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Whoo~ chapter 100 of volume 2. This was another pretty long one so it took a while but next chapter is reasonably short 2-4 hours probably. Also I doubt it needs to be said but I couldn't think of a better way to word the lines in regards to the change in tone from "anata", "kimi", and "kisama", though the "kisama" he referred to I used the wording "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" just because otherwise it would be like him yelling the same "You!111" with no way of telling the s.h.i.+ft in tone.
Year 7444, Month 12, Day 14
The pa.s.senger carriage arrived at the capital around 3 pm. For the time being, in the case there's some kind of trouble they should either show their faces in my company or leave some sort of message there. We walked on to Bell road towards Greed Company and we noticed the abnormality when we were just about to be able to see the company. There's four horses connected to the stake in front of the store. Oh~ I wonder if there's some n.o.bles here? and thought that for a moment but two of those are Miduchi and my own horse.
After all they were here. However the remaining two are considerably good war horses as well. One of them seems to be wearing a harness far more expensive and extravagant than my own. And then I noticed it right away. Yotlen and the others are sitting in a daze on the bench against the wall of the store in front of those horses. Something seems to have happened...Since Yotlen and the others don't seem to be in a panic it doesn't seem to be anything dangerous.
"Since Zenom-sam is together with them as well I'm sure it's nothing too strange though. would be good if she didn't do anything stupid though.."
"Huh, it's just Reira-san, Anna-chan, and Hanna-chan right? I wonder if Kanna-kun is still inside?"
Bel and Miduchi are saying but I somehow don't get it. The reason I can't see the Ryogu family must be because they're in the rubber workshop or maybe they're in the store but if I normally think about it at this time they're probably at the workshop. In that case then, Yotlen and the others must have been shut out.
"..In any case let's go."
Just as Toris said nothing will start unless we go.
When we approached the store, Anna and Hanna noticed us. It seems that the two of them are wearing pretty thin coats but since the sun is still out at this time even though it's winter they don't seem to be trembling from the cold.
"Ah, president, thank you for your work."
"Presichent~ thanch for your wrosch."
"Oh~ what's going on? Why are you all outside..Yotlen, are our members here? Did something happen?"
Normally the wooden door in the front of the store is left open to make it easier for customers to enter. But today that door is shut.
"Ah, president, thank you for your work. That is..this morning, soon after seeing off the Ryogu family to the workshop, Firefreed-sama and the others brought some guests..Since Firefreed-sama's daughter said they have something important to talk about so..Did the president not know about it?"
The mother of the Yotlen family, Reira replied while looking a bit cold.
"Ha? I have no idea. Guests..What kind of people are they?"
When I said that and Anna replied from the side.
"Two people who seem like knights and one person who seems to be an attendant."
What in the world is that? When I looked around at everyone they were making faces like question marks were floating above their heads.
"What Gwine together with them?"
"Yes, Akdam-sama was together with them and the six of them are talking inside."
Yotlen replied to Miduchi's question.
"Was the one who instructed you to close the door Ralpha?"
"Yeah, somehow, it seems like they had an important conversation that they didn't want anyone to hear about so only when a customer comes, we should get permission and then we can enter. She allowed me to let Kanna sleep on the second floor."
She replied to Bel's question without pause. Certainly, I've sent out notice that Zenom and the others are employees of Greed Company as well. If I don't do that then putting aside the sub-n.o.ble Toris and the slaves, the commoners and Free People will be troubled in various ways by taxes. They're something like senior employees to Yotlen and the others. If they're given instructions then they probably can't or it's difficult to oppose them.
"How do things look in regards to the discussion? Are they yelling at each other or anything?"
"They don't seem to be yelling at each other but..occasionally I can hear some loud voices."
According to her reply to Toris's question it seems the situation isn't very dangerous. Though it might be just a bit serious, there are times when your voice can get loud just from talking normally as well. And it might be a laughing voice as well.
"In any case, it would be best to just go inside and ask what's going on first."
