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I wanted to do more, but so tired... Next chapter in 12~ hours maybe, otherwise 12-24. Starting Fri. afternoon I should be able to get quite a few out.
Year 7444, Month 9, Day 19
Ruku and Dianne's wedding ceremony ended with no problems, father and the others departed towards Bakuddo. I saw them off on the road which splits towards Baldukk and then after passing the outer rim of the crater, I headed towards my inn. Now then, those guys better have learned the new spells, if even two members were able to learn {Detect.Life} then that makes it more difficult to be ambushed and you could say adds to our combat capability. We still haven't explored more than 70% of the 6th floor but I intend to aim for the 7th floor when we enter this week. Since our days off last until tomorrow as a substitute for training today I'll go to the dungeon and train with magic tomorrow as well.
I returned to the inn while thinking that.
I returned to the inn and after capturing Ralpha who was chatting with the manager in the lobby, I asked her the situation on them learning the spells and it seems she became able to use the spells that it was possible for her to use. However, it seems that it took a bit of time for both Ralpha and Bel to learn {Detect.Life}. I guess it's because they haven't used very many spells from the {Divination} system. The only ones normally used are {Detect.Magic} and the {Cantrip} {Magical.Detection}, something like {Sleep Cloud} requires all three types of elemental magic other than earth magic at a decent level on top of void magic at level 5 or higher so there's not many people who can use it in the first place.
I guess it would be best to teach her the spell {Divination} itself here. Since both Bel and Ralpha have reached level 4 with void magic they should be able to use it. Since there's not much good itself that comes from using incantations I didn't bother teaching tehm it but whenever they learn spells of the {Divination} system it might make it easier.
"Ralpha, come with me for a bit."
I said that and Ralpha along to my room and after identifying her I knew it but,
"How much mana do you have right now? If it seems like you can do it then I'll teach you a spell. It might have been better to teach you it before {Detect.Life} though."
and said that before sitting on a chair.
"Eh? Yeah. I haven't used any magic after using {Detect.Life} once this morning so I think it's fine."
"I see. Then it should be fine. The spell I'm going to teach you now is called {Divination}. This spell is a spell that lets you figure out the incantation of a spell you want know. After you use {Divination} you can figure out the incantation of a spell that fits within the amount of mana you have remaining and the duration it lasts. Starting out with {Light} should be good."
I spent a long time explaining the trick to using the {Divination} system of spells and how to knead the mana into it which I don't completely understand myself and while it took some time for her to concentrate (it took close to 30 minutes), Ralpha was able to learn the spell {Divination} with no problem and figured out her incantation for the spell {Light}. Her incantation was the same as mine a strange incantation that makes no sense. However, I realized something huge that I had been overlooking here.
Ralpha started scratching her shoulder while chanting the incantation! *scratchscratch*
After seeing the cup on the edge of the table that Ralpha made shine I looked at Ralpha with an expression of shock.
"Hn? What is it? Making that sort of face?"
I couldn't say anything.
"What is it? Were you surprised at how quickly I learned it? Am I genius?"
" now.."
I point at Ralpha's shoulder and said while she was confused.
"Just now, you scratched your shoulder while chanting the incantation right? Why?"
"Eh? Is that so?"
"Try using the incantation one more time. And do something."
"No way, there's no way I could do something.."
It seems Ralpha is surprised at what I said.
"It's fine, try doing it. I'll do it as well."
We both try moving our bodies while chanting the incantation for {Light}. I stood up and started running in place stamping my legs while waving my arms. Ralpha sat down on the bed and start moving her body, legs, and arms around like an octopus or something.
And I was dazed seeing the cups in a total of three places shine.
Seeing this result, both Ralpha and I were surprised and couldn't say a word. Since I was already used to doing something while using spells so honestly speaking, if it was just me then I wouldn't have been surprised. Or rather there's no way I would have noticed it. However, even Ralpha was properly able to use the spell while doing the octopus dance. This, as long as they can properly repeat the incantation wouldn't she be able to move while using the spell? Even though it was my secret technique that I went through that much trouble to learn this simply...Come to think of it, I just remembered this was the reason I tried to learn incantations in the past as well. It was in order to heal myself at times when I had taken wounds that made it impossible to concentrate mentally. I was only use it to learn the way to use mana for the new spells Karl taught me. That was stupid of me.
I didn't think there was much meaning to using spells with incantations but as a matter of fact they were considerably effective. Toris and Gwine's void magic should reach level 4 pretty soon as well. If we include Miduchi and Bel as well then it would be big if we had a total of six people who can run while using spells. It's necessary to be careful to use the precise rhythm while trying to hold your breathing from being disturbed and moving but I doubt it will take as much practice as normally using spells while running.
Even if they can only learn one or two cure and attack types of spells, if they properly practice the incantations things should change quite a bit. It's not the time to be entering the dungeon. I need to drive this into them even just a bit sooner.
"Ralpha, you go to sleep and start recovering your mana already. I'm going to search for everyone."
