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Year 7445, Month 4, Day 12
All of us went running excluding Ralpha who's menstruation started last night and except for her since she said she didn't feel good  it was when we were all eating breakfast together. Bel over the talking voices of a group that seemed to be adventurers while we were eating at the same place.
"..Al-san, it seems that {Black Topaz} announced it when they returned this morning but they discovered a magic item on the 1st floor. It was a sword that a moving skeleton was holding in one of the rooms and it seems to have been called {Short-Sword.Of.Blunt}."
"On the first floor.."
..However, how should I look at it. Is it a completely blunt sword or a sword that dulls the movements of those it cuts? But, I'm sure there's no mistake it's a magical weapon...However, for it to be a skeleton. In the past, I tried thinking about the reason why there's no skeletons in this world in my own way but I guess that was a mistake. After all they exist. The impression I had from a movie on Sinbad I saw on television when I was a child was strong. A skeleton swordsman huh? Well the one remaining the strongest in my memory is the seven skeleton swordsmen who moved at the same time in the movie with the s.h.i.+p Argo and it's exploration group though.
"For it to have been on the 1st floor that is..Quite good luck indeed."
Angela was shocked hearing the conversation. It's hard to say we struggled for it but just the other day, the two of us defeated a {Frost Lizard} and obtained the magical weapon {Short-Sword.Of.St.u.r.dy} on the 5th floor as well. However, on the 1st floor is..Honestly speaking, I can't accept it so easily either. Angela's tail seems to have dropped down and seems to have no energy. Even though she's finally started to show her emotions..I guess it's unrelated huh? No, precisely because her emotions are expressed more abundantly is it drooping down? Let's think that way. I think that's better for my mental health.
"A skeleton..I wonder what was going on with the magic stone?"
Gwine said strangely. Oh~ Gwine, you too huh? So you were thinking the same thing as me.
I'll give you one of the zabuton of my heart.
"So an undead monster appeared on the 1st floor as well.."
Miduchi whispered. Somehow for a skeleton to be an undead monster. Somehow I have more of an image like some kind of villain created and is controlling it using the fang of a dragon through something like magic. The influence of movies is big. However, as expected of Miduchi, she knows everything. When I showed admiration and said that she said, "They appear all the time in games." I played a game once as well but I can't remember every little thing like that.
"I wonder about that? It's just my guess but it sounds like a special monster on the 1st floor like the Golem in the past, that strange dead person, vampire was it? or the Roper. I don't know if it was strong or not though."
Zenom is putting his fried egg on a piece of bread and putting pepper on that. Oh~ so there's that way of looking at it as well, as expected of Zenom, the old man's wisdom is always better than the tortoise sh.e.l.l*.
"I see, that might be the case..Ah, is it fine if I can have the pepper?"
Zulu took the pepper from Zenom and started pouring his usual amount on his fried eggs. I always think it but that's using way too much right...
It was just then.
"I don't want to! I'll never let go of it! This is, this sword is something I obtained! It's mine!"
"Vikkusu! Just stop it already!"
"s.h.i.+t! It's no good! This guy won't let go of it!"
"What the h.e.l.l..However what in the world does this mean?"
We could hear shouts and voices of an argument from outside coming our way. All of the customers inside of the resutraunt including us we're looking outside at the street. There's one man and he's walking as he drags along two or three men and women clinging to his body. There's also another few people around them.
They're all people I know. Those guys are {Black Topaz}. I can see sis Anderson's fl.u.s.tered face as well.
"What in the world is that...It's everyone from {Black Topaz} right."
Giberuti whispered but no one was able to nod to that. Everyone is dumbfounded just watching over the series of events.
"I wonder what they're arguing over? Was there some sort of complaints over their cut?"
Basutoral put his question into his mouth but that might actually be the case, though it's still hard to tell for sure.
"Vikkusu! That belongs to me. Stop being so obstinate already!"
I can hear Anderson's voice.
"Red-sama, even if you say that, and no matter how many times you say my response is already decided. This alone I won't give up on. I was born~ to meet this."