After saying that I casually opened the door and stepped foot inside.
Zenom and the other two along with three strangers were sitting at the reception set in the center of the store glaring and talking to each other. Around the round table from the left was Zenom, Ralpha, and Gwine, and then from the right side there's a male human knight looking guy where high cla.s.s clothes, another Tiger-man who also seems to be a knight in the center, and then on the side a Cat-people man who's outfit is pretty shabby and looks like an attendant sitting down. Since we suddenly opened the door and came inside 12 pairs of eyes looked at us.
..This is unexpected. I see now. Reincarnated people huh? Furthermore three of them even. Since Zenom is here I guess they couldn't speak in j.a.panese, so I'll forgive them on closing Yotlen and her daughters outside of the store. Though I can't accept it.
When Toris and Bel took a deep breath about to say something behind me, I raised my right hand and stopped that before briskly walking to the side of the reception set with the attention of the six of them on me. Other than Miduchi I can feel the presence of Toris and Bel who's statements I stopped following behind me. It seems Zulu and Angela are outside the door.
I lowered my head to the three I don't know and after putting in just the words, "Please excuse me in the middle of your conversations." and I looked at Ralpha. If you were to ask why and it's because Zenom and Gwine's expressions were saying, (we tried warning her a number of times. I'm sorry it ended up like this.) In addition Ralpha's expression was (Ah, so he's already come?) Not to mention she's avoiding eye contact with me.
"Ya~ Ralpha. So you were in a place like this. I was worried about you."
and I said with as kind of a tone of voice as possible. Hearing this not just Ralpha but Zenom and Gwine were surprised. I'm sure that's the case.
"However, I'm glad you were safe...Now then, you know what you need to do right?"
This time I said it as kindly as I could as well.
"Eh? Ah...that is..I'm..I'm very..sorry?"
Ralpha quietly said that while looking up at me with just her eyes.
"Yeah. And then?"
"A..Also, I feel sorry that we didn't contact yo"Hey, show it in your actions. If we could settle things with just sorry then the police wouldn't be necessary, this brat!?"
"Uhi! ye, yes!"
When I yelled angrily at her the idiot girl jumped up from her chair and went into seiza on the floor of the other side of the table. Since Gwine moved her legs after sitting down on the sofa where Ralpha was just warming with her a.s.s and then while I was taking off my helmet I looked at Gwine who was still sitting to my right. When Gwine noticed my glance she suddenly stood up and went to seiza next to Ralpha as well. Next I glanced at Zenom but it was just then when Miduchi brought a chair out from the back and after placing it next to Zenom she said "Zenom-san please sit over here" and then took my helmet from me and backed off. I wish everyone would be able to show this much care.
Toris sat down in the place Zenom was sitting, Bel sat down in the place Gwine was sitting, and Miduchi went into the back. It seems she intends to do something like acting as a tea server while making use of {Detect.Lie} from an appropriate place. It's fine to leave Miduchi on her own.
During that period, the two people who seem to be knights made shocked expressions and the attendant looking male either didn't originally have much interest I guess, or he was more interested in something else, he was even more surprised than the other two while looking at our faces. Yeah, they have no faults it seems.
"First off, please let me apologize for suddenly appearing and causing any confusion. I'm very sorry for the trouble."
When I lowered my head and simultaneously Toris and Bel on my sides lowered their heads. Zenom looked pretty uncomfortable but endure that much for today. As expected I can't have you seiza.
"It's nice to meet you, my name is Alan.Greed. I'm the president of this Greed Company and also the leader of a group of adventurers in Baldukk called the {Slaughterers}."
I said that and introduced myself. Soon after that Toris and Bel continued introducing themselves. Including me all three of us stretched our arms across the table. When they confirmed each of our status in order they started introducing themselves as well. Furthermore, when we were introducing ourselves it's only obvious we said our names from when we were j.a.panese but they started with introducing their names from when they were j.a.panese.
Somehow you know~ I guess they're that sort of people.
