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Chapter 44
Chapter 44: Mill


Year 7438, Month 10, Day 6

The next day it was chaotic planning for where the marquis Webdos party would lodge at when they come to partic.i.p.ate in Farne and Shani's wedding banquet. Even if we

were to open up the guest and reception rooms it would only be enough for the marquis couple and Shani's parents the knight group leader couple, but most of Shani's

siblings aren't adults yet so they'll most likely be accompanying as well. It seems the eldest son has already entered the knight group as a squire so he won't be

partic.i.p.ating. Also, it's only obvious but there should be guards as well, we have to prepare their lodging as well.

Our squire houses are generally made with at least one spare room in the case of sudden guests so we should be good on s.p.a.ce but the marquis direct family grand

children and soldiers on guard should be of a considerably high status so we can't hold back on the quality of the bedding and furniture as well.

Right away there wasn't bedding and people buying or changing furniture. Since there's also the delivery of rubber products it's already confirmed we'll be sending

out a carriage immediately so Hegard ordered the squire leader Bekwiz to make a list of the things needed. Also, since it's in the form of us receiving a bride from

a considerably high status n.o.ble then we have to prepare a reasonable amount of money for an engagement gift as well. Although, it seems the market price is about 50

gold coins so our family can somehow or other collect it at this point so it's not an immediate problem.

Since it's something I've been thinking of I try proposing it to Hegard on this occasion.

"Father, since you're going to make deliveries for the first time in a while, how about taking this chance to start bringing along someone other than the dispatch

troops with father that can take care of the rubber deliveries from now on? From here on out we could have someone alternate on taking care of the paperwork and in

order for them to take care of the deliveries if another case like this comes up show their face and get acquainted with the other parties, it should reduce the

amount of work of father and older brother from now on as well?"

"Oh? That's certainly true... I guess I'll bring along some of the young ones from the squires... It should be good for letting them get to know the outside world

as well. Nn...But I'll hold off on it for this time."

"Eh? Why?"

"No, obviously I'm going to continue making rubber deliveries myself but after a while it'll probably center around Farne and Shani as well. Since that's the case

I'm sure it would be better to start introducing from them. And you haven't thought of which family will work exclusive on the rubber yet right? It'll be fine if

take it slow after that."

"I see, understood. I guess that's true."

Hmn~ is he thinking about leaving an impression for the next generation? I'm more of the type who's thoughts lean towards profit that can be made now. I'm lacking

when it comes to relations between n.o.bles and the subtleties of business in this world. In my thinking since you're just going to setup a supervisor then

introducing them sooner rather than later would be better, so that supervisor can gain experience as well the sooner the better. Currently the

production and

gathering of rubber is mostly being done by the squires and their family but as long as they have the ability I think even the serfs would be fine.

Of course, even in Orth if they're highly skilled then it's possible for a slave or serf to become a free person or a peasant. However, that's a chance only given to

a small group of people that are highly skilled. I still feel uncomfortable dealing with things in regards to social standing like n.o.bles, peasants, and slaves. Each

of them have their own set of rights decided by their rank and that's the foundation for social order.

It seems I still haven't been able to rid myself of my j.a.panese temperament. Well, for the time being it hasn't become a big problem yet, it's certain that my way of

thinking is unusual in Orth but it's not particularly bad. Even in my previous life I had a negative opinion on whether people are all equal or nonsense like

equality but the basis of my thoughts are that all people have a certain amount of rights based on the responsibilities that are decided for them and those rights

aren't something other people should intrude on. The definition and basis for those "rights" are me (or rather it would be better to say modern j.a.pan), and they are

considerably different from the norms in Orth.

I'll bring up a few examples to explain it simply. For example childbirth. The only pregnant mothers who have midwives or other helpers with them during childbirth

are of the rank of free peoples or higher. The slave rank including serfs aren't allowed to have helpers during childbirth. Obviously in the case of a breech birth

or those sorts of unusual pregnancies it's common for both the child and mother of the slave ranks to fall into a dangerous situation, sometime they even die.

