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Year 7446, Month 9, Day 4

Now then, various things happened during the days off but let's get back into the spirit starting today we're entering the dungeon again. Let's switch and go.

However, thanks to that young lady we were given a good amount to think about yesterday as well. But in the end we weren't able to settle on anything. We ended up largely splitting into two plans for the near future.

Plan 1 was in any case for everyone to work together and reach the farthest depths of the 13th floor(probably) and bring an end to things in regards to the dungeon of Baldukk.

In comparison plan 2 was that there's no doubt reaching the 9th floor we're at now is an unprecedented achievement so we'll hurry and finish up the map of the 9th floor and after that earn time. After the 9th floor map is somewhat completed Gwine, along with a n.o.ble like Toris or Rodrick and if necessary Ralpha and the {Butchers} or {Exterminators}, otherwise I would buy new  combat slaves to act as guards, and have them go to start producing a map of the neighboring areas around the Dirt Plains. Depending on the case it's fine to have Miduchi go as well.

Plan 1 itself is simple. If we give it our best to reach the depths of the dungeon then the plan is that we'll naturally gather treasure as well and in the end make the capital needed by selling those off. Honestly it's not any different from up until now.

The merit is the point that it's simple and clear so anyone can understand it. Also if we can obtain something that acts as proof of reaching the depths of the 13th floor then it will add a certain amount of gold lining to my actions. This is something worth taking into consideration because there's a high probability of obtaining it regardless of the treasure which has a strong luck factor. Also, it can't be overlooked that it makes it possible from start to finish for all of us to continue to act together. And then, the thing that needs to be taken into consideration the most but through engaging in combat against monsters in the dungeon we can hope for physically leveling up of all of the {Slaughterers} as well.

The demerit is that reaching the 13th floor is the same as challenging an unknown danger and depending on the case it's possible we could have some casualties. And then we can't even imagine how much time it will take but just in regards to this point it's at most two or three years, no matter how long it's expected not take more than four years.

The reason is because we were able to clear through the 8th floor and step foot on the 9th floor in the four years since I came to Baldukk. From here on out, it's fine to take into consideration an increase in the difficulty of clearing as well but we think even at best it would take about double the amount of time.

Well, even if it takes four years the age of us reincarnated people would be 22 years old. We're still plenty young. If you ask me I was originally thinking that I wanted to find a means to earn the capital before I turned 30 so it's true that our current pace is largely exceeding that. If we continue like this then it might not necessarily be a bad choice.

And then plan 2. You could say that this is in some meanings a change of plans. Rather than a change of plans though it's more of just accelerating a portion of the actions I had planned. It's not like I didn't have the plans at all up until now.

This time, we weren't able to accurately identify if the objective was a political maneuver but an illegitimate child of the King came to my place asking me to marry them. It's an plan that surfaced thinking about people like that young lady increasing from here on out.

Putting aside an illegitimate child who to the end just came to meet me on their own will, if a formal princess or some n.o.ble's daughter(whether they're illegitimate or otherwise) comes seeking a meeting properly through their parents then it's not so easy to turn down. Even when it comes to dragging out the meeting and earning time it probably wouldn't even last half a month.

In other words, on the spot in the meeting, whether it be strange conditions including asking me about what area of the Dirt Plains would be good as a future territory, (the chances are low though) but if they're seeking an immediate reply then it's the difference between Heaven and Earth if I've already gathered information ahead of time or not. This isn't a matter of letting my hopes pa.s.s or not but the important point is, "Whether or not I can respond with the optimum answer in that situation".

I'm sure there's a large meaning in going around the border and directly seeing the conditions of the conflict with your own eyes as well. Rodrick has actually entered in live combat before so he knew the situation to some extent but it seems he was in an excited state during his first campaign as well so it was lacking in accuracy and he could only remember the things right in front of his eyes.

I had intended on getting a grasp of the general outline through the details I've heard from sister as well but in the end, "If it's you then I'm sure you can manage anything.", she settled it with that sort of reply that makes no sense at all. I can't shake off the possibility she was intentionally hiding it as well.

In regards to that it's something that can't be helped. Even if I were to have touched on defense secrets when I was in the SDF I wouldn't have talked about them even if it was my parents or siblings. Though I never touched any significant secrets. Though there were a considerably number of small secrets that can't be called secrets like the management of weapons and ammunition and such. Things like the effective range or the shooting intervals of close range guns in the same company are things you can't mention even if your mouth is split. It seems that those who work on military vessels in the ocean aren't even allowed to talk about where they went on duty, among them when it comes to those with duty on submarines putting aside the primary abilities, arrangement of crew, or the conditions of the duty which are only obvious but they're not even informed of the planned departure and return dates.

Putting aside the digression, there's a large merit to gathering information on the territory candidates and their surroundings in the early stages.

However, we would only be able to make an accurate map of the dungeon partway though. This demerit is also something big enough that we can't ignore it. Though I say that, if we change the viewpoint then if we stop advancing any deeper, then it's also possible just explore focusing on the altar rooms of the 9th floor which we have a good grasp on.

While using an almost perfect map of the 9th floor, it's fine if we just keep fighting the monsters we can somewhat safely win against. Of course I'm sure there's still monsters we haven't found yet on the 9th floor as well but even then I think it's far safer than the chances of encountering more on a new floor.

Also, as a further demerit it contradicts Miduchi's theory that "The value of treasures increases the deeper inside you go." Though I say that, the price on the treasure we've found on the 9th floor is pretty high either way.