Vikkusu, the Dog-people man named Vikkensu-Barukemi replied while holding the sword to his chest. He must really have been pleased with that sword. But you know, didn't you always use the battle mace?
"What in the world are you saying, this oaf. That's a magical weapon!? It's not something you can make a decision on!"
The human man named Kaku.Dankel who's the sub-leader of the party rebuked him. It seems he's one of the front line of {Black Topaz}. When we saw them fighting the {Frost Lizard} before he was the first one frozen in ice so my image of him being useless is strong but he's rumored to be quite skilled among those in Baldukk.
"That's why I'll pay for it. I don't need any cut from here on out either! It's plenty with just enough money go on eating!"
The Dog-people man shouts.
"Fool! There's no way that would be enough! Like we would let go of an item that could be sold for several billion for small change like that!"
The Laios man with the nickname Baru, Baruteinesu.Zomu yelled while holding down Vikkusu.
"Red-sama, Red-sama! I can clearly understand! This fellow wants me to use it! I'm begging you! Please leave it to me. I'll do anything."
Vikkusu is yelling in a loud voice at Anderson as falls to the ground begging. His state is clearly strange. I tried using 【Identify】 on Vikkusu and it came up as 【Condition: Charm(Cursed Item)】.
What in the world is that?
Since he has a strange obsession over the sword so I guess the sword itself is the {Cursed Item}? I tried using 【Identify】 on the sword Vikkusu is holding to his chest.
【State: Good】
【Manufacture Date: 12/4/7445】
【Value: 1】
【Endurance: 1920】
【Ability: 71-100】
【Effect: Charm User】
So that's the {Magical.Weapon} they got their hands on the dungeon. When I tried reading the sub-window and it seems that when the user puts it on their sword band and grabs the handle the curse of charm is cast on them, they'll be so pleased with the sword that they can't help themselves. However, it seems it's possible to release it using either the spell {Remove.Curse} or the spell {Dispel.Magic} that's stronger than normal. Though I say that, this is my first time hearing of the spell {Remove.Curse} and it seems it needs a spell with enough mana poured into the {Dispel.Magic} as if a level 100 magician uses on the spell Perfect Charm, {Charm.Any.Creature}.
Yeah, impossible.
Even if I were to succeed at the spell {Dispel.Magic} that sword would turn to dust it seems and in either case it's beyond my capability.
"It looks almost like a curse.."
Miduchi whispered. I exchanged glances with her and lightly nodded and she made a face as if she understood.
During that time Vikkusu were forcefully lifted up and dragged off in the direction they were heading.
"What in the world was that?"
Toris tilts his head while saying.
"I guess they were arguing over how to split up that supposed {Magical.Weapon}?"
Bel runs her fingers through her hair while replying.
Just after lunch of this day, there was contact for Gwine from the map dealer. It seems that three more maps of the 1st floor were sold. The owners were parties I had never heard of. It been said for a while that magic items appear even on the 1st floor but when one actually appears, those rumors call more rumors and it seems the people blinded by money all came to buy it. If they were to get their hands on a magic item worth billions then I'm sure an investment of 10,000,000 Z (10 gold coins) is nothing at all.
Gwine was greatly pleased.
She doesn't own a company but as expected since it's a large sum of money normally you'd have to pay income tax on it. However, things like maps aren't luxury goods and when it comes to a map of the dungeon it's not considered military goods either. In addition to that she's not even a normal commoner but a Free Person who aren't taxed for the business they do. They just have to pay 2,000,000 Z a year for the individual tax and that's it. If you can earn then as long as you don't pay any attention to outer appearances being a Free Person seems nice as well.
Normally when Free People succeed in their business, even if it means losing 10% to taxes they try to quickly become commoners. It lets them be able to leave the territory and it's common for Free People to be looked down on for how low their social standing is as well. If they're a commoner then it's possible for them to serve a Lord somewhere as well so they can give their children a bit brighter of a future.
Year 7445, Month 4, Day 19
Last night we returned from the dungeon, the night pa.s.sed by and during lunch of today. When I was eating together with Miduchi, Ralpha and Gwine came along looking for me.