However, if they're off the free peoples rank then there's no problem with having helpers and if there's someone among the help that can use healing magic unless it's

an extremely unusual case with the pregnancy then there's rarely failure with the childbirth.

Also, the right to be armed as well. Other than a portion of the slave ranks that is combat slaves, normally slaves aren't allowed to have weapons. You would think

what kind of idiocy is that in a world that's overrun by monsters and beasts but it's that sort of rule. Obviously if there was some sort of unusual situation where

an enemy country is attacking and they manage to come across the weapon of a n.o.ble killed by a monster then using that weapon in an emergency is different. Even the

usage of rain protection gear and when it's okay are decided by the social status ranks and the materials of clothes as well. Well, the material of clothes is

special and when it comes to n.o.bles it's not as if they're allowed to wear just anything. For example, n.o.bles aren't allowed to wear clothes made of hemp but it

doesn't matter what peasants wear.

If you were to ask me those sort of things are the epitome of absurdity. You'd think who in the world profits from that? However, there were similar regulations in

the past on Earth as well. In other words, the "rights" I think about are broad and uniform across all of the social standings but on this Orth they're regulated

considerably detailed based on social standing. In the gently falling winter rain there's serfs who do farm work while getting wet not allowed to wear a straw rain

coat with a commoner farmer right next to them wearing a straw rain coat and thick clothing. If you were to think about the efficiency of work then it's true that

wearing a rain coat and warm clothes would help but no one thinks it's wrong. It can't be helped if they don't have the money to buy it but it's not even that sort

of problem they just aren't allowed.

If you were to ask a question on that the response is, "that's what's decided" and if you ask the reason it was decided you'll get a blunt answer of, "even though

that's common sense you're weird for questioning it". Well, there's no meaning in going through hards.h.i.+p myself for the sake of others rights so I stopped

thinking in regards to that for now.

Mill and I haven't become adults yet and we're still the children of the lord so we were able to escape from doing the troublesome jobs for preparing the banquet.

Since we'd just be in the way wandering around the two of us run together through the fields while training to use magic while running as usual. Since it's a good

chance I decide to tell Mill about the content of the conversation I had with our parents yesterday and ask about the content of the training she did with Farne and


"Older sister, how was the training yesterday? Was the training of the knight group sever after all?"

Mill responds while breathing heavily.

"I guess so... All we did yesterday was normal practice matches but I wasn't pushed very hard. They did say they would go a bit easy on me because it was the start

after all."

"Hmn, I see. Then you don't know what kind of training it'll be yet?"

"Yeah, but I think it'll be reasonably difficult. However, I'm definitely going to enter the first knight group. I need to make use of this chance."

What a hungry mentality for a 14 year old. Well, neither Mill nor I are succeeding the family after all, if you were to think of it normally we'd at best just end

up becoming a random husband or bride within Bakkudo and end as normal squires. In the first place, Mill was aiming to become an adventurer because she didn't like


The common sense of Orth, or rather the common sense of the Kingdom of Rombert, I don't know how to put it correctly but it's normal for anything after the second

son of a regional viscount family to become a commoner after the heir has been decided, other than that the only options are to raise their name by being an

adventurer, and finally end up as the soldier for some n.o.ble family or if they have the money start a business somewhere. When it comes to a special example then

they could be given a different set of land to cultivate and start a new viscount family there as a lord, which rarely does happen. Also, there's the other route

that's slightly more possible like what Mill is trying to do, enter into a random knight group and aim for a career as a soldier.

In that sort of meaning, the option given to Mill is one of the best possible. There are four permanent knight groups under the King, and while each of them are

special, but if someone we're to think of a knight the majority of them would imagine the first knight group. Wearing a suit of armor, riding on a horse equipped

with a spear and sword, charging into the enemy, well, that sort of mental picture you could say. Even though that's the case among the four knight groups they're

the smallest in scale, with only around 500 or so members supposedly. Inside of that the actual combat personnel is only about 100 knights or so and 40-50 squires so

a considerably compact organization.

