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Chapter 49
Otoko Aruji - Chapter 49: Rematch Warning: I don't suggest you read this before, during, or after eating.  Unless it's a very large cup of very hot coffee.  


Year 7440, Month 2, Day 14


I tell one of the squires who is accompanying the rubber gathering group as a guard "There's a monster. I'm going to walk a bit away." and move away from the group.

I thought he would say something but this young squire always puts importance on the things I say so even if he refused I had confidence I could talk him down. Just

as planned, he didn't say anything I feel relieved that my request was accepted and walk about 100m along the north side of the group.


The reason I moved to the north is because all of the cuts on the trees were on the northern side and while it's a considerable distance away that watering area is

to the north as well. The reason I moved away from the group is that I wanted to reduce the number of people affected by that Roar and while I'm at it I want to end

things with it one on one. Honestly speaking, I don't have the confidence that I can fight while protecting people who are in a panicked state from the Roar.


In any case, I started walking separated from the group but after a few minutes my stomach started to rage with pain. Mu.. Is this the large one? is what I was

thinking, but I realized I should just go quickly and stretch my arms out to my waist. I made the rubber protectors for the waist portion so that protect the abdomen

so they're in the shape of rubber bikini pants. In two spots on the front and back of those pants there's a rubber band attached with a thin ebonite hook. This hook

connects across the stomach side and the back to the body of the rubber protectors.


Even if I say in the form of pants they aren't attached on the sides by a string like a bikini but rather in an hourgla.s.s form where they protect the front and back

with rubber belts growing out to attach them. In other words the pants part is suspended by a rubber band. It's got a simple structure where if you release the hook

that its being suspended by then you can easily take it off and put it on.


I quickly detach the rubber belt for the back end and lift up the crotch portion of the protector, pull my pants down and squat down in the brush. Since the thigh

protectors are in the way I can't lower it to my knees but it's troublesome to remove the thigh protectors and if I lower myself enough I can still go to the

bathroom. Obviously I've already confirmed that my surroundings are safe. I strain but it doesn't feel like anything will come out. Really now... Even though my

stomach hurts this much just let me go already... After struggling with it for a bit a little came out. Hmm, even though my stomach still hurts it doesn't feel

anything more will come out. It can't be helped. I wipe my a.s.s with some leaves nearby and when I was about to lift my pants I realized the abnormality.


Ah, even if I say abnormality the Horned Bear didn't appear. The one in my stomach. This pain is not normal. And at first that pain was in the center of my stomach

but now it's moved to around the right side of my abdomen. When the area around the center of my stomach started to hurt I thought it was a bit strange but it can't



While it wasn't much I had a bad feeling being near the s.h.i.+t so I endure the pain while moving a bit. I'm sure the appearance of my protector hanging down like an

ap.r.o.n whil

e holding my stomach with my a.s.s naked must look pretty bad, while I was thinking something stupid like that my composure suddenly disappears. This is bad,

it hurts mama. I tried Identifying myself and it came out 【Condition: Disease (Appendicitis)】. After all, d.a.m.n it.


I knew that even in Bakkudo village there were occasionally people that went from Appendicitis to Peritonitis and died. As far as I know it was just one a while

ago though. It's not like we can do surgery and while old woman Shaymi gave it her best just using healing magic is pointless. Since it's an inflammation occurring in

the large intestine even if you can somewhat remove the bacteria that's causing it since there's already pus even if you raise your immunization it won't heal all on

its own.


This is bad, really bad. This is a dangerous situation. It rivals the Horned Bear. No, depending on your way of thinking about it, it's way more troublesome than a

monster. It hurts, d.a.m.n it. To the point where I can't even let out a voice. The cold sweat feels disgusting. Never mind, it's not like I'll die from sweating so it

doesn't matter. Ah, it hurts so much I can't calmly think. Calm down.


Let's organize things.


1. Appendicitis is definitely occurring. I even identified it, there's no mistake.

2. In my past life I also had appendicitis and was healed through surgery.

3. There's no way I would have experience with surgery even in my past life.

4. In a lecture for the Self-Defense Force there was a hygiene cla.s.s on simple surgery for a gunshot wound and makes.h.i.+ft fixes for bleeding that I learned. You quick

shoot up injured soldiers with morphine and send them to the rear.