After running out of the room I caught Miduchi looking through the goods at the general store and asked her if she know the location of the other three. It seems she was together with Gwine until just now. I had Miduchi search for Gwine while I tried searching the places Toris and Bel would go. I found the two of them in less than 10 minutes. They were flirting at the side of the lake to the East of Baldukk.
After returning to the inn and Miduchi was talking to Gwine about something on a chair in the lobby. I brought them along to my room. And then, I told them about the spell {Divination}. Everyone was surprised at once, I explained just how useful it would be and had them all learn {Divination} the same as Ralpha. This is good. If they practice it for a short while, I'm sure they'll remember the incantation right away and be able to use it.
Year 7444, Month 10, Day 2
In the end, we haven't gone to the dungeon even once since then. Ah, no, we're entering every day. However, it's just going to the 1st floor to practice incantations. Since Toris, Bel, Ralpha, Gwine, and Miduchi have a low amount of mana they quickly take breaks or return to sleep so it's no very efficient but that can't be helped. The only ones who go back to sleep are Bel and Miduchi. The rest of them have an amount of mana where they recover mana naturally faster without needing to sleep so they're just doing it while taking breaks. Zenom who came along as an escort is narrowing his eyes as he watches.
Since Toris quickly said, "If you can use spells by chanting the incantation then it's also possible to use a shield. I'll go buy one." so I had him buy a shield for Zulu and Angela just in case as well. Zulu is using a kite shield the same as Toris and Angela chose a small buckler shield. It will mean Zulu uses a two-handed bastard sword in one hand but he said there's no problem. Well if it's Zulu's power then he should be fine.
I'm just a bit of distance away from everyone who's recovering their mana trying to earn money to pay for the entry tax. However, after repeating it for two weeks everyone was able to use {Cure Light} and two types of {Arrow} spells. Since we picked spells which don't have very long incantations if it's just three types or so it's plenty to memorize. Bel managed to learn the incantation for {Cure Serious} in addition to those and Miduchi even learned up to {Cure Critical} and {Cure All}. For the time being this should be plenty.
"Oh God of Healing, I seek the healing of a small wound, I offer up my mana as compensation!"
That's Toris's incantation for {Cure Light}. It might be a coincidence but it's quite envious it's in Japanese.
That's Ralpha's {Flame Arrow} incantation. She's saying it while in a stance to block an attack with her {tomahawk}.
Yeah, if it's this then it's plenty.
"Alright, starting tomorrow we're going to get serious again. Let's aim for the 7th floor."
Year 7444, Month 10, Day 5
From the day before yesterday until yesterday one of the slaves and I were were acting separately but for the time being I'll be acting together with everyone else on this 6th floor. This is fine until our levels increase a bit more. On our third teleport teleporting we entered an area that we hadn't been to before. We casually used the spells {Find.Trap}, {Detect.Snare}, and {Perceive.Pitfall} and spent until just past noon to reach the teleport room on the 6th floor.

In order to use this teleport room as our base from here on out, today I had everyone bring along quite a bit of luggage. As expected I didn't have them bring along enough materials to make a shower room but some new blankets and buckets, pots, and tableware, just bringing that along was the limit. Today I started putting down some dirt in a corner as we found a place we can relax for our beds, a place for cooking, and a place to put down the rubber sheet for a foot bath, just that took through the afternoon.
We were doing that until 4 pm but since we didn't have much materials in the first place we quickly ran out of things to do. Since we ran out of things to do other than chat Ralpha started throwing a tantrum.
"Hey~ let's peek into the 7th floor for a bit. I've never seen an ogre and I don't know how strong they are right. Wouldn't it be more efficient to try fighting them once and then after returning spend our time thinking about how to fight them starting tomorrow?"
Hmn, that certainly sounds reasonable. In order to clear the 6th floor today I splurged quite a bit and used an excessive amount of mana but I still have 3,000 MP remaining. I doubt we'll fall behind so easily. In the first place, everyone other than me still has close to full MP. Even if we just leave it alone it'll recover in about an hour or so after all.
"Has Zenom-san fought against an ogre before?"
"Yeah, in the past, a while before I picked up Ralpha..I found one once during my teens. It was a stray ogre though. It was considerably strong. It was when I was acting as escort for a caravan. Though we were ambushed in no time at all four people were killed by just a single ogre...What about you Toris, have you fight one?"
"No, I've never fought one. I've heard that there are a lot of them in the direction of Kanbitt."
So Zenom's fought against an ogre before. However, for just a single one of them to defeat four escorts of a caravan...We should be even more careful than usual.
"Hey~ Zenom, around how strong was it? Do you think we can win against it?"
"Al, that's a foolish question. There's no way there'd be a problem for your magic. And, if it's me now then I don't feel like I would lose one on one. However, it might still be dangerous for Gwine to take one on alone."
After Zenom said that about her Gwine licked her lips once with her beard that's started to grow and after clenching both of her fists made a small guts pose while,
"I'll give it my best, hmph"
and said that in a small voice while putting some fighting spirit into it. Putting that aside, it's reassuring having Zenom who's fought against an ogre before with us.
"Since they're called ogres I wonder if they're like the demon ogres? I wonder if they have horns growing? There shouldn't be any problem with using the bow right.."