"Al just listen! Miduchi! Listen, listen! It's something terrible!"
"It's not the situation to be leisurely eating food. The two of you, come with us to Boil Manor right away."

We were dragged along by the two of them in a hurry and returned to Boil Manor. Really~ what is it? I was thinking about showing my face in my company in the capital after this though...There most likely won't be any deliveries of goods until the beginning of fall so it's necessary to go and adjust the amount of goods occasionally.
When we returned to Boil Manor everyone other than the slaves were gathered in Zenom's room.
When we entered the room Zenom started talking.
"Al, there's been some movements I don't think we can afford to ignore. It's about that Faruergaz and the others."
Huh? Did they do something?
"It seems they entered {Sun Ray}."
Eh? What was that?
According to the information that I heard from them the story went like this. After Faruergaz and the others obtained Gwine's map of the 1st floor from the map dealer they recognized it as being some useful. One and a half months after obtaining the map they adjusted to the dungeon quite a bit and recently thanks to the map they've gotten used to efficiently moving around and avoiding monsters.
It seems that thanks to that there was a drastic decrease in injuries from combat as well. To the point where they started discussing aiming for the 2nd floor the other day. They're newcomers but they have a reasonable level of combat ability and they also had the information from Gwine's map. It seems that the Rindobel couple from {Sun Ray} set their sights on that.
They used words to skillfully get closer to them and completely got on good terms. According to the story Ralpha and Gwine heard today they also said that {Sun Ray} and we {Slaughterers} are cooperating in challenging the dungeon together as well. Well, that portion isn't a lie. Though it's only a really small portion you can't say we aren't cooperating together after all.
Since they don't know how to doubt people they were completely deceived and believed that {Sun Ray} is really cooperating with us and making a fortune as one of the top teams in the depths of the dungeon. It's something you can figure out if you just investigate it a little bit but it's certainly true they're one of the top teams and since all of their members seem to be deeply faithful, they all have gold bands on their arms, and the emblem of a Torii on their s.h.i.+elds and armors so they don't look like bad people.
In terms of appearances something like {Gehenna.Flare} which is filled with dwarves who all wear flashy armor that has grim ornaments all over it and easily carry around axes among them as well, even if you look at them in good light they don't seem like anything but villains. In any case just as expected one of the ones called a top team since long before we were, there's no one in Baldukk who doesn't know the name of {Sun Ray}.
Even if they were to try and gather information bad rumors about {Sun Ray} wouldn't come out so easily. After all starting with the members of the top teams there's no way the first-rate adventurers of Baldukk would properly speak with Faruergaz and the others. Even if they were to talk there's no way the top teams would care if Faruergaz and the others who have only stepped foot on the 1st floor were to join {Sun Ray}. There's no way you would think it could lead to a sudden increase in the forces of {Sun Ray} after all.
If you were to ask then they'd probably think if someone like that really joins {Sun Ray} then they'd act as luggage and drag them down so it wouldn't be strange if they said "That's a great idea. There's plenty you could learn from one of the top teams, give it your best." and encouraged them.
Also, if you were to try and investigate the sources of information other than the top teams, all you would be able to find is that they're a deeply faithful top team and since they have a lot of members they might really seem like one of the tops in terms of synthesized abilities, there's no way of finding anything out more than that.
There's some pretty big merits to being a member of a top team. For starters, you can learn the {know-how} of exploring the dungeon. Other than that there's also knowledge about dangerous monsters and combat with monsters that aren't all that powerful. Being able to learn things like that is big. Of course, the biggest is still that you can travel to the lower floors while partic.i.p.ating with highly skilled other members and increase the chances you'll get your hands on a huge treasure worth a fortune.
There are a lot of people that were trained by the top teams in Baldukk and then after that started their own independent parties as well. The leader of {Verdure.Brotherhood} Robert.Virhaima seemed to have trained when he was a member of one of the top teams at the time when he was young and even managed to raise up the {Verdure.Brotherhood} into what was considered the strongest independent party for a period of time. Incidentally the leader of {Bright.Blade} Jankoto.Demitoridas also seems to have been a senior in the same party as Viruhaima at that time.
