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Once Again to the Fairy Village
Year 7444, Month 8, Day 29
After our morning training, it seems that centering around Bel they're going shopping for Miduchi's clothes and other necessities. Ralpha and Gwine are accompanying them and together with the leader part Miduchi, the four of them disappeared. In addition it seems they're going to have lunch. I returned to the inn and started producing Miduchi's contract. The details should be fine the exact same as Ralpha and the others. If she reads this then she should know what I was trying to say.
I finished writing the three contracts in about 30 minutes and started my preparations to go to the capital. Even though I say that, it's just going to the fish dealer and paying in advance for some dried fish that I'll be coming to pick up tomorrow evening.
After that, in order to kill some time while Miduchi was shopping I started using {Divination} to study incantations of spells, I used the spell {s.h.i.+eld} a number of times, and was considerably engaged.
Around 4 pm the women finally returned. For the time being I had Miduchi sign the contract in front of them. After examining the contract for a short while Miduchi's facial color changed for a moment but she immediately nodded and said "this seems appropriate" before signing so I felt relieved. I'm sure someday someone will retort on it but it's best if that time is as late as possible and when they finally do we'll see what happens when we get there. It should be fine if I just make a face like I've only just realized for the first time and say "Ah, I guess so. Then should we revise it?" It's not like it's one-sidedly to my advantage after all. No, I guess it is pretty one-sided.
"Then, I'm heading to the company. If it's something like boots then they should be able to make them."
"Yes, I've understood it."
"It's not supposed to be "understood" there but "Understand"."
"I understand."
The two of us each ride on our own horses and departed while being seen off by Ralpha and the others. While we're lined up swaying on our horses after we pa.s.sed through the outer rim of the crater Miduchi started talking to me.
"..By the way Kawa..Al-san. Koloil-san is a good person isn't she."
"Hn? Yeah, Bel is a good kid. She properly thinks things through on her own and doesn't mix personal and official. She's also good at reading delicate signs."
"I got that sort of feeling as well. I wonder if she's an older sister kind of position?"
"N~ Well I guess around there. Though why?"
"She called out to me that if we're going shopping today she knows a good store."
That's right.
"She promptly picked out small necessities and things like clothes, soap, towels, and such. That is..and underwear."
Eh? You even had Bel pick your underwear? What's that? You can't even buy your own underwear? Were you that pitiful of a child?
"Ah, no. Of course I picked out the goods myself. But, even if it was the same thing she showed me cheaper stores with a better variety."
Ah, I see.
"I see, Bel is pretty reliable so get along with her."
"Yeah, that's true..But"
"I wonder what kind of people Firefreed-san and Akdam-san are?"
"Ah..Those guys. It seems that originally the two of them attended the same high school. Not to mention it was a school for idiots. That's why they're still children. Did something unpleasant happen?"
"No, it's not like that's the case..I see. So they're children.."
"What is it, that makes me curious. What happened?"
"No, the two of them asked quite insistently about whether I planned to marry you."
Miduchi's face seemed to turn a bit red.
"Hmph, and, what did you reply to them?"
"I can't say."
"Is that so. Well don't worry too much about those two. Ralpha is"Eh? It was ignored? Isn't that where you're supposed to delve in deeper!?"
I mean, you can't say it right? It's not like I want to force you to say it after all, so it's fine.
..However you know.
"You're about as much of a child as Ralpha huh? It's fine. You don't need to force yourself to say it. I can imagine after all."
"..So you can already imagine it..Was I that easy to read.."
What is she getting depressed over?
"It's fine already at this point. I realized your feelings long in the past. It's already fine if you don't show reservation for anyone anymore."
"But, the madam is.."
"Idiot, you, think about it more carefully. It's certainly true that even now I like her. It's not like we got a divorce after all. But it's already been over 16 years since I hadn't met her and if you look from her point of view, it was in the units of hundreds of years. Even you were 30 when you died. Didn't you have a boyfriend you dated in middle and high school?
If I remember correctly, you said you had your first boyfriend in middle school or something? If you're saying something like that then what about his position? I can declare it to you with confidence but that boyfriend only things of you as a memory of the past now and he's probably doing well with a different woman now. I had a girlfriend I dated when I was in high school as well but she's long since given birth to another man's child. It wouldn't be a surprise if she has grandchildren by now."