5. I'm alone right now. It hurts too much so I can't raise a loud voice. If I tried to let one out I could but it took several minutes to go to the bathroom so I'm

sure they've put even more distance during that time. I doubt it'll reach.

6. If I leave it alone like this it'll eventually become peritonitis and the chances of death are high.

7. I can somewhat but move right now I'd even lose to a turtle.


Yeah, this is bad.

In the past when I fell ill with appendicitis it was around when I was starting out in elementary school. I remember it hurt insanely bad and I cried. I was taken to

the hospital and I got surgery under localized anesthesia. After 10 minutes the surgery ended and the surgeon who was in charge of my surgery showed me the appendix he

cut off hanging from a strange tool. I think it was a weird thin object 4-5cm yellow from pus. Even in the 1970s the surgery could be done in that short of a time. I

have no anesthesia but there's no other option than to prepare myself here. Even if I don't do anything I'll die. No, I might not die. But after all there's a high

probability I'll die. Which is it? That's right, this is the situation which I was trying to train for once upon a time. Right now I'm about to undergo that

situation compulsively.


In an unexpected place I've ended up having to cut my own stomach. I made a surgical stand where I can comfortably sit up. Ah, it's not like a made it mobile I just

made it slanted like a reclining chair. I remember a famous manga I read in the past where the protagonist does surgery on himself. If I remember correctly he used a

mirror during that time but I don't have something like that and nothing that could be subst.i.tuted for it. I'll confirm my belongings.


Bayonet, too big. Useless.

Knife, I'm sure I can use this in place of a scalpel. Maintain.

Protector, just in the way. Useless.

Clothes, the upper s.h.i.+rt is dirty but I could use it for something. Maintain for the time being.

Other than that... there's nothing.


I recline on the simply surgery table (?) and somehow remove all of my protectors other than the legs, I removed my clothes as well. I lowered my pants as much as I

could. I see my all too crude thing has shriveled up. It doesn't matter at all.


I take out the knife and use fire magic on the blade. Since it's sterilization about 100 degrees should be good. Next I use water magic to cool it down. I don't

think there's microorganisms in water made with magic so this should be fine. Just in case I use healing magic. I feel like it's become a bit less painful. Alright,

I have to pound what I need to do into my head. First, I cut open my right abdomen. Below the skin there's a layer of muscle so in order to nut damage my organs I

need to slice the muscle as well. Stick my hand into the wound...Ah, I forgot to disinfect my hand. I can't do anything but wash it water, well that's fine. I stick

my hand in and search for the large intestine. It's probably thick so if I touch it with my finger I should know. If possible pull that out. If I can't then I'll

have to search for the appendix with just the sensation of my fingertips so it's better to pull it out. And then cut off the appendix. After cutting it off I use

magic to make water and wash the cut wound. After that use healing magic on the large intestine. Quickly return it into my stomach and use healing magic.


In other words cut off the portion that's inflamed and change it into a normal injury. Then use healing magic. All is OK. LIKE ITS OK, THIS s.h.i.+T. If this doesn't

work then I'll have no choice other than to use healing magic to pretend it doesn't hurt while moving. However, with that there's still a high chance in the end that

I won't live. The scar after surgery in my past life was about 5 cm. But that was probably where he looked at the cut, stuck his fingers in, cut out the appendix,

st.i.tched the wound with surgical thread and then st.i.tched the cut as well. Won't I have to cut off double that amount this time? With no anesthesia.


I pick up a random tree branch and bite down on it using it in place of a mouth piece, then place the knife where I remember the scar I had in the past was along my

right abdomen then in despair I put a bit of power into it to stab in and quickly draw it back.






I only cut the skin. I spread open the skin I cut with my left hand. And I bring the knife to the start of that cut and slice once again. I've sliced up countless

fish I caught in my past life. My knife skills are at the level of a craftsman~ I lied, the tears start to run. My drool drips down from the sides of the tree

branch. Ah, I forgot to Identify. My HP has decreased. There's some bleeding but it's not to the level of the time when I stabbed my arms and legs with all my

strength. It wasn't pointless that I was punched by father after old woman Shaymi tattled on me. There was value in doing something as idiotic as that. I've gained

resistance to the pain after all. Sorry, I'm lying again. It hurts insanely.