Around the time introductions had ended, Miduchi came out with the tea she was making and introduced herself as well, and for the time being everyone had finished the introductions on the surface. Obviously during that time I was Identifying the three of them.
【Rodrick.Faruergaz/11/11/7444 Rodrick.Faruergaz/7/12/7428】
【Male/14/2/7428 · Human · Count Faruerugaz Family Eldest Son · Count Faruerugaz Knight】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 16 Years Old】
【Level: 5】
【HP: 87(87) MP: 11(11)】
【Strength: 13】
【Speed: 16】
【Dexterity: 12】
【Endurance: 13】
【Unique Ability: Resistance(Virus Infection) (Lv. -)】
【Special Ability: Earth Magic(Lv.1)】
【Special Ability: Fire Magic(Lv.1)】
【Special Ability: Wind Magic(Lv.1)】
【Special Ability: Void Magic(Lv.2)】
【Experience: 27235(28000)】
I see, 【Unique Ability: Resistance(Virus Infection)】 indeed. It seems reasonably useful. Let's see.
【Unique Ability: Resistance(Virus Infection); defends against all types of parasites that have a length of less than 1mm and weight of less than 1 gram. Regardless of how many organisms invade the body with just a single use of this ability it's possible to definitely annihilate them all. However, it's limited to parasites the user is consciously targeting. Consciously targeting said parasites refers to being suspicious of any infection or invasion by any sort of organism, parasite, bacteria, virus, plant, or animal, that might cause a change in the condition of the body. There's no need to directly identify the target organism. In other words, if the user is conscious of a stomach ache and that stomach ache was being caused by the infection or invasion of some sort of organism then when this ability is used it makes it possible to kill those organisms within the body. It is also possible to think of it as applying several points of damage to the HP of each of those individual organisms. Therefore bear in mind that this ability does not have any effect on parasites or infections with which the user them self is not aware. Furthermore, the level of this ability is no purpose other than for convenience.】
It's not just a reasonably useful one,'s a considerably enviable ability.
【Fiorentso.Hirosukol/9/6/7444 Fiorentso.Hirosukol/18/3/7429】
【Male/14/2/7428 · Tiger-People · Hirosukol Family Third Son · Count Faruerugaz Knight】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 16 Years Old】
【Level: 7】
【HP: 105(105) MP: 21(21)】
【Strength: 17】
【Speed: 20】
【Dexterity: 15】
【Endurance: 16】
【Unique Ability: Valiance (Lv. 7)】
【Special Ability: Night Vision】
【Special Ability: Strength】
【Special Ability: Water Magic(Lv.2)】
【Special Ability: Fire Magic(Lv.1)】
【Special Ability: Void Magic(Lv.2)】
【Experience: 54632(60000)】
【Valiance】 it says? Somehow it sounds incredible. Since both his Unique Ability level and his MP are high, it's probably safe to think that he knows how to make good use of it.
【Unique Ability: Valiance; for 3 seconds per level of this ability the abilities of Strength, Speed, Dexterity, and Endurance are raised to their current ability values. During the duration of the effect the maximum value of HP is also raised the same amount as the level, but the current remaining HP isn't raised up to that value. When the duration of the effect completes in proportion to the amount of motion taken the level of fatigue felt by the user will be the same as normal and the muscles will build up the same amount of fatigue.】
Hmn, I guess it's an ability that's like the advanced version of Laios's 【Instant Speed】. Though that one only increases the values an equal amount to the level of the user I think it was. In the case that their body level increases, particularly in the case of a reincarnated person (no matter how I think about it there's no way anyone other than me would reach over level 30 though. If you were to take on Death=Tyrant.Kin everyday then it might be possible but who would do something as frightening as that) and the duration of the effect this one seems like far bigger of an advantage. However, with this I was able to gain an answer to a problem I hadn't been able to prove. After all it seems that people aren't normally using their physical ability values to their limits. That means that it's difficult to tell how physically strong someone is based on just their physical ability levels.