"Eh? I've never dated any men before?"
"Never have."
I..I mean, you, I'm pretty sure I heard about it. In the past, when we were drinking at a bar, you said something like, "in the past I played around~" And you said the first time you kissed was when you were in middle school. I remember thinking that I had lost because my first girlfriend was in high school, and something like that...
Seeing me dumbfounded she must have remembered, Miduchi looked a different direction while saying.
"Ah..I remembered. Come..come think of it there was a person like that. Ta..Takas.h.i.+-kun, I wonder if he's doing well~"
I feel like the name I had heard was Yos.h.i.+o-kun or something like that..Is this that? An old man who talks about how they used to be a delinquent in the past? Did you blow up a story just to compete with me at that time...
I just glared at her but Miduchi continued to look in a different direction.
"I mean.."
"I mean, isn't it unpleasant..rather you should think about me! Try remembering it! Even though I was that gloomy when I entered the company! There's no way I'd have been dating someone! The only one who patiently kept pace with and changed me was you!"
Well that was my job? Even if my subordinate is something like that doing something about it was my job.
"Ev..Even I was courted a decent amount! Our clients, and when I went to a cla.s.s reunion, everyone I met, all said I was cheerful and beautiful! Even if I'm like I was popular! It wasn't just two or three people that asked me to date them."
Come to think of it I remember hearing about something like that. That's why I was happy at the time as well. To the point where I found it strange she didn't date them. I mean, she could pretty pick whoever she wanted.
Before I noticed Miduchi had faced me.
"But, the person that I came to like, was married from a long time ago and I thought I had no choice but to give up, whenever I went to the company saw their face I couldn't give up and..the only thing I could do is somehow match the circ.u.mstances up, go drinking together, and say round about things...In the first place, recently every time you would ask me if I hadn't made a boyfriend yet..It was s.e.xual hara.s.sment."
Ah s.e.xual hara.s.sment huh? That's no good. But, as expected, the only person I said stuff like that to was you.
"Recenly you, that was already over 16 years ago."
"It was just a few months ago to me! Since I only remembered it the other day. That's why inside of me Kawasaki-san is a 45 year old man!"
"..Is that so."
Now that I've seen your current appearance I can't even remember your face from the past.
"..In any case, during a time like if you suddenly bring up the topic of people you dated in the past, anyone would want to compete with it."
I wonder if they would?
"Isn't it a cute lie. I think it's generosity to just laugh and let things like that slide."
"Don't say that yourself.."
"That's why, up until now I haven't even once properly dated a man."
"That's why you're my first person."
"Thatsright..and, I already get it. It's already fine, how bothersome~"
"So I'm, a bothersome woman..."
She asked with a uneasy expression. Yeah.
"..Ffu...I have no interest in the contents of what you were told by Ralpha and replied. You're by my side right now. Isn't that fine."
"..Yes. It is."
Don't get bashful. With that creepy looking skin color. You'll make me want to bully you.
"Ralpha you know, she's one of the people in the party that I've know the longest but she doesn't particularly have any interest in me. Since her head turns reasonably well she most likely is just thinking about her future while trying to leave an impression on me. Isn't it just her trying to compete with Toris and Bel who are aiming for Marquis? She's a good fellow and she has power but she's still a child after all. I think of her as a precious friend as well though while her looks are reasonably good I don't feel like I would want to date or marry her at all.
In regards to Gwine she's still a relatively new member. However, since we've already been together for a year and a half I feel like I've gotten to know a bit of her. She's the fickle type. At first she was after Toris. She probably just wants to find a person she likes closer to her and get excited over them. In reverse, it seems like her feelings are stronger of wanting to be raised up and be able to act like a Queen. For better or for worse she's a high school girl. That's why, no matter what you're told you shouldn't take too much of it to mind."
Just before the evening we arrived at Greed Company in Rombertia. Since I the owner showed my face both the Ryogu family and the Yotlen family came out to welcome us. It seems that the Ryogu family was just coming from the workshop. It was good timing.
"A dark elf huh? How unusual."