(Pain, Pain, I wonder if it would've been better to stop, d.a.m.n it)



I somehow was able to make a 10 cm cut. It's probably around this area, I randomly try guessing and put the knife on a leaf besides me, use my left hand to open the

cut, and stick the finger from my right hand inside. Obviously it's my first time touching my internal organs but there's no helping it hesitating at this point. I

gave up on thinking and stuck my finger in wriggling it around and a bit deeper inside I felt a sensation of something squishy. It feels pretty thick around 6-7 cm.

Huh? I thought I would have to push through the small intestine to get to the large intestine. However, it's unlikely for the small intestine to be this thick. I

keep my finger on that while carefully moving the finger towards the center of my stomach. I feel like it ends around the end of the cut.


Ah, this area is probably the end and the cec.u.m. In that case the appendix should be hanging off that end. I continue to search around inside of my stomach with my

finger. And I find something like a shriveled up water balloon. My HP is slowly decreasing and it's almost down to 2/3 remaining. I hold back my will to use healing

magic and confirm if I can cut that off while it's still in my stomach.


Hmn, it's not that I can't do it but it's difficult. If it was someone else then I could do it without problem. I realize for the first time my drool is leaking down

my chin, neck, and chest. The pain is intense but I've gotten used to it so it must have gone numb I guess, it seems I'll somehow be able to do this.


It can't be helped, I guess I'll pull it out. I grab onto the cec.u.m portion and pull it out in abandon. Even if I say I pulled it out, I don't mean I pulled it

completely out of my stomach. It's just sticking a bit out of the cut. But I can see it. This should be plenty to cut it off. Even if I use identify it's probably

impossible to make just the appendix light up if I cut it off and use identify on that portion then I'll know right away if it was correct.


I reach out to the knife with my trembling right hand and hold the knife like a kitchen knife and pull on the appendix with my left hand. Then I cut as close to the

base of it as possible all at once. It didn't particularly hurt, I think. I wonder if it's because I'm extremely focused beyond when I use magic... Well, for now it

doesn't matter at all. I hold the appendix candidate that I cut off in my left hand and bring in front of my eyes and pray while using identify.




【Human's Large Intestine】

【Condition: Inflammation】

【Manufacture Date: 14/2/7440】

【Value: 0】

【Endurance: 0】

【One of that organs that makes up the large intestine of a human.】

【If you intake it there's a possibility that appendicitis will outbreak.】



It was correct. I throw the appendix away and sigh a breath of relief, I place the knife on my side and quickly wash away the blood and pus around my intestines with

water magic. Obviously while being careful to prevent water from entering my stomach but it can't be helped that some gets in and since it's not poison some should

be fine. And then I use healing magic while pus.h.i.+ng it into my stomach. I use healing magic on it consecutively and the cut was repaired. My HP has recovered to its

original value and my condition has returned to Good, for now that's a relief.


The pain itself has disappeared but I feel extremely exhausted and a bit nauseous. It shouldn't matter if I ignore the nauseousness but the exhaustion is too much, I

already don't feel like moving for a while. I wonder how long I was s.p.a.ced out? The exhaustion is still weighting on my body but I've recovered to the point where I

can move. Uwaaa... My d.i.c.k is completely exposed. In the end I didn't use my s.h.i.+rt so I just remove it all and take a shower. After that I use wind magic to dry

myself off and wear my clothes and protectors. I return my knife to it's scabbard and pick up my bayonet that was laying around.


I start heading towards the rubber gathering location with a slow pace. Yeah, the exhaustion still remains the same but I can walk and it doesn't hurt anywhere. The

scar has cleanly healed and you shouldn't be able to tell from before. My pants are a bit dirty from the blood that dripped down but this can't be helped. My

condition is still Good, no particular change. Alright, I've made it through a huge crisis. I successfully made it through. In addition, I was also able to complete

one of my goals of using healing on my torso. The satisfaction finally starts to overflow.


My caution of the surroundings must have been negligent from my exhaustion and satisfaction. Also, the smell of the blood that dripped down when I did surgery must

have scattered around. I overcame a huge job, it was bad that I completely let my guard down from the relief of escaping a dangerous situation. Suddenly I realize

that I'm surrounded by a group of 6 Kobolds.


