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Year 7446, Month 7, Day 3

After arriving at the teleport room on the 6th floor in order to recover from the fatigue of today we immediately started making dinner preparations while taking showers in order, and spent time resting our exhausted bodies. And then, soon after we finished meal preparations and everyone had a slightly late dinner. After our meals the slaves who still hadn't taken showers took theirs in order while we relaxed and enjoyed some tea.

Tomorrow we'll clear through the 7th floor before noon and no matter how late we are we should defeat the Minotaur and arrive at the teleport room on the 8th floor by evening, then after we finish setting up the base we'll return to the surface once. I'll give out any necessary instructions and as soon as possible we'll return to the 8th floor again to start investigating the revival cycle of the Minotaur. On that occasion I intend to spend at least one week there.

After all around the 25th of this month the Donneoru family will appear to s.h.i.+ft places with the Ryogu family from Bakuddo and I also want to get the sausage factory operating before that. I've already made arrangements for the slaves that will be working there but it seems it's difficult to gather ones that meet the conditions and Madam.Ronslail is having some trouble as well. Well, it's fine since there's no need to hurry in regards to the slaves though.

However, after getting the factory operating it's necessary for Basutoral and Cathy to stick to it for half a month or so. Since I want to make my plans early on I'm a bit unsatisfied over how difficult it's been to fill in the schedule.

"Now then, we have to get up early tomorrow so shall we get some rest soon?"

After someone says that we naturally decide to sleep. Although, tomorrow we only have the 7th and 8th floors so looking at it with a bit more leeway in our schedule than usual it'll take about 6.5 hours. The current time is about 11 pm so after all we should get to sleep soon.

Just in case the first lookout was Toris and Giberuti, then next is Zulu and Gwine, then after that is Ralpha and Angela, and finally was Bel and Giberuti one more time. Since we never know when {Verdure.Brotherhood} might arrive, we definitely have at least one member who can use magic awake. We're inside of the dungeon and it's not like I completely trust them after all. The reason I split up Ralpha and Gwine was my conscience.

Then~ good night.

Year 7446, Month 7, Day 4

"..up. Master, please wake up."

I was shaken awake. It's Giberuti.


What is it, really~

I sat down on the bench picking my nose and resisting yawns while watching Toris's back.

But, soon after Toris returned after finis.h.i.+ng his talk with Viruhaima and the others.

"It seems they're going to setup camp over there. After that they asked if they can borrow the shower so I gave them permission as long as we still have priority use on it."

Ah, I see. It's good it wasn't anything troublesome.

"Nn, I see. Got it. Then, it's fine if I go back to sleep once more right?"

While Zulu and Gwine were waking up and getting ready I fell back to sleep again.

And then, the next morning I woke up a bit late and heard that the {Verdure.Brotherhood} triumphantly departed for the 7th floor a short while prior, and felt a bit unpleasant that we were beaten to it. But, after getting back to things we departed for the 7th floor as well. And then, we encountered the {Verdure.Brotherhood} surrounded by the maximum number of 5 ogres in the pa.s.sage, while none of them had died they were on the verge of collapse, and saved them from their crisis. After healing Viruhaima who had suffered some serious injuries, we brought them back to their teleport location without requesting anything major in return and having his heart moved, the old man even started shedding tears for up until..And I was woken up again by Giberuti. Like we'd so conveniently run into them that often~

"We're you seeing a dream? You were making a very happy looking face."

I felt a bit uncomfortable as Giberuti apologized to me with a very sorry face.

"Is that so? I can't remember what I was dreaming."

It was my limit to make a bitter smile while replying like that.

On my way to the shower room to get refreshed I looked at {Verdure.Brotherhood}'s camp and saw the old Wolf-person woman keeping lookout alone while everyone else seemed to be sleeping. It can't be helped worrying about the sounds of water so I just took a normal hot water shower and then switched over to cold water to relieve the tension and completely wake myself up, then put my equipment on.

I had an extra Baldoggie made for breakfast to have as a hotdog and after thinning out the wine in my wood cup with a bit of water I went to around the center of the room. I called over the Wolf-person who was keeping lookout while she was watching my movements.

"Thanks for your work. Kamushu-san. I don't know if it meets your taste but if you'd like please have this."

I smiled and handed the entire plate of food over to the Wolf-person who was looking suspiciously over here.

"Eh? Is it fine? Sorry about that. I can't resist these either~"

Kamushu narrowed her eyes while taking the hotdog and happily returned my smile.

"Is that so, then that's great. Ah, it's fine if you just return the plate and cup at anytime later."

"Thanks. I'm happy. After that it's fine if you call me Julie."

Julie said that while smiling and started stuffing her mouth with the delicious looking Baldoggie right away.

"Well then, Julie-san. We're going to head out pretty soon so please excuse me."

"Yeah, stay safe."

