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Chapter 47
Otoko Aruji - Chapter 47: Reason I Want To Make It

I ran into mental vocabulary block a few times on this chapter. I'm sure there were better ways I could have written the immunization stuff but gave up on it for now. Also, young Al-ford hasn't realized it yet but he has made the two most important things he will ever make in this series, Condoms and Water Beds. (Srs they have much plot values)

Next chapter, Sat morning maybe? If not I'll probably have a few chapters out Sun/Mon. Like 6-8 more chapters to the end of volume 1. Then I've already done 1/4 of the side stories between volume 1 and volume 2. 

Year 7439, Month 1, Day 5

It's been the atmosphere in our house to celebrate Shani's pregnancy since yesterday. Though even if I say that the only ones openly delighted are Sonia and Sharl

and older brother and Shani are giving off a complicated feel. Yeah, sorry. No, I don't think it's all my fault though. If this was j.a.pan and you get married at 16

and have a child at 17 you'd have to wonder who the thoughtless junior high graduate idiot is.

However, this is Orth and it's definitely not all that strange.. even in Orth it's reasonably unusual I think. It's normal for couples to have children right after

getting married but those sorts of couples are usually past 20 years old, it's normal for even young couples to want to get past their honeymoon period before having

children. Obviously even if you say unusual if you were to gather 10 pairs at random there would be about 2 pairs like this so not to the point of worrying about it.

It seems like older brother was thinking about family planning after all, pretty much anyone in their late 10s would want to enjoy that period of their life without

raising children. You can see an expression that, that sort of lifestyle has missed it's mark but it seems Shani isn't hiding a slightly happy expression as well.

Last night when Farne said to me with a troubled expression, "I believed in it because it was something you made.." though I felt apologetic I said, "Even if you say

that I'm still 10 years old, I don't have that sort of experience. In the first place did you properly wear it? I can't wear it myself to test it out I just made it

based on things I heard from Taylor, Enbert, and them. I even said I couldn't guarantee if it's durable or not.." and as expected Farne went silent as he couldn't

say anything back.

In regards to Shani's pregnancy it seems that the squires Sean and Ra.s.seg are going to hurry after Hegard who left the other day to tell him. It's going to be

Marquis Webdos first great-grandchild, since the next time we go to delivery rubber products will be in April, if they hurry they can probably still catch up now and

tell them.

Since sister-in-law is pregnant I'm once again twisting my head trying to develop a water bed. It's something I thought of since you need to relax as much as

possible while pregnant. The last time I tried to make it I just tried making a huge rubber cus.h.i.+on and putting water into that as a prototype but obviously that was

nothing more than a giant water bag made of rubber.

If there's a lot of water then it's hard and doesn't feel good and if it's too few then it's no different than sleeping on the floor with a rubber board because of

your weight. Even if you adjust it and make it just right if someone other than the person t

hem self gets on it then it's the same thing in the end because of the

weight. There's no way I'm doing customization based on the individual for something like this, is how I rejected it. In the first place, since you can't remove the

insides of the cus.h.i.+on the rubber will eventually deteriorate because of the water. In order to prevent this you have to put a stopper on it and when it's not being

used take out the water and dry it out.

Since I've already made a rubber boat and floating ring I can do something about the stopper. However, in the case of the water bed (or rather water cus.h.i.+on) since

the volume of water isn't as small as the volume of air the rubber takes on the internal pressure. And the weakest part is the portion where the stopper is. Since I

didn't know how the pus.h.i.+ng mechanism of the stoppers for rubber boats and floating rings worked in my past life I omitted the mechanism that pushes it inward.

I inserted a small ebonite pipe into the surface and and on the hole of the inner part of the pipe I stuck a rubber board that's slightly larger than the hole to the

edge. If you do this then when you blow air into it the rubber board acts as a hinge and opens up and if you blow in enough air then the internal pressure pushes on

the board so it seals it somewhat. In the end you just need to properly put a stopper on the outer end of the pipe as well. It's not perfect but since it worked

without problem this was fine. However, with this stopper there's no problem with the stopper itself but since the body of it and the ebonite pipe aren't a single

thing no matter what I do about it the surroundings of the stopper end up weak. Since it wasn't much of a problem with floating rings and rubber boats I just ignored

it but when it comes to a water bed if an adult lays down on it then that spot is easy to tear.