However, this knight group is the most elite in the kingdom and just like I said before just being able to take the entrance exam is considered an honor. There are

examples of being exempt from the entrance exam but that's limited to a special case, only the prince or princess that is one of the first heirs to the throne. Even

then it's not like they can become the knight group leader right away, it's done thoroughly so they have to start from a squire as well. Also, when a knight that's

pa.s.sed the entrance exam is allowed into this knight group they have to give up their t.i.tle of knight and start over again from squire. Their previously ranking

doesn't matter after becoming a member of the knight group, in the case that it's the heir to a n.o.ble family then they have to set a governor to manage the territory

or depend on their partner, in the case that parents or children are alive then they depend on them to manage the territory. Of course, if they quit the knight group

then they can return to their previous social standing.

It's different from the other organizations and knight groups in the kingdom in that it's completely an ability based rule, there have been numerous princes and

princesses that have become members, but there are none that were able to become the knight group leader Since it's that much based on ability, I'm actually relieved

that Mill won't be bullied or scorned for being from a remote viscount family. Although, with Mill's personality even if she were to fall into that situation I think

she would manage to do something about it.

Knights who receive invest.i.ture from this knight group are called senior knights and ranked above normal knights. Also, since there's only 100 knights in this

knight group it's organized with just three companies but the leader of a company is a viscount, the sub-leader for the knight group is semi-Baron, and the leader of

the knight group is a Baron. These n.o.ble standings aren't single generation but while smaller than the same rank of n.o.bles they're also given a territory. Also, even

the regular knights without an official position are given a pension until they die after a natural resignation. While they're members of the knight group these

n.o.ble rankings don't matter but when they resign they're granted as a reward. Although, if they were originally a ranking higher than that then the reward has no

meaning so it's abridged.

In other words, even for the children of n.o.bles who can't succeed their houses or based on the situation commoners and free peoples the path to becoming a n.o.ble is

open. Enter a random knight group at first, if they don't become a knight there then they can't even take the entrance exam but even if they are knight it's not like

just anyone can take the exam. Just in order to take the exam you need the recommendation of an influential n.o.ble, knight group leader, commander of a company in the

first knight group or higher. Normally, it's fine as long as they have the recommendation and they don't even need to be a knight, but it seems through many years of

customs the common sense that was spread was that being a knight is a condition as well.

After entering the knight group the life of a squire is waiting but this again a considerably harsh lifestyle. There's no need to look after the horses but starting

from maintaining the equipment of the senior knights and taking care of their everyday necessities, the various information that's needed for a knight as well as the

education needed for managing a small territory, and studying about behaviors and morals, there's almost no time to sleep. Obviously they can't ease up when it comes

to the most important combat training as well.

Living like that for a few years (it's a bit longer than other knight groups with an average of 4 years. Also, if they remain a squire for longer than 10 years then

I have to resign), and after you finally are able to receive invest.i.ture as a knight you have to do studying and take command during a large scale battle within one

year. Since it's not normal for someone to enter it in the first place, there's almost no true knights in their teens. What's with that curriculum, is it Self-

Defense University~?

However, it's one of the elite courses in the kingdom of Rombert and since it's just about the only path to rising up in social standing, while there are almost as

many people who aim for it as there are stars in the sky it's still popular. Every year about 20 people take the entrance exam and about half of those 10 people are

able to pa.s.s. There's also about 10 resignations so the scale doesn't change much at all. Even if you fail the entrance exam, a knight group like marquis Webdos

knight group for example would gladly welcome you in after.

