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But where was 1? Oh that's right 150+ chapters ago. Get used to the title because you'll be seeing it a lot soon.

Year 7446, Month 9, Day 6

All of us who had started taking a break in the rocky area just before the room the ogre mages nest on the 7th floor continued to watch the backs of {Black.Topaz} as they disappeared into the forest.

At longest I guess it was about 15 minutes or so?

That's about it.

For those progressing deep into the dungeon of Baldukk this ogre mage room is certainly a large wall. But recently even we've been able to claim victory with some leeway without even using paralysis poison or freezing them so if they can make it to the 7th floor on their own abilities then I'm sure they won't be wiped out. Or maybe they will?

If things get severe or if Anderson thinks things will get severe then I'm absolutely sure she'd call out to us. In that area, I think she's the type who would always choose her allies over her own pride in the end. However, just like an adventurer she also knows full well when to show some backbone as well. Previously, like the combat we saw between them with the {Frost Lizard} on the 5th floor, that was completely her showing her backbone. Well it seemed like they knew the general outline of the {Frost Lizard}'s abilities so in the end I'm sure she guessed they could have won though.

I think it would have been different for old man Viruhaima. That old man, he's amazing at seeing through the places where he can push things and where he can't after all.  All their members are completely veterans and just like that one time we encountered them on the 6th floor in the end they would manage without backup. The reason why they bought healing potions from me was nothing more than insurance.

That old man if it was a situation like this, I guarantee he'd urge us go ahead first. After that, he'd investigate the corpses of the monsters we defeated. I think he might even investigate the footprints on the ground and the directions they're facing. First he would check what kind of formation they're in the room, whether the intervals between steps are the same as the ogres you encounter in the halls, what things are different with the corpses, and whether anyone notices anything, he'd thoroughly investigate it.

And then, after returning to the surface he'd make assumptions as much as he can on the various variations of attacks and start training to deal with those. I used to steal glances at the training of {Verdure.Brotherhood} a number of times in the past but those details were definitely this. From a glance it just looks pointless so the first time I saw it I didn't notice.

However, after realizing it a considerable portion of it was good reference so I incorporated a lot of it into the {Slaughterers} training as well.

Honestly, my only basis is the sight of them training but for some reason I'm confident on it.

It's almost been about 10 minutes.

I tried using the spell {Detect.Life} to confirm it.

Yeah, after all it's about that.

It seems that {Black.Topaz} is moving in the formation {Double.Echelon}.

Everyone's long since finished drinking their tea.

Putting aside Miduchi, they're about to leave the range that Ralpha and Bel can detect with {Detect.Life}. after all.

Well, it's certainly true that sis Anderson has some part of her that makes her liked by people.

Also, whether it's Basu of {Verdure.Brotherhood} or Kaku of this {Black.Topaz}, their sub-leaders all feel like worldly-wise men so I can't come to hate them.

Giberuti quickly picked up the bags and then went towards the usual rock shadow a bit of distance away.

Toris and Bel start making preparations as they stand up and just the same Ralpha stood up and is swinging her axe around in circles.

With that as the start Ralpha, Toris, and Bel went to the left from the entrance.

Zulu and Angela are following me to the right from the entrance.

The ogre mage room on the northern side is the same as the room on the southern side and is covered in a deep forest but in exchange for having almost no bushes or shrubs there's undergrowth from the trees that's about 50 cm ~ 1 meter or so growing everywhere.

If I just focus my awareness on it a bit then in my head the information of everyone's location flows through from Miduchi's {Party-ization}.

Angela is wearing rubber protectors as well so she's following about 20 meters behind not making much sound just like me.

He's wearing banded-mail after all.

It seems like everyone else has spread out as well.

I wonder what was with that first momentum?

They're still moving.

I guess they intend on moving along the wall until there's a sign from Miduchi.


It's not anything like ""Charge forward"" so I'm sure she means to just close the distance.

If they don't particularly seem to be fighting in a dangerous way then there's no need to help out.

That undergrowth looks pretty deep.

It should be about time for {Black.Topaz} to get caught in the ogre mage's network of vigilance pretty soon.

We slow down our moving pace.

It seems that the trees and overgrowth are in the way so neither {Black.Topaz} nor the other {Slaughterers} can see them.

They're slowly approaching the center.

No, I don't know if there's measurement error in {Party-ization} though.