Bel said with a troubled face while confirming the condition of her bowstrings.
"I don't know what ogres are like either. However, according to what I've heard they aren't enemy for master right? Please finish them off with magic while we're holding things down in the front."
"It's just as Zulu-sama says. We'll hold down things in front so please take care of things."
My two combat slaves sure are carefree. Well I still think we can manage it.
"..Can I speak for a bit? I'm sorry to throw cold water while everyone is getting in the spirit for it but there's something that everyone is forgetting about. In regards to the stray ogre that Zenom-san fought against in the past but ogres are often lead by an ogre mage. I don't know what kind of feel the ogres that come out here in the dungeon of Baldukk have but depending on the case it might possible there's opponents that can sue magic mixed in with them. We should be extra careful."
Miduchi warned us with a composed voice. Though her usage of the word forgetting isn't wrong. But, ogre mage she says? It uses magic?
"Since we can use the spell {Detect.Life} now it's fine that we don't have to worry as much about being ambushed. Certainly it's just as Zenom-san said they have a height close to 3 meters with large bodies. In proportion to that they're extremely strong in power as well and could be said to be powerful monsters but in reverse they have the weakness of being stupid. There's even cases where intelligent Orks can tame them. Since they're weak to their desires and have no self-control as long as we can find them first they'll easily get caught up in simple decoys. However, even if we don't get ambushed a group of ogres shouldn't be underestimated.
Most likely, if even just 2-3 of them were to line up in the halls they could use magic freely from behind. Please think that the ogre mage will continue to attack with magic until it runs out of mana. And it's only obvious that their instincts are towards food and sleep but even more than that they have a strong desire to torment things smaller than them. Ogre mages don't have all that much self-control either but in the case that they run out of mana please think that that they'll completely attack when they lose control."
Uo, she sure is familiar with them. Come to think of it she was a walking encyclopedia. In addition when she said that they use spells I remembered but we still haven't properly fought against an opponent who can use magic. Since I changed the {Vampire} to dust in an instant and you can't really call that incident with {Bright Blade} a fight. None of them used magic that time after all.
"Mi..Miduchi has fought against ogres before?"
Ralpha asked while surprised.
"I have several times. Though it's an amount I can count. In most cases we found them first and were able to ambush them so it wasn't a large problem but at the start of this year, just like Zenom-san mentioned a caravan I was escorting was ambushed. It was a group of four ogres and one ogre mage. The escorts of the caravan was a total of 8 people including myself but one person died and a few people were badly injured."
"Four ogres and an ogre mage you say..."
Zenom's eyes went wide.
"If you managed to defeat total of five ogres at the sacrifice of one person, then aren't they considerably weak?"
Gwine asked as if she doesn't really get it. There's~ no way that's case~ right.
"While the number of elemental magics the warriors who were escorting together with me could use was less than me but all of them had an amount of mana close to mine. Even then one of them lost their life. They're a powerful enemy."
Everyone swallowed after hearing Miduchi's reply.
According to Miduchi's explanation and if it's just one ogre then it seems they're not much of a threat. Zenom said he could win one on one if he aims for the feet at the start after all. However, if there's multiple, a leader, or some kind of existence guiding them then they undergo a sudden change into a dangerous existence. If the leader has the same amount of intelligence as other normal ogres then it's not that bad but obviously there's individual differences in ogres as well. The representative of that is the ogre mage. It seems that the ogres in the surroundings obey the ogres who can use magic. Even if they're foolish ogres, if it's one that's giving out orders in the back then it's only naturally they're less likely to die and live longer. If it comes to that then they get smarter as well. Or at least that seams to be the theory. A group being lead by an intelligent ogre seems to hide their large bodies in bushes and they aim for the ideal timing to ambush.
Furthermore, it's an unpleasant story but there's some sly ones among ogre mages as well and they precisely use spells to support their allies. It seems they make sure not to run out of mana while watching their partners movements. If they see themselves at a disadvantage there's even cases where they run right away.
It seems that this won't go so easily. For the time being we should confirm our formation against ogres using Miduchi's opinion as reference. If they could use magic then I need to stand at the front. I'll use {Anti-Magic Field} to negate the spells the ogre mage uses while slowing the ogres for the other members. During that time if possible Miduchi and Toris will circle around and finish off the ogre mage with attack spells. Bel will support by shooting arrows through my {Anti-Magic Field}.
This time Zulu, Angela, and Toris have all prepared shields. If they don't think about trying to deal damage they should be able to endure a reasonable amount. I'll use {Anti-Magic Field} while identifying and once the ogre mage's MP gets low we can switch over to attacking. Of course, this is supposing it's the worst possible situation where we end up being ambushed. If possible I'd like to ambush them from our side and take them out with magic and bow. In any case, according to Zenom and Miduchi and they take pride in their extremely high physical strength and even if a skilled warrior takes one hit from their club it's enough to squash them like a bug.
If the place we fell to previously was the 14th floor then it would mean this dungeon goes down to the 13th floor. That would mean the 7th floor is exactly in the middle.
So everything up until now was just the tutorial huh? The real thing might start from here on out.

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