moment she pulled it from the scabbard there wasn't even any need to Identify it, I could feel it was amazing.
Unusually this sword had a to it. Between the handle and guard there's about 15 cm of with no blade and from there the blade stretches out in a refined arc. It's different from a normal scimitar, one of the characteristics of it is that the closer it gets to the blade it gets subtly thinner. I don't know if it's been tempered but the portions other than the blade are dyed black and it doesn't feel like something from this era but rather a blade that even feels like it's an industrial blade from the 21st century.
Hmph, you received something quite good.
I carefully returned the sword to it's scabbard and gave that to Miduchi before saying.
"This is an amazing sword. I guess you could call it a magic sword. It seems that on a {clean hit} it can absorb one body level from the opponent. Though it doesn't seem to raise your own level. Around every one level you absorb it temporarily increases your HP by 5 . If you end up taking a similar hit while your HP is increased the absorbed HP seems to obstruct it so it seems you can endure an attack from Energy Drain during that time. After that it seems to have Auto-Mending cast on it as well so as long as it's inside of the scabbard it doesn't require any maintenance. And while you're holding on to the handle it seems that your mana recovery rate increases as well. Mana normally recovers about 1 point per 5 minutes but with this it seems to be about 1 point per 4 minutes. In addition it seems that while you're holding the handle it's harder to see you when hiding in the shadows of things as well. There's no need to pull it from the scabbard for those things. It seems it's effective as long as you have your hand on the handle. Isn't that great."
Miduchi was surprised after hearing my explanation and made a strange expression like she was happy but at the same as if it was only obvious. By the way I wonder where you can find Orihalicon? Did she have an acquaintance of the Triton race or something? Or was it the people of Atlantis? It doesn't really matter but the details of the sub-window were considerably s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g around so they weren't of much reference.
This day Miduchi showed her true skills to the other party members without dissatisfaction. Her skill with the sword itself was weaker than me and still didn't match up to Zenom, but she was still plenty skilled and she showed the next highest power with spells after me. If she doesn't use the sword, while her skill with the bow doesn't match up to Bel, she is decently skilled with it as well and she showed quite the mastery with a wide variety of weapons.
Thanks to that everyone agreed with her role being the same as mine in shortstop and reinforcement. There's still a large portion of her {Common Language} that is kind of stiff but Bel is following up with her on that and it seems they're going shopping together at noon.
"Hey, Al. Did you contract with Miduchi?"
Ralpha called out to me. I thought there wasn't much point to contracting with my own woman at this point. A lover's contract? Though I don't have any intent on something like a lover. But, I see. It seems like ti would be a good idea to do one for the time being.
"N, not yet. I'm going to make the contract doc.u.ments today after this. We'll finish up the procedures for it right away and then head to the capital tonight to make her boots. Since I haven't shown my face in the company recently as well."
"Ah, so you're going to properly contract with her."
I don't know why but Ralpha said with a relieved face.
"Hn? Ah, well, yeah."
"N, then that's fine. I see, so you're going to do it properly.."
What is she saying? This girl. There's no way I could do something like treating her special. If you try to treat one person special when there's a low head count it's the source of discord. If it's daily necessities and things she needs for now then I'll lend her the money with no collateral but even that's plenty special. Although, it seems like she has plenty of money for now so there's no need to lend her any. Since Toris and Bel are here it's easy to forget but in the first place I'm in the faction that rejects romance in the company. They properly split up on and off hours and don't do anything like flirting on the job, not only are they calmly going about their duties but it seems like they plan to marry in the future so I've recognized it. Obviously I've already properly instructed Miduchi on the same things.
"That's only obvious right. Certainly she's my woman but I make sure to split things up that need to be split up. I have no intention of living in the same room as her either."
"Eh? Hmph..I see."
"Yeah, that's right. That's why you should get along with her."
Ralpha turned around and started talking with Gwine about something. What's with this girl?

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