【Sajes.Basutoral/13/12/7444 Sajes.Basutoral/4/7/7429】
【Male/14/2/7428 · Cat-People · Rombert Kingdom Duke Rombert Territory Registered Free Person】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 16 Years Old】
【Level: 3】
【HP: 69(69) MP: 4(4)】
【Strength: 9】
【Speed: 16】
【Dexterity: 10】
【Endurance: 10】
【Unique Ability: Resistance(Temperature)】
【Special Ability: Small Magic】
【Special Ability: Night Vision】
【Experience: 7251(10000)】
For some reason I can't Identify his Unique Ability. I can somehow imagine the details itself but I wonder why I can't identify it? I guess that means this Free Person named Bastoral has never used his Unique Ability before? However, in the past when I met Ralpha I was able to use it on her. I wonder if it's a similar type to my Gift of Natural Talent? No idea.
"Now then, Kawasaki-san. There's something I would like to question you on though.."
After we finished introductions, the Tiger-man called Hirosukol sitting in the center properly looked at me while he started talking.
"Ah, please excuse me on that but I'm not Kawasaki now. Since he's already died, would you please call me Greed?"
When I replied like that the three of them in front of made surprised faces and then Faruerugaz and Hirosukol didn't seem like they accepted it but Bastural was nodding while making a face like he understood something.
"Please excuse me. Well then, Greed-san. Yesterday we were surprised when we encountered Firefreed-san and his daughter together with Akdam-san by chance. Since we met several j.a.panese people at once, I don't think there's any unreasonable with that though...After hearing their conversation it seemed that there were even more j.a.panese people and they said you're acting as adventurers? Since we too..though I say that it's just Hirosukol and myself but since we're also aiming to become adventurers we were interested in it, and since Firefreed-san's daughter enthusiastically was suggesting it to us I tried listening to her story."
Faruerugaz said that. He~ I thought Ralpha was being persistent about it but it was them who bit at it? Well I can understand wanting to not let them get away when you meet another j.a.panese person. However, since Ralpha and them had three people and even if they can't leave themselves they could have said something to the Ryogu family or Yotlen about getting into contact with me so I won't forgive them so easily. On the contrary if these three were trying to interfere with them getting into contact with me then I'm sure Ralpha and the others wouldn't have apologized so obediently and gone into seiza.

"And then you know, I heard something very interesting in the conversation we were having with them. Since we've been talking for a number of hours already including yesterday, I'll just stop with the roundabout way of putting it. I'll say it to you right to the point. It's in regards to the details of your contract with Firefreed-san, his daughter, and Akdam-san. I wanted to hear if you had any sort of excuses to say in regards to the details of that sort of contract. And also, what's being carried out right now, that is..I also wanted to hear about this "corporal punishment" as well."
Huh? What is this Tiger-man called Hirosukol suddenly saying? Bel and Toris are also making strange faces as they exchange glances across me.
"First off, let's go over things in order. You suddenly interrupted our conversation and without properly listening to their opinion you yelled angrily at them and forced them to sit on the ground. I can't imagine that this is very good for the education of those girls. In my memory I thought that things like "corporal punishment" were forbidden except for on the spot in places of education like "school" though.."
Really what in the world is this guy saying?
"And then, I also feel that this contract is far too unequal. Although, I've been explaining to Firefreed-san and the others about their contract a number of times since yesterday but we've just been repeating ourselves. Did you "brainwash" them or something?"
I let out a slightly strange voice. Putting aside the unequal contract, brainwash he says?
I stopped Bel and Toris who were about to lose their temper.
"Also, as a result of the various conversations I heard from them since yesterday, I can't help but feel that they're heavily dependent on you. It seems like you're deceiving them quite skillfully but as j.a.panese people we can't shut our eyes to the fact that young girls from our home land are being bound by a contract like this, is what we were thinking."
I'm sure I'm making a bitter smile like expression.
"Now, Ono-san, Nis.h.i.+oka-san, please stop that "seiza" and stand up."