In trying to have expectations for the flexibility of the rubber I tried to let the rubber adjust to the pressure and reduced the thickness of it but this time the

water was cold so while it might be good in the summer in the winter it would be a bit painful. Even if you used hot water it would cool down after a while. If you

endure it for a bit I think it would become a bit better from your body heat but trying to endure the cold without a proper blanket in the winter, I rejected it

wondering what kind of punishment game that is. I never used a water bed in my past life after all.

In the first place, if I fail at making a water bed then it ends up wasting a considerable amount of rubber. Since I'm putting all of the prototypes and products I

failed to make into the "Failure Box" next to the work shed and anyone can cut them up or use them they aren't a completely a waste though.

While thinking about these sorts of things and whispering water bed, water bed to myself Diane started a conversation with me. The content was a job from knight group

to increase the comfort of the cus.h.i.+ons. There are two types of cus.h.i.+ons we take orders on one for use when riding a horse and one you place on the coachman's seat

with driving a carriage, both of them swell up a considerable amount when being stored. If you don't do that then they become uncomfortable when you put your body

weight on them but it seems they want them to be both more comfortable and more durable. It's true that it's much better than not having anything but you still can't

help the feeling that you're sitting on a balloon. It's not just limited to Diane but I told all of the young squires that take part in rubber production to try and

think of ways to improve it last year but I honestly didn't have much expectations for it.

She suggested making part.i.tions on the inside of the cus.h.i.+on to structure it a number of small air pockets. It's not like I didn't think about a structure with small

air pockets but even though it's small the amount of rubber it uses will increase and more than that in order to make all of the air pockets you have to use wind

magic so I gave up on it early on because it's not durable enough for a cus.h.i.+on that doesn't use a stopper.

However, I ended up regretting that I gave up on this air pocket structure. Since it was troublesome to increase the number of times I have to use magic I abandoned a

valid idea myself is what I finally realized this late. That's right, the air pocket structure. Why did I think I could only use a stopper on one spot? You can't do

everything yourself. After all, having various people give out ideas is this effective. In the first place, even cus.h.i.+ons won't swell up that much if we make it with

air pockets and it's only obvious the comfort would be good.

I immediately gave permission to make it to Diane and I started making prototypes for the water bed right away. I close the end of roughly 10cm cylinder shaped

rubber pipes and add stoppers to all of them. After lining those up and sticking them together I cover them all with rubber cloth. Hmm, at first sight it looks like

a mattress, in actual fact it's a water mat not quite bed. I get right away to putting water in with water magic and try laying down.

Uo..Th..This is good.. In between the cylinders filled with water there's a layer of air and I made the rubber cloth so that it doesn't let the air escape so it's

become a double layer cus.h.i.+on of water and air. I haven't attached it to this prototype but if I work around the way the rubber cloth is attached and add a stopper

like the floating ring then I'm sure it'll be even better. Hm, I'm bidding farewell to the straw bed starting tonight. Since there's still a bit more rubber leftover

I can make one for Shani as well. After it's leftover again I'll make them for Farne and my parents as well. I wonder if this will be a good product as long as you

can use water magic? I'm sure it'll sell. I'll try using wind magic to put air into it as well. It falls behind water but this isn't half bad either. Even though I

thought of making cus.h.i.+ons why didn't I make this until now? I guess it's the preconceived notion. That's right, just thinking all on my own I've given up quite a

few times because I overlooked or couldn't think of things.

Come to think of it, when it comes to jelly beans, at first I was making that balloon but now Enbert is making it. It might be a good reference for the rubber

hygiene products. I'll try listening to his opinion. Since Enbert can use wind magic, how about trying to make the balloon for jelly beans? is what I said and he

started from making three per day. Right away I went close to Enbert and it was just as he was using a strange tool. He was using a long and thin wooden board with

several 1 cm diameter rods made of wood standing up from it. Was there something like that? I don't remember making something like that?

