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Year 7446, Month 7, Day 3

Next to me Bel's ears stood on end.


"It's a monster!!"

It seems that the {Verdure.Brotherhood} is in the middle of combat. Judging from the echoing of their voices they're probably around 100 meters or so ahead? Since the ceiling of the 6th floor is considerably high if you don't yell with quite a loud voice it wouldn't reach 100 meters or so away. In reality the voice from just now felt pretty fragmented.

"Gwine, there's still quite a bit of distance to the monster room ahead of here right?"

"Yeah..Probably..It's about 500 meters or so ahead.."

Gwine replied quickly. That's right isn't it, just a short while ago Gwine said we had just cut past 1 km left. And, in that case then that combat isn't a monster room but a hallway huh? Most likely a boar teleported in and they were ambushed or something.

"..There's two boars..or maybe three?"

Bel said while straining her ears.

"There weren't any traps right?"

I asked Gwine who was still facing ahead.



"..Hmn. We're doing a formation change. Ralpha, Zulu. You two watch the rear as the {Tail Watchdogs}. It's unsightly being caught from behind after all. It's fine to take it slowly so follow along while remaining careful. In front of them is Miduchi and Bel. Adapt to the situation using projectile weapons. In the center is Gwine and Giberuti. Gwine don't separate from Giberuti's side. Everyone else will face the front with me."

After lowering my bayonet from my shoulder I briskly started walking. Behind me on the left is Angela and to my right Toris lined up, behind him on the right is Zenom.



It seems they're quite busy.

After glancing behind the only one making an impatient expression was Gwine. Opposite from that everyone else was making severely calm expressions as they walk. Even then their speed has increased. Judging from the volume of that voice, most likely we'll arrive at the place in another ten seconds or so. I guess around 20 meters beyond that right curve?

"Benno, to the right!!"

"s.h.i.+t, let's go with 4433! Front line hold out for 5 seconds!!"

It would suck if a spell attack comes flying the moment we turn that corner after all.

I guess it's because I suddenly started running. I could feel the presence of everyone else start running after me in a hurry.

After turning the corner and it was just perfect timing.

"As expected!"

"Basu, endure for just a bit longer!!"

The one fallen at Viruhaima's feet is mostly like the bow using elf man who was. .h.i.t in the initial ambush, if I remember correctly his name was Rokkuweru.Marosutaron? He's a magician that survived when the half first-rate party {Blazers} was destroyed 2-3 years ago. It seems he's seriously injured. What are you going to do? Viruhaima-san~

Including Viruhaima there's 5 magician in the {Verdure.Brotherhood}. Among those only two of them can use all elemental magics including Viruhaima but they shouldn't all have reached level 5. {Cure All} is impossible right? Well, even if they use regular {Cure} at least twice then he shouldn't die but as expected if it's just that. I wonder if they'll use their precious medicine that uses magic stones as ingredients? Well, even if they're expensive since one of top teams has plenty of a.s.sets there's no worry on that end, I'm sure it's something that's meant to be used at times like these. It can't be helped hesitating to use them.

"Hey~ Greed-kun. It's some kind of fate that we met each other in this sort of place. If you have any spare {healing potions} could you sell them to us? The number we have on hand has gotten a bit lonely.."

Viruhaima made an unpleasant face as if his moment of weakness was seen while the sub-leader elf warrior Basu put his hand on his shoulder pulling him back and then called out to me like that.

"Ya~ if it isn't Basu-san...If you're fine with the sale price of Miss.h.i.+zu then we can sell a couple of them to you. But, that is, do you have that much cash on hand?"

Miss.h.i.+zu is the name of a company that deals exclusively in medicine and along with the similar businesses of Bari and Rubenno they're the mainstream companies in Baldukk dealing with adventurers. Of course, there's plenty of non-adventurers who are in their care as well. Like the n.o.bles and rich people of the capital..and the army.

And, {healing potions} can display effects around the midway point between {Cure} and {Cure Light}, just one potion will cost you around 250,000 Z at market price and they're considerably expensive. Of course, excluding the army the one buying the most of them is me. Normal adventurers will usually at most buy numbing potions or monster-based antidotes and paralysis removal potions for around several thousand to several tens of thousands of Z. Not to mention in most cases it's normal for them to be sold by the weight of the contents. It's said if they're properly sealed then the effects won't fall even over several years.

The {potion bottle} is a bottle almost like a test tube with a small ork the size of an adult's little finger and you can properly stop it up with the cork. Even just these shock-proof bottles are around 5,000 Z each.

Whether it be an external wound or bone fracture if you don't drink it the effects won't work. It is a magical medicine after all. It's said that the recipe is forbidden from ever being taken outside and it seems they mix magic stone powder, leaves, and such with a secret ratio. By the way the flavor is kind of like the hangover medicine sold in drug stores of j.a.pan, Somarukku and putting it frankly it's disgusting.