What about {Black.Topaz}?

It's going to start.


It seems {Black.Topaz} is saying something as well but the distance is too far so I can't hear the details.

For the time being I wanted to casually watch from safety but the location is bad.


Her distance from me is about 30 meters or so.

Furthermore something that requires us helping out.

Simultaneously I try using the spell {Detect.Life}.

One, two, three..A total of 12 ogres huh?

It would be best to think that at least 5 of them are ogre mages mixed in as well.

"Revenge for Rotto~!!"

Oh my~ so there's already someone who's died?

They're about 40-50 meters ahead.

I run while sticking out my left hand and send a {Flame Arbalest Missile} flying.

Almost simultaneously {Flame Arrows}, {Javelins}, {Stone Bolts}, and such came flying from every direction hitting the ogre mages in the rear breaking their concentration.

However, if we can either kill or break the concentration of all 6 that seemed like ogre mages then it's a fact that the front line ogres won't be able to do anything at all.

And then, before out attack spells arrived at the ogre mages they ended up firing off several spell bullets.

This can't be helped.

The ogre mages fired off a total of 4 spell bullets.

It'll probably disappear soon. It seemed like an {Ice Bolt} after all.

The last one seemed to be aimed at the head of Gary(Gary.Bagumaia) who was holding a spear but he tilted his head just before and managed to avoid it.

Even though they're in combat with the front line ogres they aren't half bad~

It's not unexpected or anything else but {Black.Topaz} was putting up a good fight.

They're covering for what seems to be the fallen Rotto(Rosutoru.Mirusutoron) as they put up a reasonable resistance against the 6 front line ogres.

There's two ogres with crossbow bolts stabbed into their faces.

And then one that seems to have suffered serious injuries from an axe but none of the ogres have reached the point of falling.

Kaku and Vikkusu have their shields ready as they spread out with some distance to the sides in front and they're focused on defense as {Shield.Holders}.

Behind them Roru(Roreiru.Naruzomerin), Gary, and Marin(Marin.Rukkima) the spear using attackers have formed a wall of spears and are covering the front line while maintaining an intense check looking for gaps to attack the ogres.

The leader Reddo.Anderson has thrown her crossbow she probably already fired to her feat as she aimed a {Flame.Javelin} towards the face of an ogre and landed the hit. She's got some good skills.

It's correct to say they're above {Sun.Ray}.

"We're going to step on Rotto!! Move more to the left! Marin and Roru attack with magic in order! From the right!"

She gives out orders to the members of {Black.Topaz} while I'm sure she's noticed our support, Anderson glances around the surroundings while shouting "I'm grateful!!", before starting to concentrate to use an attack spell again.

Now then..



In a position close to the opposite side from me Ralpha let out a battle cry while swinging her tomahawk and charged into the group of ogre mages that are wounded and in agony.

It couldn't be helped so I fired off one more shot of {Flame Arbalest Missile} towards one of the ones that seemed to have some vitality to finish it off. There's 4 ogre mages remaining.

Angela ran of.

The ogre that faltered from that was stabbed through the chest by Gary's spear as he was waiting in Kaku's shadow.

Marin fired off a {Flame Bolt} and hit a different one, and I guess after confirming that, Roru sliced the neck of a different ogre with {Wind Cutter}.

There's 4 remaining front line ogres huh?

There something like a swaying white ball went flying from behind Anderson and passed over even the ogres reaching and hitting one of the ogre mage group. Suddenly the white ball ruptured and covered the entire body of the ogre mage restricting it. It seems it dragged in the one next to it as well.

This is a chance.

I use the spell {Grow Spike} around the area where the two ogre mages restricted by spider web fell over.

Having their bodies pierced by 10 cm in diameter 1 meter high stone spikes that suddenly grew from the ground the two ogre mages died in no time at all. There's 2 ogre mages remaining.

Gwine and Basutoral ran past Anderson's both sides and joined in keeping the ogres in check.

Reddo.Andāsen Woman Hyūmu Infantry-use sword.Crossbow.Magic

Rōreiru.Naruzomerin Woman Elf Spear.Magic

Marin.Rukkīma Woman Urufuwā Spear.Magic

Vikkensu.Barukemī Male Dogguwā Battle Mace.Shield
Rosutōru.Mirusutoron Male Elf Long Sword.Shield.Magic

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