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Chapter 45
Chapter 45: Parting


Year 7438, Month 10, Day 22

After finis.h.i.+ng deliveries of the rubber Hegard returned home. The wedding is going to take place on the 10th of next month. The day before the priest will arrive

together with Marquis Webdos. I guess when it's a wedding where one side is a n.o.ble of high standing then a priest performs the wedding on the same day. Since

there's 28 people accompanying them the allotment of their lodging was performed.

Come to think of it, I was asked by Farne if I could prepare the same type of sword I sent Farne to Mill before her entrance exam. If I'm going to give one to Mill

then it's true I should start preparing pretty soon. I've saved up more than enough iron to make a single sword, I could even make three swords. I guess three swords

wouldn't be quite enough? After giving an immediate response that it would be fine and Farne brought me behind the house and said.

"Al, as a matter of fact about the sword you and father gave me before... This is an incredibly good sword and I've been saved by it countless times. Even during the

battle before it was a situation where other knight's swords were being damaged but I was able to use this one with no problems at all. I want to let Mill use a

sword that's on the same level as this one. Even if it's just the practical skill exam it'll probably take place over several days. According to the story I heard

it's a part of the exam where consecutive practice matches take place using a real sword as well. If your sword ends up being destroyed or knocked out of your hands

during that practice match then you lose at that point. It can't be helped if it gets knocked out of her hands but a normal sword would be worn-out after doing

practice matches over and over.

...I guess the best way of putting it would be that if their strength is equal, it will break after taking on 10 people. However, in that regards I think that this

sword would be fine. Obviously, I'm sure the opponent will have more strength than Mill but precisely because it's a practice match using real swords they won't try

to go straight for the body right away. Of course, it's also fine to use a s.h.i.+eld but Mill is no good with the s.h.i.+eld right? It's better for her to use a small

s.h.i.+eld attached to her arm and focus on defending with the sword and in the case of that type of s.h.i.+eld she can use both hands on the sword so she can swing the

sword with more power.

That's why I'm begging you Al. I want to send a good sword to Mill."

Yeah, I didn't know about the practice matches using a real sword but there's that sort of reason. In the first place I'm also in agreement with giving a sword.

"Yeah, but I'm sure older sister would be more delighted if older brother also helps in the production so please help me out on that end. Arnold is supervising the

forging equipment, as a matter of fact it wouldn't have been possible to create older brother's ken or my sword without his help. In order to make this sword a lot

of strength is needed so help is necessary."

"I see, there's no problem with that. I learned a bit of forging in the knight group as well. It's fine."

"No, I think it's probably a lot harsher than what older brother is expecting. And it takes a considerably amount of time to make as well. Since Arnold also has the

job of repairing farm tools a

s well."

"Yeah, there's no problem when it comes to time as long as we make it in time for the exam. And even if you say it takes time it's at best two or three days right?

Melting the iron down, pouring it into the mold, and then making detailed adjustments by hitting it right?"

"Fufu...Well, look forward to it. Ah, since older brother is going to become the Lord it's better to teach you how to do it I guess. I made the materials for that

sword by using earth magic and void magic. In order to get enough materials to make one swords worth it takes me ten days of giving my best without rest. That amount

of time isn't taking into consideration the mana used to clean up afterwards. It takes using up all of my mana three times a day and taking a break after that. And

in this village the only one who can do the important parts of forging is Arnold. Father can only help with the parts of it that require physical work. Of course,

even I can't do it."

"Eh...It..It was that difficult? Then if you were to normally do the cleaning up and other jobs while gathering the materials how long would it take? If it only

takes earth and void magic to make the materials then even I could probably do it but it feels like it would take forever.."

Farne is speechless over it taking more effort than he thought to make a sword.

"Well, it does take time to do that but it's not impossible. If you just spend some time on it practicing then older brother should be able to do it as well. Well,

things related to that I'll explain over time."

"Ah, Yeah.. I understand.. I see, so it was that difficult... I didn't realize it. Al, I was really saved by this sword. I'm grateful for it."

Farne says that while lifting me up into a hug. I'm already 10 years old so I'm heavy and it's embarra.s.sing. Though I'm happy. Ah, that's right, since it's a good

chance about this as well...

"Older brother, it's a completely different matter but what are you going to do about kids? Do you want them soon?"

"Hn? Ah, No, Shani and I are still young after all... Just a bit longer, I guess around 20 years old I want them I guess... But why?"

"As a matter of fact..."

I'm sure it's best if a rubber based hygiene product is being tested at the start for its primary purpose right? I can quickly make the lubrication by mixing water

with dried seaweed after all. I'm sure the bowels of a pig aren't bad but I think it breaks the mood.

Year 7438, Month 11, Day 10

Farne and Shani's wedding ended without problem and the banquet ended with everyone getting excited. It's already close to night but there's still a lot of people

drinking and making noise.

It's my first time seeing Marquis Webdos but he's a plump and kind looking old man. He's already past 60 years old so I'm sure old man is fine. His son the knight

group leader, Sendhel just looks like a normal middle aged guy at first sight but when I went near he has a build that rivals Hegard and when I tried using Identify

on him he was level 15. It's my first time seeing someone the same level as Hegard. His age is 2 years older than Hegard at 40 but since he properly shaves he looks

younger than Hegard.

Although, he's got three wives and one of them is still only 19 years old. What in the world is that? Is this the secret to his youth? I guess to Shani it would be

like having a mother only three years older. I'm sure it's a complex feeling. And, No wait, this isn't j.a.pan it's Orth. This is totally normal.