Hirosukol called out to the two high school girls with even affection s.h.i.+ning in his eyes. Hmn, it might be because I, because we are former j.a.panese people but for them to have a personality where they come cutting in from the front using a sound argument from a j.a.panese standpoint. Incidentally, Zenom has no idea what is going on, and is making a face like it's all incomprehensible but he also doesn't seem to find it amusing at all. Though I don't find it amusing either.
"Ral, Gwine, I won't forgive standing up at your own convenience. However, if you want to stand feel free. But, if it comes to that then I'll slap you back down."
Bel quietly said that. Ah~ scary. Without Bel even saying anything Ralpha and Gwine didn't shown any sign of standing up so isn't it fine. Faruerugaz and Hirosukol are both looking at Bel unamused. In comparison to that Basutoral is looking at Bel with a bit of interest.
"Hirosukol-san. It's your own convenience for you to think what you wish of us. Please feel free to think that way. However, isn't it strange for you to be making complaints about the policies and decisions in someone else household? The two standing at the doorway right now are slaves that I own. I have a slave in Baldukk that acts as a porter as well. The Cat-People mother and daughters sitting outside in the cold right now are Free People but just the same as the Firefreeds they're in an employment contract with me. Do you intend to force the common sense of j.a.pan on them as well?"
Well, I can already imagine the answer he'll give.
"Yeah, I wanted to talk in regards to things like that as well. I don't have any intention of denying every aspect of the social structure of Orth. There's slaves, there's n.o.bles, it's this level of civilization. It's only obvious that there's differences in social standing. What we want to say is..I guess so, it seems like when you pa.s.sed away you were in your mid-40s and a splendid salary man wasn't it? And then those two are high school students, and don't they say those two are college students? I just can't tolerate an existence like yourself, making use of their lack of knowledge to force an unequal contract on j.a.panese people and those of Orth."
Come to think of it the only one who has experience in j.a.panese society was Miduchi. I see now, so there's that sort of method to attack as well. This, sort of attack point where I'm deceiving young people who don't know anything was a bit outside of what I was expecting. If Kuro was here then the high school students would increase by one and since Mary seemed to have been a housewife I'm sure her knowledge on contracts isn't all that different from a college student, is probably what he would say.
"I see, so what you're thinking is that, I'm deceiving young people with no knowledge and taking all the profits for myself is it..that's certainly one way of putting it. However, when it comes to deceiving youths with no knowledge, let alone "brainwas.h.i.+ng", I take offense to that being said. Also, while you keep mentioning an unequal contract but I haven't encouraged an unreasonable contract on anyone even once. In the first place, I don't know what portion of our contracts you're referring to as unequal. Since we had all signed the contract after reading and accepting the details on it."
"How about you give up playing dumb already? I've already heard the rough details of the clauses on it. I can't help but think that you've made them believe some impossible lies and are using young people to earn a profit."
Ah, depending on how you look at it that might seem like the case.
Toris burst into laughter.
"Most likely, isn't it that? The place where it said that you have to listen to all orders other than those relating to your own life? When I first read I questioned it a bit as well but now I understand it."
When they heard Toris's words Faruerugaz and the others were nodding but when they heard the final "but now I understand it" they looked at him with a doubtful face.
"Oh? Then is it the compensation? I've already been employed by Al-san for over two years but my base pay hasn't gone up, I guess around there?"
You, Bel, didn't you accept that. 200,000 Z (20 silver coins) per month is less than that of squires in a knight group but with just that you can live your life plenty well. Of course the lifestyle we're living right now is impossible though. Look, they didn't try snapping at that point as well right?
"I can think of several other things as well but for starters it's probably that there's no regulations to the clauses, otherwise the methods to settle issues in cases that aren't a.s.sumed. If we were to go off of the common sense of j.a.panese then it would be the good faith clause, or it's normal to have a special clause added where the people signing the contract discuss things to make decisions. However, this isn't j.a.pan and the laws of j.a.pan aren't applied. It's fine as long as the employer makes the appropriate decision."