Faruergaz and Hirosukol must have realized there's a lot they could learn from one of the top teams as well. They might have discussed it with k.u.miru and Ruttsu as well. Normally being called out by one of the top teams is something that doesn't happen often. They might have just been happy that their abilities were recognized. Furthermore, it seems they have some sort of rivalry towards me. I'm sure they wanted to reach my level as quick as possible.
And when it comes to {Sun Ray}, they might have been attracted by the map of the 1st floor they bought as well.
The dark rumors about {Sun Ray} is something I talked with everyone about three months or so ago. That's why everyone is very interested in this matter. Furthermore, since the one's who have been drawn in were reincarnated people they have even more reason to be.
It seems that this morning Ralpha and Gwine met them by chance and talked about various things over tea. They decided it would be best not to casually mention the dark rumors until they discussed it with everyone and we came to a decision so they held back from offering any information and just tried to listen to what they were saying.
Since they're true knights it seems they have some pride in the fact that they're knights and when they were praised for that they talking about various things in a good mood. It seems they even went to the point of telling Gwine and Ralpha, "If you ever feel like quitting the {Slaughterers} then come and discuss it with us anytime, I'll talk to {Sun Ray} about it." It seems they dressed it up as a joke and they weren't seriously trying to recruit them but just simply laughed it off.
If you try actually talking with {Sun Ray} they're pretty well mannered and not the usual gathering of ruffians. If you don't know about the dark rumors then I'm sure you would think they're a good party.
Even we didn't have any sort of negative impression of them until last year. In the two and a half years since we came to Baldukk, we had heard a ton of stories about the top teams but {Sun Ray}, no, since we never noticed the true ident.i.ty of the Rindobel couple we don't have any right to complain about them either.
However, I see. So they entered {Sun Ray}?
"I thought about showing my face at the company in the capital today but I'm canceling it. I'll give this some thought."
Seeing me smile while saying that Bel said.
"I don't think that they're bad people but if we think about the future then certainly it would be best to gain favors with them.."
"As a matter of fact I had consulted with Zenom-san and Bel about that since I while back. We'll try thinking about it as well."
Toris said while making an evil-looking smile. So he's fallen huh?
"What what? Is it a conspiracy?"
"What are you saying Ral, it's how we can get them to distance themselves from {Sun Ray} right?"
"Eh? You're quite the soft person as well, you can't make it from here on out if you're like that, in the rough seas know as life that is!"
"You, what are you saying?"
"Don't be stupid, Gwine. It's better if we have as much forces as we can from here on out right, if they're strong reincarnated people then it's all the better!"
"I understand that, but even if we were together with those people, they seem noisy.."
"Isn't that why Bel is saying we should sell them some favors. We chip off the power in their words. I haven't forgotten that I've been completely made fun after all!"
"Ah, that sort of thing...Al-san as well, that is..It seems you have various things to worry about."
"What's that? What does that mean?"
"It means that Al-san was already moving from quite a while back."
"Umm..I'd prefer if you don't make things go badly..They're my benefactors as well.."
"Don't be stupid~ Saji, just think about it for a bit. Whether it would be better for them to be in that {Sun Ray} or better to be together with us, the result should be clearer than the light of day."
"That's right, Saji-san. Which would they be happier to be a party of? I firmly think that it's with us."
"Ah..I guess that's true as well.."
"And also, we're intending to make a country. Reincarnated people can be that much more useful."
"If it comes to that then I'm sure they'd be pleased and we'd be pleased as well. As a result isn't it fine if no one loses out?"
Why are you looking at me there with such a worried expression? I can't do anything but make a bitter smile.
"It's just as the two of you say. But, we won't force them, we'll be leaving the choice up to those two. Right?"
Miduchi concluded while questioning me.
Well something close to that is ideal.
However, I tried thinking about it again a bit. It might be a good idea to try and leave things to Toris and the others this time.
In the worst case if nothing more can be done then it should be fine if I come out at that point.

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