I don't know if it's in return for the engagement gift but as a tool for her Shani's wedding a considerably high-quality dresser filled with clothes and a carriage

was given. But, if you were to ask if this matches up with 50 gold coins, I feel like it doesn't, well it doesn't matter. Everyone's okay with it after all.

It seems that the Marquis also knew about Mill's entrance exam for the first knight group and has great expectation for her. It seems there hasn't been anyone from

marquis Webdos territory that's entered the first knight group in the past 20 years so directly being called out by the Marquis, Mill was considerably stiff from how

nervous she got.

Year 7438, Month 11, Day 22

I was taught how to use throwing knives by Myun. The ones that Myun has had since before like Senbon, throwing needles. Don't think that just because there's magic

there's no need for methods of long-range attack. There's no loss in knowing it, isn't it valid to have during times when you don't want to use mana or need an

attack with makes no sound or light at night like magic?

However, this is difficult. When I tried acting cool and put three in between my fingers to throw at once Myun laughed at me. If you don't throw them one at a time

the power is lost and it's harder to aim properly supposedly. Well, if you think about that makes sense. I thought it didn't need to stab very deeply if it was

smeared with poison but she said she doesn't know of any poisons that are quickly absorbed through just a small cut on the skin that will kill or knock out the

opponent, if you don't stab it in as deep as possible or into a vital point then the effect of the poison is halved.

Myun also taught me about the way to create poison at the same time. If you mix the blood of the tree frog and leaves from Ganbi gra.s.s then you can make numbing

poison. After that she didn't know what kind of poisons could be made from the plants and animals around here. Poison huh? This is effective as well. It seems the

knights of the kingdom of Rombert hate poison and consider it cowardly but I'm not a knight after all, I don't particularly find poison cowardly so it's fine.

Year 7438, Month 12, Day 30

It got dragged out until the end of December but I finally completed the sword for Mill. It's a quality piece that Farne took on a lot of burns (though they were

quickly healed with magic) enthusiastically following Arnold's instructions to make.

【Long Sword】

【Special Forged Steel】


【Manufacture Date:30/12/7438】





It's endurance is a little bit less than Farne's sword but the ability is almost the same. Although, I only provided the materials and after that it was a

comfortable job of just watching the endurance as it was made and giving orders to hit in different places. But, the scabbard and hilt I made myself. I think they

were done durable and coolly but since there's almost no ornaments only G.o.d knows if she'll like it.

Also, I made protectors for Mill as well. Obviously I made it slightly large thinking of her growth but if she fails the entrance exam there's no helping it either

way so I made something that fits her body right now and carefully matched the size. The protector I'm giving to Mill this time has a D ring made of ebonite

connected to all of the different parts. I made it so the same sort of snap ring connector made of ebonite and a bit of metal connects the protectors through the D

ring so it can be attached and detached thinking it would be convenient.

It should work fine she puts a simple sword, stuff needed for maintaining equipment, or handheld food into the spare rubber belt. Is what I was thinking being

pleased with myself until Farne said, "those types of small items are things that the squires hold".

As a result of considerations about the s.h.i.+eld, I made various holes in the arm portions of the protectors from the elbow to the wrist and you can put a metal stick

into there to use as a s.h.i.+eld. I think it's lighter than holding or being equipped with a s.h.i.+eld. If it's too heavy you can just pull it out and since the surface is

made of ebonite it still has some decent defensive ability.

Year 7439, Month 1, Day 3

If this was j.a.pan, New Years Day would be in full bloom but today is the day when Mill departs for the entrance exam. After loading all of the rubber products and

Mill's equipment into the carriage they leave. Bekwiz is driving the carriage as the coachman and Mill will ride alongside him. Hegard is going to accompany on a war

horse and two squires will walk along as guards in the usual organization.

In the end Mill wasn't able to use magic while running. However, I'm sure she's built up quite a bit of endurance from her running everyday, her Endurance stat has

increased by 1 point. It wasn't a waste of time, since the results appeared before her entrance exam it was proven that there was meaning in it. Me? I don't know why

but it hasn't gone up. Though I feel like my endurance will go up in just a bit more as well.

Farne gave Mill the sword just before departure. Mill closely held the sword while saying, "I'll give it my best" and hung the sword on her belt. After that, she gave

her greetings to Sharl who's going to stay behind this time and came over to me. She hugs me as I'm not saying anything and kisses me on the forehead saying

"Thanks", then draws her sword and cuts off her long beautiful blonde hair while everyone is watching. Yeah, it's a beautiful scene but the cut is uneven so you

should really not probably not do that.

After that, Mill climbs onto the coachman's seat of the carriage and without facing forward waves to everyone seeing her off.

Mill departs as all of the villagers cheerfully respond seeing her off.

5m, 10m, Mill is leaving. With this the children's room will become more s.p.a.cious.

15m, 20m, I might never see Mill again with this.

30m, 40m, Mill faced forward and fixed her position on the coachman's seat.

50m, 60m, when I lowered the hand I was waving it hit the handle of my slingshot.

70m, 80m, Mill's appearance keeps getting smaller.

Suddenly my emotions overflow. It's been a while since I couldn't control them.

"Older sister! Older sister! Older sister!!!"

I scream while running off.

"Older sister!!!!!"

s.h.i.+t, what's with this feeling.

"Uuu...Older sister!!"

I don't know what's going on anymore.

"Gu...Older sister!!"

I'm already running at full speed.

I see Mill turn around.

Mill is smiling.

As she cries.

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