From behind me, Miduchi pointed out while leaning against a pillar in the kitchen.
"..I can't agree with that opinion but well I guess that's fine. However, there's something even more crucial missing."
Hirosukol looked at Miduchi while saying.
"That is"
When Miduchi was going to continue her words, Hirosukol interrupted with his own words.
"You are..s.h.i.+na, no, you said you were Chizumagurol-san. It seems you're the newest one among them but aren't you someone related to him? I would like for you to remain quiet here."
I lightly put my right hand on my left shoulder and stopped Miduchi. Well if they were living as a proper member of society then I'm sure it would be the first thing they notice.
"Was there anything else again?"
"Since I don't really remember everything down to the fine details after all.."
Bel and Toris were saying in a whisper.
"Greed-san, wouldn't it be better for you to say it yourself?"
"..The contract can only be cancelled when it's renewed..once per year. If it was j.a.pan then it would be in conflict with the labor standard laws. However, this goes the same for me as well. I can't fire them either."
"Ho? You said it quite honestly.."
Hirosukol opened his eyes in surprise and said.
"I could have sworn you would remain quiet until we pointed it out.."
It seems it was unexpected for Faruergaz as well. I mean, you two seemed to have already realized right. Then there's no meaning in remaining quiet.
"Shall we listen to your excuses?"
"Excuses? In regards to what? I haven't done even a single shady thing at all though"
I flatly declared it.
"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What are you saying! You tied them up with an unequal contract, forced them to listen to whatever you say, that sort of sc.u.mbag motive wil"I'd like for you to stop right there."
When Hriosukol started yelling angrily Angela appeared behind him and interrupted. Zulu is still standing around the doorway without moving an inch with an expression of anger while just looking over here.
"We won't overlook anymore statements that insult our master than this."
Angela stated with a tone of voice like ice from behind them.
"...It seems you've earned the loyalty of your slaves who don't require a contract.."
"Angela, step back, stay at the entrance with Zulu."
"However, "It seems I've caused you some worry. It's fine. Step back."
While glancing to the side at Angela as she reluctantly stepped back I politely lowered my head to Hirosukol.
"I'm sorry for any rudeness caused by my inability to discipline my slaves. Please forgive me."
I lowered my head and looked back at Hirosukol.
"Now then, this is the continuation from just now but you said I've tied them up with an unequal contract. Since it's an employment contract I'm paying them compensation. If that compensation was insufficient, then just as you said that would be unequal I'm sure. However, if they can't accept their compensation, then the person them self should negotiate with me. I haven't even once closed the window for negotiations."
"Mu..However, isn't that compensation of 200,000 Z per month too low? Even the squires of a knight group receive more.."
Ah, if I remember correctly the weekly pay of squires in the Webdos knight group was 43,000 Z. That's 215,000 Z per month. Isn't that only 15,000 Z different? It's enough for one bag of condoms. They're without a doubt soldiers though. They even go to the battlefield. They're even ordered some dangerous jobs like as scouts or decoys right? As expected there's nothing like I thought about a bit previously like ordering them to go sell their bodies to earn some money or letting me test out the fit of new types of condom though. Just like a knight group wouldn't order that I obviously wouldn't either, I think.
"Whether or not their compensation is too much or too little, I think that's something only I and the person them self should decide though? Obviously from the standpoint of a manager I want to hold back the individual wages as much as possible. It's only obvious that it's that much better for me the lower their wages are. However, I'm sure my employees would like to receive as much more as they can. If they're doing the same work then they should want even just 1 Z more. I can understand this. If they can't accept the amount I've offered them they should either negotiate or in the first place I think it would be fine to conclude the contract."
"So you intend to insist that it's limited to their own responsibility.."
"That's only obvious. Though they're originally high schoolers, it's already been over 10 years since they were reborn and lived on this Orth, you can't call them children in regards to consideration of advantages and disadvantages right."
