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Year 7444, Month 12, Day 14
I was a bit surprised at Basutral who suddenly came out with his desire for employment, right now isn't the time to being interviewing him. However, I can't just ignore him without saying anything either.
"Please raise your head. Umm, this is just a simple confirmation but what sort of relations.h.i.+p do you have with these two Basutral-san?"
Since I want to avoid something like headhunting their attendant. Faruergaz and Hirosukal were looking at Basutral with bitter faces but didn't say anything. Basutral is hesitating whether it's okay for him to open his mouth when someone interrupted from the side. It doesn't need to be said but it was Ralpha.
"It seems that person was a slave. Last month these two bought him and after bringing him to the capital they released him into a Free Person."
He~ well since they're reincarnated people I'm sure they had that much leeway, if I were to meet Basutral when he was a slave then I'm sure if I had the money at that time Imighthavedonesomethinglikethataswell. However, whether or not I release him would depend on if he was born a slave, or fell to being a slave as a result of a crime or being unable to pay his taxes, I'm sure I would investigate things like that first.
"Is that so..That is  really..Well conversation regarding employment we should do again at a later time, if possible I'd like to discuss it."
"Pl..Please do!"
I calm down Basutral who is frantically lowering his head to me and returned the conversation to where we were.
"Well I feel as thought I'm paying compensation that corresponds to our earnings..However, in regards to the amount of that compensation, putting aside the person them self I don't think you as an outsider have any right to speak on it, is what I think though.."
I try to smooth over my expression to appear as earnest as I can while talking. Next to me Toris and Bel are nodding as if to say that's right, that's right.
"..I see, certainly it seems you're handing them a reasonable amount of compensation..I can accept that they're satisfied with the compensation like they were saying."
"Is that so? I'm glad that you were able to comprehend it."
"However, I still haven't received an answer I can accept in regards to limiting them on their freedom to quit or obligating them to obey orders other than those that relate to life and death. Furthermore, there's still a portion that is lacking as well. There's no arbitration clause. When a dispute occurs between the persons concerned, how do you intend to settle things?"
Is this guy an idiot? It's not like this is j.a.pan, even the country and individual territories don't have their laws posted out in the open. The only time they have something like a jurisdictional court is the day of judgement but fundamentally they only deal with criminal incidents. Things like civil cases the only way is if a n.o.ble was to hire a high ranking n.o.ble to judge on it or or a high ranking n.o.ble has the King make the judgements.
Since I'm barely within the realms of sub-n.o.bility, if I cry to him then Marquis Webdos might make a judgement. Since I can't rely on the King right now after all...If I remember correctly the King made a judgement on it, right, your Count Faruregaz family and the Rodairl family or Crocodile family or whatever Marquis families debt problem from 300 years ago right? I can't do anything but sigh.
..In the first place the one who suggested making employment contracts the source of this problem was Ralpha. It's something I found out later but something like an employment contract no one in this world uses them. Even when we were talking big about it to the scribe when we pa.s.sed through Doran on our way to Baldukk they just looked amazed at us and every time I bring them in to the government office of Baldukk the officials look at me with faces like "Is this guy an idiot?" It's not something I started doing because I wanted. I just got on the boat because I thought I should make use of whatever I could.
"..Fu~ ..I see, then I'll start in order from the places which are easy to respond...First off, in regards to the arbitration clause but have either of you entered into a contract for some kind of dealing with a merchant on Orth before?"
"No. But, isn't something like including clauses a.s.suming a dispute of contracts between parties involved only obvious? Even more so without the existence of something like a good faith clause, if the decision is left to the employer then I think it's even more necessary to maintain the fairness of the contract."
"I see. It seems that the two of you were able to make it up to being knights so your territory..I'm sure you have experience taking part in the enforcement of punishments and the security for days of judgement in lord Count Faruerugaz's territory..Yeah, that day of judgement. When it comes to minor crimes that they may use of that as the model and the lords of small towns and villages judge in a similar way. Ah, I already understand that you know that's only obvious. When it comes to crimes that are publicly known or serious offenses it's common for them to be transported to the capital of a large territory right? And, the place where we're using as a base is Baldukk in the direct territory of the royal family. If there was some sort of dispute it's possible to appeal that to his majesty the King or the governor. I guess that's right. If a problem were to occur that I'm not paying compensation owed then they could make an appeal like that and obligate me to pay them their compensation. Up until here is fine right?"
I've somehow started to get tired of trying to cover things up with a serious face. However, just acting like it's troublesome here and acting carelessly is meaningless as well. I need to tense myself up I guess.
"What I want you to remember back to here is the opposite. There's no penalty clause. Regardless of whether I'm properly paying them their compensation, in the case that they refuse to obey my orders, or even if they were to cause any damage to me there's no provisions regarding penalties in those cases. It's a strange way of putting it but even if they were to just leave as they wish on their own and say that I fired them then I have no method of trying to get them return by making a claim using the contract as a s.h.i.+eld."