Enbert is normally making sandals. He has the job of mixing the raw materials that will become the sole into a bucket and pouring that into the mold that will become

the sole of sandals and boots. If you don't pour it in without doing too much or too little then it doesn't come out uniform so it's an important job that requires a

craftsman's technique. At first we were making it by pouring it into the sole mold until it was overflowing and then off the surface to make them the

thickness but there was too much rubber being wasted in the process so he said to make the mold a bit deeper. He boasted that by creating the mold a bit thicker even

if you put in too much you can use a spoon to return it to the bucket and if you pour it in carefully you can use the perfect amount so I made it for him. In the end

he made a perfect sole so I had peace of mind in leaving it to him until now.

I was wondering what in the world he was going to do with that weird board so I went to his side without calling out to him and watched as he dipped the rods into a

bucket filled with latex and lifted it out. And then obviously the rods that were stuck into the board had their surface covered by latex. After flipping the board

over and placing it on the work bench it's like there's several rods sticking out from the work bench. He repeats the same process with a different board several

times and the work bench became like a flower of needles. It seems he's finally taking a rest so I call out to him and this was how he creates the balloons after


With this he can make a lot of balloons without the need for wind magic. If you just use drying magic after this then in no time at all a lot of balloons are

completed. In the first place even if you leave them be since the amount of rubber itself isn't much while it takes a bit of time it doesn't even need drying magic.

I felt like scales were going to fall from my eyes. Wi..With this maybe co..condoms will work as well? I properly wrote down in the memo in my heart to try making a

prototype mold later when no one is looking.

They were extremely pleased by the water bed. I made the rubber thick and durable furthermore I covered the entire thing with rubber cloth so even if you put sheets

on it and do some pretend wrestling it shouldn't easily break. I softly whispered to Farne, "Since I made it considerably durable even if you both sleep on it,

shouldn't break. Once I have more leeway with rubber I'll make a larger one." I really take good care of my older brother.

In addition to taking care of my brother I'll consult about making the mold for a prototype. Since mother and sister-in-law are innocently squealing as they make the

bed I quietly bring older brother to the kid's room to consult about it. Since there's no longer any need to worry about failing because of the endurance so you can

do as many tests as you want over the feeling of it and the endurance. In the first place, there's no other way of helping this without listening to Farne's opinion

and making improvements and it's more efficient for older brother to do the research on materials.

After all Farne was making an awkward expression but acknowledged it. Alright, let's hope that by the time I become an adult and leave the village we're in ma.s.s

production of a quality product. Though I haven't seen any in this village according to Farne there's patients with venereal diseases in the knight group as well and

if you go to a large city like Keel you can even see people lacking a nose. It seems that after all venereal diseases are common. I'm sure the mechanism of being

infected by germs from contact during s.e.x isn't understood but I'm sure that from experience it's known that "if you have s.e.x with someone who has a venereal disease

then it spreads".

If I can ma.s.s produce it then I could spread the common sense that, "if you're using a condom then even if you have s.e.x with someone with a venereal disease the

chances of the illness spreading will lower considerably". Since it's difficult to explain that there's no other choice than selling it was a method of contraception

but even then it's still better than doing nothing.

Eh? Even if they're infected with a venereal disease then you should just use magic to heal it? Yeah, obviously there's that sort of thinking as well. However,

healing illnesses with magic is an extremely high-level technique and even I can't do it right. The best you can do is use magic to recover HP and hope that raises

their immunity.

If they have an illness and I Identify them then their condition becomes Condition: Disease (--)... occasionally there's an illness name and occasionally there's a

cause in the --. Normally it means that the source of getting sick is that the pathogens have invaded the body and exceeded the immunity power. If the advancement of

the illness is only in the early stages then there's just a small decrease in current HP and with just a single use of healing magic it'll recover soon. However,

after the condition of the illness advances a bit I don't know if it's because it uses the stamina of the body but their strength, speed, and endurance values when

identifying start to decrease. Along with that the maximum value of HP also decreases. The original value still remains in parenthesis but for some reason that

portion is shown in red letters.