When I returned to the camp of the {Slaughterers} everyone was in the middle of breakfast. I quickly finished my breakfast and after everyone confirmed their equipment, we picked up our inflated rucksacks.

"Alright, no one is forgetting anything. Let's go, Mutoreoki!"

We finally arrived at the final room on the 8th floor in front of the 2 km in diameter area in the center where the Anti-Skill Area spreads out.

We advanced forward thinking it was close and after reaching the point where Miduchi's {Party-ization} was released, we all took a short break in a circle so we could see what's going on behind each other.

"Giberuti, you wait on standby here. Look after all of our bags. Just as I said before, a short while after we continue ahead from here and all around that area lightning will continue to fall. At the same time the room will get bright like the 7th floor. Just remain calm and wait without getting surprised. After the lightning disappeared we'll come and get you."

"Yes, I understand, master."

We all put down the rucksacks we were carrying and after gathering them in the shadow of the rock where Giberuti is waiting, we had a drink. We confirmed our equipment once more and after checking that there was no problem we took a rest for a further 10 minutes while simply going over the plan.

"We'll move with {Arrowhead.One} and until hostilities open we'll move with a basic 5 meter interval. The moment the Minotaur enters our sight the battle starts. Alright?"

I said that while looking around that everyone nodded and then continued.

"We've fought it before and if we all go at it there's no doubt about it, if we just keep focusing fire consecutively on it I think we can defeat it. There's no reason why we would struggle. The problem is.."

Gwine gulped and swallowed her saliva.

"In the case that there's more than one of them. In this case, I'll take on one alone. If there's two enemies then if everyone fights the remaining one I'm sure you can defeat it without any trouble at all. Backing me up will make it in plenty of time after that I'm sure and if the enemies power isn't any different from before then I think I can defeat one alone."

Everyone was quietly listening to what I said.

"If there's three or four of them then I think we'll probably be fine. If the tanks {s.h.i.+eld.Holder}'s Zulu and Toris hold out. If it seems you can defeat them then I don't mind but it's fine if you just keep holding out as well."

Along with buying her new armor I told Angela that it's fine if she doesn't use the s.h.i.+eld. In the first place she often forgets about the existence of her s.h.i.+eld after all. Her current armor is one designed under the supervision of the Dokshu family of Bakuddo with the aim of fighting against animals and monsters so it doesn't take a s.h.i.+eld into consideration. In exchange similar to my own it has a number of metal bars embedded into the gauntlets of the arms and the left fist is surrounded in rubber so you can punch with all your strength. Of course the surface is ebonite.

"If there's even more than that then we'll construct a front centering around me with Toris and Zulu, Ralpha and Angela standing at the front line. In this case, Zenom make skillful use of the axe. The front line should focus more on maintaining the front through defense than attack. In other words other than having Zenom move to the back it's roughly the same as usual."

"What about in the case that the opponent isn't a Minotaur?"

Miduchi interjected with a question. Hearing that Ralpha, Gwine, Zulu, and Angela all looked at her with admiration. I was just about to say it now as well.

"In that case it depends on the enemy. If it seems like we can defeat it then we'll go just like that, if it seems dangerous then I'll give out orders for changing the battle formation."

Certainly if it's an unknown monster then it'd be troublesome but if there isn't a large number of enemies then we'll probably be fine. In the worst case, while we're all enduring at the front Zenom can lead the rear and defeat them. In any case as long as that cage of lightning bolts is coming down, we can't retreat.

Now then, let's get into formation and depart.

We made the battle formation {Arrowhead.One} with my at the lead and started advancing.

Soon after Miduchi's {Party-ization} was released and everyone understood that we had entered the Anti-Skill Area.

"It's about time."

Gwine gave the signal.

In another 100 meters or so we'll arrive at the pillar.

I turned around once and after nodding as if to say "It's alright, we can definitely win." to everyone, I turned around again and started forward.

And then, somehow the moment the Minotaur(it was the same and just one of them. That's great) entered our sight the sound like the atmosphere was being torn happened as the cage of lightning bolts was made and the ceiling rapidly started giving off light.

"Let's go!!"

It's time for battle. Along with a battle cry I lowered my stance with the bayonet and then charged ahead at full speed.

Obviously the Minotaur has noticed us and is standing ready with it's {trident}.

"Buooo~!! Goo~daaa~!!"

Shut~up. Wouldn't a female one come out soon?

I knocked up the trident the Minotaur thrust towards me and after ducking under the handle I smashed the gun stock into the kneecap of it's right leg.

The one that hit it in the face was probably Bel.


The Minotaur let go of it's trident and started rolling around holding it's groin.

Ralpha and Angela were both swinging their weapons and beating it to death.

The Minotaur quickly died and the cage of lightning bolts disappeared.

The value of the magic stone was the usual 30,000.

There's a mountain of things to do.

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