Ah, s.h.i.+t. How idiotic am I? Even though the opponents are Kobolds with how bad my condition is right now it might be a hard fight. Since they're scattered in the

surroundings it's difficult to use magic as well. For the time being, I'll use magic to kill off one of them. I use the magic "Lightning Bolt" and kill one of the

ones on the left side in an instant. I quickly stand on guard in a battle stance with my bayonet.


Before the Kobold that's charging at me from in front can hit me with it's crude club I stab into it with my bayonet and at the same time I kick off while

withdrawing my bayonet using the gun-stock to smash into a different Kobolds nose knocking it out. I then run to front right and escape from the encirclement.


I run a few 10s of meters and while quickly turning around I swing the bayonet keeping the three Kobold's that chased after in check. With the exhaustion and fatigue

I'm sure my face looks pretty bad. I'm sure the Kobold's see me as a wounded prey. The right side of my pants has blood on it after all.


The three Kobold's growl at me intimidation as I stand on guard with my bayonet. Shut up you dog b.a.s.t.a.r.ds~ It seems that the one from my left is the leader. It seems

to be saying to the other two, "Go attack him already" as it yells and gestures with the club it's holding. I think the other two will run if I kill off this leader.


Even if several of my attack magics can be used in less than a second they're too close. Even if I were to use it here I feel like I'd take a hit from one of the

ones other than my target. This is where I'd like to use it while running but unfortunately I still can't use magic while running. It feels like I might be able to

get a grasp on it in a bit more though... There's no option other than to defeat these three with close combat. It seems they aren't idiotic enough to follow the

leaders orders to attack so the remaining so are gradually moving to the right to try and surround me. d.a.m.n it.


I need to move the battlefield before the encirclement is completed again. If I'm surrounded then even if the opponent's are Kobolds then it's a disadvantage for me.

I don't think I would lose at all but I don't want to feel anymore pain today. I guess I'll wait for the encirclement to be complete then break through in a hole

somewhere again. If I'm lucky then I can kill one more there and there will be no problem if it's the leader.


I carefully take a deep breath while remaining on guard. Suddenly the center changed his stance with the club. Now is the chance! I restrain the one on the right

with my bayonet while trying to slip through the one in the center and the one on the right. It seems like I won't be able to kill any this time. I'll run a bit more

to gain some distance then finish things with magic.


I successfully keep the one on the right in check while evading the swinging club of the one in the middle by ducking to the ground. I then jump back up and use that

momentum to run off at full speed. I felt like I had run quite a bit but I still hear the breathing, footsteps, and howling voice of the Kobold's from a few meters

behind me. Che... Come to think of it these guys are dogs. In other words running and swarming is their specialty.


I've long since pa.s.sed the three I finished off and returned to the area where I did surgery to remove the appendix. Hmn, it's fine if I just do a marathon and run

back to the village like this. If I was in my normal condition and the Kobold's don't raise their speed anymore than this then that would probably be possible.

However, it doesn't seem like the exhaustion in my body will allow that. After running for a few minutes I started to resolve to take a few hits and take on the

three Kobold's in close combat.


I turn around at a random tree trunk and swing the bayonet, making it so the Kobold's can't carelessly get close. I'm sure it'll hurt if I get hit by that club but

unless it hits a vital point on my head then I doubt they'll be able to knock me unconscious with a single hit. I'm wearing a simple rubber helmet on my head but this

is still a prototype and I'm only equipping the inner portion which is shaped like the kind a rugby player uses. It really is better than nothing, to the point where

I just need to make sure I don't take a hit to my head. I decide on my resolve and just as I was about to attack a random Kobold, in the corner of my vision, around

30 m away, it was there.







The three Kobold's are still going strong in front of me. The fact that there aren't any excess people in my surroundings that would become a burden is the only

point different from last time but if I think about my condition then wouldn't I be worse off than last time? With this distance then it would actually be helpful if

it uses Roar once to take out these Kobolds. If it does that then even though it's impossible to bury it with dirt because it's too close I should be able to hit it

with magic once.


No, I should hit it with one right now with resolve to take a hit from the Kobolds. I raise my left hand planning to use magic on the Horned Bear. The Kobold's see

it as an opening and charge towards me.






The Kobolds collapsed in an instant falling prostrate in front of me. I reflexively prepared for my body to stiffen up but the magic wasn't canceled. It seems I

exceeded his level. It means that it was worthwhile going hunting all of the time.