Looking at things overall you could say plan 2 pushes forward certain parts of plan 1. It would mean taking action separately for a somewhat long period(one year or so I guess?) of time but there's a high possibility that we'll obtain something worth that time. However at the same time that we'll end up needing more time to earn money which makes the information a bit stale as well. I'm sure there wouldn't be any major changes to the population, industries, and area of arable land in each town and village that exceeds our expectations but it's very possible to think that there would be changes in the borderlines and is a problem that needs to be taken into consideration.

In either case it's not something we need to worry about right away. Even if we went with plan 2 it would take at least half a year for some level of information to make it's way back to me. Taking into consideration the risk that letters could be lost on the way then we would need an exclusive contact agent included as Gwine's escort as well. It's easy to guess that it would take a considerable amount of time to prepare.

In any case, I'll decide things in regards to that by the time we finish up exploring the dungeon this time. Plan 2 is certainly the one that would expand my ability to deal with things but it's difficult to give up on continuing like this with plan 1 as well. Something like tungsten we've only found for the first time since going to the 9th floor. If Miduchi's theory is correct then if we explore even deeper even Orichalc.u.m...Also we might end up obtaining even more valuable {Magic.Items} as well.

I was thinking about these things while briskly proceeding towards the 3rd floor with jsut Angela and I.

Year 7446, Month 9, Day 5

We arrived at the teleport crystal room on the 6th floor. And then, it was just as {Black.Topaz} started setting up a camp as well. They're giving off an atmosphere like they've already spent several days here. Since we ended up spending yesterday night in the same room with other parties on the 3rd floor, we thought today we could finally relax with no one else around so it was a bit disappointing but just this can't be helped.

Also, there was signs of a new camp in the teleport room on the 5th floor as well.

I just finished taking my shower so I was in the comfortable appearance of just by under armor.

Up until now I had used a white kilt but starting next time let's go with a darker color.

"Please feel free to use it without restraint. It's fine as long as you don't break it and recognize that we have priority to it."

"Of course. By the way, is the 7th floor always bright like that? Does it not turn into like a cave at some point? Roberto(Roberto.Viruhaima) was saying there's no cave areas though."


Just the end is a cave.



【Manufacture Date: 6/9/7446】

【Durability: 45】

【Effect: A clock that runs on a minimum size magic stone, even if the mana runs out of the magic stone if you replace it with a new magic stone that has mana it will show the correct time again. Also, it's necessary for over one day to have pa.s.sed after putting in a magic stone to use it.】

Excluding the value and design the things written down are same as a completely common clock magic tool. It's one of the more popular items you can find inside of the dungeon. Of course there's nothing like a character grid and it's extremely valuable as an accessory so n.o.bles all swarm to purchase them. They still can't produce magic tools of this small a size at the clock workshop. The best they can do is something just a bit larger than alarm clock.

Yeah of course, it's certainly magnificent as an accessory but looking from my viewpoint it's still unrefined. A while in the past, it's half the size of the cellphones from the 90s. Something of that size is just attached to an adequate belt and you put that on your arm. It might be possible it's not even intended to be used as a wrist.w.a.tch. Maybe it's something like a brooch or pocket watch?

Also I just mentioned the clock workshop but their techniques are forbidden from leaving the workshop. But, it's not particularly anything difficult. The main body of it is a magic stone and some metal parts that surround that and just some circuit-like design you carve into there and if you just have the materials anyone can make it. Just, it seems that the know-how is that based on the properties of the metal parts and the way the circuit is carved into it decides the overall size and the magic stone consumption rate.

Incidentally, the alarm clock size clock that we use consumes 4 magic stone value a day and every individual use consumes 30 value. That's 40 times the running and 30 times the usage cost. This value is the Identify value so if you convert that into Z then it ends up pretty high. There's a huge difference between it and the magic tool mentioned above in terms of consumption rates. That consumption rate is on the same level as the wall clock size we had back at my family's house. a.s.suming you check the time 4-5 times per day then that would mean 6-7 goblin magic stones(the value is roughly 1,000) combined into one minimum size magic stone could be used for about half a year at that rate.

We ended up earning some unexpected pocket money so we returned to the 6th floor again with pleased faces. We can't always keep going easy on Basutoral so this time I decided to let Zenom have a nice break. The meal ends up as a bento but take your time and relax.

We returned to the 6th floor and after having a lunch of sandwiches prepared by Giberuti we stepped foot on the 7th floor again.

"N~ we're here."

Gwine quickly pointed to a spot on the map. It's a location that leads to the monster room on the North side.

"Oh, it's a considerably good spot right. It's just right since this morning was the South side."


"I'm sure it is.."

Miduchi nodded while pulling out a broken arrow that was stabbed into it and observing it.

Excluding the first ogre, we've caught sight of about two ogre's corpses twice now.

They probably don't want to let us who came afterwards go ahead of them.

After seeing off the backs of {Black.Topaz} as they go into the room and I started making bean tea.

"The forest is in the way so we can't watch right."

"That's right, that Laios who's the same as Zulu-sama, Baru I think it was. He was doing quite the good work as well."

Zulu and Angela were discussing something as well. If I remember right then Giberuti was with us at that time too. But it seems Giberuti doesn't know much about combat so he's just quietly sitting. Well he's carrying a huge amount of luggage so I'm sure he's reasonably tired.

"I've never seen it before so I wanted to watch."

"Anderson-san's skill with the crossbow was pretty good as well."

The monster room of the 7th floor has a diameter of 500 meters and is wide. Since it's their first time they should end up spending a considerable amount of time being cautious until hostilities open.

I also feel like I'd like to see the {Black.Topaz}'s combat versus spells as well but I guess we'll take a good rest here huh?

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