Dianne looked at Miduchi with great interest while saying. Come to think of it Dianne is already 25 as well. She might miss her marriageable age like this.
"Dianne, do you still not intend to get married yet? If you don't take a husband what's going to happen to the Ryogu family?"
This isn't s.e.xual hara.s.sment. It's a statements that's only obvious fro a member of the lord's family in Bakuddo. When I said that, I noticed not just Dianne herself but Rozural and Wendy were making vague faces.
"Hn? What is it?"
"No, Al-sama. That is, it's very difficult for me to say but soon Ruku is coming."
If you mention Ruku then, Rukkido.Faren huh? He's the son of Jaddo who died in action in the past and the little brother of Whitney. If I remember right he was one year younger than Dianne. Just before I left the village he was in charge of the rubber.
"Eh? I see. So you're going to marry Ruku. Congratulations then, isn't that great."
"Thank you very much. Once a child is born Dianne we intend to hand over the head of the Ryogu family to Dianne."
Rozural said that while making a broad smile on his face. He~ So there's going to be a female head in the Ryogu family. Well she is in a central role in regards to rubber production in Bakuddo so I'm sure it's difficult to think that Dianne's husband would take over at this point. Dianne's face turned red while she seemed quite happy as well.
"Then, you're going to do the wedding over here? Leave it to me. I'll make it extravagant."
I'll make sure to plunder some celebratory gifts from the first and second knight groups. Ah, that's right, if we're going to do it then we should match it up with sister's days off.
"Make sure you tell my sister about it. Also, that's right, make a wedding outfit with this. It's a celebration gift from me."
I said that and gave Dianne a gold coin. I smile at them while they seem quite humble and,
"Don't worry about it. If I don't do a proper job then I might get killed by brother and father right? In the first place, isn't it Dianne and Ruku's day of central stage? Let's make it flashy."
and I said a joke to cover it up. I still haven't forgotten. Dianne. You were the one who taught me that I can't do everything myself. You're my teacher as well. Let me at least do something like this. I'm begging you.
"After that is, our original business. I want to request some boots for her. Can you prepare them by tomorrow?"

I pointed at Miduchi who was behind me looking around curiously inside of the store while saying to Dianne.
"Ah, it's alright. We just got our stock replenished last month by Farne-sama so if I adjust the size of one that's close to her I can prepare one right away."
"I see, then I'm counting on you right away. Rozural, Wendy, show me the recent sales records.."
After I said that we went up to the 2nd floor and they took out the account book. It sounds good to say it's in order to properly manage things but putting it more simply it's to regulate so we don't sell too much. Greed Company is selling armor to the knight group and the unit price is extremely high so it's certainly true armor is our main product but we've only just started business other than that this summer finally. We have sandals, boots, cus.h.i.+ons the usual goods and then a sample of the water bed placed around the store. Soon after we opened the store we haven't had any problems with places to sell. Whether it be the headquarters of companies of other n.o.bles and of course we're selling to the end users as well.
Recently it seems that members of the third and fourth knight groups occasionally show their faces in the store as well. Since I've given strict orders to protect the quant.i.ty of sales every four months we sell 10 suits to the first knight group and 1 suit to the second knight group for a total of 11 suits so our sales are stable. Recently I've been thinking we could double this in the near future. I think it would be plenty to double it in about five years. According to older brother it seems that father and mother agree as well so that should be fine.
Other than armor we sell around 300 pairs of sandals, 200 boots soles for shoes, 50 pairs of boots, 30 cus.h.i.+ons, and some suckling bottles in a quarter, and then we also sell close to 20,000 condoms to brothels. We can earn plenty of profit with just this and we don't have to worry about getting into a dispute with Webdos Company that we originally used as an proxy store as well. It's also an important that we're still selling some of the larger things like water beds, rubber cloth, floating devices, and rubber boats through Webdos Company as well.
After all we don't have a genuine transportation system like Webdos Company. The only things we're not pa.s.sing through Webdos Company is the armor and condoms. There's plans to make even more important stuff later as well but there's no need to make these things in Bakuddo and it would be best to just make these in my territory later and I have no intention of easily selling them to other as well.
