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Kind of wanted to do one more but next is long and I'm tired, so probably not tonight. I wonder if I can get through at least 4 more BTs by tomorrow evening....

Year 7446, Month 9, Day 8


Zulu and Angela seem to be having trouble with the fallen Mad Treant.

That was thoughtless of me.

"Got it."

During that time Miduchi-sensei's lecture continued.

"It's mentioned in a variety of games but Treant are largely split into three categories. The ones that were originally just simple spirits or something close to that. Like the spirit of the tree, speaking in terms of j.a.pan it would be something like Kodama or Tsuk.u.mogami and they're often beings that have a good feeling as they try to help you. Next is the type that comes out in Tolkien's famous books and it's a race called the Ent and obviously they're divided based on gender as well. It might have been created based on legends from around the world about the tree spirits I just mentioned. The next one is fine to say it's the same but for some reason that ended up becoming ferocious and in most cases whether it be games or otherwise they come out as opponents and monsters like this."

Ho~ho~ Toris, Bel, Gwine, and Basutoral were all nodding to themselves as they listened.

"This time was the worst third type of them. It was in an underground labyrinth, a dungeon after all. It should be fine to conclude that. But, it's considerably lucky. The lumber material you can get from Treants often have magical properties and if you produce bows or s.h.i.+elds from them and..we ended up burning it quite a bit.."

Ah..Do..Don't look at me with those eyes.

Look, everyone other you is making faces like it couldn't be helped right?

In the first place putting aside the equipment of a monster, you wouldn't normally think of making a part of their body into materials right?

Eh? You've mentioned it before?

Ah, I heard about the ingredients and such for the medicine.

Ah, but you know, don't things taste better when burnt?

Ah, I see.


Suddenly when we noticed Zenom and the others were all whispering about something in a low voice by the side of the fallen Treant. It seems they noticed we've finished up our discussion.

"Umm..Madam, where in the world is this monster's magic stone..."

Miduchi made a difficult face after being asked. I'm sure she doesn't know.

It's a tree after all.

In the end we tried smas.h.i.+ng the axe into the area seemed like the chest.

I wonder since when it was added to the display?

Rather than something like that, this is, if you use it on a person or monster wouldn't you be able to figure out the center of their gravity?

If I have do something like Judo or Aikido I have no idea if he could do something like the air throw?


I also wanted to have a shower in a bright and liberating place.

It's gradually deteriorated since the magnificent axe it had the first time and since around the 10th one the axes have been crude almost like it was from the stone age.

Thanks to that a considerable amount of the wood ended up becoming nothing more than valuable trash.

The value of the magic stone was 2,500,000 and actually felt a bit lacking. If we sell it for a proper price then it would be around 17,000,000 Z or so but I don't think we would be punished for hoping for a bit higher of estimate. The size is one size bigger than an ogres but the color is different. It's considerably close to white.

We were exhausted so we decided to deal with the lumber again next time and returned to the surface.

While climbing the stairs towards the surface I took out the magic stone we obtained from the Treant and held it in my hand. I don't know if he's there or not but I was thinking of bragging to Church-san.

Unfortunately Church-san wasn't there but I endured by bragging through reporting our battle results to a young man from the Baldukk Knight Group. Seeing the magnificent magic stone the eyes of the knight group member went wide in envy but he politely congratulated us and gave me information.

"This morning when {Gehenna.Flare} returned they were carrying a splendid magic stone as well. It was smaller than that but it was a color that didn't fall behind it. Supposedly they obtained from defeating a monster called the {Flesh Golem} in a room on the 3rd floor. It seems there was a member who was seriously injured as well but whether it's the {Slaughterers} or {Gehenna.Flare}, as expected of the top teams."

Oh! So those guys encountered the {Flesh Golem} as well!?

How much did it end up going for when we got it again?

Since I cashed it in after I was beaten down to the 14th floor my impression of it was pretty weak.

"Ah, come to think of it, it seems there's a party that still hasn't returned yet as well."

He~ But something like that happens every month so it's not really unusual. Well, just in case I guess I'll try asking who it was huh? Thinking that it was just when I was about to ask what fools ended up s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g up.

There was a single silhouette that approached us. It's the dwarf from {Verdure.Brotherhood}, Renbaru(Renbaru.Flameshaft).

"Do you know about {Black.Topaz}?"

There's no way I wouldn't know about them right.

The food of Dorureon is extremely appealing but I'm a bit tired so pardon me from anything heavy.

It's hot after all.

"Is 6:00 pm at Murowa fine?"

"Got it. I think it will be myself and two others from our side that go."

"I understand."

While watching Basu's back as he left I thought for a moment. It's fine that {Verdure.Brotherhood} and {Black.Topaz} are in a cooperative relations.h.i.+p. It probably also has the meaning of rivaling us included in it as well. However, what about that level of concern?

I can't imagine that {Black.Topaz} would end up the prey of some monsters just like that. Of course ogres are strong but even they ended up spending some amount of days I don't know after teleporting into the 7th floor reaching that monster room without suffering any real damage at all. I don't think they would be done in so easily.

Let alone, if it was right after they had just lost one of their members. Wouldn't they just be more cautious than ever as they carefully proceed? If you calmly think about it then hasn't {Black.Topaz} only gone to the 7th floor two or three times right? I don't know if the reason they charged into the monster room was because they were letting their guards down or out of a sense of rivalry or whatever but I think they're just trying to return to their initial resolution as they slowly move ahead.

If it's sis Anderson then I'm sure she can do it and if she can't do it then I think she would have been by a monster long in the past and become excretions leaving just her magic stone.

Honestly speaking I think that after all they have plenty high enough of a skill level for them to reign over the town of Baldukk as a top party. Don't be making such an uproar over a party like that just returning from the dungeon 2~3 days late. If I use some extreme logic then even this time if the {Slaughterers} didn't have enough rope from the survival kits I have everyone carrying then when we defeated the Treant I would have ended up having to change Zulu's b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword into a saw on the spot for us to disa.s.semble it there.

Even though you could say we don't have to worry about it for a short while after defeating the boss of a monster room, we would have ended up needing to select members to remain cautious of the surroundings and such, and we should have been considerably late in returning. If the day we had defeated the Treant was today then after all I think our schedule would have taken an extra 2~3 days.

We would have had to disa.s.semble the Treant down to lumber that could be carried by one person and then slowly made several round trips carrying the heavy load back and forth to the teleport crystal.

In the evening the {Butchers} and {Exterminators} came back from the dungeon as well. It was just right so I instructed them to eat at Murowa today as well and sent Rodrick's combat slave Denda off to the restaurant to reserve it.

Eee~ old man Viruhaima.

I'll surround you with close to 30 people tonight.

Occasionally I just want to enjoy old man Viruhaima's frightened face as the snack to go with my alcohol.

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