Since even just receiving a chance to take the entrance exam requires that much effort, it's almost as if Mill managed to get lucky on a lottery ticket. In that

case I'm sure she'd be enthusiastic. Even I want her to definitely pa.s.s it. After reincarnating it's no joke that I'd want to live such a constricting lifestyle so

I'm fine as an adventurer. As you get older your thinking keeps flowing towards living by easier and more comfortable methods. No, it's because I plan to become an

adventurer outside of the country after all. Let me use my excuse.

"Al, I'm starting to get hungry. Isn't it about noon? Let's return and have lunch. I feel bad for Sonia if the lunch she makes gets cold."

Really...I wonder why she says those sorts of things. There's still a bit longer until noon.

"Older sister, it's still too early for lunch. Let's do one more lap."


Why are you making such a face like you're going to die? It's making me start to feel sorry.

That night before dinner Farne and Shani are going to say thanks to the squire houses that are providing lodging during the wedding and give greetings at the same

time. They left after saying they'd be back by dinner. Hegard took this as his chance and once more put emphasis on things related to training with magic. Basically,

until Farne's children grow up and start their magic training, we should do our magic training outside where it can't be seen. If all goes well then by spring of

next year Mill will be leaving the house so it was largely to prohibit Mill from disclosing the magic training method and things in relation to our mana amounts.

Mill listened quietly. We also confirmed the conditions where it would be okay to use magic. During times when our family or our lives are in danger. Times when

there's no one else around so it won't be revealed that we used magic. These two are the primary rules. After that it's just the bare minimum so that we won't be

suspected. The same as usual.

However, it was different tonight. If Mill finds it necessary when taking the entrance exam to the first knight group then she can use it within appropriate levels.

Mill and I were both surprised by this. They definitely wouldn't have said this until now. Even Farne had the same conditions when he entered the knight group. Even

if he enters live combat I'm sure he was told to strictly protect what he was told. While us siblings are quiet with a surprised expression Hegard looks at us and

opens his mouth.

"Mill, this is a chance for you to open up your own life. The preparations were done by Farne but that doesn't matter right now. I don't want my daughter to fail to

meet up to that chance just to protect our secrets. Of course, it's absolutely no good to display more mana than is necessary but your mana and magic technique will

someday definitely be a big help to you. It's just a matter of that being the entrance exam. From here on out we can help Farne but in regards to Mill, if you pa.s.s

the entrance exam then you'll be leaving us. We won't be able to help you out anymore."

"That's right, Mill. Even if it's just practical skill, you can take the exam for the first knight group. I think you'll definitely be able to pa.s.s but even in the

case that you were to fail there should be a lot of knight groups that would want you. If it comes to that then I'm sure you won't be able to return here anymore...

Therefore, we'll give you permission here and now. Use the power you possess within reasonable means to give it your best at cutting open your own path. Raise up the

Greed family name."

Hegard and Sharl give such a speech to Mill. It seems Mill can't respond right away.

"That's why, Mill, until the exam it's only obvious to train with the sword but don't be negligent in training with magic as well. I heard from Sharl but you're

still taking it easy because you have a lot of mana and you're lacking in technique at using an appropriate amount of mana. Sharl said you can't compete with Al on

that end."

It's true that Mill has a tendency to waste too much MP. It's common for her to pour too much MP into the void magic. Even if she has a lot of MP she can't eternally

keep using attack magic.

"Mill, you can use magic plenty well but you also need to think about efficiency as well. There are times when your mana will run out as well. Well, in your case

it's not that big of a worry but if you're using too much mana when you use magic it might be something that you get reduced points for on the exam. Think properly

about that from here on out while you're training."

Sharl continues saying that but somehow it feels like this is starting to turn into preaching.

"I understand. From here on out I'll continue training with the sword and put effort into magic training as well. And I'll definitely pa.s.s and enter the knight


Mill declared that with a serious expression.

In the small light of the lamp her long straight hair was s.h.i.+ning beautifully and the side of her face looked awfully adult.

I wonder what I can do to help older sister, I'm conscious of the fact that I'm starting to worry again.

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