"The sales of sandals is quite high. I wonder if it would be good to raise the price...Let's change the sale price of sandals from 40,000 to 45,000. Since the sale of the shoes aren't great let's make them 99,8000 instead of 110,000. Rozural, did you manage to get the promise to buy soba seeds? I see. It's fine even if you add another 10% on to the price so buy them. Make sure you have at least 100 kg by the next time older brother and the others come. When you hand them to older brother make sure you tell him I want him to scatter them around an appropriate vacant lot.
If possible it's best in a place that's as far away from the current farms as possible. The flowers smell quite a bit after all, and they aren't particularly good on top of being difficult to eat unless you turn them into a powder but they're strong so if you just leave them alone for 20 years or so even without maintenance they should grow all on their own. They should be of use if there's ever a drought. Next up try to get your hands on some seeds of sorghum. Scatter these around near the side of the river. I haven't heard much about them but if you can find them then it's a bonus. If you can get your hands on them then don't hold back in using money. It's fine no matter how much they cost. The only companies that might be dealing in them are Type-1 companies. In order to avoid being sold some fakes make sure you definitely meet with someone higher up. If you can't get an appointment then ask sister or someone from the first knight group."
The measurements of Miduchi's foot size should be done pretty soon. When I went downstairs it was just as a customer entered the store. Anna is carrying some tea out to the reception table in the center of the store for serving customers. I guess they must have just entered the store. The customer is a male gnome who seems wealthy. I wonder if he's a n.o.ble? Since there's only Wendy, Yotlen, and Dianne in the store right now and Dianne is taking Miduchi's measurements in the corner so it's all women. Since the only male staff Rozural came up to the second floor with me.
After seeing the restless face of the male customer who's expression suddenly got cheerful after seeing Rozural. Ah, this guy...
"Rozural, you go take care of it."
Rozural probably already gets it as well. He was just about to proceed over but Anna brought out some tea first.
"Welcome to our store, dear customer."
The 10 year old Anna smiled and slid the tea in front of the customer. She immediately brought the plate back to her chest and withdrew before Yotlen sat down across from the customer. I put my hand on the shoulder of Rozural who was about to step out and decided to watch over. The customers face was dyed in despair.
"Dear customer, what are you looking for today?"
Yotlen smiled humbly while talking to the customer.
"Ah, that is..uh, no..Fro..from my friend, I, I heard the reputation was good so."
Normally when the Ryogu family isn't in the store, she should be taking care of things herself. I wanted to see how she deals with customers who've come to buy condoms.
"It seems that it's your first time buying here. Thank you very much. It's alright. There's nothing to be embarra.s.sed about. Just in case please me confirm it but do you yourself intend to use it?"
"Eh? Ah, yes.."
"We sell them in packs of 10. The price is 15,000 Z per pack. How many are you in need of?"
"U, ah, o, on, no, two."
While he still had 1 finger held up it seems he desires two packs.
"Then, please wait just a moment. Hanna, bring two of number 25."
Yotlen turned around for a moment and then returned her gaze to the customer before smiling.
Hanna replied with a lisp.
"Now, please have some bean tea."
"Uh, ah..Yeah."
After sipping the warm bean tea it seems the customer calmed down a bit.
"Are you newly married?"
"N, yeah, last month."
"I see, that's great. Our companies "Saya" have an extremely good reputation in the capital and we even sell them to the royal family. The quality is guaranteed."
"Yeah, it seems that's the case. I've heard that. My wife doesn't like the pi.. pig's bowels so.."
"Is that so? It's a honor that we can be of use then."
The 8 year old Hannah brought along a small wooden box.
She bit her tongue.
Hannah turned red from embarra.s.sment as her ears stood on end and tail lowered down then she lowered the wooden box on the table and quickly retreated to the back.
"In the worst case if the size doesn't match up please say something. We'll exchange them..Well then that's 30,000 Z, certainly. Do you know the method to use them?"
After receiving the three silver coins from the customer Yotlen slid the wooden box in front of the customer.
"Umu, if it's the pig's bowels then I've used them before after all.."
The customer responded while reaching out for the wooden box.