He's making a face as if he wants to say he had already realized that. Well, he pointed out that many flaws in the details of the contract after all. It would be strange for him not to notice so it's only obvious. When I glanced to the side Bel and Toris were making strange expressions like they were surprised. Ralpha's mouth is wide open and Gwine is somehow making a difficult face. It should be fine to ignore the seiza group.
"Certainly, if they were to claim that it's my mistake that I didn't include clauses such as those then there would be no helping it. Putting it frankly while I was in the middle of writing it, it just got too troublesome as well. However, isn't it lacking too much in fairness to one-sidedly criticize just me their employer?"
"..In regards to that I had intended to mention it later. However, we were trying to properly hear the details of the contract, I think it's almost exactly the correct details of the contract we heard. It seems there were 10 provisions in all."
Was it 10 provisions again? I also feel like it was 8 though...I wonder if I'm remembering incorrectly?
Well, it's fine. While I was twisting my head Gwine told me.
"I think they're probably referring to the differences between Ral's contract and ours in regards to the first months income and learning magic from Al-san. Since mine was different in that regard."
Ah, was that how it was? I don't remember things down to there. It's already something that's finished after all. And it's unrelated to things from here on out. I just replied with an, "I see." to Gwine and nodded.
"And, it's about time I'd like to hear your true intentions. Since yesterday it seems that you all have been talking about various things with the employees of my company, Zenom.Firefreed, his daughter Ralpha.Firefreed, and Gulinelle.Akdam. Ah, there's no problem at all what they talk about on their own days off. And then you all heard the details of their employment contract and thought that contract was something unfair and felt a problem with me their employer. Since things like that are of no concern to me they don't matter at all."
I took a sip of the tea that's completely become lukewarm.
"However, after worrying about my employees who hadn't returned after one night, when I came rus.h.i.+ng to the capital, just when I finally thought I met them in my company, I was told they were talking to three people I don't know since morning, and when I hear even more and take a good look those three are former j.a.panese people. Well, this is fine as well. However, inside of a building that I own, you complained about the punishment I gave out to the source of our worries, moreover you start going on about how I'm decieing or just using my employees, much less being blamed for "brainwas.h.i.+ng", you're driving us into a situation where you might end up putting a crack in our splendid relations.h.i.+ps. Though I think the cause of that is you all who up until now had absolutely no relation to us just sticking your nose into our business.."
Ralpha turned pale. You sit over there and reflect.
"Certainly when it comes to someone from the home town, furthermore if it's thoughts in regards to young women being made victim to something then this is fine as well. However, with what right do you have to speak in regards to the details on our contracts?"
When I spoke up to there I was staring right into the eyes of Hirosukol.
"That itself is only obvious. However, first off it's certainly true that it seems I need to apologize. I'll apologize for coming to a decision while still lacking information, speaking out in matters I had no right to, and one-sidedly blaming you. I'm very sorry. Please forgive me for that rudeness."
Oh? He apologized quite honestly. I just shrugged my shoulders and accepted his apology.
"However, while we were too hasty in our decision based on the little information we had we certainly felt some women from our home town were in danger. No matter what we just couldn't overlook that. Still more, what we found out from that limited information was that their employer was another j.a.panese person as well. We misunderstood that another j.a.panese person was preying on other j.a.panese. I'm very sorry for any trouble we've caused you."
Hirosukol lowered his head considerably easily. Though it felt a bit too much like an excuse...Hmm.
"Well, it can't be helped if we just keep talking endlessly like this here. It should be about a good time. Then how about we solve things for once in regards to leaving the job. It's fine if I cancel everyone's contracts right here and now on this spot. Of course, I've already paid the wages for this month the other day but going off the payment schedule I won't say anything like returning that."
I looked around at everyone surrounding the table before continuing my words.
"If anyone wishes I'll cancel their contract. We'll burn the contracts after returning to Baldukk. Of course, that includes the ones we've left with the government office as well. If there's anyone who wishes for that just say something."
Everyone remained quiet after hearing my sudden declaration.
"..There doesn't seem to be anyone. Then that's fine."
I returned my glance to Hirosukol again. He's making a grim face as if he bit into something sour.
"Regardless of the fact that you pointed out that many faults in the contract no one seems to be interested in canceling it. That means they've accepted it. Well then, I would like it if you restrain yourselves from having anymore more to do with our internal circ.u.mstances."
After I declared that for the first time since I sat down on the sofa I leaned back and slowly crossed my legs, put my right elbow down on the arm rest with my hand out as if I was making scissors from rock, paper, scissors and then tilted my head to the side. Miduchi ran up without delay and placed a jelly bean in between my fingers. It doesn't close things as well when it's not a lit cigarette but after biting the edge of the jelly bean with my teeth and replenis.h.i.+ng my sugar levels on it.

