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Total chapter t.i.tle fraud going on here... Curse you author I see no investigation starting.

Year 7446, Month 7, Day 8

In the morning, when I was having breakfast together with the Ryogu family and Basutoral couple we discussed things for the time being. First off, after I finish eating I'm returning to Baldukk right away. Next up we're leaving Cathy towards the test operation of the factory next week. And then, at the end of this week we'll just send back Giberuti from the dungeon and have him act as advisor to Cathy.

"Starting tomorrow I'll be in the dungeon for at least 10 days. Once I leave I'll come by once to check on things."

We'll enter the dungeon again starting tomorrow(if the remaining members paid attention and have already finished buying the materials then it'll be when we return today after taking a break around noon though) and it's necessary to finish up making the 8th floor into base.

"After that we'll be going back into the dungeon again right away though. And then, around the time we leave..Umm, around three weeks later brother should come as well. Then since there's a lot of things to do I think I'll be staying over here for about one week."

I told them my general plan. Furthermore, I gave out instructions to provide the slaves with rubber sandals and while discussing other fine details breakfast ended in no time at all. After that we returned to the store and after waiting for Zulu and the others who were eating with the slaves to come back we returned. When we went to depart and split ways Basutoral and Cathy kissed. How nice, being young. It feels bittersweet.

"What doing?"

I said to Miduchi. Stop biting your finger. It's shameful.

The four other than Miduchi and I are riding the carriage we borrowed in Baldukk. With the Ryogu family and Cathy waving as they saw us off we left Rombertia.

Quickly returning we arrived at Baldukk just before 10 am. After returning the carriage and going to Boil Manor it was just as Zenom and Toris came back carrying a lot of bags. Oh~ they sure are helpful.

"Welcome back, Al-san. We've already prepared all of the materials. If we just purchase the food then it's all done. Bel and the others went to buy that stuff."

"Nn..I see. Then I'm heading off to Murowa to discuss the matter with the cart. After everyone has gathered prepare the equipment and wait at the entrance plaza...Ah that's right, Giberuti, take my armor from Miduchi and hand it to Zulu. Just have Zulu wait in the entrance plaza with it."

After leaving my horse in the stables I gave instructions to Giberuti for just Zulu to remain while they all go ahead.

"Everyone go ahead in the dungeon. There's no need to wait for me along the way. We'll meet at the teleport room on the 3rd floor."

Hearing that Zenom and Toris immediately went to their rooms and started preparing their equipment. I need to give all of my equipment to Giberuti as well. I went to my room.

"What are you..doing?"

After entering my room when I was about to start gathering my equipment Miduchi followed me inside.

"You're going together with everyone as well. Quickly start getting your armor and whatever ready and go. Today we have a lot of luggage to carry after all. We'll be starting late so it's going to be a forced march."



"Have a good trip kiss~"

..Was she envious of Basutoral and Cathy?

How old are you...

18 right now huh.

I finished up the discussion about the cart with the old man of Murowa and started on my way towards the entrance plaza. I wonder if I spent a bit too much time on idle talk? I didn't take into consideration wearing out Zulu by having him wait in the heat.

We need to quickly get to the 8th floor and start investigating the revival cycle of the Minotaur and such.

After teleporting into the 2nd we spent 1 hour moving at a fast pace. We pa.s.sed through four monster rooms along the way but there was only a boss in the first two. In the remaining two there was the corpses of an {Owlbear} and a {Gnoll.Silverhead} laying around. It must have been after someone had pa.s.sed through. Judging from the wounds it wasn't likely that the {Slaughterers} was ahead of us.

However, it's true that it's easy. We can gradually cover the remaining distance at a fast walking speed so it's something that should be welcome. If it's like this then we should be able to clear through the 2nd floor in about 2 hours as Zulu and I continued leisurely walking down the halls of the dungeon.

However, in about 20 minutes our pace slowed down.

The sounds of combat.

We can hear the screams and shouts of people as well as the shrieks of what is most likely monsters.

That shriek is probably an {Owlbear}.

"What should we do?"

Zulu asked but the answer is only obvious.

"Nn..Let's go. If they have concluded things then we'll wait and see."

Around one minute after the two of started walking. We arrived at the monster room.

It must be a third-rate party that's lacking in a winning move to use in combat against an {Owlbear}.

"How about it..Do you know them?"


I called out to Zulu before stepping foot into the room. Of course, we aren't doing something like taking the shortest route straight through the middle that could unnecessarily provoke them. We slowly started walking along the wall. Obviously it seems they noticed us as well and they've been paying attention to us since we entered the room. I guess they did it out of caution but several of them lowered their face guards again. Ya~ please excuse us~

However, all of them are completely unlike adventurers, they're using expensive equipment so it's not like they'd need any different ones at this point right? Rather~ with this it's become clear. Even after clearly seeing my face they haven't realized that I'm the leader of the {Slaughterers}, Alan.Greed. Along with that unfamiliar method of gathering magic stones, after all these guys are newbies.

However, that still leaves questions remaining.

The fact that the first knight group has started using what appears to be plate-mail dyed black(rubber armor) is something that most people with an interest in knights in the capital would know. If you investigate then you can figure out pretty quickly that the supplier is Greed Company as well. I thought that some upstart rich knight from a different territory retired and started business as an adventurer..but it seems a bit different. The fact that they're interested in the rubber armor means that they already somewhat know about how excellent it is. It seems it's not someone from a regional territory that's come to Baldukk.

However, if a group of people from the elite knight group of the kingdom retired and started as adventurers there's no way that wouldn't enter sister's ears. Even if sister is harsh on me, if she were to find out about that she should at least give me their information. Who in the world..are they?

Jemikku.Nokufyuri level 8, 20 years old, Elf, commoner huh...Eh? Duke Rombert Knight!? Come to think of it, that leader woman I just identified, what was her info again? I forget. I'll identify her once more..and before I realized it she lowered the face guard of her helmet again. Not to mention she's facing over here so I can't Identify her hair either.

"They turned it down right? I think it's probably impossible."

"Certainly, I was turned down. However, weren't you able to get your hands on it. I'll thank you for it. Just like this, wouldn't you introduce me to Greed Company?"

Nokkufyuri lowered his head to me while asking. However, from a tactical management standpoint, it's impossible. If I make one exception then I'll end up having to make exceptions all over the place.

"If it's someone from the first knight group then you can purchase it. Ah, also while it's very few right now they're also selling it to the second knight group."

"..Don't say anything impossible. I already know at least that much. However, it seems it's difficult even for the second knight group. Let alone the first knight group..I'm lowering my head asking because that can't be done."

I already get that but you know.

"James, isn't it already fine? There's no need to worry about me. Also it seems he's a bit troubled. In the first place something like armor is unnecessary if you don't take any attacks."

The leader woman joined the conversation. As expected of her being able to command that well. It seems she can make proper judgements. Though that matter about not taking any attacks is underestimating the dungeon, no, monsters too much.

"However, young's a long-awaited chance."

Come to think of it she was from some Baron family was it? This young mistress or whatever.

"It's fine. Also, if it's absolutely necessary then one day I'll directly request it from Alan-sama. Ah~ right about now that person must be heroically on the lower floors.."

I can't deal with this s.h.i.+t.

Of course, I quickly took the short route of pa.s.sing straight through the middle of the room.

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