"Is that so. Then, it's something similar. Please be careful not to let any air get inside of them. Once you've used them once make sure you don't re-use them and throw them away, after that please use a new one. In order to store them put the exterior of the pack inside of that wooden box with some ice water making sure no water gets inside."
"Yeah, got it. Thanks."
The man said that before gulping down the tea and then preciously carried the small wooden box out of the store.
Hmn, Yotlen sure has some backbone put into her treatment of the customers. By the way, what's number 25?
"Yeah, since that customer was a gnome. I thought that SS size was good."
Right now we're producing five types of sizes, SS, S, M, L, and XL but I guess just saying them like that can be embarra.s.sing. Though, how did she see through that he was newly married?
"Eh? I didn't know. However, customers of that age range often try to cover things right?"
Is that so~
But, well, I guess that's a relief. The timing she brought out the tea for the customer was good as well and with that I'm sure that customer was able to release the tension in their shoulders as well. Come to think of it we're selling 20,000 of them, 2,000 packs every quarter? I thought that the majority of them were being sold to brothels like "Emerald Duke Club Reception Hall" but if the account book just now is correct "Emerald Duke Club Reception Hall" only makes up about 30% of the numbers. Even if you include the other brothels it still only totals up to around 20%. There were 400 sets that we're selling at a price 2,000 Z higher than the ones we sell to the stores. This cat-people widow raised an extra 800,000 Z in profits. I'll have to take another look at her wages during the end of the year a.s.sessment.
I handed Rozural one silver coin and five large copper coins and,
"Since I don't know the number give me M."
said that and without waiting for a reply grabbed one from the shelf and put it into my pocket.
Seeing that Rozural said in surprise,
"A,Al-sama. Could it be.."
and said that before looking between Miduchi and I.
"N, well yeah. I'll properly introduce you later. Since she's from the countryside her word usage has some strange places but just be lenient in that regard."
"Wa, yes, that is of course...However, I could have sworn..No, it's nothing at all."
"N, it's fine. I don't particularly think anything at all. I'm the second son after all. Even children..though I would be happy if I can have them..I think it's still far too soon after all. We'll get there when we get there. I'll somehow manage."
I dulled the conversation with words that can be taken either way, tomorrow afternoon, I said we'll have lunch together when we come to pick up Miduchi's boots and we left the store.
Year 7444, Month 8, Day 30
"...i~wa~o~to~na~rite~ ko~ ke~ no~ mu~ u~ su~ u~ma~ ade~
Miduchi and I the two of us are singing the j.a.panese national anthem while holding on to the teleport crystal rod right after we teleported from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor. Somehow it has an extremely surreal feeling to it. It's still 10 pm after all and a bit too early in terms of time. If it's no good unless it's a teleport crystal that's in the center then we'll have to start aiming for the teleport room on the 3rd floor from now, and in that case we might end up having to sing under the eyes of the public so we're testing it here.
Normally there's no way you could teleport with this sort of method. The incantation floating in the crystal rod to return to the 2nd floor is "midotto".
However, we were properly able to teleport. The thing that differed from up until now was that even after we teleported there's no teleport crystal in front of us. I see, even if you somehow managed to make it to this area with that method, if you can't clear past the {Snake Generator} into the fairy area then you'll just end up drying up and dying.
Miduchi and I, the two of us wait close to the entrance of the fairy village for the date to change.
"Ryogu-san and the others were quite good people weren't they."
Miduchi said looking into the air while sitting on a rock lined up on my left side.
"Yeah, their loyalty towards the Greed family is high. Their personalities are good as well."
"They lowered their heads to me, saying to take good care of you."
"Is that so.. That's getting quite ahead of things."
Miduchi looked in my direction while tilting her head and smiled while saying.
"Oh? you won't deny it."
"Did you want me to?"
"Not really...that's not..fufu."
Ah, come to think of it she has black hair as well. I wonder if it would be good to have her dye it as well?
"Let's eat lunch while we can now."
I took some sandwiches out my bag while saying.
"You tried to cover it up."
"Don't think you can eat some of the dried fish. I'm giving them all of them after all."
"You covered it up."
"Eat while you still can, here."
"You covered it up~!"
I shoved a sandwich into Miduchi's mouth and leaned back against the wall.

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