Ever since two years ago, reflecting on when I fell down to the 14th floor I've made sure all of the members of the {Slaughterers} are always carrying at least four of these in the so-called survival kit pouch we're all carrying on the back of our waists. Obviously, I told them that if they end up separated from a member who can use magic and get injured to use those without hesitation. Also, I always have a certain amount in stock at the foremost base. While buying that one paralysis poison for use against ogres I've been buying them here and there and that added up to a decent amount of stock.

Including myself other than the initial training when I first introduced the potions no one has been in the care of them though. It's a waste after all.

"Idiot~ don't mistake me. Do you have four of them?"

Basu said that while grinning and handed over some gold coins. He~ four of them is quite the spirit. I took out the four {healing potions} from the survival kit on my waist and handed them over while talking.

"If you're going to use them right away then please do. Please return the bottles."

"Chi..You're as steady as usual."

Basu made a bitter smile while even then making a happy expression as he took the healing potions from me and returned to his allies. It seems he's using them right away. I can hear him take the cork off and use {Status Open} to confirm the contents.

"Since you're taking money, I won't offer any thanks."

Viruhaima was saying with a sullen expression but there was a somewhat soft feel to his tone of voice.

"I did take the money after all. There's no reason to thank me."

Though I say that, as a matter of fact I am profiting just a bit. Since we're often bringing in materials like the {Scavenger Crawler} feelers and purchasing paralysis poison and expensive healing potions, we're honored customers of Miss.h.i.+zu. They sell to us just a bit cheaper than normal.

After letting Rokku drink the medicine, Basu returned the bottle to me while saying, "We're saved. Thanks. We want to keep our mana as much as possible just in case we really need to use it after all."

"Hey, Greed. Just watch. After this time if we find one more new route then next up is the 7th floor. With this we'll get our hands on the treasure of the 7th floor as well and quickly overtake you. If you get full of yourself just defeating ogres and trolls then we'll surpa.s.s you before you even notice us."

And Viruhaima was saying things like a poor loser before walking off right away. I waved my hand as well while saying, "Well, please give it your best. I was just feeling there was no compet.i.tion like this after all.."

"Ah, that's right, I forgot to mention it. There's still a considerable distance from here to the teleport crystal."

Now then, I wonder how he'll respond?

"Hmph, I'm sure there is. Since we're making a map as well after all. We've already gone this way several times. We'll arrive by this evening."


Ralpha couldn't hold back anymore hearing Viruhaima's boast and suddenly burst into laughter.

After all we had planned to arrive in another hour and a half.

"Ho!? What time did you enter the 6th floor?"

Following up for Ralpha's outbreak I raised my voice loudly as if I was surprised.

"Fu..I think it was just past 10 am."

Today we stepped foot on this floor at around 3 pm I think it was? A 5 hour difference huh?

..Ah. I guess that's what it is?

"Well~ of course..I was surprised."

Well, it's fine. Seeing the faces of Basu and the other members I already figured out that 10 am was a lie.

"Fu~ when did the {Slaughterers} enter? I'm sure it was after us but we did clean things up quite a bit along the way. It was easy right?"

Annoying~ Certainly all four of the monster rooms we pa.s.sed through were filled with corpses. However, there were only boar corpses in two pa.s.sages along the way for a total of 3 of them. Also, from looking at the members of the {Verdure.Brotherhood}, I'm sure they departed considerably early in the morning. Their expressions are those with a reasonable amount of fatigue built up.

"Yeah. Thanks to you. I'm grateful for that. Well then"

I replied while walking off, this time I waved over my shoulder.

Well~ if it's us I'm sure even just taking the roundabout route will only add about 30 minutes. It's not a big problem at all.

Putting that aside, I'm sure it's about time for {Verdure.Brotherhood} to have established multiple routes through the 6th floor. In regards to that it's quite admirable. As expected of them being greater veterans. In that regard we're still completely amateurs.

Even this time the reason they bought healing potions from us was probably proof of their caution. They never know when monsters might teleport in right besides them on the 6th floor so they shouldn't be able to let their guards down at all. I'm sure they can't even let their guards down on breaks so they must want to reserve their mana for as long as possible. If when they really need they can't use attack spells because they're lacking in mana then a desperate fight is guaranteed and if they're careless it might lead to a number of serious injuries.

However, fortunately I was able to see something good. With this I was roughly able to get a grasp on the intervals between attack spells of {Verdure.Brotherhood}'s magicians.

Author's note: List of {Verdure.Brotherhood} members:

Roberuto.Viruhaimā Elf Spear.Sword.Magic

Renbāru.Kōrumain Banīman Spear.Magic

Bennoko.Hyūrunī Hyūmu Long Sword.s.h.i.+eld

Rizāra.Reddofurea Dowāfu Glaive.Magic

Rokkuweru.Marosutaron Elf Bow.Magic

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