Lightning stretches out from my left hand and makes a noise like it's cutting through the air as it reaches the Horned Bear. My specialty magic "Lightning Bolt".

Since I just used you already know it right? The electricity surges around the Horned Bear's body. With this his muscles should be contracting and his movements

should be more dull. I start to knead my mana preparing to use the next magic "Ice Javelin Missile". In about one second I create a telephone pole and move that

behind me in order to certainly dulled his movements but not as much as I hoped! There's already no more than 10 m of distance!


I cancel the magic in a hurry and stand on guard with my bayonet but it's already right in front of me. It steps on one of the Kobold's that's in a panic state while

approaching. Is it going to try and body slam into me again? Or does it intend to stab me with the horn on its head?


I reflexively take my left hand off of the bayonet again and use wind magic. Right, I'm just using wind magic. It's not like I'm using it in combination with

something else so it activates in an instant. It's not like I've just been drying rubber day after day. On my left side, in other words between my body and the tree

trunk compressed air springs forth and explosively starts expanding. Thanks to that my body s.h.i.+fts to the right direction. However, just barely the Horned Bear's

body slam succeeds in grazing my body. It probably got dragged into the expansion of the air and s.h.i.+fted to the right as well. Since I was closer to the point where

the air appeared it was just that the degree I s.h.i.+fted was larger.


Even though I was prepared for it, suddenly being exposed to a large amount of expanding air all of the bones in my 12 year old body feel like they're creaking as I

s.h.i.+ft right into being sent flying be it's left shoulder. I was sent flying 10 meters or so again rolling on the ground. Thanks to my improved protectors and inner

headgear I didn't take a fatal injury and unlike last time my lungs don't feel like they've been crushed but I'm sure there's a considerable amount of damage. It

seems that it's staggering as well. Since I'm unusually calm I quickly use healing magic to recover my HP.


Hmm, it might be from the experience I gained in the surgery just now. I was able to recover the same usual in about one second. I quickly charge towards it's flank

with my bayonet at the ready. Along with a good sound of sspsst, my bayonet stabs into it's flank. With this I should have given it a considerable injury.


I immediately put in power to try and pull out my bayonet but I don't know if it was because it's muscle tightened or it tensed up from the electricity just now but

I couldn't pull it out. d.a.m.n it. Then I'll kick off and use the power of my foot to pull it out but it started to swing it's left paw. I can't afford to take this.

It couldn't be helped so I let go of my bayonet and jump off. Simultaneously I draw the knife from my waist, it's such an unreliable weapon against the Horned Bear.

The length of the blade is only about 10 cm. The Horned Bear takes a deep breath with the bayonet still stabbed into its flank.


Now's my chance! I'll take back my bayonet during this Roar that I knew would come! Just as planned it raises a Roar, during that opening I throw aside the knife and

succeeded in taking back my bayonet. If it had an expression I'm sure it would be showing astonishment over the fact that it's Roar didn't have any effect. Pe...Take

that b.i.t.c.h. I calm down even more thanks to the fact that I was able to take back my bayonet and I had enough leeway to use identify.




【Female/11/1/7434 · Horned Bear】

【Condition: Bleeding】

【Age: 6 Years Old】

【Level: 8】

【HP: 69(100) MP: 2(4)】

【Strength: 24】

【Speed: 10】

【Dexterity: 5】

【Endurance: 18】

【Special skill: Roar】



Hmph, it seems like that stab and the first lightning damaged it for about 1/3 of it's health. It seems to have become a bit wary that I retrieved my bayonet as

well. It glares at me with its remaining right eye and lets out a low growl from its mouth.


Most likely, if I were to show an opening to use magic it would immediately jump at me, taking the magic while crus.h.i.+ng me while I can barely move with its weight.

Also, if it hasn't learned yet that the Roar already has no effect on me then it'll be my chance. If it's learned then it probably won't use Roar anymore so I won't

have any chances.


Close combat with this guy. Even though it should be so scary that I'm p.i.s.sing myself my mind is strangely calm. I wonder if it's given me confidence that I was able

to use healing magic right away and had good timing to take back my bayonet when it used the Roar? We both are glaring at each others eyes while looking for an



I don't know how much time pa.s.sed but I remain on guard with my bayonet while it has it's upper body held up ready to swing its left arm. Since it's right arm is on

the ground if it doesn't swing it's left arm it can't move to the next action. I gradually move my legs to take distance but I wonder if the wound on it's side isn't

bothering it? It's HP has decreased by 10 points since then.