Though I think that things like feelings and the emotional aspects returned to an appropriate level for our bodies but it's not like we lost our knowledge and we didn't lose the ability to think about things based in that knowledge. It's not my responsibility in regards to things that are related to their original knowledge and ability to make decisions.
"That's sophism."
"Please feel free to say whatever you want."
"..Well then, what do you think in regards to the fact that there's no good faith clause?"
"I don't think anything at all. It's just as she just said, it's fine as long as I can make proper decisions. Even then if they offer me any objections or make suggestions for a different decision then I'll take them into consideration."
I point at Miduchi with the thumb of my left hand over my shoulder while replying.
"How do you intend to take responsibility in the case that your decision is a mistake?"
However you know, your way of calling me went from "anata" to "kimi". I'll overlook the "kisama" you used just before. While I'm acting politely you're acting so arrogantly. Even though you're just a commoner you sure can speak your mind. Ah, I guess he was a kis.h.i.+-sama was it? But when it comes to things regarding knights it shouldn't have any relation outside of the knight group. Come to think of it we never asked how older they were when they died. He might have just been older than me. Not that it particularly matters though.
"If you're going to point that out, then if they accept that I'll deal with it appropriately."
"..You sure have quite a bit of confidence."
"If I didn't have confidence I wouldn't do something like hire people and explore Baldukk. It's dangerous after all."
If a person can't have confidence in their own decisions then they should just leave those decisions up to someone else. Being able to see through that person is a splendid talent as well.
"However, for you to have them accompany you into the dangerous dungeon for just a mere 200,000 Z..It seems that you're unusually paying bonuses as well but since I thought it was rude I didn't ask the amount. How many months worth are you paying? I don't mind even if it's just the amount from the summary of this year."
Why would I have to say something like that? Well from their point of view then I'm making innocent (though even when they died in their late teens it might be going too far calling them innocent) children undertake dangerous jobs and they intend to be the adults punis.h.i.+ng the evil adult sipping up all the profits. The reason why they're trying to ask every little detail is because whether it's yesterday or today they probably want to confirm there's no conflicts with what they heard from Ralpha and the others. Also, since there's no custom like giving bonuses on Orth so it's understandable that he would find it strange.
"It isn't a bonus given matching up with the balance sheets like a "company" in j.a.pan. It's "commission" payment that's given out in proportion to the amount we earn when we enter the dungeon that time. Last month we entered the dungeon a total of three times and..How much was it in total again?"
"Umm..Including our wages I don't think it reached 2,000,000.."
Ah, since we didn't count the fact that we found the magic item {Spear.Of.Piercing}. I guess it's around there.
"Even if you exclude our wages it's 1,720,000 Z."
Miduchi supplemented it. You, is it fine for you not to remain quiet? However, I'm amazed you can remember that.
"Currently we're entering the dungeon in 9 day cycles. Consequently we enter the dungeon 3-4 times in a month before returning. It's only obvious but on the months we go and return 4 times our income is even greater. We're often receiving bonuses in proportion to the earnings from magic stones and on the occasions of finding gems and magic tools we also receive a bonus from the sales of those."
Bel supplemented an explanation as well. Yeah that's right, that's exactly how it is. I glanced at Ralpha for a bit thinking she didn't tell them something like that.
"I mean if I were to say the amount then they'd be able to calculate how much we're earning. Father said it would be better to remain quiet about the precise amount until they enter the party and sign the contract with Al.."
Ralpha said while pouting with her mouth. Certainly that's true but it's not particularly anything to hide from reincarnated people so it would have been fine even if you said it. Even if they don't enter the party it's fine as long as they don't become my enemy. If they were interested in investigating if they just listen to the information from the magic stone dealer then there's countless methods to investigating something like our rough earnings.
However, the conversation s.h.i.+fted to an unexpected direction here.
"Is..Is that really true!? 1,720,000 Z in just one month!? Please hire me! I'll do anything!"
Basutral who hadn't said almost anything up until now suddenly approached me with an intense momentum and lowered his head rubbing it into the table.

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