I don't know why but for some reason Hirosukol and Faruerugaz were making slightly envious faces while watching. She pays attention quite well right? After handing Miduchi the rubber balloon with the jelly beans in it and it seems the two of them in front of me were still following after her with their eyes. Judging from the angle of their eyes are they looking at her a.s.s?
Certainly since she has elf blood mixed in here facial features are extremely good looking and her proportions are quite good for a 16 year old as well but I can't really say they have the best interests being accepting of that skin color. Putting aside the large scars on her face, the blue violet color of her almost looks like a corpse.
"Well then, Basutoral-san. In regards to your matter. It seems that you wish to be employed by this Greed Company but.."
"Yes! I'm begging you! I'll do anything I'm told! Please, hire me!"
When the conversation changed Basutoral approached again. I wonder what Faruergaz and Hirosukol think about this? I guess I'll confirm it for once.
"Ple..please wait just a moment. Faruergaz-san, Hirosukol-san. He's saying these sorts of things but is there any problem with that? If there is some sort of problem then I won't continue this conversation though"
I took my eyes of Basutoral and looked at the two them before Faruergaz started replying drly.
"..There is no problem. We just couldn't look on idly as a j.a.panese person lost themselves in the slave social standing. We just wanted him to start up some kind of business and save him. Of course, we intend to have him repay us for the expense though"
I see, then there doesn't seem to be any problem. Hearing that Hirosukol nodded as well. But you know, I get your feelings and what you want to say, but you two, both of you are pretty cruel. That means that people who weren't reborn, just normal people born on Orth are unrelated and you don't think anything of them right? The thing irritating me isn't that way of thinking. I feel like I can understand the way of thinking itself, since even I think some things similar to that as well. What I was thinking is that I'm amazed you say that so openly in a place where not just Zenom but Zulu and Angela might be able to hear it as well.
Well, I guess it just means that everyone is different in how they think and feel about things. Even that line just now, depending on the person who hears it, they might get warm feelings thinking they're kind towards others of the same home town.
Well, it doesn't particularly matter though.
"If, you would like to be employed by this company, then in that case in regards to the expenses that Faruerugaz-san loaned to you, it would be fine for me to take over that loan as well."
After all I'm using them young'ens to make a serious killing. I should have the right to at least say much sarcasm, and I thought that much but didn't say it. I'm sure I would just be warned by Miduchi or Zenom later that I went too far either way.
"..However, it's just as you heard the employment contract for our company is full of holes. Since the current employees who have signed on to that contract seem fine as is that's one thing but it seems strange to force that on a new person being employed...and before that what do you intend to do to be useful to us? Incidentally, we already have plenty of shop a.s.sistants and there's no problems with our deliveries to frequent customers. Since that's the case, it's only obvious but we would hire you as a security member, and have you enter the dungeon together with us though.."
Doing something like using a reincarnated j.a.panese person to tend to a store, it's too much of a waste that there's no way I could do it. From what I just identified just now it doesn't seem like he would be useful at all but since he's still young if we train him for several years, since he's a man shouldn't he end up still better off than Gwine? Currently I'm paying 2% of the proceeds(not the profits. Since I'm the one paying for the wages every month, the taxes to enter the dungeon, the tools we use in the dungeon, and the food we normally consume. Even though I say that the interest rate on the proceeds is something like 99%) to each of the six people as a bonus. Going off the proceeds that means I'm paying 12%. Since I thought that 20%, or even depending on the case up to 25% was within the permissible range, there's no problem with increasing our numbers a by a bit more.
There's no problem with it but I want to hold back how much I pay as much as possible. Simultaneously I also have to make sure the members who have been around for a while can accept it as well. If it's someone like Miduchi who has exceptionally high skills then it's easy to accept but in his case, he was a slave until just the other day it seems, and even his level is appropriate for that. It's difficult to treat them the same from the start.
"Gu..At .. at first I'll do anything even if it's carrying luggage! I'll even put in the effort to learn how to use a weapon!"
"Have you fought against a monster before?"
I'm sure he hasn't though. Just in case.
"That is..No I have not. But, I'll do it! I need to do it. Definitely, I'll definitely earn some money and.."
He~ It seems he has some sort of objective as well. Though he might not eternally end up as one of my subordinates but it's still much better than guy with no goals at all. Earning money, is an extremely easy to understand and splendid goal. The problem is whether or not that's just him speaking big. In regards to that it's one thing that won't get caught up in {Detect.Lie} as well.
"For the time being it was be things like learning how to use a weapon and training, those sorts of plain things I think? Also, inside of the dungeon the things I, and your other seniors say are absolute. We won't forgive opposition or refusal. Since time while arguing and danger gets even closer after all."