Obviously if they recover then it returns to the original value but I don't know if it's because the maximum value of HP is decreasing but even if you use healing

magic to restore them to full HP their HP doesn't return to its original value and only recovers to their current maximum value. Once it comes to this point there's

no effect of healing magic other than to temporarily provide their body with a bit of comfort. It seems that there is a type of healing magic exclusive to healing

illnesses but, "this!" or "with this everything is fine" type of magic doesn't exist, or hasn't been discovered yet. Otherwise it's been discovered but for some

reason it's being concealed.

The magic for stopping festering of a wound is reasonably well known and even something like a heavy cold (pneumonia?) will end up like I just said if it advances

too far, the best thing you can do is use healing magic to contribute to increasing the power of immunity a bit at a time. I've been thinking about this since the

past but right now I'm making a certain hypothesis for it. The foundation of healing magic is void magic along with water magic but there's also the method of using

earth and fire magic as well. If anything it seems that the amount healed when using fire and earth magic together is larger, in others you could call it highly

effective healing magic. It could be possible that "healing magic" for the sake of recovering from illnesses might be a type of attack magic against pathogens?

In a way you could say that antibiotics are a type of poison attack against bacteria and viruses right? Although, I don't have the knowledge to make penicillin by

cultivating mold so I gave up on antibiotics far in the past. The magic primarily used for making poison is water magic and earth magic. Healing magic uses the same

magic. In the past, dysentery was brought into Bakkudo village brought about a calamity and at that time Sharl and old woman Shaymi made great efforts with healing

magic but after the symptoms had advanced to a certain point it seems they weren't able to save them.

A lot of venereal disease have an incubation period and the longest ones can go up to several years. If you aren't aware that you've contracted the disease during that

time then you wouldn't use healing magic on yourself furthermore if you can't use magic yourself then you wouldn't think to have someone else use it on you. In the

first place, if you're not using it on yourself then you normally have to pay for someone to use it on you. By the time you realize it, the symptoms have suddenly

started to advance and magic probably won't have much effect at all.

As far as I know there's no sort of magic to check the condition of living things so unless there's some kind of symptom you can recognize or trauma then there's no

method of knowing that you're in an abnormal state. I'm sure there are doctors but there's no way they'd be in this countryside village. Since that's the case my

Unique Ability Identify is amazing. Even without a doctor I can definitely discover the abnormality. Ah, in the worst case there's the method of living using this. A

diagnosis-er huh?

That night, I gently opened the door of the warehouse that I'm using and roughly confirmed my equipment, and as I was departing in high spirits I quietly pa.s.sed the

kid's room. The window was closed but you can completely hear the voices. I pretend not to hear and quietly pa.s.s by. I'm tenyearsoldsoIhavenointerest.

A means of protection against illnesses is of great importance. It's good as long as I can make something that's durable and difficult to tear. It'll be good as long

as I can reduce the number of children born with venereal diseases thanks to this. The feeling of using it is secondary. It's secondary. No, it's important isn't it.

If the feeling is bad then they won't use it after all, if it comes to that then it won't spread as well. Yeah, it's no good if they aren't compatible.

In that case lotion is also necessary but I don't think there's any problem with the lotion I'm making from seaweed or some kind of marine plant I don't know so

there's no need for improvement here. More importantly is what to do about the storage of the condoms. There's no vinyl bags I wonder if there's no other choice than

to do like when I went on a foreign trip in my past life where they were in a paper bag with potato starch or flour and then the lotion was sold separately? Ah,

though it's a waste if I can think of something airtight but there is the option of a small rubber bag.

I'm sure that area will be the bottleneck when it comes down to selling them around the capital or beyond that. Ah, that's right. I just realized there's no point in

worrying about it myself anymore. Tomorrow I'll consult with Farne again. Let's do that.

That night I hunted a lot of nocturnal monsters with my feelings completely refreshed.

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