It must have realized that my eyes had vaguely s.h.i.+fted when I was wondering about that. It uses its entire body like a spring and jumps at me while swinging its left

arm. I thought I had skillfully evaded it to the right side but the claws on its left arm hit my left arm. The protector I have on my elbow can't endure and gets

taken away by it's claw as the rubber band tears. It's not like it's Jumping Left Hook directly hit my body but my stance collapses when the protector on my left

elbow gets torn apart. It's a hook that was powerful enough to tear apart a durable rubber band. It's only obvious that it would cause my stance to collapse.


While my stance is still broken it lands and this time starts to swing its right arm. This is bad, if I take a clean hit that might decide the match, depending on

where it hits I could even die in one hit. I desperately try to fix my stance, I try to go on guard using my bayonet as a s.h.i.+eld, this time I took a hit with my left




"~~~~~~~~~! OWWWWWWW..."



However, while the claws of its right arm exceeded the metal rods embedded in the gauntlet protector the claws didn't reach my left arm. Although, the momentum from

being hit was intense and I can't put any power into my left arm. It's the same as if my arm was torn off. It's on guard breathing almost like a large dog, "Haa~



It took this round but I'll show you next time, you piece of s.h.i.+t! I temporarily give up on my left arm which I can't move and properly hold the bayonet on my right

side. I show like I'm warily guarding with my spear while looking for a chance to use magic. After making sure my bayonet is properly stuck on my right side I let go

with my right hand and use wind magic between the two of us once more.


I end up being blown away but I was prepared for it and it was completely close to a surprise attack to it. I use healing magic in the instant I was blown away by

the wind magic and somehow land while rolling the bayonet into my hand. However, I was able to earn some distance. I raise a cloud of dust with earth and wind magic.

And I go on guard with my bayonet and charge at it's left side again.


Since it's left eye is crushed and thanks to the temporary cloud of dust it must have lost sight of me. It stands up and starts swinging both of its arms. I succeed

in stabbing into its left side while matching the timing when it finishes swinging its left arm!


This time I don't make the pathetic mistake of being unable to pull it out, since I didn't stab it in too deep. I quickly pulled it out, take some distance again and

stand on guard with the bayonet. There's no need to continue an impossible offense. It's already wounded. It's fine as long as I keep my ground cautiously and damage

it when possible.


It came down to the development of glaring at each other with a distance of 5 m again. s.h.i.+t. My condition is still bad. I just thought about such cool things but I

don't want want a drawn out battle. The exhaustion is still remaining and even though I've used healing magic the numbness in my left arm is still remaining so it's

hard to say I can move it plenty.


And once again I don't know how much time pa.s.sed since we started glaring at each other. I've already started let out a cold sweat from my entire body. It's HP is

gradually being lost, it's below 40 points. Even though my condition is bad, my wounds have recovered, I'm sure it's intention is to retreat as well. However, I'm

sure it knows that the moment it shows its back to me that it'll be attacked with magic, it stays on guard glaring at me not to miss a single movement.


At that moment I heard a voice from far say, "Al~~!" That's older brother's voice!! This must certainly be divine grace and I probably grinned. I

hear the powerful sound of the war horses hooves from behind me. I wonder if they're already several 10s of meters away.


I thought, with this it's my victory! and lowered my posture a bit with the bayonet sticking out prepared to charge. However, that was my negligence. Even though

they've approached to within 10 meters, Farne hadn't arrived on the battlefield yet, in order to avoid hitting me he probably can't use magic as well. I should have

only changed my posture to attack after Farne had arrived on the battlefield.


Probably, it was able to tell that I didn't seriously intend to attack, the moment I pulled back my bayonet to change my posture the Horned Bear charged at me all at

once and swung its arm. I somehow took the claw with the protector on my right shoulder I was blown away like wood chips and smashed into the tree on my left side. I

felt like I heard a boki or baki sort of bad noise from my left arm and my left arm became useless again. The pain was so intense I felt like everything in front of

me turned red.


After landing a hit on me, I saw the Horned Bear turn around and retreat, right before Farne arrived. And there I lost consciousness.

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