It's my first time saying this line. However, it's a necessary line I'm sure.
"That's only obvious! Please order me to do anything!"
I looked at Basutoral's face for a short while and confirmed that he was seriously looking over here, then looked at the faces of Ralpha, Gwine, Zenom, Bel, and Toris. Well, I guess it's fine.
"I understand. Basutoral-san, I'll hire you. In regards to your treatment we'll talk about and decide on it separately."
While Basutral was making a worried expression he changed to a full face smile and thanked me while saying, "I'm looking forward to working with you!" Ralpha let out a sigh of relief in the corner of my vision. She's probably relieved that her movements weren't a complete waste. She's an idiot as usual. You. It is quite the achievement you were able to pull in a reincarnated person. Though it's still a different matter from whether or not you properly got in contact with us.
"Now then, Faruergaz-san. How much were the expenses it cost to free him? I'll take over repayment of the loan."
It was when I said that.
"Ah, would you please wait for just a moment? From the circ.u.mstances, the ones who released him were us but I still think we're properly responsible for looking after him. In the first place, you're talking about challenging the dungeon but obviously that's dangerous right? Since there's quite a few young women as well, isn't it dangerous in a variety of ways?"
That's right. It's dangerous.
"..That's precisely why it requires absolute obedience for following orders and a reasonable amount of compensation. I thought that you were already able to understand that but.."
"I feel as thought I've already understood that. However, even though it's a friend who we've gone to the trouble of getting to know, just remaining quiet and watching them step food into a dangerous place like that is..doesn't sit well with me."
..I really can't do anything more than just look at him with my eyes half closed.
"Hirosukol-san, I've been listening quietly since a while ago just now but what in the world is it with you? Acting so arrogantly. Starting from the beginning up until now our Greed has treated you politely. Even though there's no obligation to explain anything to you two? Things like because we're former j.a.panese people or not those types of things don't matter at all."
"Stop, Toris."
"No, Al-san. I can't remain quiet any longer. There's also the matter of disciplining Firefreed as well. He said something about "corporal punishment" but that sort of stuff is our internal problem. Certainly it's shameful but if you didn't discipline her now, when are you going to discipline her? She caused us to worry that much. The reason doesn't matter. She had plenty of methods to get into contact with us as well. The problem is she was negligent on that. Regardless of whether it's right in front of strangers things that need to be done should be done. It's something that's necessary for Ral's sake as well. To Al-san rather than something like his relations.h.i.+p or the impression he gives you, it's proof he cares far more about Ral's life from here on out. In the first place, calling something like "seiza" corporal punishment, it was so funny I thought the tea would come out of my nose."
Yeah, all orders other than those that have to do with life or death are absolute obedience right? You've signed on to the contract as well right? Adding to that, this is quite a bit more embara.s.sisng then forcing Ralpha and Gwine to seiza you know.
"In the first place, saying this and that about j.a.panese people, aren't you embarra.s.sed of yourselves at this point? We're already no longer j.a.panese people. All 39 of us died together in that accident. From here on out for countless decades we're going to live in this Rombert, this Orth. Certainly the way of thinking of trying to help people who are bound by an unreasonable contract is splendid. I don't think it's something that can be done so easily. Since in actual fact you saved the slave Basutoral-san as well. But even in that case, what is it, with that sort of arrogant way of speaking."
"Hey, Toris."
I need to stop him already, and thinking that when I was about to open my mouth, Bel reached from the other side and grabbed my left arm, Bel's face was ice cold as she looked at Faruergaz and Hirosukol. Oh Koloil, you too? But you know.
"Toris, apologize for your rash remarks already. Hirosukol-san is a knight of Count Faruergaz. Furthermore Faruergaz-san is also a knight and the eldest son of the Lord and Count."
"I'm truly very sorry I said something so cheeky. Please forgive me."
After being strongly told that by me Toris went silent and then lowered his head and apologized.
"I'm really sorry about our young ones, they were quite rude to you."
Ue~ it's like the type of line some Yakuza boss would say.
Rather we were originally adventurers and it's not all that different I guess?
"Please don't think too badly of him for it."
I said that and lowered my head.
"However, please think carefully over the things Kalstalan just said. Somehow it seems that the two of you still have quite a bit of the disposition of j.a.panese people remaining. I think that disposition is quite splendid."
I said that and smiled. I was surprised at people still acting with the values of modern day j.a.pan but it's the fact that there was a person like that. Rather, I even think it's quite amazing they managed to live for 16 whole years on Orth while still maintaining those sorts of values. Since there's a person right in front of me who was saved by that.
"Certainly it's just as Kalstalan-san said. It was rude of me. When I'm talking with j.a.panese people, it seems I can't get rid of the habit, I'm really very sorry about that. Please excuse me."
Hirosukol said that and lowered his head. No, it's fine.

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